Friday, June 17, 2011

[PHOTO] Changmin - W Preview

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[TRANS] 110616 Kim Jaejoong & Jong Tae Se – Singer & Soccer Player Meet

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong and North Korean National Soccer representative Jong Tae Se took a picture together, displaying a surprising connection.

On June 16, Kim Jaejoong wrote on his Twitter: “Tae Se-ah. We need to meet up in the future!” whilst uploading a picture.

After the picture was revealed, netizens expressed, “His network of friends is expanding”, “So handsome”, and “South and North in peace”.

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[TRANS] 110616 Daily Post Of JYJ Tweets

Jaejoong’s got himself a new friend
(Jaejoong, 9:32am KST) Tese, we have to meet again..!

(Tese, 10:29am KST) @mjjeje You must have arrived at the airport. I’m grateful to have met you, I hope to see you again in Japan

(Jaejoong, 7:07pm KST) @TeseBochum9 Have a safe trip to Germany~ I hope you recover from your surgery soon! Eat lots of good food! I’ll e-mail you~

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[TRANS] 110616 “Kiss & Cry” U-Know Yunho vs Kim Byung Man – Who Will Emerge Victorious? Survey Shows An Even Competition

Who will emerge as the final victor in SBS’s “Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry?”

On 13 June, Kiss & Cry started a survey on their homepage to “Predict Which Team Will Emerge As Champions.”

This survey will go on till 8 July. As of 16 June, the “visual group” out of the 10 – U-Know Yunho and Claudia is placed at No. 1 with 40.6% of the votes, with the previously tearful and emotional Kim Byung Man and Lee Soo Kyung couple taking second spot with 33.2% of the votes. As this is a long-term voting process, the tides may turn at any time.

U-Know Yunho, who only started skating 2 months ago, has attracted a lot of attention with his extravagant performances and sly acting abilities. Kim Byung Man came back from an injury to resume training, and overcame his difficulties to complete his performance, causing Kim Yuna to be touched to tears and was awarded high marks

You can participate in the “Kiss & Cry” winners’ voting on the “Kiss & Cry” website. This show will be aired every Sunday at 6.40pm.

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