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[PHOTOS] 110624 HoMin - UAM Press Conference

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[PHOTOS] 110624 Junsu - Mozart Performance

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[PHOTOS] Junsu - Mozart Photobook

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[INFO] 110624 TVXQ's Japanese single "Superstar" covers, tracklist, and preview released

TVXQ will soon be releasing their Japanese single titled "Superstar" in July. This will be their third released single this year after the current duo released their digital single "I Don't Know" and single "Why (Keep Your Head Down)" earlier this year.

A 60-sec preview of their upcoming single "Superstar" has also been released online, revealing that the song will be another strong dance number. The single will be released in two different versions,CD and CD+DVD, each with their own cover versions.

The CD version will include a 12-page deluxe booklet with the CD+DVD featuring the music video for "Superstar." The song "I Don't Know" will be available on the single, with a special summer remix of "Superstar" only made available in the CD version.

Have you pre-ordered your copy yet?

CD + 12-page deluxe booklet
1. Superstar
2. I Don't Know
3. Superstar -Summer Heat Remix-
4. Superstar -Less Vocal-
5. I Don't Know -Less Vocal-

1. [CD] Superstar
2. [CD] I Don't Know
3. [CD] Superstar -Less Vocal-
4. [CD] I Don't Know -Less Vocal-
5. [DVD] I Don't Know -Video Clip-

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[NEWS] 110624 Jaejoong’s Thoughts and Plans on Appearing on “Protect the Boss” (New Title)

JYJ Kim Jaejoong relayed his thoughts regarding his first appearance in a domestic drama.

Kim Jaejoong will appear in the new SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama Protect the Boss that will air as the follow up to City Hunter on August 3. Kim jaejoong plays the role of Cha Muwon, the “Prince of the Financial World” equipped with enormous abilities. He will collaborate with Jisung, Choi Kanghee, and Wang Jihye.

Kim Jaejoong has shown a good performance in the popular drama Sunao Ni Narenakute that was aired in Japan’s Fuji TV last year with Japanese star actors such as Ueno Juri and Eita. Jaejoong will challenge himself for the first time at the domestic drama scene with Protect the Boss.

Kim Jaeoong revealed: “I am happy to have met with great actors and directing team. It seems that it will be a pleasant and bright drama. I plan to dedicate myself to preparing for the drama after finishing the World Tour Encore Concert.”

Kim Jaejoong’s agency C-JeS Entertainment revealed: “Kim Jaejoong has been awarded the Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix Supporting Actor Award in 2010 through last year’s drama Sunao Ni Narenakute. With such experience, he will gift the viewers with solid acting.”

[On the other hand,] the title of the new SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama has been finalized as Protect the Boss. On the 24th, SBS revealed that “the title of the drama that will be aired as the follow-up to City Hunter has been finalized as Protect the Boss.”

This drama was originally referred to by the working title of The Last Secretary because it was to paint the love story between a female secretary and her superior. Recently it became known as the working title The Boss Has Changed. The production team has finalized the title as Protect the Boss and now has become able to dedicate itself to preparing for the drama.

Currently the actors Choi Kanghee, Jisung, Wang Jihye, and Kim Jaejoong of the group JYJ have been cast as leads. It is planned that the first reading of the script will take place soon.

(previously reported information omitted)

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[TRANS] 110624 ‘The Yoochun Effect’, Ratings Shoot Up When Park Yoochun Appears On ‘Miss Ripley’

MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Miss Ripley’ is benefiting from ‘The Park Yoochun Effect’.

When looking at the viewer ratings per minute for the second half of the 7th episode that aired on the 20th, the ratings shot up past 16% during the scene in which Park Yoochun proposes to Jang Miri. As the average viewer ratings were 11.9%, one can see that Park Yoochun raised the ratings per minute by 5%. Even on the 21st, the ratings shot up to 15% when Park Yoochun appeared, proving once more of the effect he has on the drama.

Park Yoochun established his star quality as a singer and has built up his credibility as an actor through the drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’.

A representative of the drama stated, “Park Yoochun always comes to film with a smile and as the four characters in the melodrama have a complicated heart line, he is working hard and doing his best with his script. He gets completely immersed into his character and plans to bring out the charisma that is hidden in his soft nature.”

Park Yoochun also plans to change his hairstyle soon for the drama. Caught between Miri’s upcoming destruction and Hui Joo’s unrequited love for him, Yoo Hyun’s strife will add to the dramatic effect of the production.

‘This Empty Place is For You’, Park Yoochun’s theme song for Song Yoo Hyun, has had an explosive effect on the music charts.

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[NEWS] Japan’s Prominent Newspaper Asahi Writes on “The Boss Has Changed”

Asahi, one of Japan’s most respected newspapers, printed an article on The Boss Has Changed.

The article does not say anything new, but let’s all have a chuckle at how the headline highlights the fact of Jaejoong’s appearance even though the article is ostensibly about the drama XD.

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[INFO] 110623 Park Yoochun’s New Drama “Miss Ripley” To Be Broadcasted In Japan On Mnet

Park Yoochun’s latest drama will now begin to air in Japan on Mnet!
Broadcasting will begon August 13th on Saturday from 8.45pm – 10pm.
Official website here.

[brief description of drama omitted]

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[INFO] 110623 HoMin For 7Net Online Shopping

Yunho and Changmin appeared in a CF for a new online shopping website called 7Net! You can view the CF here

This website here provides details of their new single “Superstar” to be released on July 20th, and also a chance to win a 7net poster. (But only available in Japan)

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[TRANS] 110623 Dream Team Jisung-Choi Kang Hee-Kim Jaejoong Come Together For ‘Our Boss Has Changed’

Jisung, Choi Kang Hee, JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, Wang Ji Hae, Kim Chung, Park Young Gyu and Cha Hwa Yeon have come together for a new drama.

They will all be working together in the new SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Our Boss Has Changed(provisional title)’ that will begin airing on August 3rd. Viewers are already highly anticipating what is to come as the four leading roles are a fresh, new mix up, with the three veterans expected to bring perfect chemistry to the drama.

‘Our Boss Has Changed’ is a sweet, spunky, and energetic romantic comedy about a woman who, after struggling with unemployment, succeeds in finding work as a dispatched secretary for a hot tempered businessman in a large firm.

Jisung plays the role of Cha Ji Heon, the slightly lacking and childish youngest son of a conglomerate while Choi Kang Hee will be No Eun Seol, the woman who goes from an unemployed individual to a secretary at a conglomerate.

JYJ’s YoungWoong Jaejoong, who is taking on the domestic drama industry for the first time, will be playing Cha Moo Won, ‘the prince of the financial world’, while Wang Ji Hae will be playing Seo Na Yoon, a lawyer who is nothing more and nothing less than perfection.

The love lines that will be drawn between Jisung, Choi Kang Hee, YoungWoong Jaejoong and Wang Ji Hae are already a hot topic among netizens. The brazen and yet timid Jisung, the queen of comedy Choi Kang Hee, domestic drama rookie Kim Jaejoong and Wang Ji Hae will be drawing a love rectangle that will be of a great interest to viewers.

Adding more acting experience to the drama will be middle-aged actors such as Park Young Gyu, Cha Hwa Yeon and Kim Chung.

The production company stated, “We found the actors who will best fit the drama,” and “The images of the actors that perfectly fit their characters, the stable acting skills and the charm each actor has will perfect ‘Our Boss Has Changed’.”

‘Our Boss Has Changed’ will air after ‘City Hunter’ on August 3rd at 9:55pm.

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