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The following pictures were taken in a 7-11 store in the suburbs of Tokyo, approx 5 minutes’ walk from my house xD

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Korean BBQ beef & Kimuchi Namuru rice balls. Very tasty & delicious!

For the magazine anan, I could see some copies left, still waiting for the fans.

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You can order K-ING Magazine on HMV Japan.

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Happy distance that exists only between the two boys
After they came back with “Why (Keep your head down)”, they have had so busy schedule that even fans worry about their health.

In between the busy schedule, they appeared in the studio with a somehow soft and relaxed look, illuminated by the sunlight of early summer.

Tell us your honest feeling about half a year after the comeback.
Yunho (hereinafter YH): I’m happy!

Changmin (hereinafter CM): …We are busy, but I don’t want to take a rest. To be honest, I had a relaxed time before the comeback and now I’m really glad to have a lot of works.

YH: I’m so happy to be running flat out again after a long interval and feel happier when I see the love of fans who have been waiting for us.

CM: But Yunho is excessively tired, and sometimes he twitches and jerks while sleeping as if he is dancing popping.

YH: Hahaha. Changmin often speaks Japanese while sleeping. Recently he has become “human”. I mean he used to hold back his feelings saying “I’m fine”, but has changed.

CM: Yes, I’ve become honest to my feelings and now can express my true feelings, so I might look a bit nasty (laugh). I’ve learnt to let myself rely on others and then I feel relieved now.

YH: I think I’ve become a little bit tidier because Changmin is well-organized and sometimes tidier than girls (laugh). But I cannot be a well-organized person.

CM: Yunho is supposed to become tidier than now (laugh).

You will release a new song “Superstar” on July 20.
YH: “Why? (Keep Your Head Down” was a powerful song. The new song is stylish and easy to get into.

CM: Yes, it is a cool dance music rather than vigorous.

After the CD release, you will participate in a-nation after a 2-year absence.

YH: a-nation is the stage where fans got to know TVXQ, so I’m glad to make a special memory together with them again. To be honest, I wanted to make Kakigori (shaved ice flavored with colorful syrups) at a stall…….but unfortunately we don’t have time. But some day I will make a Yunho original Kakigori combining Japanese Kakigori and Korean Patbingsu!

TVXQ’s 10th year anniversary is in two and half a year!
CM: Ah, I can’t believe so much time has passed. Time flies.

YH: I don’t feel time has passed quickly. But it would be nice to have our 10th year anniversary. I think we’ve acquired new colors and have more options than ever without knowing.

CM: And we hope to overcome our shortcomings one by one so that we can show fans better TVXQ at our 10th year anniversary.

YH: I hope to have a hall tour. It’s just my personal hope though… I’d like to have lives at a lot of not-so-large venues, because that is where TVXQ started. TVXQ should make a new start at the same place.

Lastly, picture each other in 10 years.

YH: Probably Changmin will have married. He will be a big star outside the house, but a strict teacher-like dad at home.

CM: Yeah, I think I will be a strict dad. The curfew is ten o’clock, even for a boy (laugh). To be honest, I can’t anticipate whether Yunho will have married or not. He is quite unpredictable. But I’m sure He will be running flat out, even harder than now.

He is armed with dynamic dance performance and a beautiful body proportion of 9 heads high, which always makes people’s heart skip a beat, but still……he is so hardworking and so honest to the point of being clumsy. He is an eternal leader.

Q: What do you do when you feel like you are losing heart?
I listen to K-pop songs from the 90’s a lot to get back to my starting point when I was hoping “to be an artist like them” with my purest heart. The songs re-ignite my passion. Also I visit my old schools.

Q: What is you ideal holiday?
I want to laugh the whole day through in an air-conditioned room, eating a watermelon and watching comedy movies.

Q: Which book or manga impressed you recently?
“One Piece” Everyone has ups and downs. Every cloud has a silver lining. It makes me cry. Oh, I don’t cry in front of other people because I promised with my grandfather. But I cry sometimes when I’m alone.

Q: Do you have any habits or things you say all the time?
I’m not aware of it myself, but people say I always say “I should work harder”. They say “You are working hard enough”. But soon after that I say “I should work harder” (laugh). I get injured, I become physical wrecks, but I can’t let myself cut corners.

Q: How do you act when you are with the person you love?
I think I keep my poker face. It’s hard for me to show my true feelings to my love.

He is the mightiest boy who has refined powerful voice and is getting manlier and manlier. But he shows shy smile once in a while, and it makes people’s heart ache.

Q: What do you do when you feel like you are losing heart?
I don’t listen to any music. I climb mountains, go to the sea, or drive to a broad area to relax myself. Recently I pray often.

Q: what are you addicted to recently?
Health products such as supplements or proteins. Do you know why? I’ll be honest with you. I want to live long. No kidding.

Q: What do you want girls to cook for you?
I heard fewer people can cook well recently and quite a lot of people cannot cook rice…..So if they cook something eatable, I would be happy.

Q: When do you write songs?
I write in my diary sometimes, not every day though. I read it to write a lyric poem. I have a desire to write songs but I think my Japanese is not yet good enough to write Japanese lyrics.

Q: How do you act when you are with the person you love?
I feel……… I can tell my true feelings now. I used to be too shy to talk to my crush. One day she started going out with another guy before I talked to her. So I think I should have the courage to tell my crush I love her.

Even when the staff members were admiring his beautiful profile, he went his own way.
It is one of his attractions.

I want to leave them sleep. No, I want to keep watching them sleep.

They chose the same steak lunch although they had lunch time at different timings.

Source: AnAn No.1765 Magazine
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Hello everyone, I’m TVXQ’s Uknow Yunho.

Every citizen’s dream of having Pyeongchang as the host city for the 2018 Olympic Winter Games has come true. As a citizen of South Korea, I feel very excited. Because of the sweat and passion of those who worked hard in order for Pyeongchang to become the host city, as well as the support and aid from the citizens, this dream can be achieved.

Through the hosting of this Olympic Winter Games, I hope that there will be an increase in the world position of South Korea. Also, I hope that all athletes who took part in winter games that have not received much attention previously can receive more attention and support. Our athletes must put in their best and show the strength of South Korea in the Olympic Winter Games in 2018.

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JYJ member Park Yoochun’s high nose bridge has become a hot topic.

Recently, a fan-taken photograph of Park Yoochun who was in the midst of filming MBC’s “Miss Ripley.” has been uploaded onto discussion boards. In the image, Park Yoochun is at an accessories shop, looking attentively at the accessories.

Park Yoochun, who had cut his hair for the change in his character Song Yoo Hyun, looked quick and alert. Also, he lowers his head slightly in a manner that accentuates his nose, showing his sharp nose bridge that could almost cut through paper, creating a passionate buzz among the netizens.

Netizens who saw this photograph said, “how can his nose bridge be so high?” “with a nose bridge so sharp it could cut through paper, a true pretty boy,” “Park Yoochun’s charm explodes in a suit,” “I want a present from Park Yoochun too” and other comments.

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Duo TVXQ has clinched the spot as the best album sellers for the first half of 2011.

According to a list of the best selling albums compiled by some of the major music charts -- Melon, Mnet, and Dosirak -- on July 7th, TVXQ's 5th album "Keep Your Head Down" sold 230,922 copies from January 1st to June 30th. This makes them the highest selling act in k-pop for the earlier half of 2011.

The title track off of the album, "Why", was the first song released by the group in two years. So imagine the high expectation and anticipation for this album. In fact, the follow-up repackage album featuring the songs "Before You Leave" and "Why (repackage)" sold another 55,234 copies putting it in 9th place on the list of best sellers. Tallying up the two, TVXQ sold just shy of 300,000 copies.

Big Bang also had a great year selling 133,951 copies of their highly anticipated fourth mini-album, putting them at 2nd place on the overall list. Their follow-up special edition album featuring "Love Song" and "Stupid Liar" was at 6th place having sold 83,726 copies.

Another popular group that's been establishing their place among the greats of idol groups -- such as TVXQ and Big Bang -- sold 111,201 copies of their first full-length album released last May, "Fiction And Fact", putting them at third place.

Following behind, there was the ever-so-popular Kim Hyun-joong with his first solo album, which saw 100,433 copies be sold at fourth place. CNBLUE was at fifth place with 93,059 copies of their first full-length album "First Step". Another male group, 2PM was at seventh place having sold 67,819 copies of "Hands Up". Finally having some estrogen in the mix, popular girl group f(x) sold 58,419 copies of their first full-length album, placing them at 8th place. Rounding out the top ten, the OST special album for the drama "Secret Garden" was at 10th, having sold 47,373 copies.

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8 versions of Tohoshinki’s “Superstar” ringtones which were released yesterday, topped Rank 1 – 8 on the mu-mo chart today, the ranking is counted according to number of downloads.

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Idol groups SNSD and TVXQ will be starring in new commercials for Japan’s ‘7-11‘!

The SNSD ladies appeared on morning TV show “Sukkiri!!“, where they talked about their upcoming CF.

“Sukkiri!! viewers, and everyone in the studio – good morning! We’re Shoujo Jidai,” said the girls during their short video interview. Member Sunny then goes on to say, “After tomorrow we’ll be appearing in a television commercial for 7-Eleven Fair, so please watch it!”

The CF features the girls in lovely white outfits, along with the Japanese version of their song “Hoot“. TVXQ also appears in their own commercial, looking cool as their upcoming song “Superstar” plays in the background.

Both commercials are part of a special campaign by 7-Eleven, where customers can earn points or big prizes, such as a Nintendo 3DS, TVs, and more.

Check out the video below!

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JYJ’s Kim Jaejoog and Kim Junsu have become neighbors of a luxury residential complex.

Kim Junsu moved in last month into the “B” Residential Complex of Seoul’s Samsungdong. Kim Jaejoong also is planned to move in next month into a penthouse of the same residential complex. A construction of the interior is underway in anticipation of Jaejoong’s move-in. In this residential complex, already Lee Hyori, Lee Seungki, Kim Yongman and such stars are living and so it has come to become a “Star Town.”

The penthouse into which Kim Jaejoong will move in is 297.5 square meters and will come with a terrace. It is a high-end luxury residence that has a sales price reaching 3 billion KRW (T/N: approximately 3 million USD). An affiliate relayed: “With the proceeds from working as a part of JYJ, he has prepared (T/N: come to live in) the house. Kim Junsu moved into the house first and it seems that from that Jaejoong has come to be interested. Kim Junsu and Jaejoong already spend almost every day together but it seems that after Jaejoong moves in they will be even more together. This is the first time that Jaejoong has come to have a house in his own name and so he is putting special attention to its interior also.”

The other member Park Yoochun is living in a luxury villa in Seoul’s Hannamdong.

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The representative group of Korea JYJ and their global appointments as honorary ambassadors are newly being paid attention to by the netizens.

JYJ is contributing to society by being appointed as honorary ambassadors for a variety of events and organizations, such as FLL Korea 2011, International Abroad Korean Trade Association, Jeju-World 7 Wonders, KEPCO, G20 Friends, and such. As if proving JYJ’s status, these appointments are of scale that are above the usual.

Then what is the reason behind JYJ being appointed frequently as honorary ambassadors to these prominent major events?

First is the global image of JYJ itself. JYJ has established the image as a global star with the success of their first world wide album, The Beginning. If JYJ with such success comes to be honorary ambassadors, then the organization or event can benefit from the effect of enhancing naturally their brand powers.

Also underlying is the calculation that there can be built a relationship of a strategic partner with the Korean Wave group that represents Korea to unfold the global strategy (of the entity). That is because among the entertainers of Korea there are not many that have both the high name recognition and power like JYJ.

Another reason is the dynamic and solid team work of JYJ. In fact, last January at the time of JYJ’s appointment as honorary ambassadors for FLL Korea, the host explained the background behind the appointment: “We decided that the passion and the team work that JYJ has is akin to the spirit of the competition.” It is that JYJ’s young and future-looking image highlights the promotional impact.

Also, the good deeds by JYJ who have actively engaged in societal works such as donation and volunteering regularly cannot be ignored. As well known, members of JYJ are shining a bright light of positivity on our society’s dark and isolated places with their fans—through donating operation costs for child cancer patients, sponsoring operation costs for child heart disease patients, building houses of love, and such.

It seems that the love calls for JYJ to become honorary ambassadors will not end for a while because there are still many organizations, institutions and events that wish that JYJ who is leading the global Korean Wave will become their honorary ambassadors. It is of attention as to who will become the lucky entity after KEPCO.

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2011.7.7 05:03

The official goodies for the Korean popular groups Tohoshinki and SNSD are scheduled to be on sale from Jul 7 in the nationwide Seven-Eleven stores. There are 50 items including rice balls and breads in Korean style, and it is the first time that the two groups are selling authorized goodies excluding their official ones.

Tohoshinki appears in anan's front cover (released on Jul 6), and their interview appears in the opening special pages, with a 10 pages' interview, in the issue’s special article "We cannot help loving them. All-star cast of Korean Stars!!!" The magazine’s March 23 issue has had Jang Keunsuk (23 years old) on its front pages, and sold 280 thousand copies. According to the editorial section, the current issue is running out of stock at a faster pace in many book stores. The editorial section is crying of joy “It is creating a sensation even before the release, and the number of orders has increased. There is even a possibility of reprinting the issue.”

(from the newspaper article)

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Miss Ripley’s representative expressed on the 6th: “Originally, the drama was supposed to have 4 extra episodes added due to overwhelming popularity, but because the female main lead Lee Dae Hae has schedules in China and the male main lead Park Yoochun’s physical health is not at it’s best since his JYJ World Tour activities coincided with the filming of the drama, Miss Ripley will only go up to 16 episodes.”

The production team also expressed, “Our Yoochunnie has worked hard. Rest well!”
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BoA and TVXQ will be participating in one of the Japan’s largest music festival, A-Nation, which is taking place from the 30th of July to the 28th of August. BoA will be participating in the performances in Osaka and Tokyo which is taking place on the 21st and 28th of August respectively.

A-Nation will be celebrating its 10th year anniversary this year. The idols that are participating in this event include AKB48, TRF, AAA and Every Little Thing. Idols from Korea that are participating include BoA, TVXQ and Iconiq.

BoA and TVXQ have participated in A-Nation in 2009. After two years, they are participating in A-Nation once again. TVXQ have participated in A-Nation twice as a 5 people group, but as duo, it is the first time that TVXQ is participating.

{omitted paragraphs}

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Meeting the eyes will lead to knock out! Who has the most Extraordinary eyes power?
Number 2: Jejung (JYJ)
"With only his eyes, he is able (to do something that is too small to read ;.;)" (28 year old fan)
"Glittery glittery like a little kitten's eyes" (29 year old fan)

Who has the most beautiful lips that you want to kiss?
Number 2: Yuchun (JYJ)
"To describe them, they look delicious ♥" (25 year old fan)
"If I kissed his lips, probably they will feel as soft as a girls" (22 year old fan)

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[Commercial tie-up with “TVXQ” led to an increased number of applications for Millennium/Club On card!]

A new commercial film of Millennium/Club On card was aired from May 13 to May 31. This commercial film was intended to introduce the renewed card face through the tie-up with TVXQ, who has enormous popularity in Japan and South Korea.

Today we bring you an interview with Mr ●● (Sales Promotion Dept. Manager of Seven CS Card Service) and a story of the Card Application Counter in Seibu Ikebukuro store, which is enjoying an increased number of applications for the new card.

[Background of commercial tie-up with TVXQ]

They decided to use a refurbished version of “Shopping Bear”, specifically a “Silver Bear”, in the commercial film for the new card. “Shopping Bear” is a symbolic icon of Sogo/Seibu sales promotion and silver is the key color of the new card.

Seven & i group started to consider using a Korean star for their 2011 sales promotion, and Commercial tie-up with “TVXQ” was decided rapidly since they are popular among target customers.

[The concept was “Birth of the new card”]

The timing when “TVXQ” restarted their Japanese activities with 2 members was perfect and the tie-up became a hot topic because it was the first commercial of the “new” TVXQ.

On the other hand, there were also some concerns. The public may pay attention only to TVXQ’s talent and forget that it is a commercial film of a new card, or the image of the commercial film does not match the image of “TVXQ”.

After a lot of discussions, we asked them to dance with the “silver bear” in a silver costume. They work on the shoot so positively and cooperatively. As a result, the commercial film showed a wonderful integration of the image of “birth of the new card” and the image of TVXQ.

[Influence of a tie-up with a popular artist]

What impressed me most was overwhelming popularity of “TVXQ”. The tie-up became a hot topic on the internet even before the commercial film was aired, and our store and the information center received numerous inquiries.

Also there was an accident of part of the commercial film being leaked before the first air.

The influence of TVXQ was reflected the most in the number of “new applications for the card”. All store clerks were united in getting new customers, and then the number of new applications increased 300% to 400% from the previous year during the commercial period.

[Cooperation with affiliated companies]

The success of this project was based on the full cooperation of Sogo/Seibu such as development of “silver bear”, tie-up with “TVXQ” and use of TVXQ image in and outside of the stores.

We really appreciate the cooperation of Sogo/Seibu for the sales promotion.

[New Record! Seibu Ikebukuro store got more than 500 new card members]

I didn’t expect people who hadn’t applied for the card would apply for it just because of a commercial film. Before the air of the commercial film, we set a high goal of getting 300 new card members per day, but I thought it was impossible.

However, once the commercial film was aired, it was possible. We got 363 new card members on the first day (May 13) and the number of applications hit the new record of 527 on Saturday (May 14). I was really impressed.

I think that was a synergic effect of our daily efforts such as polite communication with each customer and the commercial film.

The commercial film not only contributed to acquisition of new customers but also sent existing Seibu/Sogo card members to the store.

From now on, we will always aim for the No.1 through new ideas and everyday efforts to make the card loved by a lot of customers.

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Oh. My. Goodness.

This was by far the closest race ever in the history of MTV K’s Top Ten Polls, with TVXQ‘s “Why (Keep Your Head Down)” and Super Junior‘s “No Other” neck and neck up down to the very last moment!

But in the end, TVXQ (ahem, or should we say, Cassies) came through and finished in first place with 26.57% of the total votes!

It’s not much of a surprise, considering the insane amount of success “Why (Keep Your Head Down)” brought Yunho and Changmin. The single immediately topped the K-music charts, garnered numerous awards, and plenty of praise for their intense choreography and outstanding live performances.

Not to mention it was TVXQ’s first comeback after their much-too-long hiatus from the stage.

Super Junior’s lovely single, “No Other,” came in an extremely close second, almost making it a tie, with 26.43% of the votes — a mere 0.14% less than the winner!!

Thank you to everyone who voted, we hope you had fun voting!! Stay tuned for MTV K’s upcoming Top Ten Hottest Debuts of 2011 featuring your favorite rookie idol groups!

Note: There were some issues with the automated poll closing time, so some voting ran past the actual closing time. Therefore, even though Super Junior’s “No Other” was in first place at the time the poll was manually closed, the MTV K poll results reflect the actual poll percentages at 11:59PM EST — staying true to when the poll was originally announced to end. We assure you that this will not be an issue for future MTV K polls. Thank you for your understanding!

Poll Results:
1. TVXQ — “Why (Keep Your Head Down)”
2. Super Junior — “No Other”
3. TVXQ — “Before You Go”
4. Super Junior — “Bonamana”
5. SHINee — “Lucifer”
6. F(x) — “Pinocchio (Danger)”
7. SHINee — “Hello”
8. BoA — “Hurricane Venus”
9. Girls’ Generation — “Oh!”
10. Girls’ Generation — “Hoot”

Source: MTVK
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