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The leading roles of MBC’s ‘Miss Ripley’ have been caught fighting a fierce battle with the heat.

These actors, who are filming for the drama despite the temperature inching over 30℃and the continuous monsoon rain showers, are fighting the heat in their own ways. The burning summer heat is one of the worst troubles for actors and thick, black umbrellas are a must for actors filming scenes outside in order to escape the blazing sun.

Lee Da Hae uses a thick, black umbrella to block out the sun while turning on a portable fan to cool herself down. It has been revealed that the cute and small portable electric fan is the item Lee Da Hae uses the most to survive the blazing temperatures. Whenever she’s waiting for her turn or taking a break, she has her fan turned on, chasing away the summer heat.

Kim Seung Woo is also another user of small, portable fans. To fit his title as a CEO of a hotel, Kim Seung Woo usually wears long-sleeved formal suits, meaning that he can’t help but feel scorched in the burning heat. Staff say that he has his fan turned on whenever he takes a break and cools his body down by drinking cool beverages.

Park Yoochun, who is more susceptible to summer heat than most, is having a hard time filming outside because he sweats a lot. The lighting crew sometimes fan him with their large reflecting plates while the staff members who move around with him fan his face continuously with their own fans. Whenever a scene is over, Park Yoochun fans his face with his own hands in an attempt to cool down.

The production company stated, “Though they face blazing temperatures over 30℃, the actors are working hard to film all their scenes as they fight off the summer heat,” and “They’re using various items such as portable fans and cool beverages to improve the completion of the drama. Please continue to watch over these actors who are doing their best.”

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After having spent a long time as a superstar, Jaejoong has become a sex-symbol almost without noticing it.
Which is strange, since from the start, we knew why.

How do you know that a star leave its mark in everyone’s mind? It’s when this star isn’t as much mediatized but keeps being talked about. A mysterious look, a haircut that hides half of his mischievous face, and most of all an (almost) innocent smile: it’s logical that Kim Jaejoong is hard to forget.

The other side of fame’s coin

At a young age, Jaejoong knew what he wanted. Doing what was needed to reach his goal, he leaves his family to start a career in the show-business. But things don’t go as planned. Hired by his favorite group’s agency, he has to take part-time jobs to pay for dansing and singing classes. Eventhough, in december 2003, 2 years and a half after joining SM Entertainment, he becomes a member of TVXQ! Together, the five handsome boys of the group will renew the idea of “boys band” in Korea.

Fame being often accompanied by setbacks, once again he isn’t spared, like when his hurtful past is made known publicly by tabloids. When TVXQ’s popularity is at its top, Jaejoong as well as Yoochun and Junsu, two other members of the group, fill a lawsuit against their agency ***. When in october 2009 the korean Court makes a statement in favor of the three men, the group’s fate is written. Six months later, the break-up is official and the “TVXQ soul” written on his back will prevent him from forgetting this experience.


Being the victims of a boycott from media in Korea, the three men, renamed JYJ, travels the world with a big-scale tour that includes China, the United States or Canada.
The other news about Jaejoong are in front of cameras. Late 2009, Postman to Heaven is released. It is his first real part by Hyo-Joo Han’s side. More unusually, a few months later, the young man makes his debuts on japanese TV in Sunao ni Narenakute. His part as a doctor will make him win an award as the best second-lead from the daily newspaper Nikkan Sports. Late 2011, the artist should play the main-lead in Hanbando (T/N the article was probably written before the announce about Protect the Boss), a K-drama about this mysterious national intelligence’s boss in a unified Korea.

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On June 7th, 2011, JYJ member Junsu appeared at our store. We were so surprised to see him because he came without calling us ahead of time, like most celebrities do.!

Looking around at this and that, it seemed as though he couldn’t make his decision quickly because he liked all the bags on display.^^ In the end, he chose three, the Bono beige canvas, the Bono pumo grey canvas and Darin white canvas bags from our new collection.

He even kindly agreed to have his picture taken and we’d like to thank him so much. We hope to see many activities from JYJ in the future!

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Starts at 1:43

Fan: Dong Bang Shin Ki! Dong Bang Shin Ki is formed by 5 members. From left to right, Jung Yunho, here’s Shim Changmin, Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu.

MC: (referring to JJ’s poster) So handsome. Why do you love him?

Fan: He’s unique. Even when he’s so handsome, it’s not only his face. It’s his voice, dancing, acting. He isn’t just a pretty face that goes and dances. No, he has achieved all this with hard work.

MC: He inspires you, is he a role model?

Fan: Yes, He IS a role model, helping me to go out of different situations. The stuff he composes came from his heart. He’s great. Because one day, if you’re sad, you listen to his/their songs and it cheers you up.

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As you may be well aware, Tohoshinki has come back to us with Yunho and Changmin. They have shown a complete comeback with their single, ‘WHY (KYHD).’ But that power is still evident in their new single ‘Superstar.’ NO, still evident doesn’t fit it. Their presence has never been this strong. One and Only. Yes, like a Superstar that Rules the Entire Asia.

Achieving the highest status in Korea as an artist didn’t satisfy them enough, Tohoshinki has learned Japanese from scratch to come to the music scene of J-POP. Again, reached to the very top. Their presence and status are that of complete difference compared to all other Korean artists.

We wanted to ask these tough minds about their thoughts as entertainers. But usually, these interviews with artists have many restrictions in terms of hearing their actual thoughts. The interview room filled with staffs, an ordinal scene of any interviews. And in reality, right now, as the two walked into the shooting scene, there are many staffs surrounding them. I personally was preparing for a tense shooting scene. My expectations turned out to be wrong. In a good way.

In between the shootings, Yunho played with a dog that one of the Rolling Stone staffs brought to onsite. Changmin was talking comfortably with the staffs.

Yunho’s shooting finished first. He came to see me in the interview room, where I was waiting for the two to finish shooting. Started a conversation with a heartwarming smile on his face, “I love Rock. I love listening to hard rock, like Linkin Park.” So, with this frank conversation, an interview of a superstar, leading Asia, began.

YH: “Regardless of the Circumstances, I Put All I Have. That’s How the Emotions are Created”

CM: “I Tell Myself: ‘Don’t You Dare Get Scared.”

-You like dogs?

YH: I have a Siberian husky at home in Korea. But I don’t get to see him so often. I’ve been a little busy with the schedule. I miss him.

-Yes, today, after the shoot, you are going back to Korea, and returning here in 2 days? That’s crazy!

YH: To be honest… yes, a bit busy (laugh). But that is a fortunate (happy) thing. When schedule is this tight, the body might get tired. But the mind is happy.

-What is the secret in keeping a healthy state of mind, even under such a crazy schedule?

YH: It’s now my hobby to look for a leeway in between my tight schedules (laugh). I feel and store good energy coming to interviews and shootings like today. It fills me with happiness. More than that, I have become abled to feel soothed by simple things, like a day with good weather. But it didn’t come to me naturally. It is because I was given the opportunity to experience many things.

(Changmin finished his shooting and joins. Interview with both of them starts here.)

-So, how was the shooting?

CM: I think I was able to show a more natural side.

YH: I really appreciate how it showed a different side of us, like ‘Yes, Tohoshinki has this side in us too!’ And, I am very grateful for being able to stand within a picture, right under the Logo of the Rolling Stone.

-Thank you. Oh, I was very impressed with both of your Japanese. To be honest with you, I wasn’t expecting I could do this interview in Japanese.

YH: But, we really couldn’t speak at all in the beginning…. Especially the pronunciation. I still remember the time. Year 2004. When we first came to Japan, everywhere I went, I was always worrying. I practiced Japanese so hard, and when I went to the convenient store for the first time. I was able to say, ‘I would like to buy this!’ I was really happy! Like, ‘Yes!!! I did it!!’ I secretly pumped my fist (laugh).

-Now, when you sing in Japanese, do you understand fully the meanings of the lyrics?

YH: Yes, of course we understand the meanings. But, the funny thing is that as much I understand the meaning of words, I face new challenges. For example, ‘Aishiteru’ and ‘Saranghe yo,’ they do not mean the same thing. There is difference in the nuances. It is very difficult to understand that, differences of nuances in words coming from differences in cultures. Indeed, we were born and raised in Korea, but we also have lived in Japan for a period of time, which we have struggled and captured the nuances in words. Even if it is in Japanese, we put our heart in the lyrics as our own words.

-You guys are bilinguals, in language. But Tohoshinki is also ‘Bi-Music’ of K-POP and J-POP. What is the difference in the two?

CM: That’s a hard one (laugh). J-POP is very broad, both in genre and in terms of people who listen. J-POP always has different kinds of music, but music scene in Korea tends to focus on a particular music. That could be one of the differences.

-I see. You know, it is such an extraordinary achievement to reach to the very top in these two different music scenes. And I hear about your activities in western countries. Honestly, do you believe that the music of Asia, be accepted in the west?

YH: Yes. I mean, I truly think that it would all get down to my thought that there are no differences in the meaning that music hold. If there are, then that’s a ‘trends’ of music. Other than that, music is mutual. When I was preparing for the Michael Jackson’s memorial concert, I had an opportunity to share music from Asia with the staffs from the US. Music that was well received in Asia, that music was also well received. Music that was not, the reaction was not well. As the music industries are different, the hit chart shows different songs. But good music is universal. It was a wonderful experience that made me realize that.

-I agree with you on that music has no boundaries in country. At the same time, the fact that you are accepted this much, regardless of country: That is because you such a high quality as an artist, as an expressionist.

CM: Whether it’s singing or dancing, when performing, I believe that the most important thing is ‘Confidence.’ I would be lying if I said I don’t get nervous. But, I tell myself. ‘Don’t you dare get scared!’

YH: I also get nervous before going on stage. But I also enjoy it. In the past, there were times when I wasn’t feeling well, I thought about slacking off a little bit…. But the audience will know when you are not putting your 100%. So, regardless of the circumstances, I put all I have. That is how emotions are created. That would lead to better and higher performances.

-Now, what do you want to express?

YH: Rather than thinking, ‘I want to do …,’ I want to CONTROL my expression. Just singing and dancing a happy upbeat song happily won’t do. It is also important to control emotions. But, that is very difficult.

-Who is your goal or inspiration as an entertainer, expressionist?

YH: Michael Jackson

CM: Recently, I was listening to ‘Someone Like You,’ and became a fan of Adele. She wrote the lyrics to this song herself. Heart aching, touching lyrics. But her vocal, she controls the emotions of the lyrics with her vocal. It is so touching because you can still feel the exact emotion.

-I see that your vision is toward the world. Please do share your goals for the future.

YH: Tohoshinki will continue to challenge in broad genres. And, we want to put our heart into music that, even when time passes, still holds a place in people’s hearts. For that, we are dedicating ourselves right now, and will continue to put all of our efforts in the future.

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Changmin: Terry-san, Kato-san, everyone in the studio, and those who are watching "Sukkiri!!",
Yunho & Changmin: Good morning! We are Tohoshinki!
Yunho: The products which we have together collaborated will be on sale in the nationwide Seven-Eleven shops.
Changmin: Superstar, which is the CM song, will be released on July 20. Please check the song, too!

The very popular duo Tohoshinki will appear in the new CM, which is a tie-up with Seven-Eleven. This is the CM, which you can also hear their new song.

YH& CM: Seven & i.
The Seven-Eleven fair is TOHOSHINKI! You have the chance to get the popular goodies and original goodies (by every 700 yen worth of purchase). There are chances for you to apply for them, and there are also tie-up products.
YH & CM: Tohoshinki & Seven-Eleven Fair.
Now on sale!

They are so popular!
Yes, they are very popular.
The CM song, Superstar, the CD will be released on the 20th of this month. The CD should be selling like hot cakes! Please look forward to them!

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OMG!! They look so awesome on Rolling Stone! Have you got your copy?
You can order Rolling Stone August Issue on HMV Japan.

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A cosplay photo session began outside the studio!
When TVXQ noticed that, they………!

The cover of this week’s an an was graced by TVXQ! This was their first appearance on this magazine. Yunho dressed in a gray shirt and Changmin in gray parka smartly. They had an affectionate look in a relaxed atmosphere.

This is a story before the shoot began. When we were waiting for them to change for the shoot, it got noisy outside the building. We looked down from the window and found out that “cosplay geek” girls are having a photo session on the street! The staff members were so excited and gathered at the window, completely ignoring the work, because the girls were wearing unusually designed colorful miniskirts…. At that moment, the two boys came in the studio greeting “I beg your kindness”. When they went in front of the cameras, a staff member said to them “Girls are doing a cosplay photo session out there!”

Yunho and Changmin glanced out the window and murmured “……oh” with a little bit delighted look. I thought inwardly “Not you, too. You are the most clean-cut and likable boys in Asia……..”. But they were different from the staff members. They put an earnest look on their face in a moment and stood in front of the cameras (while all the staff members were still at the window ignoring their work). They are so professional. They are not distracted at all even in such a disorganized atmosphere! During the photo shoot, they were awesome and amazing and made us completely forget the cosplayers.

Please check their photos in an an. They will make your body and soul melt.

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What is the favorite game of Kim Junsu (JYJ), a well-known Soccer Fanatic and Game Mania?

Through ‘Today Korea Interview’, Seo Kyungjong, who recently retired from his career as a pro-gamer to become a game commentator, revealed the Korean Wave star Kim Junsu’s favorite games and his skills at them.

Seo Kyungjong and Kim Junsu are close friends due to Starcraft. They are such friends that Kim Junsu himself visited the set of Seo Kyungjong’s final game at the LOOX Hero Center on the 20th with 10 other players from the entertainers soccer team FC MEN to cheer for him.

Seo Kyungjong said: “Junsu usually likes to play Starcraft and Sudden Attack. As for Starcraft, his skills have improved dramatically lately He has now become equipped with such skills that even if he were to do a team play with a pro gamer he would stand his ground to a certain extent.”

He continued: “As for Sudden Attack, it is to the degree that I would learn from Junsu. He is so good to the degree that he would jokingly chastise me, saying ‘how can a pro-gamer be so bad.’”

Then what is the strength of Kim Junsu as a game player? Seo decisively picked “passion.” Seo Kyungjong said: “Junsu’s passion is amazing even from my eyes. At certain times it is above that of a pro-gamer. I think that perhaps because he has that passion as basis he has been able to stand as the top in that competitive entertainment industry and is recognized also in the field of musicals to which he has ventured forth. He is a good model for myself, who is starting anew as a game commentator.”

Seo Kyungjong laughed, saying: “I had a couple games with Junsu last summer on a random opportunity. After that we became quite close. We saw movies together, ate cup noodle on Han River, and shared stories of depth, and we became close. I think that our personalities match.”

Seo Kyungjong said: “In particular I thought that Junsu would be cocky since he is a big star. But actually it is comfortable because he treats others without pretense and with familiarity. Even now when I meet Junsu he treats me with such closeness that I feel- is this really the Xiah Junsu who is so charismatic on stage.”

Continuing, he revealed: “I am thankful and I feel encouraged because he has given me advice and shared stories about broadcasts when I retired as a pro-gamer and came to venture out as a commentator. A few days ago even he encouraged me saying that I should prepare hard so that I can stand in front of my fans as a great commentator and was a great source of strength.”

Seo Kyungjong said that “I am happy because there are many people around me who like Junsu are helping me.” He is heightening his value by establishing slowly himself as a game commentator and TV personality who gives people comfort.

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Miss Ripley Drama Shooting Location Tour
From July 8th to July 10th

Highlights of the tour will include
- Special access to Park Yoochun’s set
- Special access to scenes of Park Yoochun
- Fan meeting with Park Yoochun
- Making of video footage and unreleased screening
- The inside story of the shooting in Park Yoochun’s drama (episodes)
- Commemorative photograph with the group and Park Yoochun (one photograph each as a present)
- 2 songs of the soundtrack to be performed
- 3 posters gifted to all participants
- Soundtrack of the drama to be gifted to all participants with Park Yoochun’s autograph
- Chosen by lottery, one autographed original script of Park Yoochun’s to be gifted to participant.

For Japanese fans

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MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Miss Ripley” which is currently in the midst of airing, is now released as a novel.

“Miss Ripley” is a story about a woman who accidentally tells a lie, which leads to one lie after another and ends up caught in a web of lies, a classic melodrama. With societal issues as its material, coupled with the strong elite cast of Lee Da Hae, Kim Seung Woo, Park Yoochun and Kang Hye Jung, it has been a hot tppic from its planning stage.

Joint writer Kim Sun Young was responsible for the screenplay for “Miss Ripley,” and previously won best screenplay for a drama in 1994. Also, through “The Season Of Puberty”、”Love & Farewell,” “Sleeping With the Enemy,” “Mr. Duke,” “Pretty Lady,” “Jang Hee-Bin” and other works, she has managed to gain much love from viewers.

The other writer Sohn Hyun Kyung studied arts and culture during his university days and is very good at expressing a characters’ psyche and conditions. Among his works, he has released drama novels for “Lovers In Prague” (2 books), ” My Princess,” “Secret Garden”(Overseas Translated Version) and others.

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Deep Thought of the Day from Mr. Kim
(Jaejoong, 7:53pm KST) The world is like a coin^^

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Park Yoochun expresses, “I don't think I will be able to accept it if my lover has a lying attitude.”

Park Yoochun plays the plays the role of a second generation conglomerate heir, Song Yoo Hyeon. in MBC’s drama series “Miss Ripley”. He mentioned that if the same scenario in the drama happens in reality, he would not be able to accept such a lover.

On the 7th, the official website of “Miss Ripley”launched the interview video with Park Yoochun. In the interview, he revealed more on the character he was playing as, as well as his thoughts towards acting and the problems he faced during acting.

He said, “When acting as Song Yoo Hyeon, I didn't place much focus on his identity as a CEO, but I acted this character out with thoughts on his past and future.”

Park Yoochun also sang a track in the drama’s OST, named “A space left for you”. He mentioned, “I heard it’s on the music boards now, but I haven’t confirmed this personally. When I received this song, I was having the JYJ World Tour Concert in America. When I returned to Korea, I made use of time I had outside filming to do a second edit to the song recording, but there are still some parts which I wasn’t really satisfied with.”

He emphasized, giving a shy look,“I felt really shy when I saw myself on TV, and it felt weird when the background music that was playing was the song I sang.”

Park Yoochun’s recent haircut brought out his charismatic features, with that he expressed, “I was supposed to have a haircut during the 2nd or 3rd episode, but because of the world tour, I wasn’t able to do so until now. In the later part of the drama, I’ll be having scenes that will reveal a lot of my emotions, so I heeded the director’s, script writer’s advice and cut it. ”

In the recent episode of “Miss Ripley”, Song Yoo-Hyeon finally knows Jang Mi Ri had been scheming to know him for a ulterior motive, increasing the tension of the drama. Park Yoochun said, “Currently, Yoo Hyeon will be much affected by that, but even then, he will not just stop loving her, but will first try to clarify all his doubts.”

He also mentioned, “Although in his mind, he would really want to understand and accept her past, but it’s really not easy for him to forget them. If he accepts her past, then he would have to consider about bearing the pain every day. If it were me, I wouldn’t accept it. I think it’s rather difficult.”

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Photo Credit: SBS via Daum

Filming for JYJ‘s Jaejoong‘s upcoming drama, Protect The Boss (formally The Last Secretary), is officially underway.

So far, SBS has revealed photos of the cast’s first script reading, the drama teaser shoot, and stills from the first episode.

Netizens were particularly intrigued by still shots of Choi Kang Hee at various interviews. According to drama reps, in the first episode Choi Kang Hee’s character, Noh Eun Seol, interviews at a whopping ten places before she is hired by Cha Muwon, played by Jaejoong.

The photos show a serious Jaejoong sitting on the interview panel and Choi Kang Hee being a 4-D interviewee. (Who shows off their martial arts skills at an interview for a huge firm?!) After being asked “What are you good at?” she sings and dances to “Twinkle Twinkle” by Girls’ Day.

I suppose it wouldn’t be a romantic comedy without some really awkward first impressions, now would it?

Protect The Boss is about Noh Eun Seol, who gets a job as a secretary and gets caught in a love triangle between her boss, the immature heir to the company, Cha Jiheon (played by heartthrob actor Ji Sung) and his oh-so-perfect cousin/rival Cha Muwon.

Protect The Boss will begin airing on August 3, after the conclusion of City Hunter.

Check out more stills and promo photos below:
Cast’s first script reading, June 29 Photo Credit: SBS

Photo Credit: SBS

Credit: MTVK
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The following pictures were taken in a 7-11 store in the suburbs of Tokyo, approx 5 minutes’ walk from my house xD

Toho Corner

Korean BBQ beef & Kimuchi Namuru rice balls. Very tasty & delicious!

For the magazine anan, I could see some copies left, still waiting for the fans.

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You can order K-ING Magazine on HMV Japan.

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Happy distance that exists only between the two boys
After they came back with “Why (Keep your head down)”, they have had so busy schedule that even fans worry about their health.

In between the busy schedule, they appeared in the studio with a somehow soft and relaxed look, illuminated by the sunlight of early summer.

Tell us your honest feeling about half a year after the comeback.
Yunho (hereinafter YH): I’m happy!

Changmin (hereinafter CM): …We are busy, but I don’t want to take a rest. To be honest, I had a relaxed time before the comeback and now I’m really glad to have a lot of works.

YH: I’m so happy to be running flat out again after a long interval and feel happier when I see the love of fans who have been waiting for us.

CM: But Yunho is excessively tired, and sometimes he twitches and jerks while sleeping as if he is dancing popping.

YH: Hahaha. Changmin often speaks Japanese while sleeping. Recently he has become “human”. I mean he used to hold back his feelings saying “I’m fine”, but has changed.

CM: Yes, I’ve become honest to my feelings and now can express my true feelings, so I might look a bit nasty (laugh). I’ve learnt to let myself rely on others and then I feel relieved now.

YH: I think I’ve become a little bit tidier because Changmin is well-organized and sometimes tidier than girls (laugh). But I cannot be a well-organized person.

CM: Yunho is supposed to become tidier than now (laugh).

You will release a new song “Superstar” on July 20.
YH: “Why? (Keep Your Head Down” was a powerful song. The new song is stylish and easy to get into.

CM: Yes, it is a cool dance music rather than vigorous.

After the CD release, you will participate in a-nation after a 2-year absence.

YH: a-nation is the stage where fans got to know TVXQ, so I’m glad to make a special memory together with them again. To be honest, I wanted to make Kakigori (shaved ice flavored with colorful syrups) at a stall…….but unfortunately we don’t have time. But some day I will make a Yunho original Kakigori combining Japanese Kakigori and Korean Patbingsu!

TVXQ’s 10th year anniversary is in two and half a year!
CM: Ah, I can’t believe so much time has passed. Time flies.

YH: I don’t feel time has passed quickly. But it would be nice to have our 10th year anniversary. I think we’ve acquired new colors and have more options than ever without knowing.

CM: And we hope to overcome our shortcomings one by one so that we can show fans better TVXQ at our 10th year anniversary.

YH: I hope to have a hall tour. It’s just my personal hope though… I’d like to have lives at a lot of not-so-large venues, because that is where TVXQ started. TVXQ should make a new start at the same place.

Lastly, picture each other in 10 years.

YH: Probably Changmin will have married. He will be a big star outside the house, but a strict teacher-like dad at home.

CM: Yeah, I think I will be a strict dad. The curfew is ten o’clock, even for a boy (laugh). To be honest, I can’t anticipate whether Yunho will have married or not. He is quite unpredictable. But I’m sure He will be running flat out, even harder than now.

He is armed with dynamic dance performance and a beautiful body proportion of 9 heads high, which always makes people’s heart skip a beat, but still……he is so hardworking and so honest to the point of being clumsy. He is an eternal leader.

Q: What do you do when you feel like you are losing heart?
I listen to K-pop songs from the 90’s a lot to get back to my starting point when I was hoping “to be an artist like them” with my purest heart. The songs re-ignite my passion. Also I visit my old schools.

Q: What is you ideal holiday?
I want to laugh the whole day through in an air-conditioned room, eating a watermelon and watching comedy movies.

Q: Which book or manga impressed you recently?
“One Piece” Everyone has ups and downs. Every cloud has a silver lining. It makes me cry. Oh, I don’t cry in front of other people because I promised with my grandfather. But I cry sometimes when I’m alone.

Q: Do you have any habits or things you say all the time?
I’m not aware of it myself, but people say I always say “I should work harder”. They say “You are working hard enough”. But soon after that I say “I should work harder” (laugh). I get injured, I become physical wrecks, but I can’t let myself cut corners.

Q: How do you act when you are with the person you love?
I think I keep my poker face. It’s hard for me to show my true feelings to my love.

He is the mightiest boy who has refined powerful voice and is getting manlier and manlier. But he shows shy smile once in a while, and it makes people’s heart ache.

Q: What do you do when you feel like you are losing heart?
I don’t listen to any music. I climb mountains, go to the sea, or drive to a broad area to relax myself. Recently I pray often.

Q: what are you addicted to recently?
Health products such as supplements or proteins. Do you know why? I’ll be honest with you. I want to live long. No kidding.

Q: What do you want girls to cook for you?
I heard fewer people can cook well recently and quite a lot of people cannot cook rice…..So if they cook something eatable, I would be happy.

Q: When do you write songs?
I write in my diary sometimes, not every day though. I read it to write a lyric poem. I have a desire to write songs but I think my Japanese is not yet good enough to write Japanese lyrics.

Q: How do you act when you are with the person you love?
I feel……… I can tell my true feelings now. I used to be too shy to talk to my crush. One day she started going out with another guy before I talked to her. So I think I should have the courage to tell my crush I love her.

Even when the staff members were admiring his beautiful profile, he went his own way.
It is one of his attractions.

I want to leave them sleep. No, I want to keep watching them sleep.

They chose the same steak lunch although they had lunch time at different timings.

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Hello everyone, I’m TVXQ’s Uknow Yunho.

Every citizen’s dream of having Pyeongchang as the host city for the 2018 Olympic Winter Games has come true. As a citizen of South Korea, I feel very excited. Because of the sweat and passion of those who worked hard in order for Pyeongchang to become the host city, as well as the support and aid from the citizens, this dream can be achieved.

Through the hosting of this Olympic Winter Games, I hope that there will be an increase in the world position of South Korea. Also, I hope that all athletes who took part in winter games that have not received much attention previously can receive more attention and support. Our athletes must put in their best and show the strength of South Korea in the Olympic Winter Games in 2018.

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JYJ member Park Yoochun’s high nose bridge has become a hot topic.

Recently, a fan-taken photograph of Park Yoochun who was in the midst of filming MBC’s “Miss Ripley.” has been uploaded onto discussion boards. In the image, Park Yoochun is at an accessories shop, looking attentively at the accessories.

Park Yoochun, who had cut his hair for the change in his character Song Yoo Hyun, looked quick and alert. Also, he lowers his head slightly in a manner that accentuates his nose, showing his sharp nose bridge that could almost cut through paper, creating a passionate buzz among the netizens.

Netizens who saw this photograph said, “how can his nose bridge be so high?” “with a nose bridge so sharp it could cut through paper, a true pretty boy,” “Park Yoochun’s charm explodes in a suit,” “I want a present from Park Yoochun too” and other comments.

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Duo TVXQ has clinched the spot as the best album sellers for the first half of 2011.

According to a list of the best selling albums compiled by some of the major music charts -- Melon, Mnet, and Dosirak -- on July 7th, TVXQ's 5th album "Keep Your Head Down" sold 230,922 copies from January 1st to June 30th. This makes them the highest selling act in k-pop for the earlier half of 2011.

The title track off of the album, "Why", was the first song released by the group in two years. So imagine the high expectation and anticipation for this album. In fact, the follow-up repackage album featuring the songs "Before You Leave" and "Why (repackage)" sold another 55,234 copies putting it in 9th place on the list of best sellers. Tallying up the two, TVXQ sold just shy of 300,000 copies.

Big Bang also had a great year selling 133,951 copies of their highly anticipated fourth mini-album, putting them at 2nd place on the overall list. Their follow-up special edition album featuring "Love Song" and "Stupid Liar" was at 6th place having sold 83,726 copies.

Another popular group that's been establishing their place among the greats of idol groups -- such as TVXQ and Big Bang -- sold 111,201 copies of their first full-length album released last May, "Fiction And Fact", putting them at third place.

Following behind, there was the ever-so-popular Kim Hyun-joong with his first solo album, which saw 100,433 copies be sold at fourth place. CNBLUE was at fifth place with 93,059 copies of their first full-length album "First Step". Another male group, 2PM was at seventh place having sold 67,819 copies of "Hands Up". Finally having some estrogen in the mix, popular girl group f(x) sold 58,419 copies of their first full-length album, placing them at 8th place. Rounding out the top ten, the OST special album for the drama "Secret Garden" was at 10th, having sold 47,373 copies.

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8 versions of Tohoshinki’s “Superstar” ringtones which were released yesterday, topped Rank 1 – 8 on the mu-mo chart today, the ranking is counted according to number of downloads.

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Idol groups SNSD and TVXQ will be starring in new commercials for Japan’s ‘7-11‘!

The SNSD ladies appeared on morning TV show “Sukkiri!!“, where they talked about their upcoming CF.

“Sukkiri!! viewers, and everyone in the studio – good morning! We’re Shoujo Jidai,” said the girls during their short video interview. Member Sunny then goes on to say, “After tomorrow we’ll be appearing in a television commercial for 7-Eleven Fair, so please watch it!”

The CF features the girls in lovely white outfits, along with the Japanese version of their song “Hoot“. TVXQ also appears in their own commercial, looking cool as their upcoming song “Superstar” plays in the background.

Both commercials are part of a special campaign by 7-Eleven, where customers can earn points or big prizes, such as a Nintendo 3DS, TVs, and more.

Check out the video below!

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JYJ’s Kim Jaejoog and Kim Junsu have become neighbors of a luxury residential complex.

Kim Junsu moved in last month into the “B” Residential Complex of Seoul’s Samsungdong. Kim Jaejoong also is planned to move in next month into a penthouse of the same residential complex. A construction of the interior is underway in anticipation of Jaejoong’s move-in. In this residential complex, already Lee Hyori, Lee Seungki, Kim Yongman and such stars are living and so it has come to become a “Star Town.”

The penthouse into which Kim Jaejoong will move in is 297.5 square meters and will come with a terrace. It is a high-end luxury residence that has a sales price reaching 3 billion KRW (T/N: approximately 3 million USD). An affiliate relayed: “With the proceeds from working as a part of JYJ, he has prepared (T/N: come to live in) the house. Kim Junsu moved into the house first and it seems that from that Jaejoong has come to be interested. Kim Junsu and Jaejoong already spend almost every day together but it seems that after Jaejoong moves in they will be even more together. This is the first time that Jaejoong has come to have a house in his own name and so he is putting special attention to its interior also.”

The other member Park Yoochun is living in a luxury villa in Seoul’s Hannamdong.

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