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[Eng Sub] Yoochun Bloopers Triple Set!^^ [SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

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Why was U-Know Yunho clenching his teeth?

In the second pair competition of ‘Kiss&Cry’ that was held at the SBS Ilsan Production Center on June 21st, U-Know Yunho signaled an extravagant revival with a charismatic performance.

Because of his recent concert schedule in Europe, U-Know Yunho has not been able to practice his skating for a period of time. This meant that his partner Claudia had to attend the mid-week assessment alone, causing fans to worry about his future stance in the competition.

The worry was heightened by the fact that U-Know Yunho placed 8th out of ten teams in the first competition due to the mistakes he made while performing.

But U-Know Yunho partook in the second competition and had the ‘Rose Evaluators’ fired up with his extravagant dancing and b-boying skills.

After his performance, U-Know Yunho said, “I’ve never been so worried about a competition as I was for this one. But I rehearsed my part on the ground because I didn’t have access to a skating rink, and I had faith in my partner Claudia.” During his stay in Europe, U-Know Yunho took every minute of spare time he had to put on his skates and rehearse his routine, whether he was in his hotel or on the streets.

His partner Claudia was moved when she heard how hard U-Know Yunho worked to find time to rehearse.

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We gave the idol singers, who are used to being judged by the public, a chance to judge each other. Sports Seoul held a ‘Idol Awards For The First Half Of 2011′ with 100 idols who are currently active. Through this survey, the idols were able to reflect on the first half of the year and determine who were the best. We will look into the best hit song, the best music video, the most addictive song and the best rookie of the year that the idols chose.

◆ Of Course it’s IU, ‘Idol of Idols’ TVXQ

TVXQ were chosen as the idol group who gave the most outstanding performance. U-Know Yunho(25) and Choikang Changmin(23) began the opening act of a two-member TVXQ in December with ‘Why(Keep Your Head Down)’. They came out on top on K-pop charts in the first half of 2011 and showed off their undiminished popularity.

Idols singers who participated in the survey said, “They gave a performance that stayed true to their legacy,” and “They were outstanding in a variety of fields.” TVXQ were ranked first in the ‘Best Music Video of the First Half of 2011′ survey as well. Their fellow singers chose the ‘Keep Your Head Down’ music video and said, “They drew my attention with their video because it was like watching an action movie.”

◆ The Masters of Singing chosen by Idols
The ranking of idol singers and their vocal skills made by vocal trainers became a hot topic in March. Idols chose the masters of singing among themselves in the ‘Idol Awards For The First Half Of 2011′.


JYJ’s Kim Junsu(25) came in second after Hyorin. After partaking in a legal battle against his former agency, the amount of activities he does has reduced drastically, he still receives support from his fellow singers. Junior idols who voted for Kim Junsu praised his vocal talent and said, “His voice is so nice”, “He has the best vocal skills in Korea”, and “He can take on and perfect any and every genre.”


-Idols with the most outstanding performance
1. TVXQ: 21.8%
2. IU: 18%
3. Big Bang: 16%

-Idols with the most vocal talent
1. Hyorin: 47.2%
2. Kim Junsu: 38%
3. IU: 34.5%

-Coolest Music Video
1. TVXQ ‘Keep Your Head Down’: 16.3%
2. Big Bang ‘Tonight’: 12.7%
3. Sunny Hill ‘Midnight Circus’: 9%

*We thank the idols who participating in the survey: Girls’ Day, Nine Muses, Dal Shabet, Rania, Rainbow, miss A, Sunny Hill, CN BLUE, f(x), Infinite, ZE:A, Jewelry, G.Na, T-ara, 4Minute.

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Since firing up Paris, France, TVXQ have been busy with their domestic and overseas activities.

Releasing their new single ‘Superstar’ on July 20th, TVXQ will be kicking in with their Japanese activities. They have already proved their worldwide popularity at Le Zenith de Paris on June 10th and 11th when they participated in the ‘SM Town Live World Tour in Paris’ performance to commemorate the 2010-2012 Visit Korea Year.

At the time, international fans flocked to the De Gaulle Airport to catch a glimpse of TVXQ, causing chaos to ensue. European fans prepared placards in Korean and a variety of balloons and banners, even singing TVXQ’s hit songs in Korean to show their love for the group.

On the other hand, according to TVXQ’s official Japanese homepage( on June 16th, the group’s new single will contain the title song ‘Superstar’ and ‘I Don’t Know’, the theme song for the TV commercial of the ‘Sogo Seibu Card’, which has been airing since May.

After releasing their new single, TVXQ will be participating in a-nation, Japan’s biggest summer music festival. TVXQ will be standing on that stage for the first time in two years.

TVXQ are planning to participate in both Japanese and domestic schedules from now on. U-Know Yunho is currently working hard to hone his figure skating skills for SBS’ ‘Kiss And Cry’.

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The big change has been teased for a while, but the stills are out to prove it at last: Park Yoochun finally sheds the bowl cut he’s been rockin’ for ten episodes of his MBC melodrama Miss Ripley and unveils a shorter, fresher, frankly much more attractive hairstyle for upcoming episodes.

Sure, the straight-banged helmet hair he’s been sporting thus far had its own boyish effect, which worked with his character’s innocent appeal and good-natured optimism. Still, change is good, no? The shorter look ages him a little, which is good since it makes him look a little more masculine, and a little less “There there, eat your vegetables and I’ll tell you a bedtime story.”

No doubt this external change mirrors an internal one for his chaebol character, Song Yoo-hyun, in Miss Ripley. In recent episodes, he’s been enjoying his blossoming romance with liar-liar-tight-pants-on-fire (anti-)heroine Miri (Lee Da-hae), but as her lies quickly grow from molehill proportions to mountains, no doubt there’s more angst in the couple’s future.

Miss Ripley airs Mondays and Tuesdays, and Yoochun’s new look will be revealed in Monday’s Episode 11.

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

With many idols being confirmed to appear in KBS 2TV’s ‘Immortal Music Classics Season 2′, anticipation for the show continues to rise. 4Men’s Shin Yong Jae has been added to the list of participants, foreshadowing a fierce competition to come.

The line up of ‘Immortal Music Classics Season 2′ has been amazing. MBLAQ’s G.O., FT Island’s Lee Hong Gi and 2PM’s Junsu have been added to the cast, making the show a stage where popular idols will battle it out in a fight of ego and pride

But netizens are still feeling a hint of disappointment at this star-studded list . It is because there has been no news of Girls’ Generation or TVXQ, the royalty of the K-pop scene, joining the show.

Regarding this, a representative of Girls’ Generation and TVXQ’s agency stated, “Though it would be great if TVXQ and Girls’ Generation were added to the cast of ‘Immortal Music Classics Season 2′, it is impossible to make changes in their schedule for the show.” Girls’ Generation have concerts in Japan till late July and will be returning to Korea for more concerts. TVXQ are also busy with their domestic and overseas schedules. U-Know Yunho is already participating in SBS’ ‘Kiss&Cry’ and his appearance in the drama ‘Poseidon’ is still yet to be confirmed.

Regardless, netizens are still hoping that the two groups will appear on the show. Most were seen saying, “We hope that TVXQ or Girls’ Generation will appear on ‘Immortal Music Classics Season 2′ to complete the show’s dream team.”

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