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With many idols being confirmed to appear in KBS 2TV’s ‘Immortal Music Classics Season 2′, anticipation for the show continues to rise. 4Men’s Shin Yong Jae has been added to the list of participants, foreshadowing a fierce competition to come.

The line up of ‘Immortal Music Classics Season 2′ has been amazing. MBLAQ’s G.O., FT Island’s Lee Hong Gi and 2PM’s Junsu have been added to the cast, making the show a stage where popular idols will battle it out in a fight of ego and pride

But netizens are still feeling a hint of disappointment at this star-studded list . It is because there has been no news of Girls’ Generation or TVXQ, the royalty of the K-pop scene, joining the show.

Regarding this, a representative of Girls’ Generation and TVXQ’s agency stated, “Though it would be great if TVXQ and Girls’ Generation were added to the cast of ‘Immortal Music Classics Season 2′, it is impossible to make changes in their schedule for the show.” Girls’ Generation have concerts in Japan till late July and will be returning to Korea for more concerts. TVXQ are also busy with their domestic and overseas schedules. U-Know Yunho is already participating in SBS’ ‘Kiss&Cry’ and his appearance in the drama ‘Poseidon’ is still yet to be confirmed.

Regardless, netizens are still hoping that the two groups will appear on the show. Most were seen saying, “We hope that TVXQ or Girls’ Generation will appear on ‘Immortal Music Classics Season 2′ to complete the show’s dream team.”

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【a message from tvxq】
Hello~We’re tvxq!

We really do appreciate all your love & support you gave us^^
From now on we’ll going to make greater efforts as tvxq.
Thank you…and…Love you…

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SBS aired a very short promo clip for “Protect the Boss” today! (This is NOT the teaser. It is merely aired as part of a brief introduction to SBS’s dramas for next season.)

Haha <3 The heart that appears when Jaejoong appears on the scene is a cute touch >_<

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Please read from bottom to top!

(Update 1) Junsu replied!
[JUNSU] Hahaha!! What is this, when did you take this?? lol

[TRANS] Junsu, good job. You cool person! (T/N:… T__T Difficult to translate. Jaejoong calls Junsu a person who is cool/dandy/awesome– for his performance in Mozart, presumably.)

Jaejoong changed his Display Picture!

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The Seoul Drama Awards Organizing Committee(SDAOC) will be taking votes from June 29th till July 20th to determine the most popular drama OST of dramas that began airing between April 1st, 2010 and April 30th, 2011.

The SDAOC began in 2006 and was created by the Seoul Drama Awards, which encompasses dramas from all over the world, and the Korean Broadcasting Association. It starting holding online votes for the most popular drama OST of the year in 2009 and the most highly ranked songs will be publicized at the celebratory performance or the OST concert of the SDA ceremony and its offside events. The top 10 songs will be put into a CD by the SDAOC and distributed to international and domestic fans for free at the SDA event.


This year, 40 songs have been nominated including Zia’s ‘Can You Hear Me’(from ‘Can You Hear My Heart’), Kim Yeon Woo’s ‘Sometimes, I Cry Alone’(from ‘Bad Boy’), JYJ’s ‘Found You’(from ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’), Lee Seung Cheol’s ‘That Person’(from ‘Baker King Kim Tak Goo’), Taecyeon and Nickhun’s ‘My Valentine’(from ‘Dream High’), Lim Jae Beom’s ‘Tenacious Person’(from ‘Sign’), Hyun Bin’s ‘That Man’(from ‘Secret Garden’), and Jang Geun Seok’s ‘Hello Hello’(from ‘Mary Stayed Out All Night’).

Voting takes place on the homepage of Cyworld Music ( and those who vote will get a BGM discount coupon worth 200 Won when they buy any of the 40 OST songs. Through a lottery system, some will win free tickets to the Seoul Drama Awards 2011 Ceremony that will take place on August 31st at the Yeoido KBS Hall at 5pm till 7pm.

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Starring in variety shows, dramas, and other TV programs through the small screen are one of the best ways for idol stars to connect with their fans. For this reason, it has become a big phenomenon to be a guest on the popular variety shows. This is also the reason for the increase in idol singers gaining popularity through starring in various TV shows. There are also many idols starring in dramas while maintaining their base profession as a singer.

Sports Seoul recently surveyed 100 idol group members, to see who the best ‘idol actor/actress’ and ‘variety idol’ was for the first half of 2011. Through this survey, the public was able to see the idol’s talent and skills shown in other areas rather than just performances on stage.

Best of variety, MC… Best ‘variety idol’?

The top variety show program of 2011, chosen by idol singers, was MBC’s ‘We Got Married‘. Male and female celebrities are chosen and paired to play a part in a virtual marriage which is more than enough to stimulate interest from the idol stars. Curiosity also plays a big part in the attention since fellow idol stars such as, T-ara’s Eun Jung, 2PM’s Nichkhun, f(x)’s Victoria and other idols are currently starring in the show. Idol stars who picked ‘We Got Married’ as their number 1, showed their desires to also appear on the show stating, “It would be fun to film and date at the same time“, and “I want to experience the sweet virtual marriage life.”

KBS 2TV’s ‘Happy Sunday- 1 night 2 days‘ was also chosen as one of most popular variety shows along with “We Got Married“. Recently, ‘1 night 2 days’ aired some specials (inviting special guest stars), such as ‘Female Celebrities Special‘ and ‘Luxurious Supporting Actors Special‘. Idol stars stated, “‘1 night 2days’ is the end of all real variety shows“, “I want to make memories while traveling“, and “I want to travel all around Korea while having the cast’s support,” showing their affection towards the show.

Now, the ultimate question was, who is the best MC chosen by idol stars? To no one’s surprise, the best MC was voted as none other than Yoo Jae Suk (39), who is currently actively hosting across 3 different networks. Idols have rated Yoo Jae Suk, who is hosting in promising shows such as KBS 2TV’s ‘Happy Together‘, MBC’s ‘Infinite Challenge‘, and SBS’s ‘Running Man‘, to have “hosting skills that keeps the flow moving” and having “sub-par excellence in the wittiest jokes“. One particular idol praised Yoo Jae Suk of being “the generous MC who also takes care of all the new stars.”

ZE:A’s Kwanghee was, chosen as the best idol to show excellence and talent in variety shows. He gave off an extraordinary vibe in different shows such as, MBC’s ‘Three Wheels‘, and SBS’s ‘Strong Heart‘. Even fellow idol stars admitted that he was gifted with the ability to succeed in variety shows. Idols stated, “He has earned the image of the ‘Blue Chip of Plastic Surgery’ on variety shows after fearlessly revealing his true self,” “He has mind blowing reactions,“ and “His blunt truthfulness is very attractive.”

The Best drama, and the best ‘idol actor’?

The top 3 dramas that stole many idol’s hearts were SBS’s ‘Secret Garden‘, MBC’s ‘Greatest Love‘, and KBS 2TV’s ‘Dream High‘. All three dramas had a common factor of making celebrities as central figures.

‘Secret Garden’s’ Hallyu star, Oscar (Yoon Sang Hyun), and ‘Greatest Love’s’ top star Dok Go Jin (Cha Seung Won) stirred the hearts of the audience, especially those of the idols. Idols were also attracted and interested in appearing in these dramas because they were able to connect with the characters who were in similar situations. Idols who had voted for ‘Greatest Love’ said, “The story line was original and the protagonist was cool.” Those who had voted for ‘Secret Garden’ said, “The plot wasn’t boring,” and “In addition to both male and female protagonist’s charm, I fell in love with the OST, ‘That Man’“. Singers who rated ‘Dream High’ as their favorite said, “It was easy to connect with those with the same dream,” and “It was a drama that filled my eyes and ears with joy.”

Starring in the most talked about MBC drama, ‘Miss Ripley‘, JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun(25) was rated as the ‘best idol actor’ amongst idol stars. Last year in KBS’s 2TV’s drama, ‘Sunkyungwan Scandal‘, Yoo Chun officially took the challenge of acting and started getting critiqued as an actor. He attracted the audience’s attention with his handsome looks and impressive crying scene that was hard to find in rookie actors. Fellow idol stars said that through ‘Miss Ripley’, Yoo Chun had shown a great improvement in his acting skills. He was critiqued as “Working as a part of the cast in both dramas, he has assured his place as an actor,” and “He is composed and shows confidence in his acting,” and “He plays his part very well.”

Rankings in sectors

Best Drama:
1. Secret Garden, Greatest Love: 67.2%
3. Dream High: 34.5%
4. City Hunter: 18%

Best ‘Idol actors’:
1. Park Yoo Chun (JYJ): 36.3%
2. Choi Shi Won (Super Junior): 34.5%
3. Ham Eun Jung (T-ara): 27.2%

The top shows/ variety shows idols want to star in:
1. We Got Married, 1 night 2 days: 32.7%
3. Infinite Challenge: 27.2%

Idols who show excellence in variety shows:
1. Kwanghee (ZE:A): 29%
2. Jo Kwon (2AM): 18.1%
3. Seungri (Big Bang): 7.2%

Best MC host:
1. Yoo Jae Suk: 41.8%
2. Kang Ho Dong: 255
3. Park Myung Soo: 10.9%

*Sports Seoul thanked Girl’s Day, Nine Muses, Dal Shabet, Rania, Rainbow, miss A, Sunny Hill, CN Blue, f(x), INFINITE, ZE:A, Jewlery, G.NA, 2PM, T-ara, 4minute for participating in the survey.

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What’s this situation, ‘the everywhere coordi’ tie shoelace for Yunnie?

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U-Know Yunho (25) and Cha Jun Hwan (10) show their warm friendship.

On the 30th of June, Skating Coach Choi In Hwa who participated in SBS “Kiss & Cry” uploaded behind the scene photos on his mini homepage.

Among the photos being posted, the photos starring Yunho and Cha Jun Hwan caught the eyes of the viewers. Yunho and Cha Jun Hwan, being Claudia and Jin Ji Hee partner respectively are competitors for the program. However, in the photos, they do not display any tensions of competitiveness. They have known each other well and are simply comfortable being together.

In the first photo, Cha Jun Hwan placed Yunho’s leg on his thighs and helped him to tie his laces while Yunho was pleading him with both hands positioned together. In the second photo, Yunho was holding Cha Jun Hwan’s wrist while pointing at the camera playfully.

After looking at the photos, netizens gave comments such as “Yunho will be a good dad in the future”, “Both of them are cute” and “Is Yunho saying ‘ri~ght’?”

Meanwhile, the second competition of “Kiss & Cry” has taken place on the 21st of June at SBS Production Centre in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province and will be aired on the 3rd of July.

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“Falling in love with musicals, next year, the year after next, I would like to act out musicals in theatres.” Moving onward from Xiah Junsu to Kim Junsu, he met us in a cafe at Cheongdam-dong on the 29th.

Upon talking about musicals, this new actor who debuted in musical field for 2 years would passionately discussed with us, but when facing burdensome inquiries, he would be alike to the idol singer who debuted for 8 years, displaying his experiences and confidence.

Within the idols who challenged musicals, Kim Junsu is definitely the topic. Other than the subsequent lead acting of great works, the tickets that were sold out within a short time, the high performance fee etc, were the topics of discussion.

Even though the raging topics, why did you decided to step in with musicals from the start?

“It’s just the right timing. Although I did received projects from movies, dramas and there are free slots in between schedules…. but compared to anything, music is still the most important. So I was thinking since it a must to have music, why not take a try at musicals? When I first acted in musicals, I did not think that I would end up loving it. (laughs)”

After the debut musical ‘Mozart’, you were asked to lead in ‘Tears of Heaven’, this simply is a follow-up victory.

“I seems to have slightly understood what musical is about until recently. In the beginning, it felt very tiring even though there’s no mistake made, now I’m slowly learning through the amicable cooperation with the other actors… and starts to notice the reactions of the audience. Thus the musical performances for every day is different.” He continued introducing the so-called ’3 seconds difference’ on stage. “There is a scene in Mozart where I followed the Baroness, how many seconds should I back-faced the audience after finishing my lines so that I can display to the audience the feel that I wanted? The most suitable timing is about 3 seconds. (laughs)”

Other than this, he was often pointed out that his delivery of lyrics was not as strong as professional musical actors.

“Singing in musical is totally different from singing songs. For example, the usage of ‘banding’ (a singing technique where the note was dragged and blended into the next word) was not appropriate. The lyrics has to be sang out one word by one word. Compared to other actors, maybe it was not easily differentiate but it would still be better that l changed my way of singing.”

As a musical actor and actively as an idol singer, do you feel that you have slowly became closer to any character?

“But if I were to stand on JYJ’s stage now and to sing with my way of singing in musical, it would probably be a torture to the members. Even my hand signals has slowly increased. (laughs) I think for me right now, it is to slowly forwarding towards the way of ‘Even if I was a singer, I’m also a musical actor.’ Just as though there’s a switch in between the two, where I can freely move around.”

There were a lot of controversies. Like the rumours of ten millions of performance fees and the ability to become the male lead due to the investment by the company (you belonged) etc. When asked about the question of ‘idol glamour’, Kim Junsu surprisingly gave a calm and outright attitude while giving an answer.

“I understand that the choir department actors were able to stand on stage after working hard for a long while. I received this ‘gift’ of being the lead actor after my hardwork as a singer, this is at least how my thought is. As for the high performance fee rumours, I think it’s not only in musical that there are such rumours right? No matter it be drama or CF, there were many issues for the receipt of fees that broke records too… It’s just that the musical industry was so bad and thus the unique appearance of such rumours, right?”

Do you have any contributions that you wanted to do or ambitions that you have in the future involvement into musicals?

“Next year, or the year after, I would like to act in theatres. If I can be ambassador-like and create the effect of supporting musicals, it would be a rather grateful thing. But to do till such, the first step should be having audience who watch, and to have the love of the public, then the public performance can be a success, and followed on by more investors. Therefore, the production company and actors will be able to create a more fruitful work, and afterwhich wouldn’t there be a possible promotion to overseas?”

Due to the contract issue between JYJ and ex-company SM, the broadcasting activities were restricted by their contract. (T/N: JYJ was not directly restricted due to contractual problems. Refer to legal news.)

“It’s currently still in an unclear state. Due to the difficulties currently, we just have to try working in other directions, this is very exhausting. If there were things we wished to do, we’d have to think about how to do it in another way, and then not to give up on any hope.”

He is currently a young adult of 24 years old, are there any plans for army enlistment? He jokingly replied, “When performing the story in ‘Tears of Heaven’, I ever thought, ‘Why not bring forward the enlistment, it actually would be not a bad experience, isn’t it!’.”

“I received a health check last February and of course it’s a must to enlist for army. (laughs) The results for the health check is 3rd grade (note: 3rd grade is for person who had injuries but still able to be enlisted in army and an approximate of 22 months.) There’s a bit of disappointment for the results. I’m a man afterall, and has the pride of a man, I thought the results will be of 1st grade. Hopefully I can be enlisted after maximizing the activities I can do.”

We asked about the greatest change after involving in musicals.

“During the empty period (lawsuit with SM), musical came to me, and now I only listened to music from musicals. I hope to become an actor who is able to inspire and touch the audience.”

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These tweets by an affiliate of Jeju are too short and abbreviated to allow full and precise comprehension of what the tweeter is trying to say. For instance, it is ambiguous whether the TV advertisement will actually show JYJ, although it is clear that it will be to promote Jeju. In any case, let’s hope for the best!!

The international stars JYJ will appear on (the program) “7 Wonders of the World, Here is Jeju” that will air on July 20, from 5:20pm to 7:00pm. The location is Sungsanilchulbong, and entrance begins at 4:30pm of the same day. We ask that many of you view the program and visit Jeju!

Starting around July 11, the TV advertisement will air on KBS. Please see the JYJ that you love and enjoy the beauty of Jeju’s sceneary. There is no ticketing wars either, it is free.

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