Monday, June 20, 2011

[TRANS] 110619 Daily Post of JYJ Tweets

Wooo Xiahzart has begun his power trip~ :)
(Junsu, 10:13pm KST) I had two performances today.. Though I wasn’t in that great of a condition, I was able to gain strength from your support and end each performance safely and well! Thank you^^ Most of all, I really enjoyed the buffet that Xiah Yeonhap (T/N: Fansite for Junsu fans) provided for us in Busan, and I want to thank you so much for the snacks and tea that we received from you today~~

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[TRANS] 110618 C-Jes Free JYJ Fanmeeting DVD’s For Fans With Membership

Hello everyone! This is C-Jes.

C-Jes will target fans with membership and provide an exclusive, free activity.
Free purchases can be ordered at the online “C-JeS Store”. Not only will members now have the privilege, but also non-members who are pending to receive their membership will also be eligible once their requests have been verified.

JYJ Fanmeeting – “Sweet White Valentine Date DVD” – March 12 held at Jamsil Stadium

Contents: 1 DVD, approx. 2 hours
Shipping: Mail Courier – 2500 Won (standard rate)
First pre-orders: June 22-28 (7 days)
Delivery Period: Upon receiving the orders, mass delivery will commence late-June, early-July. But if the number of orders exceed the number of stocked copies, they will be sent out on a first come first served basis. Please understand!
Others: Limited to 1 copy per member. If more than 1 copy is ordered, they will be automatically cancelled.

Thank you!

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[PHOTOS] 110619 Stalking Yoochun

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[TRANS] 110618 Kim Junsu’s musical ‘Mozart!’ premiered on the 17th‏

JYJ Kim Junsu appeared on the stage of musical ‘Mozart’.

Receiving new actor awards and popularity awards from last year’s prestigious award shows, “The Musical Awards” and “Korean Musical Award”, Kim Junsu who successfully debuted as a musical actor returned once again as music genius Mozart.

Nicknamed ‘Xiahzart’ and grabbing a place as musical actor, Kim Junsu received a nomination for the Best Actor award with seasoned actors such as Jung Sung Hwa and Jo Seung Woo etc, in the “5th The Musical Award” held on the 7th of June.

During the open rehearsal for Mozart, Kim Junsu had expressed, “To me, ‘Mozart’ is not just a simple musical work, it gave me a feel that I have once again descended to this world.”

Reappearing on Mozart’s stage, Kim Junsu said, “Have been thinking about wanting to reappear, presenting the looks of the best stage. I have been having many thoughts for the past 1 year about Mozart, about music and would want to present a different production of Mozart from last year’s.”

Additionally, Im Taekyung, Park Euntae, Kim Junsu, Chun Dong Shik will be performing in musical “Mozart” till the 3rd of July at Sungnam Arts Centre with Kim Junsu having 13 performances.

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[VIDEO] 110619 Yoochun - 'Miss Ripley' NG (Eng Sub)

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[VIDEO] 110619 Yunho - Kiss & Cry

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[VIDEO] 110619 HoMin - Making of Shilla Duty Free CF

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