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Ji Sung and Kim Jaejoong exhibited their two different extraordinary allure of a boss. Ji Sung and Kim Jaejoong will be portraying as reckless youngest son of a conglomerate Cha Ji Hyun and capable prince of the financial world Cha Mu Won respectively in ‘Protect The Boss’ that is broadcasting on the 3rd of August, displaying the looks of warm-hearted bosses.

Although Cha Ji Hyun (Ji Sung) and Cha Mu Won (Kim Jaejoong) are first cousin-related, they had quite an intriguing mental battle due to power struggle. Cha Ji Hyun developed a slight feeling of inferiority towards his talented cousin Cha Mu Won while Cha Mu Won is quite defensive against Cha Ji Hyun with regards to gaining of management control due to the complicated family history

Therefore the two often exchanged those glances unknowingly to bystanders, quietly undergoing the feud with the exchange of delinquent boss Ji Sung’s ‘delinquent look’ and model boss Kim Jaejoong’s ‘sharp look’. Though Ji Sung and Kim Jaejoong exchanged those fiery looks during filming, they still sat together and talked closely during filming breaks.

The production crew said, “Ji Sung who worked hard in creating a good filming environment and did things sturdily, with polite young man Kim Jaejoong who always walked over with a smile, their good collaboration was unexpected. The opposite allure of both would probably bring about warm-hearted bosses syndrome.”

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This conversation requires a big, long backtrack, back before the duckbutt butted in. (That pun was totally intended)
(Young Pil, 4:16pm KST) Spending some spare time drinking coffee alone~~^^

(Ji Hwan, 4:19pm KST) @youngfeel You must be suffering many hardships, haha I hear that Japan is hotter than Korea right now, is it true? haha
(Young Pil, 4:24pm KST) @JiHwan_Sim It’s really hot~~ But the weather’s a little chilly these days because the tropical storms are coming~~^^ My Japanese is getting better every day~~^^
(Ji Hwan, 4:27pm KST) @youngfeel You’ll be so surprised when you get back to Korea, Korea is so hot, Oh~ I can’t even speak Korean that well, ㅡㅡ haha Does that mean you’re going to become bilingual now? haha
(Young Pil, 4:28pm KST) @JiHwan_Sim hahaha I’m still too far to be called that Musukashii (T/N: Wait for it~)~~~^^
(Ji Hwan, 4:32pm KST) @youngfeel What, you need mousse? People these days use wax, not mousse, for their hair, ㅡㅡ hahahahaha (T/N: Musu sounds like ‘mousse’)
(Young Pil, 4:36pm KST) @JiHwan_Sim hahaha I think you need to start studying soon~~^^
(Junsu, 4:36pm KST) @youngfeel Hyung, it’s Muzukashii not Musukashii~~~ lol (T/N: Muzukashii[むずかしい] means “is difficult”)
(Ji Hwan, 4:39pm KST) @youngfeel Hyung,, I hear you’re wrong,,, haha I’m kind of embarrassed, haha
(Young Pil, 5:04pm KST) @0101xiahtic hahaha I wrote it wrong accidentally~~~ㅡㅡHmph~~
(Ji Hwan, 5:04pm KST) @JiHwan_Sim hahaha Hey~~^^ It happens sometimes, silly~~^^ And it keeps going and going and going…

(Young Pil, 4:23pm KST) @0101xiahtic haha It looks like you’re having fun even when I’m not there… I see that you don’t need me anymore… I see that you don’t feel the empty place I left behind… haha I’m going to play with Ki Kwang from now on~~~~^^
(Junsu, 4:37pm KST) @youngfeel And hey you yangban (T/N: Junsu calls him a ‘yangban’ which means ‘man’ or ‘nobleman’ in historical contexts)~~ Answer my calls before you go off and say things like that!!!!!!!!!
(Ji Hwan, 4:40pm KST) @0101xiahtic Hear, hear!! Hear, hear!! I agree with what you said, haha
(Junsu, 4:42pm KST) @JiHwan_Sim kekekekekekekekekekekeke Young Pil hyung left us all here (to go to Japan) and then he says things that we should be saying to him.. lol You should speak up too!!
(Ji Hwan, 4:43pm KST) @youngfeel Young Pil hyung~ ptooey, hahahahahahahahahaha
(Ji Hwan, 4:44pm KST) @0101xiahtic haha I did say something,, but now that I’ve done it I feel,, kind of scared,, Young Pil hyung hits only me,ㅠㅠ haha
(Ji Hwan, 4:45pm KST) @0101xiahtic Hyung, what did the word Young Pil hyung said to me mean? It’s not a swear word, right?? haha
(Young Pil, 5:05pm KST) @0101xiahtic haha I’ll answer your calls~~~~^^

(DDne0000, 4:38pm KST) @0101xiahtic But I get so confused between the ‘i(い)‘ adjective and ‘na(な)‘ adjective… ㅠㅠ What should I do? ㅠㅠㅠ
(Junsu, 4:41pm KST) @DDne0000 That’s actually the most confusing part (about Japanese) ㅠ

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(T/N: Kisekae = something similar to mobile phone skins for Japanese phones, with images for sending/recieving mail, menu pages and standby screens)

Tohoshinki’s latest kisekae kit for “Superstar” started its distribution at “Kisakae♪mu-mo” on 20 July.

This kisekae kit is prepared with motifs and cool designs from Tohoshinki’s new single “Superstar,” and includes a standby screen, call and mail recieving images, charging icons etc, a variety of mobile images all from Tohoshinki’s “Superstar.”

(Other information omitted)

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JYJ’s Kim Junsu will be making his drama debut though a cameo in the upcoming SBS weekend drama, “Scent of a Woman“.

On July 21st, an Asia’s Star Xiah Junsu fan cafe representative revealed,

“Kim Junsu will be making a special cameo on ‘Scent of a Woman’. The relevant scene needs support as he will star as a popular singer who’s having a fan meeting.

Since the scene needs people to cheer loudly, we welcome those who have loud voices or posters made.“

The scene will be filmed on July 28th, and approximately 400 fans will be in participating in the shot.

Meanwhile, ‘Scent of a Woman’ – which stars Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Wook – will air its first episode on July 23rd.

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T/N: Chris Matsumura is a TV personality in HEYHEYHEY!

2011-07-20 14:25:19

From Tohoshinki-san

From Tohoshinki-san,
I received the new single "Superstar" which was released today.
It was my first time that I performed together with
Yunho-san and Changmin-san (from the left in the pic).
I felt their brilliance as stars, and also their transparency, too.

I felt the difference in their expressions before and after the stage.
The costumes that they were wearing above their transparent shirts were
decorated with many Swarovski crystals.
With their bare skin and crystals blending together,
they had a special aura.

The two members completed a fascinating stage.
When they came down the stage and walked backstage,
they shyly gave me the CD saying
"We are embarrassed at this timing, but please hear our new song!"

Their expressions were obviously different from a few seconds before,
they had returned to their transparent expressions.
At that moment I felt that... they are really stars.

In their new song, the western taste of the 80s are hidden in the digital sounds.
The song has a unique atmosphere, it is a wonderful song.
I felt that I met new charms.

They showed us their amazing vocals and performance,
making me think that I would like to watch their live concert!

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On July 21st, the controversy surrounding KBS's cancellation of JYJ's broadcast appearance was addressed by Senator Kim Jae Yoon from the Jeju Island parliament, and an apology from KBS was demanded.

Senator Kim Jae Yoon stated, "JYJ were scheduled to appear on a special broadcast on the 20th, yet was suddenly cancelled 4 days before the event, causing Hallyu fans to voice their statements and bringing such international embarrassment."

He continued, "The media has raised speculation of external pressures. The situation became more controversial as groups from JYJ's former entertainment company, whom JYJ are on trial with, replaced JYJ."

Furthermore, he stated, "KBS formally announced that the reason is because of popularity [ie. SNSD and f(x) are more popular than JYJ] but they deserve criticism for not having 'clear criteria' for their broadcasts and going against the promise they made to citizens."

Senator Kim ended with, "KBS must apologize to citizens, domestic fans and international fans for forsaking their promise and causing international embarrassment. Now reveal and clearly explain the reason for cancelling JYJ."

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JYJ’s overseas fans have released a joint statement today demanding a clear explanation from KBS and the Jeju local government in regards to the sudden cancellation of the group’s appearance from the special broadcast of “New Seven Wonders Concert.”

In a statement of protest, JYJ’s overseas fan alliance said, “JYJ’s fans in Korea and abroad have been criticizing KBS and the Jeju local government for passing on the responsibility to each other, and have asked for a clear explanation for canceling JYJ’s appearance. But KBS and the Jeju local government have only made nonsensical excuses that were unconvincing, which as a result, greatly disappointed many fans home and abroad.”

It continued, “In particular, KBS explained the reason for cancelling JYJ’s appearance was because of the casing of f(x) and SNSD, two artists under SM Entertainment who are in a lawsuit with JYJ. They said JYJ was less popular than f(x), and it was necessary to show various stages for the Jeju people’s better cultural experience, which only increased speculation of ‘backdoor pressure’ being the main cause of the cancellation.”

The alliance added, “To say JYJ, who just completed a seven-country, ten-city world tour, is lesser known and less popular than f(x) makes us wonder what criteria the decision was made under.”

“JYJ’s cancellation has caused fan disappointment, monetary losses in flight and hotel costs, and more than anything, tarnished the entire image of Korea’s positive brand. The fact that the most representative broadcaster of a country is heavily influenced by the power of a private entertainment agency in its casting decisions substantially drops the credibility of Hallyu, and furthermore that of Korea,” it added.

They closed the statement by saying, “This is not a problem just pertaining to KBS and Jeju Island, but rather across the whole Korean pop culture industry. As a fan of JYJ and a consumer of Hallyu, we ask KBS to take responsibility for hurting Korea’s positive image and bringing down its credibility.”

Fans from multiple countries including Spain, Finland, Turkey, Peru, Mexico, the US, and Taiwan, joined together for this statement. Meanwhile, JYJ is seeking legal actions against KBS and the Jeju local government for cancelling their scheduled appearance without prior notice or agreement.

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Appointed as ambassadors for the 7 World Wonders campaign, Hallyu Wave stars JYJ (Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu), many of their Japanese fans came directly to Jeju to find that they would not be featured on the KBS TV broadcast.

JYJ fans traveled to the island in hopes of seeing the KBS Special Broadcast Stage “Challenge! One of the 7 World Wonders is here” that the island was hosting on July 20th at 5:20 pm.

A JYJ fan, Tanaka, said he was introduced to two other fans Ohmi and Mazda on the flight to Jeju. And once they arrived, they immediately went to the Seongsan Illculbong Peak, where the event was held. [T/N: Special Broadcast was held at the Seongsan Illculbong outdoor stage]

Tanaka and Ohmi complained, saying “It is very sad that JYJ fans did not receive proper notice of the cancellation. A great pity. We have been missing JYJ apperance on TV broadcast and therefore were looking forward to seeing them”.

They followed by saying “I booked a ticket in advance to come to Jeju Island. I had hoped that I could cheer for JYJ”.

A blogger who was covering the 7 World Wonders program, Oh Baek Jang, took pictures of the fans, who were voluntary posing with with homemade placards in promotion [of JYJ].

They held signs that had the phrases “JYJ, I’m Sorry” and “JYJ, Thank You” that were written in a sketchbook, and took photos with the venue in the background.

The controversy came about 4 days before the Broadcast on the 20th, when KBS issued a notification to JYJ’s management company Cjes, stating JYJ’s appearance had been cancelled.

JYJ were originally supposed to appear in the Jeju Special Broadcast concert, singing two of their songs.

However, KBS Jeju issued a unilateral cancellation statement, causing Cjes to ask for an official position to be made.

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The following is an excerpt from a news article based on Radio 21′s special on JYJ, which aired yesterday. Director Lee JaeEun of Prain (JYJ’s publicist) gave an interview during the radio program and here’s what she said:


JYJ rep, “KBS had said that ‘there was absolutely no external pressure…’” Director Lee JaeEun, “already reported to Fair Trade Commission, album late this year, and preparing for tour.”

Prain’s Director Lee JaeEun, who in charge of JYJ’s overall communication, gave an interview after reporter Kim and expressed her frustration that “what she can understand the least is the basic purpose of this [Jeju] broadcast.”

“When we received an offer to appear [on the program], I specifically told KBS Jeju that ‘because there are times when [the network] is pressured externally [to cancel on the artist], in order to protect the artist, I will not make a decision unless [JYJ's] appearance on the program is a sure thing.’ [In response], KBS Jeju replied that ‘such a thing would never happen’ and that ‘this broadcast is a special program to promote Jeju, and since JYJ is its honorary ambassador, why would we have problems?’ But despite such a promise, we received a one-sided cancellation notice 4 days before the concert, after we had already received cue sheets.“

Director Lee received attention by revealing that they had already reported this incident to the Fair Trade Commission and received an official document registering the report. Director Lee stated, “the investigator in charge told us that there was more than enough proof” and emphasized, “the problem is that this incident isn’t the first, but currently such situations are occurring repeatedly. Although the courts have made the decision that we should receive compensation when the ex-management company unfairly interferes with [JYJ's activities], unexplainable incidents continue to occur over and over again.”

Furthermore, Director Lee stated, “every time such unjust situations occur, no matter how small or how big, C-JeS entertainment has filed complaints and lawsuits. All will become evidence in the original lawsuit. On this matter, we have taken all action that we could, and from now on we will concentrate our efforts in quickening the ruling in the original lawsuit.” However, Director Lee did draw a line by stating, “this isn’t about raising questions on the position of honorary ambassador or the island of Jeju.”

Currently, JYJ is planning the release of a new album and the start of another world tour during the later half of this year. Director Lee stated, “because [JYJ] is such a worldwide group, the scale is enormous and we’re looking at the entire second half of the year to plan [their new schedules]. Because it hasn’t been long since the world tour ended, we were thinking of taking a breather, but because [JYJ] is being sought-after greatly within not only Korea, but also North America and Europe, we decided to go right into preparing.” [JYJ] is also preparing their second Worldwide album as well.

When asked how JYJ members were doing, Director Lee replied, “the members are more brave than anyone else. They are making good progress in their planned path. However, they are very worried about their fans, who are forced to go through such injustices because they are JYJ fans. They are trying to stay resolute for their fans.”

“The feelings JYJ have for their fans are special. Furthermore, they have great pride for their fans. When I see them use the phrase, ‘well, our fans are…’ after each sentence, I get the thought that they’ve become firmer and closer together by experiencing difficult situations. I am so thankful that there are fans who love JYJ’s music and their dream, and I hope you don’t become too upset because of this recent matter.”

Lastly, Director Lee asked for the support of the Korean public stating, “during this recent matter, not only fans, but the general public including the people on Jeju Island gave us their support. In fact, there’s a side of thankfulness because this incident helped spread the news that JYJ is fighting against injustice. Because this incident is unrelated to the task of publicizing Jeju, JYJ will continue to do their best in promoting Korea’s excellence and Jeju’s beauty to the rest of the world as world stars.”

You can read the entire article here (IN KOR).

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Lee Da Hae and Park Yoochun recently revealed the reasons behind their absences for MBC’s ‘Miss Ripley‘ after party.

On July 20th, a representative for Lee Da Hae stated, “She had a shooting for her Chinese activities. She couldn’t pull out from her schedule, so unfortunately, she was unable to attend. She didn’t have any conflicts with the staff.”

A representative for Yoochun said as well, “He had a schedule filming for an advertisement. It was scheduled even before the shooting for the drama began. He was planning to attend the after party after the filming was over, but it ended later than planned.”

‘Miss Ripley’ portrayed a woman collapsing to her web of lies and has been criticized for its unreasonable plot and weak characters. The after party was held on July 19th and caught attention for the nonattendance of the main actors.

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The man who has no qualms in facing challenges, Kim Jaejoong is right now standing on a new starting point, ready to move out. The beautiful manly sexy look that always filled the stage, he is now ready to steal the viewers’ hearts with his actor look. This man who is prideful of his fair skin and charming eyes, will display his passion without a doubt.

Kim Jaejoong will be portraying the character of ‘Prince of Financial World’ Cha Mu Won in the new SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Protect The Boss’, taking over the slot of ‘City Hunter’. The term ‘Prince of Financial World’ seems to fit Kim Jaejoong very well.

In fact, when asked if there are any similarities between Kim Jaejoong and Cha Mu Won, he said that there seems to be none but still humbly replied bit by bit.

“Cha Mu Won is a very gracious person. Even though he has a very ambitious heart, he is nice to anyone and is a great character. Rather than saying it’s the similarities between me and Mu Won, why not say that it’s his traits that I wish to have. If I am able to be similar to Cha Mu Won, I would be able to exhibit his outstanding farsightedness, but it seems that there wouldn’t be such a day.”

After he replied, this makes us anticipate for this Cha Mu Won character, the Cha Mu Won that is acted by Kim Jaejoong. But if he were to be in a love triangle with Ji Sung in real life, he does not seems to have the confidence to capture Choi Kang Hee’s heart.

“Just like me, Ji Sung hyung will transform into Ji Hyun when acting starts. Although there are mutual feelings developed after getting along for a while, but during acting, there will still be loathing feelings for each other. Even loathing the relationship between him and No Eun Sul.”

In reality, Choi Kang Hee is an older woman (than him), and Kim Jaejoong thinks that dating and getting married with older woman is fine, spreading the message of his thinking that every equal ones deserves their hopes. “If I am thinking of getting married, I am able to accept ladies who are older than me by ten years old now.”

Although Kim Jaejoong has displayed his talent with Japanese actors such as Eita, Ueno Juri etc in ‘Sunao Ni Narenakute’, this is his first appearance on domestic drama. Though he said that he is very nervous, the anticipation for it is rather huge too. But gladly, he was able to receive a pass for his acting from his fellow cast members, especially veteran actors like Park Young Kyu and Cha Hwa Yun who said that Kim Jaejoong “will be a successful actor in the future,” raising the anticipation.

“It was tough and there are a lot of things to learn about. I have to quickly adapt to the atmosphere at the filming site. As compared to the things I need to do, most importantly the veteran actors guided me unselfishly and that gave me a lot of strength and also gave me a lot of useful suggestions. Especially senior Park Young Kyu, even when he is already tired after a night’s filming, he would still practice the lines with me many times, allowing me to smoothly deliver the lines.”

In order to finish one episode of a drama, it is like an extreme challenge to the body. When asked if he has confidence in his body strength, Kim Jaejoong surprisingly said that he does not have much confidence and casually moved on to the next topic.

“At the filming site, filming was done in a caring and happy atmosphere, although I am not too confident with my physical strength, but I am still confident with my basic strength. I have not much confidence in overnight filming but will still worked hard for it. Afterall the seniors did not show their tired looks, I think I have to work harder for it.”

As everyone knows, Kim Jaejoong have a lot of Asian fans since his days in TVXQ. Even though his identity is now JYJ, fans are still as passionate and were curious to know what is his difference being a singer or an actor.

“Firstly, a singer stands on a stage and has to use up all of his energy within 3 hours, while an actor has to gradually spread his energy.”

He was the original airport fashionista and the airport fashion style icon, thus people were curious about Kim Jaejoong’s usual looks. To this, Kim Jaejoong gave a surprising reply, i.e. he thinks that he is not good looking. This made the staffs around screamingly said what nonsense is that.

“I think I am not good looking. I have always been straightforward and the reason why I couldn’t say that I think I am not good looking during that period of time was because it would be impolite to the fans who likes me. But I seems to be able to say this out easily now. (laughs) Maybe it’s because I wished that my fans liked me for my straightforwardness and fans who liked me for my looks will probably be minority.”

With these words, it would probably give a shock to all the fans. But such frankness is definitely his charm, and because of this, he continued to be frank. When continuing this question, he would laugh out loud at times and the unability-to-stop tone of his makes it sound so interesting.

“When I was active as a singer, the hairstyle was glamourous, there were lots of accessories, and my skin looked very fair, then I feel that I looked good. At that time, I smiled carefully with reservations. But now I feel very relaxed and sometimes when I looked at myself in the mirror, I would think, “Looks like I have to dress up a bit in order to live well!”

Debuting since 2004 and now it is not that far away from 10th anniversary, what is the difference between now and when you just debuted?

“I was able to react faster on stage now and this period of time, the environment around me changes a lot. To me, compared to the past, I was able to find that humble attitude again. It’s just that this modesty has its positive and negative side. In my case, it seems to belong to the negative side. When you feel confident, humility is a good thing but on the contrary, when you lost your confidence, humility doesn’t seems to be a benefit. I will feel that I am able to do until such par only. But I am currently working hard towards revival (of self-confidence).”

JYJ members have all tried their hands in acting and especially for Park Yoochun who passed as an actor. This appears to be Kim Jaejoong’s motivation and burden.

“I was definitely motivated and can be a burden too. As a senior in acting, Yoochun has a very good start. I am now starting and will do it earnestly.”

The ability to support him through should be his motto. Kim Jaejoong said that his own motto always changes but right now his current motto is revealed.

“And that will be strive to live and not to be greedy. Because I feel that if I am too greedy, I will be punished.”

As he has been busy, he has not been able to take a rest. Does he have any dreams? As expected, he gave an unpredictable answer. He said that he has no dreams and because once he was able to do the things today with his best effort, then he will be able to feel the passion and self-confidence.

“I don’t have dreams and stuffs like that. The aim kept changing and if I were to set an aim now, that I would only think about that aim. I hope to work harder to be luckier and because of fans’ love, I want to do everything to the best that I could. There will be new targets time to time and if I were to work hard towards the aim, then dream would become reality.”

Lastly Kim Jaejoong did not forget to promote his new drama and with this new starting point, what dazzling beginning will he present to us? The anticipation starts now.

“My hope is that the viewer ratings will be able to reach 50% (laughs). Our drama can be watched by a variety of age group from teens to middle and old aged, therefore please give us your love and support.”

Source: OSEN+loveissammi
Trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun
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Singer-actor Park Yoochun has beaten the concerns of a “Sophomore Jinx.”

Through MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Miss Ripley,” Park Yoochun has once again proven that he is very likely to succeed as an actor.

After recieving praise for his natural performance in his debut work “SungKyunKwan Scandal,” The best newcomer winner at the year-end acting awards Park Yoochun challenged the modern day drama with “Miss Ripley.”

After shining in the first project then failing on the second, the concern about a “Sophomore Jinx” was definitely present. The stagnant atmostphere among those called the “acting-dols” who challenged dramas, Park Yoochun, who was also an actor that was “born from a singer” was once again stereotyped by people. This was especially since modern day dramas are different from period dramas. Without same-age actors, and having to act with experienced senior actors for most of the scenes were also a big change from his previous drama.

However, playing the role of the Jang Miri loving, Mondo Group heir Song Yoo Hyun, Park Yoochun displayed a gentle dominance and the forceful charisma of a director, as well as his deep feelings for the woman he loved, a broad variety of emotions.

Especially in the second half of the drama, when he finds out that Jang Miri had approached him on purpose and had forged her resume and qualifications, his display of inner torment earned him the praise that “his acting skills are beyond that of a newcomer’s.”

Evaluating his “Miss Ripley” performances, “From his crying scenes to the look in his eyes, Park Yoochun uses various techniques and expressions to convey his emotions, showing us what can be considered as “the progress of Park Yoochun,” a more mature and sombre acting image.”

Source : [BaiduMicky +]
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English Translations

Superstar / 東方神起 (Tohoshinki)
Lyrics: Luna/LARS HALVOR JENSEN/Johannes Joergensen/Drew Ryan Scott/Lindy Robbins
Music: LARS HALVOR JENSEN/Johannes Joergensen/Drew Ryan Scott/Lindy Robbins

I wanna be your Superstar. oh my girl, listen
Staring eyes, Scorching flash
Summer sun, Lightning speed
Let me escort you, ah ah summer time love
Two people who met are starting a story。。。ok

We got shout like a eeey-oh! Kiss and dancing eeey-oh!
You are my girl girl, go burn, get down down
Cheer up boom boom, Live it up, Rush into falling in love
Dazzlingly blindingly shining Superstar Superstar Superstar Star

It’s burning hot everyday but need to stop the global warming
Oh, I see. Let’s cast off our clothes
Undisguisedly and freely
Wanna frolic around on the red carpet

We got shout like a eeey-oh! Kiss and dancing eeey-oh!
You are my girl girl, go burn, get down down
Cheer up boom boom, Live it up, Rush into falling in love
Dazzlingly blindingly shining Superstar Superstar Superstar Star

Summer is a mystery mystery always
I hold your everything everything in my arms
Sweetly, mystery mystery, Melting
So seeking everything everything of you
Come on kiss me my baby, pervading magic, run across the Galaxy (on fire)

We got shout like a eeey-oh! Kiss and dancing eeey-oh!
You are my girl girl, go burn, get down down
Cheer up boom boom, Live it up, Rush into falling in love
Dazzlingly blindingly shining Superstar Superstar Superstar Star

We got shout like a eeey-oh! Kiss and dancing eeey-oh!
You are my girl girl, go burn, get down down
Cheer up boom boom, Live it up, Rush into falling in love
Dazzlingly blindingly shining Superstar Superstar Superstar Star

wanna be your Superstar Superstar
oh baby you’ re my Superstar
oh baby you’ re my Superstar

Japanese Lyrics

Superstar / 東方神起
Lyrics: Luna/LARS HALVOR JENSEN/Johannes Joergensen/Drew Ryan Scott/Lindy Robbins
Music: LARS HALVOR JENSEN/Johannes Joergensen/Drew Ryan Scott/Lindy Robbins

I wanna be your Superstar. oh my girl . listen
見つめる瞳 灼熱の flash
夏の太陽 電光石火のスピード
君をエスコート ah ah summer time love
出会ったふたり 始まってゆく story。。。ok

we got shout like a eeey-oh! kiss and dancing eeey-oh!
you are my girl girl 燃えて get down down
アゲて boom boom 騒いで 愛に急いで
目もくらむほどに まぶしい Superstar Superstar Superstar Star

暑すぎる everyday に stop the 温暖化
oh それじゃあ いっそ脱いでしまえばいい
ありのままに 自由になって
戯(たわむ)れたい レッドカーペットの上

we got shout like a eeey-oh! kiss and dancing eeey-oh!
you are my girl girl 燃えて get down down
アゲて boom boom 騒いで 愛に急いで
目もくらむほどに まぶしい Superstar Superstar Superstar Star

夏は mystery mystery いつでも
君を everything everything 抱きしめ
甘く mystery mystery 溶けそう(crazy in love)
だから everything everything 求めて
come on kiss me my baby 広がる magic 銀河を駆け抜けろ(on fire)

we got shout like a eeey-oh! kiss and dancing eeey-oh!
you are my girl girl 燃えて get down down
アゲて boom boom 騒いで 愛に急いで
目もくらむほどに まぶしい Superstar Superstar Superstar Star

we got shout like a eeey-oh! kiss and dancing eeey-oh!
you are my girl girl 燃えて get down down
アゲて boom boom 騒いで 愛に急いで
目もくらむほどに まぶしい Superstar Superstar Superstar Star
wanna be your Superstar Superstar
oh baby you’ re my Superstar
oh baby you’ re my Superstar

We got shout like a eeey-oh!
Kiss and dancing eeey-oh!
You are my girl girl, go burn, get down down
Cheer up boom boom, Live it up
Rush into falling in love
Dazzlingly blindingly
Shining Superstar Superstar
Superstar Star

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Fanmeeting as a part of Lotte Duty Free world tour in Seoul

Date: Saturday 3rd of September 2011

2000 tickets available

Points of the tour:

1. Special fan meeting of the tour participants only.
2. JYJ talk show and mini-concert (4 songs are currently in the schedule) and a wide variety of activities.
3. High five with the three members of JYJ.
4. JYJ goods presents from Lotte Duty Free shop.
5. Original goods from JYJ to be won in lottery.
6. One JYJ poster to be given as a present for every fan attending.
7. Coupons of 10,000 yen and 5000 yen for Lotte World.

Source: jbbwt
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The famous Hallyu singing group JYJ, which had been actively supporting Jeju's New7Wonders of Nature campaign, was suddenly notified that their appearance on a televised KBS concert for Jeju's New7Wonders of Nature bid was cancelled. This unexpected announcement by KBS outraged JYJ's fans, sparking condemnation and protest online.

Now, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province has offered up an apology.

"The provincial government is sorry about the cancellation of JYJ's appearance in the KBS concert 'Go, N7W! Here is Jeju' at Seongsan Sunrise Pear on July 20," it said in a statement on July 19, adding, "When we hold a big event in future, we will positively support JYJ's appearance, an honorary ambassador which has been playing a major role in the [N7W] campaign."

The statement indicated that the province had no hand in the KBS decision.

The government statement mentioned local appreciation for JYJ's public relations contribution to Jeju Island, including singing the N7W campaign song at many domestic and international concert venues.

(Translated by Kim Jung Lim)

Source: Jeju Weekly
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Biggest Hallyu Stars in Southeast Asia for the first half of 2011
1. Super Junior 12.64 billion Won (Super Show 3)
2. Rain 7.56 billion Won (World tour-5~6 cities)
3. JYJ 3.23 billion Won (Thailand+Taiwan performances)
4. Jang Geun Seok 2.99 billion Won (Concerts+CFs)
5. B2ST 1.81 billion Won (Concerts+CFs+Fan meetings)

Biggest Hallyu Stars in Japan for the first half of 2011
1. Girls' Generation - 52.3 billion Won(Arena Tour+Albums+CFs)
2. Jang Geun Seok - 25.83 billion Won (Concerts+Album+Photobook+CFs+Fangoods)
3. TVXQ - 12.01 billion Won (SM Town+Album+CFs)
4. Super Junior - 7.69 billion Won (SM Town+Super Show+Album+CFs)
5. Choi Ji Woo - 2 billion Won (CFs)

According to eNews on tvN, JYJ are the second most successful Hallyu stars in the US. JYJ's income from their North America is estimated to be around 2.75 billion Won. JYJ were the only non-sports stars to make the list. 1st, 4th and 5th place went to golf players and 3rd went to a baseball player.

JYJ earned 7.17 billion Won while TVXQ earned 12.3 billion Won in the first half of 2011.

Source: eNews tvN
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Source: Oricon
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Netizens are buzzing over the news that JYJ’s Junsu and Super Junior’s Eunhyuk recently had a conversation on Twitter.

On July 20th, Eunhyuk tweeted to Junsu, “When am I going to see you, you paid for the meal last time, so you should pay for it this time too“, to which Junsu responded, “Let’s meet and say that you’re going to pay for the meals from now on.”

Eunhyuk then jokingly replied, “You should have a better attitude towards your hyung~ You should be honored that I offered to eat with you.”

The two are known to have been close friends since their elementary school days, and they demonstrated their friendship again through their tweets.

Once fans found out that the two had been talking through Twitter, they excitedly left comments like, “It’s been so long since I’ve heard about you two hanging out“, “So there has been contact between you guys“, and “It’s so nice to see you two talking“.

It’s truly heartwarming to see that their friendship has remained strong despite recent controversies.

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Tohoshinki's 1st Japanese single "Superstar" supposed to be released today, but while waiting another short preview of their song "Thank You My Girl" had surfaced.

The song was used as BG music for TVXQ's photoshoot, fans commented that they want TVXQ to promote the song.

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JYJ’s fans have been expressing their rage over the cancellation of JYJ’s upcoming broadcasted performance.

On July 16th, JYJ’s agency C-JeS Entertainment uploaded an official notice on their homepage that read, “JYJ were scheduled to appear in a TV special on the 20th as honorary ambassadors of Jeju’s 7 Wonders nomination, but received a notice today, stating that their appearance has been cancelled.”

They continued to say, “We have currently asked the organizer for the specific reason as to why JYJ’s appearance has been suddenly cancelled,” and “We will post another notice as soon as possible once we have confirmed the details behind the situation.”

JYJ were chosen as the honorary ambassadors for Jeju’s nomination as one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World and have been garnering great attention as they were expected to drastically increase the number of votes that Jeju receives in the poll by the Swiss foundation ‘New 7 Wonders’.

Netizens who heard the news left comments that demanded an answer from KBS that read, "JYJ are superstars who can move thousands of fans all over the world with one or two songs. Because of KBS’ thoughtless decision to notify JYJ of the cancellation mere days before the event, we demand that they tell us what division of their broadcasting company will compensate the losses in time and money that fans face as they either cancel plane tickets, resulting in a need to pay cancellation charges, or as they are already in Jeju", and "JYJ are Korean singers. So what is the reason that they cannot appear on Korean channels? They are more talented than most groups and are the honorary ambassadors of Jeju. If KBS can’t give a proper reason as to why JYJ’s performance has been cancelled, then they must allow them to perform."

Other netizens stated, "Wasn’t the point of getting Jeju chosen as one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World to let the world know of Korea’s top-quality natural wonders, encouraging growth in the tourism industry in the process? What will they do now about the disappointment they have given to JYJ’s international fans?" and "Many of my JYJ fan friends who are international fans are showing their anger at Korea’s unbelievable system. They have already bought plane tickets and made reservations in hotels to see JYJ perform. What will you do now? Korea and Jeju Island’s image is only getting worse in the eyes of foreigners."

Source: BNT News
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The effect of KBS’s cancellation of JYJ’s broadcast appearance has once again become clear. In particular, international fans have shown their anger towards the broadcasting station and Jeju Island, tarnishing the image of Korea. Now, domestic fans are not the only thing to worry about.

JYJ were scheduled to perform on KBS’s “New 7 Wonders” special, yet were given a notice of cancellation. In addition, JYJ’s presence was replaced by girl groups from JYJ’s former entertainment company, SM Entertainment. JYJ’s agency revealed that KBS did not even give them a clear reason for the cancellation.

In May 2010, many angry messages were left on KBS’s message boards due to KBS not allowing JYJ to perform on “Music Bank”, citing the lawsuit between JYJ and SM Entertainment as the reason.

In the wake of this controversy, international fans have taken their disappointment to domestic portal sites, becoming a hot topic. They write that they came to love Korea because of JYJ, but are very disappointed with this scandal.

An Egyptian fan writes, “I loved Korea because of JYJ, and bought Korean electronics and products because of it. Now, I will love only JYJ, not Korea. I am angry at the injustice JYJ has to suffer because of a powerful force.” An Australian fan writes, “I learned a lot about Korea after becoming a JYJ fan. However, this event has caused fans across the world to worry about the evil and absurity of Korean entertainment companies. I will not buy Korean products in the future.”

Fans from other countries state, “I was going to visit Jeju Island, but now I will definitely not go anymore” and others, expressing their opinions. Seeing these messages, Korean netizens have become worried of JYJ’s international fans’ reactions.

Seeing the messages left by international fans, Korean netizens wrote, “I’m embarrassed. Even though I do not pay much attention to nor like JYJ that much, seeing this makes me feel embarrassed”, “KBS, a national broadcasting station, has tarnished the country’s image”, “Hallyu is playing a role in cultural exchange, but how should we do the cultural exchange well? The entire nation is pondering”, showing their embarrassment to the situation.

Domestic fans are reacting similarly. A Korean fan wrote, “I am afraid that foreign fans who have come to love Korean because of liking JYJ will come to hate Korea. I don’t have anything to say to foreign fans, just don’t hate everything about Korea.” Another Korean fan writes, “Foreign fans know of everything that is happening within the country. Foreign fans who planned on seeing JYJ perform have cancelled their hotel and flight reservations. This is not just a lost chance at earning foreign money, but an international embarrassment.”

With this controversy, not only has KBS damaged its reputation. International fans’ image of Korea has been tarnished as well. KBS’s representatives stated, “the line-up of artists is entirely up to the production staff. They will make an announcement after the broadcast on the 20th.”

Source: Nate
Translated by: SoJae'dNews
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After getting flooded with comments from angry fans, it appears as if avex Entertainment CEO Max Matsuura has shut down his official Twitter account.

The comments began coming in when fans discovered that a Chinese singer named Ray Chou – who is signed with avex – seems to have plagiarized a song written by JYJ’s Jaejoong without his explicit consent. The song in question is “Wasurenaide“, from Tohoshinki’s last album as a five-member group, “The Secret Code“.

When made aware of the issue, Jaejoong himself made a comment in Japanese over Twitter. “‘Wasurenaide’ isn’t my song or anyone else’s song. It’s a song by the five-member Tohoshinki. So I don’t want one person or three people to sing it,” he tweeted on July 17th.

Meanwhile, Matsuura had been bombarded with tweets from JYJ fans demanding an explanation for the issue with Ray Cho. “It’s something I’m entirely unrelated to and don’t know about, but there are people willfully misunderstanding what I actually did and making anonymous, immature complaints to me. It hurts, and it’s cold… In this case I’m the victim, so treat me favorably,” he tweeted on the 17th. He also responded to another particularly slanderous comment by replying, “Since there’s no reason why I’d do things like those, I’m taking a break from Twitter without so much as a photo!

These tweets inflamed fans even more, causing them to leave him further tweets like, “I’ll stop when we get even for JYJ (lol)” and “You’re the president of the company, but you call out a group like that,” all directing their frustration over the matter towards Max.

After a whirlwind of furious tweets from JYJ fans, Max Matsuura left the following message on his Twitter account:

Thanks for everything up until now. There are idiots out there like me (lol) I’m happy that there were people who… understood me. Well, goodbye for a short while!

The tweet was followed by another reading, “Well! See you again one day!” before Matsuura closed down his official Twitter account.

Since JYJ is currently experiencing contract troubles with avex Entertainment, speculation has been popping up all over the net that the issue is related to the rocky situation between the two, but no statement has been revealed at this time.

Source: Jaejoong's Twitter + RBB Today
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MBC’s ‘Miss Ripley‘ has ended its run on the air with a strong viewership rating!

On July 20th, AGB Nielsen Media Research revealed that the last episode of ‘Miss Ripley’ recorded a viewership rating of 15.4%. The drama edged out its competitor, SBS’s ‘Warrior Baek Dong Soo‘, which recorded 15.0% to place second.

Meanwhile, KBS’s ‘Spy Myung Wol‘, starring Eric Mun and Han Ye Seul, recorded a fairly low viewership of 5.9%, placing last.

Starting on the 25th, historical drama ‘Gyebaek‘ will fill in the timeslot for ‘Miss Ripley’. It’s got some big shoes to fill, but with a strong cast of Lee Seo Jin, Song Ji Hyo, Jo Jae Hyun, and Oh Yeon Soo, many viewers are expressing great anticipation for it.

Source: Sports DongA via Naver
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Actor Ji Sung self-revealed a big-head embarrassment photo and provided light laughters online in this hot weather.

On the 19th, Ji Sung revealed on his Me2day with the words, “Erm… Should I reveal this photo? I hesitated…” He followed on saying, “First of all, this is done by the staff, it’s too hilarious! Thus I courageously posted this up in order to make you all laugh in this hot summer. Hahahaha,” and so this photo is revealed.

In the photo, the other appearance with Ji Sung is JYJ’s Jaejoong. Jaejoong’s head is normal sized and the obviously enlarged head of Ji Sung left everyone in laughters. In it, Jaejoong coldly looked at Ji Sung while Ji Sung had a ‘mong’ look, (T/N: as in dazed, spaced-out look.) looking down with a subtle expression, gaining many netizens’ laughters.

Netizens expressed, “It is really hilarious.”, “As compared to the size of the heads, the two’s expressions are even funnier.”, “It’s too adorable.”, “Next time, please also revealed Jaejoong oppa’s enlarged version, please.”,”Protect the boss, fighting!” etc.

Ji Sung and Kim Jaejoong are currently working on filming SBS drama ‘Protect The Boss’ that is broadcasting on the 3rd of August.

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TVXQ member U-Know Yunho has been selected as the most loved Korean man in Japan.

In the Japanese mazazine An An sold on 16 July, U-Know Yunho was voted as the no.1 Korean man that Japanese want to marry.

In issue 1746 of An An, a survey was done with regards to Korean artists. Coming out on top was U-Know Yunho, followed by Lee Byung Hyun (No.2) , Jang Guen Suk (No.3) , Nickhun (No.4) and Won Bin (No.5)

Seeing this, fans said, “This is truly U-Know Yunho” and other remarks.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + An An]
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July 20

And a big Hwaiting from Director Cha! :D
(Jaejoong, 1:18pm KST) @0101xiahtic Hwai~ting!

July 19:

Some JYJ Lovin’ and a shout out from a fellow musical actress :)
(Junsu, 12:52am KST) Yoochun~~ You’ve done such a great job^^ You really are a top actor! Now it’s Jaejoong hyung’s turn to be busy~~ Let’s be a little stronger!
(Jung Young Zoo, 1:47am KST) @0101xiahtic Junsuuuuuuu…
(Junsu, 4:14am KST) @Zoozooba40 Noona!! Hello^^

(Eun Hyuk, 1:44am KST) @0101xiahtic Hey, when are we meeting up again? Since you paid for dinner last time, you can pay for dinner this time too. Let’s meet up soon!!
(Junsu, 2:00am KST) @AllRiseSilver Why do you always tell me to pay for dinner~ Let’s try having you pay for dinner from now on and see how that goes!!
(Eun Hyuk, 2:56am KST) @0101xiahtic This isn’t how you should be speaking to your hyung~ You should think it an honor when I say that I’ll eat with you
(Junsu, 4:05am KST) @AllRiseSilver tsk tsk tsk My baby has lost his touch….ㅠ

Source: [Junsu+Others' Twitter]
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KBS representatives recently explained the official reason behind the sudden cancellation of JYJ’s appearance on KBS’s ‘Jeju 7 New Wonders of World KBS Special Live‘ that left JYJ and its many fans upset and confused.

KBS officials told Sports Korea, “Until the 3 members of JYJ finish their lawsuit with SM Entertainment, it will be difficult to appear on KBS.”

JYJ had planned to sing two songs on the stage, but on July 17th JYJ’s agency, C-JeS received notification that their appearance was canceled just 4 days before their scheduled performance. C-JeS also received notification that, “If JYJ makes an appearance, the broadcast itself is impossible“, raising concerns of the possibility of ‘backdoor pressure‘.

However, the representative stated, “The personal activities of the members of JYJ are possible. For example, Park Yoochun’s appearance on KBS’s ‘Sugkyunkwan Scandal‘ happened.” But past events still point to the fact that KBS has also obstructed their personal activities.

For example, Park Yoochun was invited as the ‘unknown guest star’ by actor Kim Kap Soo on KBS’s ‘Kim Seung Woo is Doing Just Fine‘ due to their close relationship on ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’. However, one day before the recording, it was reported there was a misfire. As a result, Yoochun was not allowed to appear on the program.

A representative explained, “That day Park Yoochun was not alone, because it was more for publicity for JYJ.” Another representative told Sports Korea, “Park Yoochun was invited by his co-star in ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’, Kim Kap Soo. There was no reason for JYJ to appear.”

Meanwhile, on July 19th, JYJ fans began a signature campaign asking for both an apology and clear explanation for the cancellation of JYJ’s appearance.

Source: Sports Korea via Nate
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JJ: I can feel it. Very much. They fly from Japan to the venues or events. A lot of fans came to Junsu’s musical, and also to Yoochun’s drama film site. They are so passionate on both Twitter and internet, that I can feel they are waiting for us…

JS: There was some moments when it was harder because of the fans’ love… It made us want to go, go to Japan, and meet with all fans. Also felt sorry too.

Q. How does it feel different with when you were active in Japan?

JS: (Thinking carefully) The feelings is not that different.Being active as a singer in Japan…(can’t read well) really want to do my best. Like I did before, it feels like..starting it over again..

YC: I would just like to be able to work normally as before… we can’t right now because there are some little problems.. I want to be on a tour in Japan again too. Tour..and other things besides tour. I also want to have many, many chances to meet with the fans.

Q. You had concerts not only in Korea or Asia, but also in the U.S. What’s your plan now?

JJ: It’s not decided. We will be on a worldtour starting in April, and when it ends, that’ll be the start.

Q. Jaejoonssi, you’re the worldtour director, right?

JJ: Ah, yes! I think up the specific formation, or make the set list. The live we had in Seoul last year was the first time. The change in performance and songs’ order when the song was a bit (can’t read). I hope it goes well.

Q. You guys also make (can’t read).

YC: Hmm..I don’t think much about it. I try it when I get a thought “let my try~”

Q. When do you feel happiest now?

YC: Everyday. I can go out with my friends or family. Now I have the time to do it. Because that became possible, I became more generous to myself(translator’s note: he means he became more relaxed)

JS: For me..well..I think there are different kinds of happiness, but I’m the happiest when I’m on the stage, singing. Now I have less chances to feel that kind of happiness…Including stages in Japan, I hope we could get more chances to sing on many stages…I’d like to feel the happiness coming from that.

Q. Last December 31st, you three sang “Found You” at KBS Acting Awards, where Yoochun was awarded the Rookies of the Year

YC: Yes. Shortly.
JS: I was nervous, since it was the first time we sang on TV last year^^

Q. How did you feel?

JS: It was kinda strange…of course I was happy. I was sad of myself, feeling ‘sad’ with this difficult, but single appearance. But I was glad to congratulate Yoochun. I wanted to think happy things only.

JJ: I think it was good in a way, making me think again performing on a stage is not something “normal” but “very very precious” to an artist. That meant very…much to the three of us. I could feel many things from it, so I thought maybe I’m a grownup than two years ago.. Because the things I thought was natural turned out to be not.

JS: (can’t read)..but you fans are supporting us…

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