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Photographs taken at Gimpo airport revealed Changmin bandaged hand which aroused concern from fans. Acording to SM Entertainment the injury was caused by a recent dance practice.

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Q: Compared to the photoshoot 6 months ago, have you realize you have become tougher and more charismatic?
YH: Because at that time i'm still worried. While currently, we are using 2 person's hard work and slowly covering up those areas that are not good enough and make it better. We have understood our new color, currently we are very happy and we had felt our comeback.

Q: When is the time when you gained confidence from your worries?
YH: When I'm performing a concert in front of the Japan's fans. When I shouted "it had been long~!", what greeted me back was the enormous cheering that I've ever imagined. Ah~ Actually we have alot of fans, I felt touched. I have the "THSK is starting now!" kind of confidence.

Q: What methods do you use to cheer for yourself?
YH: This period was the busiest but no matter how busy, still have to find a space that belonged to yourself in between. Physically it's is very tough but because mentally you are able to achieve a balance, hence currently am in bliss.

(Note: The translator had not translate this Q. Question translated & added by ecaisme)
Q: A celebrity that Yunho deemed as sexy?
YH: Johnny Depp.He's a charismatic person that's also very gentle with children. I can feel he's a man of kindness.


Q: What's your secret to your masculinity?
CM: Both of us had work hard to make our characteristic to be more outstanding. I think we had both create a new color that was more mature and precise than before.
In terms of music, yunho practiced on his high pitch while I challenged to the low pitch. We had broaded our areas as celebrities when we challenged ourselves.

Q: Your physique had improved?
CM: Because I had been exercising and training. But I can't let you all see my abs today!

Q: A celebrity that Changmin deemed as sexy?
CM: Jude Law. During acting he is sexy and during off screen, his fashion sense too.

Q: The point which Changmin see Yunho as a big brother?
CM: Things which seems to me that are too embarrassed and I can't do it, he could do it easily. In order to let the surrounding atmosphere to become higher, he could say "saranghae". Without hesitation, he use his words and actions to show it out. That was mature and I see it as masculinity.

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Recently through online shopping sites and Twitter, the gum with Tohoshinki's name printed on the packages and wrappers have been attracting a lot of attention among fans.

Sold as limited edition chewing gum in convenient stores, this is the best opportunity for fans to collect these gum wrappers.

Netizens have expressed, "This is a first for gum wrappers," "This feels really high quality. I'd buy it in Korea too!" "Even gum has Tohoshinki on it. I can't throw it away because I can't bear to. I can't even eat it!" "What to do, I want all of it."

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After a short video, everyone shouted “Yoochun saranghaeyo!”which was the moment he came out smiling shyly. He then greeted us by saying, “Hi I’m Yoochun. Nice to meet you.”

Host: You’ve lost weight haven’t you?
YC: I lost 6 kgs. Due to the busy shooting schedule.
Host: You really don’t need an interpreter!
YC: Actually I haven’t spoken Japanese in awhile….
Host: It’s been awhile seeing everyone right?
YC: Yea it has been awhile…But recently we had a concert in Japan.
From the audience there were shouts of “I went!” and “Thank you” to which Yoochun smiled happily.

They then sat down and continued the talk. Yoochun seemed a little nervous speaking Japanese.

YC: Did you all reach yesterday? Thank you all for gathering since the morning.
Host: Could you tell us the reason for choosing another drama right after SKK?
YC: Reason…(deep sigh) What was it…After finishing SKK, I ended up wanting to be in a new drama. It was a challenge in itself to get into a modern drama. And also I felt that Yoohyun’s character was somewhat similar to mine so I felt like doing it.
Host: Which is more difficult, traditional period drama or modern drama?
YC: Personally, traditional period dramas are more difficult, due to various issues with words and lines. And also there were a lot of insects. (laugh)

(T/N: there were specific keywords that they were to talk about. 3 keyword)

1. Regarding the role of a conglomerate

YC: What’s the word in Japanese? Zaibatsu? (T/N: companies passed through families) This time I played the role of a second generation of zaibatsu. Personally I actually felt like I could be one~
Host: In terms of image, you have that zaibatsu image Yoochun! What part of this role appeals to you?
YC: Personal jet? I was jealous of that. And also of the conversations with the father!
Host: Okay moving on to the second keyword.
YC: Oh? How many are there?
Host: 3 keywords
YC: Ah I see… (little worried)

2. Yoohyun’s style

YC: What do you mean by Yoohyun’s style?
Host: It seems that your hairstyle has gotten shorter right? Different when compared to Yoochun’s style.
YC: Yes that’s true. Awhile back when I was in Japan I cut my hair short, which turned out to be a mistake. (laughter from audience) So because of that I was abit worried about cutting it short, but I wonder if it’s not too bad?
(Audience applauses)
Host: Do you like it long or short?
YC: Mmmm I like it either way.
Host: What about everyone else?
Shouts of either style.
YC: What? What about shaved head? It might become bald soon..
Shouts of agreeing.
Host: Well the shape of your head is nice so shaved head might not be too bad.
YC: Hmmmmm… (not too confident look)

3. English and Japanese

Host: Your English in Miss Ripley was perfect! Can you speak English? (says this part in English)
YC replied in English but it was too fluent to catch his words.
Host: Can you greet everyone in English the?
Again, it was hard to catch his words.
His English was so hot the audience was screaming -> Yoochun smiled shyly.
YC: I’m pretty lucky to have been able to learn how to speak English and Japanese.
YC: How do you say “Noreul wihae bin jari” in Japanese? (T/N: name of his ost)
Host: Kimi no tame no kuuseki
YC: Kuuseki…

He then sang the song, with his eyes closed. It was the first time he sang it live but he put all his emotions into it. So touching.
After the song, Yoochun had to pick the winner of the script. He was careful in making sure he got the right seat numbers when picking the winners. Then after the photo shoot he came back again.

YC: I wonder if it’s okay to say this…It is still yet to be determined but there is a chance that we will come to perform in Japan before the end of this year. This time we feel that we should come and see you all, so we would really like to have a concert. It’s raining today so be careful in returning home. Thank you very much.

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[TRANS] The interview of Hero Jaejoong who is appearing in Protect the Boss, the new SBS Wed-Thursday drama that will air as the follow-up to City Hunter, will start at 1pm, which is quite soon. Please send the things you are curious about with regards to Hero Jaejoong to Me2^^

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TVXQ will be returning to Japanese music stages for the first time in five months through July 12th’s episode of ’Music Station.’

Fans are highly anticipating the performance of their new track, “Superstar.”

A representative of SM Entertainment stated, “TVXQ will be performing the title track of their upcoming Japanese single, which will be released on July 20th. They have been quite busy promoting domestically, so they haven’t made appearances on Japanese music shows for over five months now.”

Before they make their small screen return, TVXQ will perform at the Tokyo Dome for KBS 2TV’s ‘K-Pop Festival Music Bank‘ episode, to be recorded on July 13th.

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지지 초심일때~
When Jiji was a beginner

이것이 도촬이란겁니다.
This is candid.

이것은 투샷ㅎ
This is a two shot ㅎ

A picture I worried about a lot..ㅎ

Today's last, Jiji!

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Jaejoong change his DP to Junsu's Mozart ^^

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JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong was bitten by an insect during his recent visit to Vietnam and because he didn’t receive early treatment, it left a scar on his right arm.

Because of this incident, it was announced that Kim Jaejoong had to be treated for a bacterial infection.

Last June, Kim Jaejoong was invited to a charity event for a soccer match, ‘Asian Dream Cup‘, held in Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam. During this event, it was found that he was bit by an insect on his right arm. Jaejoong initially disregarded the bite and didn’t receive any treatment. Because of this oversight, the bite eventually spread to an infection. Jaejoong’s agency admitted, “He received the bite while waiting for the Vietnam performance. He was sweating a lot during the incident and the scar eventually got deeper because he kept vigorously scratching it“.

Jaejoong sought for help at a hospital when he returned to Korea. However, the infection was so severe that it spread extensively all over his right arm. An official stated, “When you have an inflammation, you have to stay away from alcohol but there was a dinner social gathering after the concert. It worsened the condition because we weren’t aware of how serious the infection was at the time“.

As of now, JaeJoong finished his treatment but a scar from the bite still remains. An associate of Jaejoong said, “There is a big scar in two places. And a small remnant of the infection still remains. The treatment for the scar isn’t finished and he will receive further treatment“.

Currently, Kim Jaejoong is participating in the filming for SBS’s new miniseries, “Defend the Boss” (Screenplay by Kwon Ki Young, directed by Son Jung Hyun) as he is playing one of the leading roles.

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Park Yoochun showed off his masculinity by taking his shirt off.

In the 13th episode of MBC’s ‘Miss Ripley’ that airs on the 11th, Park Yoochun plans to reveal his upper body through a shower scene.

Song Yoo Hyun, who has been showing a warm and affectionate side till now, finds out about Jang Miri’s lies and begins to hurt and worry about his love. Park Yoochun, who now stands at crossroads, will throw away his soft image for a wilder one in the shower scene.

Regardless of the added pressure of taking off one’s shirt in a drama, Park Yoochun lost himself in the scene. Able to bring out all his emotions, even in a small and confined shower stall, Park Yoochun received great praise from the staff who were watching him.

Some of the female staff members who were on location seemed to lose themselves in watching him so deeply that jesting complaints were made against them. They kept watching him even after the director said ‘OK’, resulting in some of the male staff telling them, “Stop watching him.” The whole happening ended with everyone there bursting into laughter according to a representative who was present.

The production company stated, “The scene depicts Park Yoochun’s efforts to escape from his jumbled thoughts after finding out about Lee Da Hae’s lies,” and “Park Yoochun is doing his best to completely change Song Yoo Hyun from a warm and friendly man to someone else. In the 13th and 14th episode, our viewers will be able to feel and see this change.“

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Recently, a post was made on an online community thread claiming that Kim Jaejoong was in Myeongdong, even stating that the one who made the post had pictures as proof. But the person in the photo wasn’t the real Kim Jaejoong, it was a prop-up panel of him.

Standing in front of a store of the cosmetic brand that JYJ endorses, the panel is seen wearing a yellow raincoat. According to the person who made the post, the panel of Kim Jaejoong was the only one that was getting hit by the rain because it wasn’t sheltered by a roof. Therefore, a person who worked at the store whipped out the raincoat and ended up giving many something to smile about.

Netizens who saw the photo said, “I was tricked by the title but this made me laugh”, “Though I was tricked, I’m okay with it. If I was there, I would have wiped the rain off the panel”, “The person who pulled out the raincoat is awesome. She understands the feelings of us fans”, and “This could result in yellow raincoats selling out. It’s awesome.”

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Tohoshinki will appear on Hey!Hey!Hey! Special with SNSD, EXILE, AKB48, Perfume, 2PM, KAT-TUN, and many more! Are you excited for this? This show will be broadcasted on July 18th~

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