Tuesday, June 21, 2011

[NEWS+PHOTOS[ 110621 Fahrenheit took pictures with both Yunho and Jaejoong?

Fahrenheit was recently spotted multiple times during their visit to South Korea. There, they held a fan meeting with special guests Ryeowook and Kyuhyun of Super Junior. A few days later, two of the members, Calvin Chen and Jiro Wang, went shopping. Much to the delight of Cassies, they also took photos with cardboard standees of DBSK’s Yunho and JYJ’s Jaejoong.

With DBSK's Yunho

With JYJ's Jaejoong

With all three members of JYJ

This wouldn’t be the first time Fahrenheit’s first encounter with DBSK. In 2008, Fahrenheit expressed that they would like to work with DBSK, “We heard that their new album is getting a good response so we would really like to try to work with them.” The two groups also had the chance to meet at the Asia Song Festival, where they took a photo together.

DBSK and Fahrenheit in 2008

We’ll be seeing more of Fahrenheit with Jiro Wang starring alongside Goo Hye Sun in the Taiwanese drama adaptation of Japanese manga, "Absolute Boyfriend." Fahrenheit will also take part of the Korea Tourism Exhibition as representatives of Taiwan.

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[PHOTO]110620 Jaejoong's Elbow Infection

The pic of Jaejoong's elbow infection was taken in Vietnam and was found by Japanese Cassies
(The injury seems quite serious...i wonder what happend...maybe he fell off his skateboard? @_@ poor jaejoong...*sigh*)

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[NEWS] 110621 JYJ's Yoochun releases "A Space Left For You" for the 'Miss Ripley' OST

JYJ’s Yoochun released his participation track for part three of his drama’s OST, MBC’s “Miss Ripley“.

Yoochun sang his own theme song, “A Space Left For You“, which is a song composed by Jun Hae Sung (of Baek Ji Young’s “That Woman” and Hyun Bin’s “That Man” fame). The emotional lyrics and passionate melody blend well with Yoochun’s deep voice.

Producers said, “Through the OST for ‘Miss Ripley’, Park Yoochun will be expressing everything he has inside of him for his character, ‘Song Yoohyun’. The beautiful melody and Park Yoochun’s voice makes for a heartbreaking song that will pave its way into the hearts of viewers.”

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[TRANS] 110617 Miura Says, “Park Ji Sung Brought JYJ Here? He’s Amazing~”

The charity soccer match ‘Asian Dream Cup’, founded by Asian soccer icon Park Ji Sung(30, Manchester United), successfully ended on the 15th in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. With Korean and Japanese all-stars present, the match garnered much attention from Asian soccer fans and JS Foundation has decided to reveal some interesting behind-the-scenes stories.

○… “Park Ji Sung, he’s amazing~”
When ‘Hallyu stars’ Jaejoong and Junsu of JYJ appeared at the welcome banquet on the 14th, the Japanese players, including Nakata Hidetoshi and Miura Kazuyoshi(FC Yokohama), were delighted to see them and said, “Is that really JYJ?” They even joked as they said, “For Park Ji Sung to have brought JYJ here, he’s amazing!”

During the entire banquet, Kim Jaejoong was seated next to the Japanese players and was seen conversing with them in fluent Japanese, even joining the players for some alcohol after the meal after being invited by Nakata. It was also said that he befriended many of the soccer players such as Jung Tese.

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[PHOTOS] 110620 HoMin - Superstar Single

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[TRANS] 110620 Daily Post Of JYJ Tweets

omg you worry me T__T Get better soon♥
(Jaejoong, 10:23pm KST) Are you all doing well? Recently, I suffered from a bacterial infection and am trying to overcome the inflammation on my arm as a result of it as well as the heat.. Careful to not let the heat get to you and don’t forget to think of your cleanliness!(Be careful with food)

I feel you…Japan is wet and hot now :(
[Akio, 10.32pm KST) @mjjeje I'm doing rather well. It keeps raining in Japan. Is your arm okay?
(Jaejoong, 10.39pm KST) @akionosuke It's been a while. Is Japan well? (^-^) It's too hot here, it's bad (T_T)

Poor Akio had to ask twice to get an answer about his arm LOL
(Akio, 10.43pm KST) @mjjeje It's cloudy and rainy, really humid! I want sunny weather. Korea is hot eh, I like hot weather better! Is your arm alright?
(Jaejoong, 10.48pm KST) @akionosuke Up till yesterday it was still rather bad, but I got an injection today so it'll probably be better soon.(^-^)But I actually like Japan when its rainy like that~

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[PHOTOS] 110620 Stalking Junsu

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[TRANS] 110617 JYJ’s Kim Junsu Caught On Camera Being A Soccer Pitch ‘DdalBaBo’

Group JYJ’s Kim Junsu appeared in the Thong Nhat Stadium in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on the 15th of this month to show off his hidden soccer skills at ‘The 1st Doosan Asian Dream Cup’, Park Ji Sung’s charity soccer match.

Meanwhile, two photos were sent to ‘Enter Post’ recently.

They were unreleased photos that were taken at the opening ceremony of the April 15th ’2011 Peace Star Cup Celebrity Soccer Tournament’ at the Suwon World Cup Stadium.

In the photo, Kim Junsu is seen making eye contact with a little girl and conversing with her. He even bent over to be at level with the little girl and talked to her with what seem like warm words. But the little girl seems somewhat awkward and out-of-place. The difference in the two people’s expressions in the same situation brings a smile to one’s face.

What was Kim Junsu saying to the little girl?

Kim Junsu’s soccer pitch ‘DdalBaBo’ moments don’t end just here.

In another photo, Kim Junsu is seen fixing his hair while refusing to let go of the little girl’s hand. Even the little girl doesn’t let go of Kim Junsu’s hand, even if it meant scratching her cheek with the opposite hand. The moment caught on camera shows the two mirroring each other in a cute way.

‘Enter Post’ would like to ask this little girl, whose name we don’t know, a question that fans must be wanting to ask.

“Kid! What good deed did you do in your past life to deserve such good luck?”

Source: [Enter Post]
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[NEWS] Park Yoochun participated in Miss Ripley’s OST with ‘The Place I Left Empty For You’‏

Park Yoochun, who is currently filming in MBC ‘Miss Ripley’ has participated in the OST.

In ‘Miss Ripley’, Park Yoochun who is portraying as the Mondo Group’s successor Song Yuhyun will be singing an insert song ‘The Place I Left Empty For You’ for the drama.

‘Miss Ripley”s production company, Curtain Call Media expressed, “Through the ‘Miss Ripley’ OST that Park Yoochun sang, he will be able to fully reveal his own character Song Yuhyun’s feelings.”

‘The Place I Left Empty For You’ was composed by Jun Haesung who was the composer for SBS ‘Secret Garden”s ‘That Woman’ and it will be inserted into the drama from the 8th episode as Song Yuhyun’s theme.

The song will be out on all major online music stores on the 21st. ‘Miss Ripley’ official OST that include Hwayobi’s ‘Glass’ and ‘If It Was Not You’ etc, will be out on the 4th of July.

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[SCANS] Yunho - Vogue July

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[TRANS] 110619 Park Yoochun Reveals Romantic Charm With A Birthday Party In “Miss Ripley”

Park Yoochun appeared on “Miss Ripley” drama as the “strongest birthday party boy” as he had prepared a colouful birthday party on the show.

On the 7th episode of the MBC drama “Miss Ripley” to be aired on June 20th, Park Yoochun prepared a surprise birthday event for the woman he had fallen in love with. Appearing with flower baskets filled with his love, Park Yoochun also had decorated the room with beautifully coloured balloons, and on a cake with two layers had written “Happy Birthday Miri” etc, Park Yoochun shows his “fine romance” with Lee Da Hae and boasts the charm of the “perfect romantic boy”.

On the 17th, the shooting for this scene was held on a set in Gyeonggi province. During this shooting, Yoochun prepared balloons for the birthday set with the shooting crew, laughing and enjoying himself like a child. Especially to write naturally on the two layered cake, he used the chocolate pen to practice and practice a number of times. Seeing him put all his will into writing each character with perfection, the staff noted at his enthusiastic zest in all the filming involved.

The production company has stated that, “Park Yoochun from Miss Ripley is emerging as “the best man all woman would have a romance with” and that “there is no woman that would not be touched by Park Yoochun’s unconditional love for Lee Da Hae. In the future, the true love Yoochun has shown Lee Da Hae will become a more interesting story”.

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