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Only few sec of Jae at 0:39

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Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) will be having their 50th anniversary on the 5th and to promote to the world of the brand “Global KEPCO”, building an energetic enterprise image and appointing JYJ as its honorary ambassador.

The appointment ceremony will be taking place on the 5th at KEPCO’s headquarters in Samsung-dong, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul.

JYJ will be appearing as the special guest and performing at the KEPCO 50th Anniversary music event, officially starting their activities as its ambassador.

From now on, when JYJ is performing in overseas concerts, there will be addition of the KEPCO’s promotional Logo Song, as a global enterprise image promotional activity.

KEPCO has expressed that JYJ is the top star in South East Asian countries like Philippines and Vietnam, etc, where their overseas electricity business venture was focused, therefore they anticipate the contributions towards their branding value and career advancement over there.

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U-Know Yunho and Claudia’s extravagant performance in SBS’ ‘Kiss&Cry’ had the audience fully engaged.

In the episode of ‘Kiss&Cry’ that aired on July 3rd, U-Know Yunho and Claudia performed a routine with a b-boy and ballerina concept.

At first, Claudia and U-Know Yunho danced to waltz music but then changed to hip hop music in the middle to show a completely different side of themselves. The highlight of the performance was U-Know Yunho’s windmill and Claudia’s spin on the ice rink.

The extravagant and capturing performance had the evaluators throwing their roses out to the couple. FT Island attended the show and gave the couple a standing applause while the judging panel praised the two for their various skills and growth.

Regardless of the fact that the couple had close to no time to rehearse, they completed a successful performance.

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TVXQ have been receiving praise from their fans for their perfect live performance on ‘Music Bank’.

On KBS 2TV’s ‘Music Bank’, TVXQ sang ‘Keep Your Head Down’, their hit song of the first half of the year. TVXQ were last to stand onstage and showed their power and might as long lasting idols with their charisma and perfect live performance.

Regardless of the fact that they haven’t appeared on music programs for a while, TVXQ’s unshaken stage presence has proved their power in the industry.

In the first half of the year special for ‘Music Bank’, TVXQ, 2PM, Kim Hyun Joong, f(x), 4Minute, T-ara, IU, G.na, CN Blue, Kim Tae Woo, Wheesung, Eru, K.Will, A.Pink, Boyfriend, Infinite, Secret, SISTAR, Mighty Mouth, Rainbow and Navi performed.

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TVXQ’s airport fashion is casual and rock chic.

On the afternoon of the 1st, TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin arrived at Gimpo International Airport after finishing their most recent batch of Japanese promotions.

On this day, U-Know Yunho wore a navy t-shirt printed with a woman’s face, matched with sky blue pants. He completed the look with sunglasses, a backpack and white sneakers with pink soles.

Choikang Changmin had on a striped t-shirt and black shorts. Like U-Know Yunho, he completed the look with accessories such as zebra-patterned sneakers, glasses, a studded backpack and fedora.

TVXQ will be releasing their new single ‘Superstar’ on the 20th and kicking off their Japanese activities in full force.

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TVXQ have become the first Korean singers to grace the cover of Rolling Stone. Considering the fact that it is hard for even Japanese celebrities to be on the cover, regardless of the fact that it is the Japanese version of the magazine, this is an achievement that is meaningful and should be noted.

Most importantly, TVXQ’s popularity seemed to have been drooping slightly from their top Hallyu star status when some of the members filed an exclusive contract suspension lawsuit against SM Entertainment. However, U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin, who are keeping the name of TVXQ alive, have proven their undiminished popularity as idols and as Koreans by gracing the cover of Rolling Stone.

The Japanese version of Rolling Stone has had only ten Japanese celebrities on its cover, starting with Nakashima Mika in 2008. This further proves TVXQ’s influence in Japan as their appearance on the magazine’s cover is unusual.

A representative of SM stated, “We heard that it isn’t easy for even Japanese stars to be on the cover of Rolling Stone. It feels great to see TVXQ grace the cover of the popular magazine.”

The August issue of Rolling Stone will be available on the 8th.

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First, the article:

Korea Electric Power Corporation Appoints Korean Wave Stars JYJ as Honorary Ambassadors

Korea Electric Power Corporation revealed on the 5th that it has appointed JYJ as its honorary ambassador for the coming 50th anniversary of its founding.

JYJ plans to participate in the introduction of the global image for the corporation, for instance promoting a logo song for the corporation during abroad concerts.

An affiliate for the corporation said: “JYJ is hugely popular in the Philippines, Vietnam, and such Asian regions which are areas of strategy for foreign electricity industry. Therefore we anticipate that JYJ will help greatly in promoting the work by heightening the value of the Korea Electric Power Corporation.”

Second, the believed-to-be schedule:

Third, a promising tweet by the Seoul Pops Orchestra which will also attend Korea Electric.

Today is the day of the musical event for Korea Electric. We will meet JYJ as the accompanying orchestra and this makes our hearts beat. Let’s see everyone at 7:00pm!

Source: Baidu; Newsis; @seoulpops
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Kim Jaejoong Appears in His First Domestic Drama. “Emits a Chic Appeal”

For an interview, Choi Kanghee even braved dancing.

Protect the Boss, which will air as the follow-up to the SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama City Hunter on August 3, is an unprecedented sweet-thrills (comedy) that will unfold as a rookie female secretary meets as her boss a delinquent second generation chaebol and stars a “Tame the Delinquent Chaebol Project.”

In the first episode, Choi Kanghee playing Noh Eunsul comes to interview in ten companies in order to secure a job. She is from a regional university and even has poor grades and therefore has repeated defeats in interviews. In order to compete with elites from prestigious universities she sometimes shows off dancing and singing, makes a kick-boxing pose, and even shows the lines of her hand (for palm reading) to the interviewer.

And when she is disregarded (rudely) by the interviewers, she teared up, impassionedly proclaiming: “Everyone (makes judgments and) says that this person is good, that one is bad. But, (you are wrong), it’s that this person is good at doing this, and that one is good at doing that. You interviewers who only consider test scores and credentials thinking that those are the only measures of abilities seem even stupider (than I am).”

For the scene of the interview, Choi Kanghee filmed multiple times over many days in Ilsan Kintex and Youngdeungpo Hotels and such. Kim Jaejoong appeared as an interviewer in the middle and gathered all eyes.

The producers were confident: “Our drama blows away frustration and is refreshing. But it will also give a gift of empathy, through episodes that speaks for the hearts of many youths who feel the walls of the difficult job market in reality.”

On the other hand, Boss will have Ki Sung, Choi Kanghee, Kim Jaejoong, Wang Jihye, Park Youngkyu, Cha Hwayeon, Kim Chung, and others appear. It will begin airing on August 3rd, 9:55pm.

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The Musical ’s encore performances of JYJ Kim Junsu have successfully finished.
Last year, on the first day of Mozart! Ticket sales, all the seats of Kim Junsu’s stages were sold out in only 3 seconds (T/N: It must be a mistake here, the tickets were actually sold out in only 3 hours). Meanwhile, he emerged like a new icon of the musical world by sweeping the Rookie awards at “The Musical Awards” and “Korea Musical Award”.

Also, with stable and sincere acting and singing ability, Kim Junsu received positive reviews from the audiences, and was said to have revitalized the stagnant world of musicals.

On the stage of Musical < Mozart!>’s encore performances, Kim Junsu drew a standing ovation and cheers from the audiences for his special singing method and sorrowful acting, which showed variable emotions such as joy, sorrow, anger, etc.

Kim Junsu revealed after his last performance, “It has been like that from the beginning but I was happy to be together with the life of Mozart,” and “the Mozart who has lived 300 years ago is like my friend. He has special meaning to me.”

He also said, “To let go of Mozart once again, I feel strange and my heart is silent,” and “I am sincerely thankful to all the audiences for their sympathy and their warm response, so that I can pull off 120% acting as Mozart.”


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July 4, 2011/07/04

I know it is all my fault, but the readers who check this website has decreased a lot.
I think I was disliked at a breath.

The number of readers are about one-third(Lol)

But those who did not abandon me can now get special news.
When you say news, there are small ones to big scoops.

Are you a mere shadow of your true self after the charity concert?
I will make you wake up at once in the near future.

The X DAY is August (Chances: so-so), and October (Chances: 20%)…?
(T/N: Hayato is writing in Japanese “確立 (kakuritsu)” which means “establishment”, but I think he made a mistyped it, it should be “確率(kakuritsu)” which means “chances”.

What am I talking about? I should be dropping tantalizing hints.
You would know when it becomes August and October. (of course)
When I say the chances are 20%, the chances which it will not realize (the chances that you will be disappointed) will be still 80%. So let’s wait without raising our hopes too high.

But, don’t you think that the hope to live on can be raised by thinking that there might be something in addition?:)


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JYJ Kim Junsu relayed his feelings after ending musical ‘Mozart’.

Kim Junsu tweeted on the 4th afternoon, “I fell into such a sweet slumber, yesterday’s performance feel like such a dream. The stage was such a happy place because I’ve had you all by my side, laughing and crying with me all the way.”

Kim Junsu expressed,”Though I have to let go of Mozart for a moment, I hope it stays as a beautiful dream that fills our heart to the brim.” Continuing, “Mozart… I was so happy… to have been able to be him.”

Kim Junsu added on, “I would like to sincerely thank you all once more for watching over Mozart, despondent of his life, and crying and laughing with me.”
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Kim Junsu swept the newcomer awards of The Musical Award and Korean Musical Award through his pioneer performance of Mozart last year, with his ability as a musical actor being acknowledged. He continued to be the main lead for ‘Mozart’ that had begun this May.

Netizens mentioned, “It was an outstanding performance.”, “So handsome!”, “You’ve worked hard for this period of time.”, “Hopefully in the future, you will show us an even better image.” etc, attracting huge response.

The encore performances of ‘Mozart’ ended on the 3rd.

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