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Under the Single/ Album Category, TVXQ ranked number 1 too.

Rank #1 Tohoshinki

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Child actress Jung Da Bin revealed a photo taken together with JYJ’s Park Yoochun.

In the MBC Monday-Tuesday drama “Miss Ripley,” Jung Da Bin plays the role of the Lee Da Hae’s younger self. On 11 July, she posted on her cyworld with the title “Together with Director Song Yoo Hyun”

In the message left on her cyworld, she said “Before, I saw the way he delivered his lines, and it’s really cool. And now, I get to have a scene with him. The very kind Park Yoochun oppa, although he ended an hour earlier than I did, he waited until I finished, and even took a photograph with me. I am a girl, but when I look at his face, I find him very pretty. The cool and kind oppa, thank you.” and uploaded a photo together with this.

In this photograph, Park Yoochun stands beside Jung Da Bin posing in a friendly manner, and Jung Da Bin is smiling shyly. This photograph was taken after recording the scene where they two of them met in episode 14 of “Miss Ripley.”

Initially, Jung Da Bin was only scheduled to appear in episodes 1 and 2, but was given additional scenes, and hence the chance to act together with Park Yoochun.

Also, Jung Da Bin will be participating the SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama “Tree with Deep Roots” which airs on 28 September, showing a different image.

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TVXQ appeared on Asahi TV’s ‘Music Station’ for the first time in half a year.

With their new single ‘Superstar’ set to release on the 20th, TVXQ performed the song ‘Superstar’ on the episode of ‘Music Station’ which will air on the 22nd. This was their first appearance on the show in six month since their performance of ‘Why(Keep Your Head Down)’, a song that was released in January.

TVXQ will be appearing in the popular tv show ‘HEYx3′ on the 18th and will also be on NHK’s ‘Music Japan’ on the 24th. Releasing a new single for the first time in a while, TVXQ will be participating in a variety of activities in Japan.

As this is their first single in half a year, TVXQ hope to set a new record in album sales. As they have proved their everlasting popularity in Japan by being appointed as CF models for a large Japanese corporation, many are curious to see if TVXQ will set a new record with their new single.

On the other hand, TVXQ flew to Japan on the 12th for KBS 2TV’s ‘K-Pop Festival-Music Bank’ at Tokyo Dome on the 13th.

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Idol stars of the old and new generation are battling it out in the drama industry on Mondays and Tuesdays. Eric(32-Moon Jung Hyuk) and Park Yoochun(25) are grabbing the attention of their viewers by sharing similar attributes.

In KBS2′s ‘Spy Myeong Wol’ which began airing on the 11th, Shinhwa’s Eric showcased a variety of charms as Hallyu star Kang Woo to leave viewers with a strong first impression in his first drama since completing his mandatory military service. With the beautiful country of Singapore as his background, Eric used his experience of living in the USA to speak fluent English and even showcased his dancing skills by acting out a scene in which Kang Woo rehearses his choreography with his backdancers. In a shower scene, he attempted to capture the hearts of his female viewers by showing off his toned upper body.

JYJ’s Park Yoochun appears in MBC’s ‘Miss Ripley’, which airs at the same time as Eric’s drama, and is utilizing the same strategies as Eric. Having grown up in the USA as a child, Park Yoochun showcased his fluent English-speaking skills by giving a speech in English during the drama. He even expressed his worries about Jang Miri through a shower scene.

The person who won the first round is Park Yoochun. ‘Miss Ripley’ was in the lead with nationwide viewer ratings of 14.2% (according to AGB Nielson Media Research) while ‘Spy Myeong Wol’ began with the lowest ratings of 9.6%. On the other hand, SBS’ ‘Warrior Baek Dong Su’ had ratings of 12.7%.

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Can you spot Yunho?

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JYJ member Kim Jaejoong suddenly revealed his tough inverted triangle body built!

Kim Jaejoong uploaded a photo on Twitter, along with the tweet “A photo I thought a lot” on the 12th afternoon.

In the photo taken during drama filming, Kim Jaejoong took off his shirt and displayed his broad shoulders and slim waist, presenting the perfect inverted triangle body built. Due to exercise resulting in not much body fats, the smooth and flat muscles gained attention.
(T/N: Article error. I’m pretty sure it’s taken during The Beginning photoshoot and not drama filming. Secretaries will faint.)
Fans who have seen that photo responded one after another with “When uploading such photos, do not worry or hesitate”, “As expected, it did not disappoint everyone’s anticipation”,”Now you are really a man” etc.

At the same time, Kim Jaejoong will be appearing in SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Protect the Boss’ that is broadcasting on the 3rd of August, as prince in financial world ‘Cha Mu Won’, displaying his comedic acting skills.

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Song Ji Hyo (real name Chun Sung Im), who has gained popularity through SBS’ ‘Running Man’ as ‘Blank Ji Hyo’, has transferred to JYJ’s agency.

A person close to Song Ji Hyo stated, “Ji Hyo signed a contract with C-JeS Entertainment, JYJ’s agency, that began on July 1st,” and “Details of the down payment or the income division of the contract are unknown.”

Though the act of celebrities changing agencies is a frequent occurrence, Song Ji Hyo’s transfer is garnering great interest because she is the first actress C-JeS Entertainment, whose leading stars are the three former members of TVXQ, has signed a contract with. C-JeS have been working with only Xiah Junsu, YoungWoong Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun till now. (T/N: This is false, Park Yoohwan began working with C-JeS before Song Ji Hyo signed her contract).

Though the three members have not yet ended their legal dispute with their former agency SM Entertainment, it has been found that they have been bringing in yearly sales of 20 billion Won.

A representative of Song Ji Hyo stated, “Ji Hyo, who is in the second prime of her career because of her appearance in variety shows, is currently choosing the production that will be her comeback in the domestic movie industry,” and “She has decided not to appear in the melodramatic movie ‘Never Ending Story’ with Eom Tae Woong.”

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It was revealed that JYJ Kim Jaejoong’s teammate, Kim Junsu, want to make appearance on MBC TV’s “Our Sunday Night – I am a Singer”.

Kim Jaejoong said in the interview with TVReport on the 11th, “After watching ‘I am a Singer’, I think it’s great and remarkable,” and “If it’s possible, I want Kim Junsu to appear on that program.”

Then he added, “Junsu is not a picky person. It seems that he can show a very wide variety of music genres.”

He also said, “I have talked with Junsu (about it before), we think that to appear and sing on ‘I am a Singer’ is a great honor and it has a lot of meaning. The songs ranking doesn’t matter. It’s like an honor to appear (on the program), even for only one week.”

Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong will play Cha Muwon on SBS TV’s drama ‘Protect the Boss’ which will start airing from the 3th next month, co-starring Jisung, Choi KangHee and Wang JiHye.

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That group JYJ’s member Kim Jaejoong received treatment due to an infection has been revealed.

Kim Jaejoong has become known to have had his right arm bitten by a harmful insect when he participated in the charity soccer game that was held in Vietnam this past June.
The agency relayed: “Kim Jaejoong left alone the bite by the harmful insect and thus made the wound grow. But currently he is continually getting treatments and so he is at the level of full recovery.”

At the same time, Kim Jaejoong is looking forward to his debut as an actor through the planned SBS drama Protect the Boss.

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Superstar Spot (20s)

Superstar Teaser (50s)

I Don't Know Mu-Mo CM

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Doctor (Kim Jaejoong) in Sunao Ni Narenakute of Japan’s Fuji TV. He is a salesman of a medical equipment company and he confesses his heart to Haru (Ueno Juri) with whom he fell in love at first sight. Doctor, who holds Haru in his arms to confess shyly “Joahe” (T/N: Korean for “I like you”) was enough to make the female heart tremble.

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong who has already debuted in Japan as an actor is undergoing an initiation ceremony as an actor through a Korean drama. He is taking the role of Cha Muwon in the new SBS Wed-Thurs drama that will be aired in coming August, Protect the Boss. Cha Muwon is Ji Sung’s younger cousin.

I met Kim Jaejoong who is being reborn as an actor in the office of OhMyNews located in Seoul, Mapo Gu, Sangam Dong, on the afternoon of the 12th. Kim Jaejoong who was the youngest person on the shooting set was a fresh-faced newbie actor who seemed to have forgotten that it has been 8 years since his debut. I talked with him, who was saying that “It is my regular trade after all—singing is easier than acting.”

Q: You did appear in Heaven’s Postman in 2009 but it seems that after Sunao Ni Narenakute there were many fans who were awaiting “acting Kim Jaejoong.” Why was your debut in the domestic acting scene so late?

“I did try to challenge myself (at acting) a bit earlier. But because of activities as JYJ which was my center and due to circumstances around me, I was unfortunately not able to hasten the time. I came to come visit you (as an actor) only now. If I had done a drama in Korea immediately after Sunao Ni Narenakute I don’t think that the anxiety would have been to this degree. It’s been more than a year and the feelings with regards to acting and everything else feels too new. I am trembling as if I am beginning all over again.”

Q: Did you become close with the actors who will appear together with you in Protect the Boss?

“I am the youngest on the set. Also I am a rookie actor. All of them make me so comfortable. I do not look very fresh-faced on the outside (laughter. He is born in 1986 and is 26 this year) but I am very fresh-faced in spirit.”

Q: Before the first filming, did you watch a lot of dramas and movies?

“I have watched many movies recently. I saw Dung Fly, Suspicious Customers, My Lover Who Seems a Gang. I like sci-fi movies also and I find fun movies that deal with stories that may happen in real life. It seems that they were really people living in that situation so I felt that they were amazing.”

Q: I heard that you got acting instructions from the actor Ahn Naesang. Did he give you much advice?

“I came to know him through the Director-nim (Sohn Junghyun PD of Protect the Boss) and received acting instructions about 3 times. He said that “even though lines are spoken through memorization, acting must be done as if real life” but that is quite difficult.”

“I wish that instead of being satisfied I will keep being anxious. I like the tension.”

Q: Which is eaiser, acting or singing?

(Laughter) “Of course it is singing. Singing is my regular trade. Acting is much more difficult.”

Q: Is the method of production of Japanese dramas very different from that of Korean dramas?

“The systems of production are slightly different. I have only had one filming with Protect the Boss and so I am not sure yet. I am filming a drama in Korea for the first time after all. Would it also not vary even more according to the styles of the PD?”

Q: Park Yoochun, a member, is also appearing in the MBC Monday-Tuesday drama Miss Ripley. As a sunbae in acting, what kind of advice did he give?”

“He said that ‘you are going to suffer from now on.’” (laughter) He said that once filming begins I will be tired for a while. As this is really the beginning now, I need to maintain my health very well.”

Q: In the drama, the title of Cha Muwon is “Director of the Headquarters.” Miss Ripley’s Park Yoochun’s title is also the Director of the Headquarters. How is Cha Muwon of Protect the Boss different from Song Yoohyun of Miss Ripley?

“Before we compare the characters, the genres of the two dramas are different. Yoochun’s drama is a serious, traditional piece. We are a romantic comedy. Since the atmosphere of the dramas are so different I hope that the viewers will not regard the two characters to be the same just because the titles of the Director of the Headquarters are the same.”

Q: Then what are the points of similarity with Cha Muwon, the Prince of the Financial World, and Kim Jaejoong, the human being?

“I think the variety in personality is probably similar. Even though I say that, I am not saying that I have multiple personality disorder. (laughter) My actions and my expressions are all different according to whether I am with the members, when I am with the fans, and when I am in front of those that I’ve never seen before. I think the definiteness of the change is perhaps the common trait
(of Cha Muwon and Kim Jaejoong).”

Q: The title of the drama is Protect the Boss. What is the thing that you wish to protect for sure in your life?

“Ah. There are so many. With what shall I begin. First, the relationship with the members, I want to protect as long as I live. I also want to protect the fans. Also I wish that the projects at which I must challenge myself and the hope that stem from in between them will not disappear. I wish that instead of being satisfied, I will keep being anxious. I like the tension. I felt this while I was acting as the executive director of the Asian Regions of the JYJ World Wide Concert and (the rhythmic gymnast) Sohn Yeonjae’s gala show. It is easier in a variety of ways to just appear in works instead of creating them myself, but I want to keep challenging myself without end.”

Broadcast is the means by which entertainers can appeal their existence the most.

Q: The topics that come in conflict continually not merely in dramas but also in life is “love and success.” To Mr. Jaejoong, which comes first?

“Love and success… would they not be proportioned according to age? One could say that “you have succeeded” but in truth there is no end to success. There is no such thing as satisfaction. I do not even hope for the peak. At the very least, before I marry I want to do as many things as I possibly can.”

Q: Weren’t you someone who was on the side of wanting to marry early?

“Even this year I am thinking that I want to marry early. Because my parents are of age, I feel that to marry early is to refrain from being undutiful/thankless. However my sisters say that “your life is important.” Well, does marriage happen merely because you wish it.”

Q: Do you have any plans to sing for yourself the OST?

“As of now I do not know. I think they are in the process but the song does not seem to have been produced. It should be a problem to decide after the song is produced.”

Q: At the time of the first airing of Miss Ripley there was a lot of talk with regards to appearing in variety programs. If opportunity allows, do you have plans to appear on variety programs as promotions for Protect the Boss?

“Our intentions do not come first. (At the reporter who asked “did you not show us a variety of activities despite the limits on TV appearances) Broadcast is the means by which entertainers can appeal their existence the most. But we are fighting having discarded the most important weapon.”

Kim Jaejoong who is taking the first steps from TVXQ to JYJ and again as a “rookie actor.” When I asked him if he has desires/hopes of the “Best New Actor Award,” he answered: “Geez, I don’t even think about it.” Continuing, he renewed his determination: “Since I have begun, I will do my best.”

I become curious as to his future path, as much as (I learned of) his powerful aspirations.

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Park Yoochun unfolded a high-end tears performance.

On the 14th episode of the MBC Mon-Tues drama Miss Ripley that aired on the 12th was portrayed Song Yoohyun’s blaming of himself after he came to know that Lee Hwa is Zhang Miri’s real mother.

Song Yoohyun came to know that in order to marry his father, Lee Hwa abandoned her child and family to marry into the Mondo Group. He suffers at the thought that because of himself Zhang Miri became an orphan.

Song Yoohyun who visits the house in which Zhang Miri used to live when young faces young Zhang Miri. He holds young Zhang Miri’s hand and cries in sorrow, saying: “How would I be able to be forgiven from Miri for all of my wrongs committed until now.”

At Song Yoohyun’s tears, young Zhang Miri comforts him, saying: “You have no faults. I am good if my mom returns. Then I can study again and go to school again and I won’t have to go back to the orphanage either. I think you are a good man.”

Song Yoohyun who stands there for some time says to himself “you had it difficult, huh” and is not able to leave easily.

The viewers who were exposed to the broadcast complimented Park Yoochun’s acting, saying: “My hurt ached at his tears performance. His acting is more and more maturing.”

At the same time, Miss Ripley reclaimed #1 spot in its time slot and established itself as a strong contender among the Monday-Tuesday dramas by unfolding a tight story in its 13th episode to record 15.9% in ratings.

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Jaejoong Slept Alongside Ji Sung Wearing Only Underwear… Twice

Group JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong is in Ji Sung Illness (T/N: Korean term. In this context it means that Jaejoong is occupying himself with Ji Sung.)

Kim Jaejoong is appearing in a domestic drama for the first time through SBS TV’s Protect the Boss. After he tasted acting through the movie Heaven’s Postman, he caught its drift through Sunao Ni Narenakute of Japan’s Fuji TV.

Kim Jaejoong, who will play a second generation chaebol Cha Muwon, is cousins with Cha Jihun played by Ji Sung. They fight over the right of control over the management due to an incident from their parents’ generation, and come to stand in conflict. Jaejoong expresed his thanks: “I struggle with Ji Sung Hyung over power but in truth I became quite close with Hyung. Faced with the awkward atmosphere of (it being) my first drama, I was not able to easily approach (others) but Hyung was kind enough to himself approach me first.”

The impetus that made Jaejoong even closer with Ji sung was the MT that they went on with the cast and staff. Jaejoong confessed: “Before going into the filming in earnest, Ji Sung Hyung organized an MT so I came to go. In the beginning it was awkward because we met as a sunbae and hubae. But later we drank and I came to sleep in our underwears only with Hyung.”

Jaejoong chatted: “After that, Ji Sung contacted me to do script practice together and so I went to his house to play. That day too I came to sleep on Hyung’s bed in my underwear. In the MT, we slept, saying “who cares since we are both men?” As for the second time, he said: “We did it the first time so who cares about the second time?” It seems that as we went through a lot together, we came to be close friends fast.”

Kim Jaejoong is just too happy with the filming set. He tries to contain his laughter watching Ji Sung and Park Youngkyu (58). “Park Youngkyu sunsaeng-nim )T/N: Korean term of respect that literally means “teacher”) is usually very dignified and looks like a gentleman but when he starts acting he is too funny. Ji Sung Hyung is Park Youngkyu sunsaeng-nim’s son and he appears as a delinquent. As such, even lines that seem normal are acted out in slang that does not seem like slang, secret speech. Four-letter words (T/N: curse words) that do not seem like four-letter words appear and it is just too fun.”

Further, he expressed his satisfaction, saying: “As for Ji Sung Hyung, he purposefully helps me a lot. But the others too, I can see, are attempting to take care of me. Choi Kanghee nuna without fail sends me a text if we were not able to say goodbye after the filming is over. It seems that as compared to the number of times that we have met, the nervousness is declining fast. The sunbaes are treating me with such warmth.”

Kim Jaejoong is newly challenging himself with a new determination. He confessed: “When I was filming Heaven’s Postman I was in a stage that was filled with desires/hopes as a singer (only) so did not have such for other fields. As such, I was not able to have either the time or the mindset to film a movie.”

He explained: “There was no one who taught me what a movie was. Also it wasn’t that I was filming continuously, but I was filming a few scenes and then going back to be active as a singer and then filing again. As such, it feels that I just filmed without even understanding the continuity of emotions. I think that because of me Han Hyoju, who filmed with me, also must not have had a calm head. After I filmed a drama in Japan, things changed a lot. I think I learned very much and it was the impetus by which I was able to have the mindset of an actor.”

Kim Jaejoong expressed his confidence: “The message contained in the drama may be a bit heavy. The drama is portraying not merely the problems faced by the job seekers but also the hardships endured by the regular people as employees of a corporation. However I believe that inside of that, the drama can form a place of empathy with the viewers and allow them to laugh and be moved at the same time.”

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A next-generation music club managed by Niwango called “nicofarre” – with giant LED screens on every wall and on the ceiling – is going to open its doors on July 18th, and will feature performances from Tohoshinki and AKB48 on its first night.

Niwango is the same company that operates the well-known streaming portal “Nico Nico Douga“. The company revamped its infamous “velfarre” club, which closed its doors more than four years ago, into “nicofarre” by integrating the use of the internet. Since all performances in the club will be streamed live on “Nico Nico Douga”, users will be able to make on-screen comments in real-time that will float across the screens inside the club. More events to further integrate online users are already planned for the future.

Of course, the screens can also be used to enhance performances by creating beautiful backgrounds that turn the whole club into a visual sensations. Thanks to real-time motion capturing, there would even be the opportunity to see live performances from virtual characters.

In addition to special performances from Tohoshinki and AKB48 at the opening event, there will also be live performances from thirty of the most popular amateur singers and dancers from Nico Nico Douga.

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Are you all ready to take a look at JaeJoong's new pictures?? ^^ As of this morning, his photos are flooded on Korean news sites. What a charming prince!! :D Enjoy everyone

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