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[TRANS] Translation of Changmin’s InStyle Interview

Part 1

- “Last night, I slept really well.”

- Choikang Changmin had spent his first day in Hawaii, and seemed to be in good spirits. As he greeted us “Good Morning” and looked out at the gleaming sea, he sat, refined and poised like in a movie, sipping coffee and flashing us that killer smile.

- “The theme for this Hawaiian vacation has been settled. It’s ‘Rediscovering Shim Changmin’. So, would you like to come discover with me? (LOL)”

- Regarding his debut at the age of 17, and having always been known as “TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin”, this trip is particularly special to him. Even though this resulted in less time that he could have spent travelling Korea with his friends, the respite from their continuous activities in Japan and in Korea was more than welcomed, especially being able to travel by himself.

- “This is a real time off (from activities), but instead of resting, I’m spending my time on the school work that I was unable to do, or learning things that I couldn’t have before. Now that I think about it, it seems like I’m asking too much from myself. I should be disarming right now. (LOL)”

- Being in a duo with Uknow Yunho to become “Dong Bang Shin Ki”, and standing on stage once more, he underwent much pain and suffering, because he has to live as a part of TVXQ, which is of utmost importance, but he is unable to enjoy his youth. Perhaps, that is what led him to say that treasuring every moment in Hawaii may not be a reality.

- His favourite travel spots are expansive oceans, and tranquil mountain ranges.

Part 2

- “For the 2006 photoshoot, we went to Bora Bora Island, in Tahiti. Because the schedule was very tight, we couldn’t enjoy the place and relax, but to me, that was by far the best place on Earth. Everywhere you looked, the view was like a painting. If I had the chance, I would definitely want to go back. Ah, it seems like an ideal place for a honeymoon. (LOL)”

- Actually, he already has experienced the married life (?), in last winter’s drama serial “Paradise Ranch”. That was the first time that Changmin tried acting, and this new experience, no longer on stage, has fortified him. Strolling on Waikiki Beach, Changmin says: “Hawaii seems to complement my character. No matter where I go, I feel serene. Although coming by myself to Hawaii without Yunho hyung, I do feel sorry about that. (LOL) Having to say that I will be leaving this place soon, I already feel reluctant.”

- Having said that, however, when he returns to Korea, he will be boasting to Uknow Yunho about the 5 days he spent in Hawaii; how he took all these pictures, and how happy he was, exactly like the mischievious kid that he is.

- “Yunho hyung and I are complete opposites. So from the moment we started living together in the same dormitory, there were a lot of unresolved issues. For example, he would drink directly from the 1.5L bottle in the fridge, instead of pouring it into a cup. But over time, these small details no longer become points of contention between the two of us; we’ve gradually become like family.”

- Rather effortfully, he said that because they are like family, they treasure each other equally, hence helping TVXQ keep its place.

- Is there anything you would like to do after the interview?

Part 3

- “Having listened to Bruno Mars’ “The Lazy Song”, I want to do what the lyrics say, not doing anything, not thinking about anything, simply lazing in bed. I also want to write in my diary by the sea, because I want cherish these moments for a long time. Subsequently, when I write songs, I want to express these feelings in my lyrics. ”

- For this year’s summer vacation, he mentioned that he wanted to tour LA and New York with his friends. He also wants to watch performances with his favourite artistes, and shop in town with his friends, looking at various things. Come night time, he wants to go to a bar and drink good beer. Right now he is the headliner in the Hallyu Wave that is sweeping across Asia, Europe and America, a member of TVXQ, and is still very much Choikang Changmin. But in the quiet of the night, he is like any other 24 year old, wanting to enjoy good beer and music, meeting up with friends and eating pans of pizza, and hoping to meet to girl of his dreams.

- Given all that though, if life was that utopian, he would be uneasy. “I am TVXQ, I am Choikang Changmin, and I must surpass these standards.”; even then he is unable to change this mindset.

- “Now it is different. To feel like I’m moving along in life, to feel like I’m on my way to where I want to be, feeling happiness and melancholy alike are a must, even failure. You always feel a touch of regret with the days that have gone by. That is why, to compensate for that remorse you have to strive even harder in the futrue. When you’re on vacation, your heartaches are forgotten temporarily, and it’s like returning to the start, because you have another vacation waiting. Would you like to come with me on my next vacation? (LOL)”


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[PHOTOS] 110622 Junsu - Park Jin's Twitter

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[INFO] 110623 THSK New Single 'Superstar' Top the Charts on HMV & 7-11

On the 21st June when HMW started the pre-order for their new single, it top the chart as well.

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[NEWS] Yoochun’s handwriting revealed in Miss Ripley. “Do handsome guys write well too?”

In an episode of Miss Ripley aired on the 20, Park Yoochun’s handwriting created a stir.

Yoochun, who is acting as Song Yoohyun, left a memo when Jan Miri(Lee Da Hae) was not home. That was when his handwriting was revealed.

The memo says, “This is Song Yoohyun. I’m sorry to leave so soon, but I have to go due to an urgent call. I’ll see you later in Seoul.” His neat handwriting attracted the viewers’ attention, and the viewers began to wonder, “Did Yoochun really write that?”

The netizens showed various responses: “Yoochun has a neat handwriting” “I guess handsome guys write well too.” “How can he have such a beautiful penmanship?” “Did he really write that?”

In a previous SBS’s Secret Garden, Hyun Bin’s handwriting also created a stir. Hyun Bin, who acted as Kim Ju Won, wrote his first and last letter to Gil Lime(Ha Ji Won) when she was in a life threatening situation. Hyun Bin’s neat and lovely handwriting caused a stir, and was loved by many viewers.

Yoochun is enjoying his highest level of popularity with his Miss Ripley’s OST ‘The Empty Space For You’

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[Trans] 110623 Park Yoochun with crescent smile, became the ‘cutie’ of the filming site‏

‘Miss Ripley’ Park Yoochun became the official ‘Happy Cutie’.

Park Yoochun who is currently passionately acting in MBC Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Miss Ripley’, as the character of international resort group successor Song Yuhyun who presented Lee Da Hae with his pure and flawless love.

Park Yoochun has placed his 100% involvement into Song Yuhyun’s character. The warm and emotional-filled voice with the sunshine smile has attained “Best acting skills” compliments and at the same time caused the racing hearts of many female viewers.

Staff revealed Park Yoochun has not only spread his lovely charisma in the drama but at the filming site as well. Words has it that, Park Yoochun, upon filming breaks or awaiting of the camera rolling, would indefinitely revealed his cuteness and warmed up the ambiance of the filming site.

Especially during NG or upon saying of the wrong lines, Park Yoochun would whined with his crescent smile or using all of his facial muscles to laugh out loud , arousing the filming site with laughters. Staff said, “On the filming site, Park Yoochun is the youngest, and thus due to his whines and ‘cutie pie’ happiness expressions, it made the filming site of ‘Miss Ripley’ a harmonious atmosphere.

In fact, big senior Kim Seung Woo has named Park Yoochun as his ‘precious junior’, therefore it can be depicted that Park Yoochun was humble and polite to his seniors and his personal character is very easy-going. Park Yoochun would also casually talked to those production staffs who are difficult to get along with and would show his concerns about them. This kindness side of him earned the highest popularity among the female staffs.

The production company expressed, “In the days of tough filming, Park Yoochun engaged the atmosphere of the filming site and laughters, and was the vitality element,”,”On the filming site, Park Yoochun is the youngest, thus he worked hard to ‘up’ the ambiance. A person like this, is worth the praising. In fact in many occasions, it was due to Park Yoochun’s smiles that the on-site was filled with laughters.”

On the other hand, in ‘Miss Ripley’, the guilt-stricken scenes of Lee Da Hae, who is making use of the two men Kim Seung Woo and Park Yoochun for success, has lead to the increase of the viewers’ curiosity.

The intriguing lies of Lee Da Hae has gradually lead to the danger of revelations and the fall into the abyss of greed. The hypocritical love that started between her, Kim Seung Woo and Park Yoochun, will there be realization of true love in the end? Viewers were especially attentive to this.

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[TRANS] 110623 Yoochun’s ‘Miss Ripley’ And Changmin’s ‘Come To Play’ Were Filmed At The Same Time In The Same Building

JYJ’s Park Yoochun and TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin kept MBC’s staff on their toes as they filmed for their respective shows on the same day and time with just one wall separating them.

On the 22nd, Park Yoochun filmed for ‘Miss Ripley’ on set at the MBC Dream Center in Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do. He was following a rigorous schedule of filming for the drama in the morning in the MBC building and heading out in the afternoon to film in Gangnam.

Next to the indoor set of ‘Miss Ripley’ was the set of MBC’s ‘Come to Play’. On this day, many SM Entertainment singers were present after completing their ‘SM TOWN Live Tour in Paris’ performance in Paris, France. Choikang Changmin was present to represent TVXQ on ‘Come to Play’.

Fortunately, it was later found that the two did not run into each other due to their busy schedules. But as Park Yoochun and SM Entertainment representatives have not met in public since the 2009 lawsuit, MBC staff later reported that they were unable to hide their nervousness as they were kept on their toes.

Since Park Yoochun began singing as a member of JYJ, he has been unable to appear on variety shows. Though the lead roles of ‘Miss Ripley’ tried to appear on ‘Come to Play’, the plan was canceled due to doubtful reasons. Even ‘Section TV Entertainment News’ has dropped out of publicizing its own broadcasting company’s drama, which has never happened before.

At the press conference of ‘Miss Ripley’, Park Yoochun confessed, “Though I want to appear on variety shows, I keep getting ‘cut’.”

A representative of ‘Miss Ripley’ stated, “Park Yoochun was supposed to head over to Gangnam to film in the afternoon but filming was delayed, meaning that Park Yoochun was still in Ilsan when ‘Come to Play’ was being filmed,” and “Though the relationship between Park Yoochun and the company(SM Entertainment) may be strained, he is not on bad terms with the members so I don’t think he minded that much.”

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T/N: The translator would like to remind readers that the word choice used in this article is not her own, but of the reporter who wrote the original article. I don’t think ‘Fortunately’ is the word that should be used to state the fact that the two did not meet (in public…. *crosses fingers*).

[PHOTOS] 110623 Changmin - Konkuk University

Changmin is appointed as the university's ambassador^^

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[NEWS] Oricon reveals the result of first half rankings for 2011!

Oricon recently revealed the results on the first half year rankings for 2011! Check out the Top 10 in the various categories below.

1. “Everyday, Kachuusha” – AKB48 : (1,499,026)
2. “Sakura no Ki ni Narou” – AKB48 : (1,076,916)
3. “Lotus” – Arashi : (624,865)
4. “Why? (Keep Your Head Down) - Tohoshinki : (284,410)
5. “Banzai Venus” – SKE48 : (270,208)
6. “Let’s try again” – Team Amuse!! : (262,091)
7. “T.W.L/Yellow Pansy Street” – Kanjani 8 : (252,634)
8. “Eternal” – Akanishi Jin : (241,630)
9. “Shumatsu Not yet” – Not yet : (237,813)
10. “Dear J” – Itano Tomomi : (215,466)


(Album and DVD ranking omitted)

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[NEWS] 110623 Jaejoong Starring in “The Boss Has Changed”; Dedicating Himself to Acting Practice

Kim Jaejoong of JYJ’s appearance in a domestic drama has been confirmed. Kim Jaejoong has been cast as the male lead for The Boss Has Changed (working title) that will be broadcasted starting on the coming August 3as the follow up to City Hunter that is currently airing as SBS’s Wed-Thurs drama.

Kim Jaejoong has become known to be currently dedicating himself to acting practice, for the sake of his fans who had waited for him and for the drama.

An affiliate said: “He has continually been practicing his acting, but as this is the first time that he is meeting the Korean fans through a drama, he is preparing with even more effort. We wish that you will look upon him with favor.”

(Generic description of drama characters omitted)

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[PHOTOS] 110622 Stalking Changmin

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[TRANS] 110623 The Current Situation of JYJ in Japan

From Weekly Magazine Shukan Bunshun

Credits tomomama2 @ twitter

T/N: Shukan (Weekly) Bunshun is a weekly magazine, a circulation of 500 thousand copies per week (2008). The main target is for working member of the society.

It is almost a year since, and there were many pains… we didn’t know it was this hard to be able to come to Japan. (Jaejoong’s MC)

There was the charity event for the Eastern Japan disaster by the Korean 3 members’ group JYJ on June 7 at Ryogoku Kokugikan, Tokyo. 20 thousand went wildly excited.

Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu broke away from the Korean 5 members’ group Tohoshinki, and formed JYJ. They brought the case to court because they were dissatisfied of profit sharing and of the 13 years’ long term contract, the so-called “slave contract”. They are being in opposition with Yunho and Changmin, who remained as “Tohoshinki”. Being in such trouble, avex, who have signed with them their Japanese contract, have suspended the activities of the 3 members from September last year.

“The remaining contract period is less than one year. They intend not to approve any of their activities.” (person related to the record company)
JYJ side has stated that the charity itself is not show business, however, avex stated that “there are contractual problems”, and there was talk that the performance itself will be cancelled.
“The concert at the Kokugikan was not announced until the last minute, and JYJ side forced their way through. avex is now enraged, and if there is a similar case in the future, they may claim compensation for damages. (same person)

“It is so lonely that they resumed their activities for only one day. If they hold a concert every day, I will go every day, and I will contribute every day, too.” There are such fans’ voices. On the other hand, the tabloid newspapers and TV stations took no notice of the event the next day.
It should be a little later before we can see their Japanese activities.

(T/N: above the article)
They sang 12 songs for both the afternoon and evening event. The ticket price in auction sites were up to 5 times of the original price. It was the first time that the Kokugikan was full of ladies. (T/N: Kokugikan is the venue for traditional Japanese sumo wrestling matches.)

(T/N: right bottom of Junsu picture)
Junsu is active in musicals. His twin brother Juno is active in the entertainment world, too.

(T/N: left bottom of Jaejoong picture)
Jaejoong was the eldest in Tohoshinki. He made his Japanese drama debut last year.

(T/N: right bottom of Yoochun picture)
Yoochun was living in US since he was in the upper grade of elementary school till right before his debut in 2004.

T/N: avex stockholders' meeting 2011 will take place on June 26 (Sun), 10:00am at the Tokyo International Forum

Source: Shukan Bunshun & tomomama2@twitter
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[VIDEO] 110623 Tohoshinki – 7netshopping CF


CM+YH: 7 and I
CM: What are you doing?
YH: 7net
CM: Huh?
CM: Whoa! Who’s the recipient?
YH: From 7/11
CM: Really?
Narrator: online 24/7, 7net shopping
YH: Are you going to 7net?
CM: I will.

Ccredit: TVXQtweety3
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[TRANS] 110622 JYJ To Repay Fans For Their Support With The ‘Gwangju Encore Concert’

To repay their fans for their endless support, such as selling out the recent Busan concerts, JYJ(Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) will be holding an encore concert.

On the 26th at 7pm, JYJ will be holding the ‘JYJ WORLD TOUR CONCERT IN GWANGJU’ at the Yeom Joo Gymnasium and greeting their domestic fans once more.

JYJ stated, “We are thankful to have met so many domestic and international fans at all our concert venues since April, when we started in Thailand, Taiwan, and China, then flew to Canada and the United States to finally end in Korea,” and “We were able to show a wide variety of our talents through this world tour by singing songs from our worldwide album as well as other self-composed songs. As we have much affection for this world tour, we are happy to be able to hold an encore performance.”

After the encore concert, JYJ plan to focus on their individual activities. Park Yoochun is currently playing the role of Song Yoo Hyun in the MBC drama ‘Miss Ripley’ while Kim Junsu will be participating in the encore performances of the musical ‘Mozart!’ at the Opera House in the Seongnam Arts Center till early-July. Kim Jaejoong is currently looking over possibilities of entering the domestic drama industry and is planning to greet Korean viewers soon.

An interview with the members, as well as clips from the concert, will be aired on the 28th through KBS 2TV’s ‘Live News Feed(생생정보통)-Entertainment Generation’.

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[NEWS] 110620 Ultimate Global Agency, United Asia Management To Launch

Imagine all your favorite top stars -- TVXQ, Kim Hyun-Joong, Soo-ae, Super Junior, Park Jin-young, ect. -- in one place. How exiting would that be? Well imagine no further because this is indeed happening on June 24th at 7.30 PM at the Banyan Tree Club & Spa in Jangchoong-dong, Seoul.

This event celebrates the lunch of a grand-scale collaboration agency, United Asia Management (UAM), which will tie together six of the top and biggest entertainment agencies here in Korea: KEYEAST, AM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment and Star J.

June 24th will consist of a press conference and a congratulatory party. Some of the special star appearance will be Kim Nam-gil, Choi Gang-hee, Kim Soo-hyun, 2PM, Ahn Sung-gi, Cha Seung-won, and Jung Joon-ho. Expected to attend as audience members will be stars Gwak Gyeong-taek, Kim Ji-woon, Kim Sung-soo and Yoon Seok-ho.

UAM said that the agency was formed to team up the country's biggest artists and related enteitainment officials. It will support the activities of Korea's stars, especially k-pop starts to further spread the Hallyu wave abroad.

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[TRANS] 110623 Park Yoochun’s Stylist Fixes His Hair With Delicate Hands, ‘I Want To Be That Hand For A Day’

Park Yoochun’s stylist has become the subject of envy.

On the homepage of MBC’s ‘Miss Ripley’, a photo of Park Yoochun reading over his script was recently posted. He showed his passion for acting in little gestures such as highlighting all his lines with a blue highlighter.

But what caught the eyes of netizens the most was a mysterious hand that was fixing Park Yoochun’s hair. Many believe that the hand belongs to Park Yoochun’s coordinator.

As Jung Woo Sung’s stylist has already become the subject of envy for being the one to have bestowed the actor with a kiss mark for a scene in his production, netizens are once more showing a heated response to such a photo. Netizens left comments such as, “I want to be those fingers”, “The stylist must have saved the country in her past life,” and “I want to be that hand for a day.”

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[NEWS]110622 JYJ Junsu’s Luxury Townhouse Garners Much Attention

JYJ Junsu’s luxury townhouse has been the center of attention lately after it was revealed that veteran singer Lee So Ra also lives in the same ritzy neighborhood. Local media reported that they live in Paju, a suburb area just outside of Seoul. The district they live in is an upscale neighborhood with only 98 townhouses that are mostly comprised of two ground floors and a basement.

After the location was reported, many fans and media went back to Junsu’s past Tweets where he revealed photos of the interior of his house. In these photos, you can see an upscale bar, luxurious living room, garage with a ping pong table, and a garden with a mini waterfall/water fountain.

Junsu currently lives with his parents at home. The average price for this townhouse reportedly goes as high as $2 million USD.

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[NEWS]110621 “Miss Ripley” : Park Yoo Chun Reveals His Identity to Lee Da Hae

On yesterday’s episode of MBC’s “Miss Ripley,” Yoo Hyun (Park Yoo Chun) unveiled his identity to Mi Ri (Lee Da Hae) by confessing that he’s Mondo Group’s heir.

After Yoo Hyun and Mi Ri started officially dating, he cautiously revealed, “My dad is the CEO of Mondo Group” in order to introduce her to his parents. Mi Ri, who was aware of the fact, made a surprised face, pretending that she was shocked, as she demanded “How could you deceive me?” Yoo Hyun apologized, “I’m sorry. Can you please forget everything else and just think about me? Please understand that I did this so that I could meet you.”

However, as Mi Ri continued to pretend that she was fuming, Yoo Hyun confessed “I love you. I’m upset that I have to confess my love to you in this kind of situation, but I really mean it. I love you.”

Things have been going on the way Mi Ri had planned as Yoo Hyun revealed his identity to her. She followed alongside Yoo Hyun to meet his father In Soo (Jang Yong) and confessed that they have promised to marry each other. However, his step mom Lee Hwa (Choi Myung Gil) gazed at her suspiciously, foreshadowing that she might possibly influence Mi Ri and Yoo Hyun’s relationship.

MBC’s “Miss Ripley” received viewer ratings of 13.2% yesterday, a slight increase of 1.3% from Monday, according to statistics by AGB Nielsen Media Research. Meanwhile, SBS’s “Lie to Me” and KBS’s “Baby-Faced Beauty” which are aired during the same time slot received 8.7% and 14.6%, respectively.

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[NEWS] 110621 Park Yoo Chun's Version of Miss Ripley OST a Big Hit

The Miss Ripley OST that JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun sang is performing well on various music charts.

Park Yoo Chun sang the OST “The empty seat for you” which is the theme song for his character and is gaining a lot of popularity.

The moment that the song was released (June 21st) it was number one on real-time searched words and made number one on various online music chart (Naver, Daum, and Melon etc.)

Park Yoo Chun’s version of “The empty seat for you” is said to fit well with Park Yoo Chun’s sensual voice and perfectly portrays a man’s affection for one woman. The song fits in well with Park Yoo Chun’s character “Song Yoo Hyun” and makes the drama a more enjoyable experience.

The drama “Miss Ripley” itself gained more popularity for its episode on June 20th where Park Yoo Chun’s character confessed his love for Lee Da Hae’s character. During the scene, the OST played in the background.

The production team stated, “Park Yoo Chun who is as great at music to the amount of passion he has for acting is a true entertainer.”

Miss Ripley’s OST album will be sold offline on July 4th.

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[TRANS] 110622 Yoon Hyung Bin Says, “I Insulted TVXQ And Was Insulted By 180,000 People In One Hour”

Comedian Yoon Hyung Bin talked about a dizzying moment during his days as ‘Wang Biho’.

In the ‘Strong Heart’ episode that aired on the 21st, Yoon Hyung Bin talked about what happened to him after insulting TVXQ during his days as ‘Wang Biho’ in the KBS tv show ‘Gag Concert’.

On this day, Yoon Hyung Bin aroused the curiosity of many when he said, “Kang Hodong earned a Guinness World Record by shaking hands with 28.233 people in eight hours. But that doesn’t even measure up to what happened to me.”

According to the comedian, his homepage was flooded when he insulted TVXQ on ‘Gag Concert’. His homepage was visited by a total of 180,000 people in a mere hour and became ‘a field of insults’.

Yoon Hyung Bin said, “At that time, as soon as I said TVXQ’s name, the audience looked at me with sincere worry for my safety,” and “The insult I made was, ‘They have a fanclub of 800,000 but have only sold 100,000 copies of their album?’”

He continued to show the power(?) of TVXQ by saying, “When I looked at the ‘field of insults’ on my homepage, I thought ‘Wow, I’ve never seen those kinds of insults before,’” and “I’ve always been attacked by my antifans when I was ‘Wang Biho’. Usually, 20,000 to 30,000 people would appear on my homepage but when I insulted TVXQ, I attracted 180,000 people.”

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[PHOTOS] 110622 Stalking Junsu

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[TRANS] 110621 Park Yoochun’s “Miss Ripley” Soundtrack Has Taken Over Online Music Charts

JYJ’s Park Yoochun’s song for the drama “Miss Ripley” has recently become a hot topic.

For his current drama “Miss Ripley”, Park Yoochun sang in Part 3 of the soundtrack for Son Yoohyun’s theme song of “This Vacant Place For You”, which has become a huge hit. This soundtrack “This Vacant Place For You” was released online on June 21st midnight becoming the number one searched keyword in various portal sites and on top of that topped various music charts such as Naver, Daum, Melon, Dosirak, Cyworld, etc.

This also continued on the afternoon of June 21st when Yoochun’s song “This Vacant Place For You” remained number 1 in Daum’s Music Real Time Charts, Cyworld’s Music Real Time charts, and became number 2 in Melon’s Recent Music chart, and 3rd on Bug’s Music Real Time charts. Among this, the power of Park Yoochun has kept this song highly ranked in other online websites such as Dosirak and Naver as well.

“This Vacant Place For You” has received praises, complimenting the harmony that exudes in Park Yoochun’s vocals, which combined with the lyrics, perfectly expresses the pained heart of a woman. It has been said that it expresses perfectly Son Yoohyun’s heart in the drama and his love for Lee Da Hae creating a drama of a higher level of perfection.

The production company comments, “Park Yoochun’s warm and soft voice in “This Vacant Place For You” was perfect for this song and has monopolized all music charts. Channeling the same enthusiasm he has in singing into his acting, we believe that Park Yoochun is a true entertainer.”

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[TRANS] 110620 Lyrics to Yuchun’s “The Empty Space for You” (from Miss Ripley Soundtrack)

The Empty Space for You
Album: Miss Ripley OST Part3
Composed & Written by: Jung Haesung
Song by: Park Yuchun

I hope it’s not love
The coming goodbye hurts so much
If you can be happy, [I’ll] stop now stop
This is all I can do for you

My love is an empty space only for you for you for you
I look away and laugh with effort so that you don’t find out
I don’t like it when you’re hurt I don’t like goodbyes
You shouldn’t love me

I would like it if it wasn’t you
Because you, you are the most precious to me in this world
So I push you away and make you cry and turn you down
This is all I can do for you

My love is an empty space only for you for you for you
I look away and laugh with effort so that you don’t find out
I don’t like it when you’re hurt I don’t like goodbyes
You shouldn’t love me

Don’t wait for me… I barely hold back the bitter tears
And I turn around and leave like this

I love you I love you I love you I love you my only love
Although I shout with my heart I can’t call out because [you’re] too precious
My pain is okay because I love you
I can just cry until I’m crazy

I don’t like it when you’re hurt because I love you
I can just do this much


[너를 위한 빈자리]
앨범 : 미스 리플리 OST Part3
작사곡: 전해성
노래 : 박유천

사랑이 아니었음 좋겠어
자꾸 다가오는 이별은 너무 아프잖아
니가 행복할 수 있다면 그만 이제 그만
네게 해줄 수 있는 건 이것뿐

내 사랑 너만을 너만을 너만을 너를 위한 빈자리
눈치 채지 못하게 애써 외면하며 웃고 있는다
니가 아프면 난 싫어 이별은 싫어
날 사랑하면 안돼요

그대가 아니었음 좋겠어
세상에서 가장 소중한 그대 그대 이니까
그래서 널 밀치며 또 울리며 뿌리치며
네게 해줄 수 있는 건 이것뿐

내 사랑 너만을 너만을 너만을 너를 위한 빈자리
눈치 채지 못하게 애써 외면하며 웃고 있는다
니가 아프면 난 싫어 이별은 싫어
날 사랑하면 안돼요

기다리지마 쓰디쓴 눈물 또 겨우 참아내며
난 뒤돌아서 가요 나 이렇게

사랑해 사랑해 사랑해 사랑해 하나뿐인 내 사랑
가슴으론 외쳐도 너무 소중해서 부르진 못해
내가 아픈 건 괜찮아 사랑하니까
난 미치도록 울면 돼

니가 아프면 난 싫어 사랑하니까
난 여기까지 하면 돼

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[TRANS]110618 Park Yoochun Moves People With His Sentimental Narration In The ‘MBC Special’

Park Yoochun’s narration left a deep impression on people.

During the MBC Special ‘The Hometown I Used to Live in’, Park Yoochun’s voice made a special appearance as he took on the job as the narrator.

The program was divided into four sections of ‘Our Hometown, Two Months worth of Records’, ‘Shock, the Scene of Destruction as Seen from the Sky’, ‘The Scenery isn’t the Only Thing that Changes’ and ‘Seomjin River Citizens’ Rage’ and showed the last moments of serene peace and scenery that we wish to return to, but will disappear forever.

Park Yoochun’s unique, sentimental and baritone voice added another level of sincerity to the documentary that highlighted the painful reality that lay for our hometowns as they are uprooted by the government’s development plans.

Netizens gave Park Yoochun positive marks for his first narration as they said, “As I was watching the MBC special, I teared up as the sad reality and Park Yoochun’s voice molded together”, “Park Yoochun’s voice is really nice” and “I was able to get into it more because of Park Yoochun’s narration.”

Park Yoochun is currently working on a tight schedule as he films for MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Miss Ripley’ but decided to take on the narration job as he agreed with the theme of the program.

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