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Oh. My. Goodness.

This was by far the closest race ever in the history of MTV K’s Top Ten Polls, with TVXQ‘s “Why (Keep Your Head Down)” and Super Junior‘s “No Other” neck and neck up down to the very last moment!

But in the end, TVXQ (ahem, or should we say, Cassies) came through and finished in first place with 26.57% of the total votes!

It’s not much of a surprise, considering the insane amount of success “Why (Keep Your Head Down)” brought Yunho and Changmin. The single immediately topped the K-music charts, garnered numerous awards, and plenty of praise for their intense choreography and outstanding live performances.

Not to mention it was TVXQ’s first comeback after their much-too-long hiatus from the stage.

Super Junior’s lovely single, “No Other,” came in an extremely close second, almost making it a tie, with 26.43% of the votes — a mere 0.14% less than the winner!!

Thank you to everyone who voted, we hope you had fun voting!! Stay tuned for MTV K’s upcoming Top Ten Hottest Debuts of 2011 featuring your favorite rookie idol groups!

Note: There were some issues with the automated poll closing time, so some voting ran past the actual closing time. Therefore, even though Super Junior’s “No Other” was in first place at the time the poll was manually closed, the MTV K poll results reflect the actual poll percentages at 11:59PM EST — staying true to when the poll was originally announced to end. We assure you that this will not be an issue for future MTV K polls. Thank you for your understanding!

Poll Results:
1. TVXQ — “Why (Keep Your Head Down)”
2. Super Junior — “No Other”
3. TVXQ — “Before You Go”
4. Super Junior — “Bonamana”
5. SHINee — “Lucifer”
6. F(x) — “Pinocchio (Danger)”
7. SHINee — “Hello”
8. BoA — “Hurricane Venus”
9. Girls’ Generation — “Oh!”
10. Girls’ Generation — “Hoot”

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(T/N: “N7W” is the abbreviation used for “New 7 Wonders Of Nature”)

JYJ has officially started participation in promotional activities for the voting.

To increase the weak vote numbers coming from foreigners, it is hopeful that they will be able to play the role of “relief pitcher.”

According to the Pan-Regional Promotional Committee, after JYJ had officially joined in the promotional activities, voting numbers from youths and hallyu regions have spread, increasing the intensity of the voting.

On 3 May, Jeju Island appointed JYJ as the ambassadors for “Jeju N7W”

Also, the production of the “Jeju N7W” promotional video became a hot topic.

Via the promotional video, JYJ said, “Jeju is a triple-crown winner in UNESCO’s nature and science sector, and represents Korea, China, Japan, and South-East Asia in challenging to become one of the World’s New 7 Wonders of Nature.” “Help Globalize the Korea Brand, and call 001-1588-7715 for telephone voting, and make Jeju known to the world,” encouraging the masses to vote.

Following that, they emphasized, “Jeju, as a representative of Korea, China & Japan, must become one of the World’s New 7 Wonders of Nature,” “We will work hard to encourage participants from the Hallyu regions.”

After the promotional video was put online, referrals from “Blessing Yoochun” and other JYJ fan clubs, fan blogs, twitter and other social media platforms, as well as streaming sites created tens of thousands of hits, heating up the online atmosphere.

JYJ will appear at the “KBS Special – Well-Wishes On Becoming Part Of The 7 Wonders” 5 Live Broadcast Locations, and show their enthusiastic support for Jeju’s nomination in the World’s New 7 Wonders of Nature.

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Handsome boys for W Korea~

Check out W Korea for more SM Town in Paris pictures!

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From Park Yoochun to Jung Jaehyung. MBC Being Fed By Singers.

The powers of the singers are strong on the MC dramas and variety programs. All throughout the week on important programs singers are leading, and there is even talk that “MBC is fed by the singers.”

In Miss Ripley which is being aired and is a Monday-Tuesday drama, group JYJ’s Park Yoochun is appearing as lead. This is his second time acting following last year’s Sungkyunkwan Scandal but he is pulling off nuanced emotional scenes and is receiving praise. The evaluation is that he is contributing largely to the increase in ratings by securing JYJ’s existing fans as regular viewers.

[Parts unrelated to Yoochun omitted]

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Good afternoon to everybody at Bigeast!

The ChakuUta® version of the new song “Superstar” has been released today! (6 July)

The highly anticipated new single “Superstar” (On sale 20 July) has started its ChakuUta® version distribution on mu-mo, recochoku and various sites!! Clips of the Intro, chorus and ending will be up for limited download for a week, from 6 July 00:00 to 12 July 23:59.

Also, Recochoku and mu-mo will be giving away premiums for a limited time only!

Those who purchase the ChakuUta® version of “Superstar” will get a Tohoshinki original standby image as a present.♪ There are 7 different original patterns for this!! Please check the homepage for more details!

Also, from 7 July, Tohoshinki and Shoujo Jidai’s collaboration products with 7-eleven will be launched!

Moreover, for those with receipts from eligible products in the campaign, the “Tohoshinki ・Shoujo Jidai Receipt Serial Campaign” will be conducted!

Please get more details from 7-eleven Japan’s special campaign site!


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Before the actual photo shoot begins, while awaiting for the two of them to change, there seems to be a commotion outside. Looking out from the office’s window, there was a cosplay mania photoshoot being held by the roadside. Girls were wearing in unique clothings and short skirts, posing in different poses…… the staffs were delightfully ‘sticking’ by the window watching. At this moment, the two changed and came out saying, “Please take care of us~”, in preparation for the shooting. Someone from outside said, “There are people who are cosplay-photoshooting!”

Ah? Cosplay? Yunho and Changmin, who widened their eyes and slowly looked outside of the window, said softly with slight happiness, “…Oh, oh~”

Ah, ah, the Asia stars and fresh image like you two also…. right upon thinking like this, their actions after that were totally different from others. Speedily returned to work expressions, they have already quickly and naturally stood in front of the camera. (At this moment, the staffs are still in the status of ‘sticking’ by the window.) No doubt being the professional idol, they totally did not drift along with the crowd even in such a messy atmosphere. Right after this, (they) displayed the handsome images that made others forgot about the cosplay photoshoot.

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TVXQ will grace the cover of KANSTYLE Magazine Vol.13, it will be released on July 12nd.

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[Cinema Today Movie News]
 東方神起 appears on the cover of “an・an” for the first time!

TVXQ will be on the cover of the women’s magazine “an・an” to be released on July 6 for the first time. TVXQ came back with 2 members, Yunho and Changmin, last January. They received an interview for the special article “Cannot help but love. All Korean Stars featured!!”. They openly answered to questions about half a year after the comeback, a picture in 10 years, and how they act when they are with the person they love etc.

About half a year after the comeback, both of them revealed that they’ve spent a fulfilling time, saying “I’m happy!” (Yunho) and “We are busy! but still don’t want to have a rest” (Changmin). While talking about their future activities, they started to picture each other in 10 years.

Yunho anticipated Changmin will have married, and said “He will be a big star outside the house but a strict teacher-like dad at home”. Changmin said “I can’t anticipate whether he will have married or not because he is quite unpredictable. But I’m sure he will be running flat out, even harder than now.”

In addition, they were asked how they act when they are with the person they love. Yunho said “I think I keep my poker face. It’s hard for me to show my true feelings to my love” Surprisingly, he is naïve. Changmin said “I feel…….I’ve become able to tell my true feelings” revealing he has grown out of being naïve (?).


TVXQ’s new single “Superstar” ringtone will be released on July 6 (Wed) ahead of the CD release (come with a special feature at recochoku and mu-mo for a limited time) ※The release time varies from site to site, so please check with the respective sites.

“an・an” No.1765 with a special article “Cannot help but love. All Korean Stars featured!!” (\420 tax inclusive) will go on sale on July 6 (Wed).

TVXQ will be on the cover of “an・an” which features Koran stars including Jang Keun Suk and 2PM

The popular artist TVXQ appears on “an・an” (magazine house) to be released on July 6.
The theme of this week’s issue is “Cannot help but love. All Korean Stars featured!!”. It futures the hottest stars of K-POP/Korean entertainment, which is no longer just an amusement for hard core fans.

On the cover of the magazine appears TVXQ for the first time. This week’s issue opens with pictures of the 2 boys wearing a soft shirt and jeans in a relaxed atmosphere with no trace of their busy schedule.

◆”Will have married” in 10 years

Half a year has passed since they came back. While thinking back to the fast-paced busy days, Yunho answered in a word “I’m happy!”. Their new song “Superstar” ringtone will be released on July 6 ahead of the CD release, and they will perform at “a-nation” after a two-year absence. Their popularity is accelerating.

Changmin, who lived a relaxed life before the comeback, said quietly “I’m really glad to have a lot of works”. He’s leant to rely on Yunho, the older member, and this seems to have changed his state of mind significantly. He revealed his honest feeling “Now I can tell my true feeling honestly, so I might look nasty (laugh).”

When they pictured each other in 10 years, Yunho said “Probably Changmin will have married”. The interview shows their close relationship. It is a must-read for fans.

■TVXQ New Single “Superstar”
Ringtone will be released on July 6 ahead of the \cd release.
(come with a special feature at recochoku and mu-mo for a limited time)
※The release time varies from site to site, so please check with the respective sites.

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When asked if there was anyone he paid special attention to among his juniors, Eric chose “TVXQ’s U-know Yunho.”

Eric expressed, “Our first debut drama was produced by the same director, and we also almost starred in “Poseidon” together. At the same time, we also first debut from SM Entertainment, and have a lot of things in common. He is a junior whom I really like.”

T/N: Unrelated parts have been omitted.

Photo: Chosun The Star
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"The Star", a joint company of Chosun Ilbo and Digital Chosun Ilbo, has become the go-to Korean multimedia center for teenagers as well as 30-year-olds. It has made a name for itself as a premier celebrity news site through exclusive HD interviews and reviews.

On July 21, "The Star" will celebrate its second anniversary. A special event has been organized in commemoration of the milestone.

K-pop idols that will participate in the commemorative event are JYJ's Yoochun, 2PM's Nichkhun, SS501's Kim Hyunjoong, CN Blue's Jung Yonghwa, solo artist G.NA, SNSD's Yuri, KARA's Goo Hara, After School's UEE, and Infinite. Others include Yoo Ahin of "Sungkyunkwan Scandal", Jung Ilwoo from "49 Days", and actress Lee Minjung of "Midas".

Jung Ilwoo and Secret's Hyosung will act as day reporters for the event, conducting a special interview called "Idol Meets Idol". Teen Top, which will make their comeback this month, will meet with "The Star" for the first time, delighting fans with an HD video of their new choreography.

Stay tuned for the upcoming action at "The Star" (, as the event will be ongoing until August 17.

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Xiah’s Yukata

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JYJ’s Junsu successfully completed encore performances of the new legendary musical “Mozart!”

On 3 July, Junsu, who completed his last encore performance. In this final 3 hours, he danced across the stage, expressing happiness, sadness and anger, a wealth of emotions with his unique singing style, and basked in the standing ovation that the audience gave him for his outstanding performance.

After the final performance, Junsu said “Although this is not the first time (doing this performance,) but I’m happy to have been able to experience Mozart’s life. Mozart faced the pressures of the world’s anticipation, but beneath the glamorous life hides a hidden loneliness. Using the songs and performance, I feel like I was Mozart’s friend when he was still alive 300 years ago. To me, this stage bears a special meaning.” Also, “My heart feels heavy, having to part with “Mozart!” again. I feel like I give 120% in my performances for “Mozart!” and I’m really thankful for the audiences and the passionate support they have given me,” he expressed with deep emotion.

Junsu, who is one of the most anticipated new generation musical actors after his stellar performances in “Mozart!” and “Tears of Heaven,” revealed his improved skills in this encore performance. With his continous sell-out performances, he is now firmly placed as “Xiahzart” in the musical world.

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Actor Park Yoochun, in his second acting challenge, has been praised for showing a charm and maturity in his acting that differs from his first drama.

Park Yoochun announced his entrance into the acting world via last year’s KBS drama “SungKyunKwan Scandal,” and recently returned as “Song Yoo Hyun” the gentle conglomerate heir in MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Miss Ripley.” In his previous role he played a rigid and critical “pretty rich boy,” and swept the KBS Drama Awards ‘ newcomer award as well as the best newcomer and popularity awards at the 47th Baeksang Art Awards, successfully debuting as an actor.

As a singer, Park Yoochun is one of the representative Korean idols, and now he puts his all into acting. After “SungKyunKwan Scandal,” he received numerous good scripts and acting invites but deliberated carefully before picking his next project. Despite being busy with group activities, he found time to study acting and undergo training. Therefore, the actor Park Yoochun in “Miss Ripley” has a more mature and seasoned feel.

As a rookie actor challenging drama for the first time in “SungKyunKwan Scandal,” Park Yoochun had already received reviews beyond expectations. In short, he “has great potential.” He brought life into the role of Lee Seon Joon, who was born into a rich family, a rigid man who possesses knowledge, manners and is talented in all fields, yet is confused when facing love for the first time. With a blend of gentle expressions and controlled acting, Park Yoochun successfully interpreted the process of growth and maturity in the critical young man. The audiences and even professionals gave him good reviews. He managed to get not one but two top acting awards for newcomers with his debut work.

Furthermore, in the recent “Miss Ripley,” Park Yoochun plays a charming but firm young man, which is similar to his previous role, but is interpreted perfectly as a distinctly different character. No longer strict, a friendly Park Yoochun displays a gentlemanliness and warmth towards everyone he meets. However, a cloud of mysterious sadness plagues him. His actions show his concern towards his wealthy background as well as the memories of his birth mother.

In a sense, when “Miss Ripley’s” Song Yoo Hyun (Park Yoochun) is compared to Lee Seon Joon in “SungKyunKwan Scandal,” his character seems more complex. Especially in the later part of the drama when Song Yoo Hyun finds out the true identity of Jang Miri whom he loves, the change in his emotions should be one of raw misery. At the crossroads where his fate hangs in a balance, how Song Yoo Hyun’s complex yet subtle emotional changes will be executed is something that people are looking forward to.

Entering into the world of acting through “SungKyunKwan Scandal,” whether Park Yoochun will be able to once again successfully perform with “Miss Ripley” is something to look out for.

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Jaejoong focus

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Only few sec of Jae at 0:39

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