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[PHOTO] 110602 Stalking Junsu

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[TRANS] 110603 Junsu’s Brother Junho Deletes His Twitter Account

T/N: These are Junho’s last tweets before he deleted his account today. As you can see from the mentions he has given to some of Junsu’s fans who criticized him, the hateful tweets he received from those against him (and for some, his decision to work with Avex) had a great impact on him, leading to the deletion of his Twitter account.]

(Junho) @joni588 I just want to say one thing to you. Though I am grateful that you love and worry about my little brother, I do not believe that I think and worry about my little brother any less than you do. I, too, always pray that things will turn out well and my heart aches so much when a problem arises. I just want you to know that my decision (to work with Avex) was not one that I made thinking only of my own success.

(Junho) @zinnie06 You say that I faulted fans.. Where in my tweets did you get that impression? To you, I am a person who always causes harm to my little brother. I apologize for being such a person.

(Junho) I’m thinking of deleting my Twitter account because I think I’ll feel better if I don’t tweet in Korean anymore. Will me stopping my tweets like this make those who spoke ill of me become genial? If I just give up everything, would that make things run smoothly for them(JYJ)? I don’t know either. This situation wears me out as I can’t tell you everything about what’s going on..

(Junho) I’m so sorry to the people who have shown me their support till now. From now on, I’ll work hard and not let my mind wander to other things. I think I gained a lot of strength from your support when I tweeted while I was traveling overseas. I would like to thank you all once more. Thank you all, and I love you. Take care of your health.

(Junho) I’m not deleting this account because I’m scared of those tweets or because I’m avoiding them. I started this account knowing that things like this would definitely happen because I work in this particular industry. Because I read each and every mention that I receive and because I keep reading such tweets, I keep thinking about them and I find myself unable to concentrate, so I laid down this decision in order to completely immerse myself in my work.

(Junho) I am still such a small presence in this life. I’ll be on the same level as others only if I work harder than them as I started my career much later. From now on, I’m going to do nothing but focus on my work. I’m always short on time anyway. I will keep the hearts of those who have supported me till now in my heart and focus on my work completely without thinking of anything else. I will keep working and working hard.

(Junho) Last of all, I would like to apologize once more to the fans of Junsu who have had a hard time because of my decision. I believe that you will protect my little brother till the end. Take care of your health and be happy.

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[TRANS]110602 Avex Press Release – Regarding the JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN Event Application For Provisional Injunction

Avex Group Holdings Ltd
Regarding the JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN Event Application For Provisional Injunction

As stated in our press release on 28 April, in relation to the Tohoku Earthquake Charity Event by our company’s artists JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN, the organisers Zak Corporation (Zak Corp.) and JJY’s Korean management company C-JeS (C-JeS) had filed for 2 charges of provisional disposition against our company for unfair correspondence, at the Tokyo local district courts.

・ Heisei 23rd Year, No. 1115 Application for provisional injunction against obstruction of business operations (Civil Matters, 9th Dept)
Claimant (Complainant) = Zak Corp.
・ Heisei 23rd Year, No. 22020 Application for Provisional Disposition Order (Civil Matters, 46th Dept)
Claimant (Complainant) = Zak Corp. & C-JeS (Joint Claim by both companies)

With regards to the 2 counts of provisional injunction, our company had asserted its legitimacy on the issue, and we were confident that this case would be dismissed. However on 27 May, Zak Corp. and C-JeS had, without waiting for the final decision, withdrawn both claims.

Zak Corp. and C-JeS had considered that it would have been difficult for their two claims to stand, and had decided to abandon this application for provision injunction. With such facts, we can simply conclude that legally, our claims are valid.

The above is what we would like to report.

(T/N: Heisei 23rd Year = 2011)

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[NEWS] 110601 Maritime Drama ‘Poseidon’ Comes To An End With Eric’s Decision To Resign From His Role

With a stream of resignations from lead roles and a failure to secure an airing schedule, the maritime drama ‘Poseidon’ has finally decided to stop production altogether.

‘Poseidon’ was a drama that portrayed the lives of the maritime police’s special forces team and became a hot topic for being Eric’s first drama since his return to the industry. It boasted a star-studded cast that included Kim Kang Woo, Kim Ok Bin, U-Know Yunho(TVXQ) and Jeon Hae Bin.

But disaster struck when the YeonPyungdo shelling incident and bad weather caused ‘Poseidon’ to halt filming for the drama in December. A further setback occurred when SBS decided not to air the drama in May and also when other broadcasting companies turned down the drama from their airing schedules.

With the filming schedule being delayed and the production company failing to secure an airing schedule, actors such as Kim Kang Woo and Kim Ok Bin resigned from their roles, and they were recently joined by the leading man, Eric, as he has decided to appear in KBS 2TV’s new Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Spy MyeongWol’.

In a phone conversation with NoCut News on the 1st, Eric’s entertainment agency stated, “We have come to an agreement with the production company to withdraw Eric from his role in ‘Poseidon’. Since filming 20% of the first episode in December, we have been waiting for filming to resume, but as the situation became uncertain, we have decided to withdraw Eric from the production. We then decided to have him appear in the drama ‘Spy MyeongWol’.

A representative of H20, the production company of ‘Poseidon’, tersely replied, “Production has been suspended completely,” and hastily hung up.

The production company promised to resume filming in May at the latest with new cast members, but with Eric’s decision to resign from his leading role, the drama has come to an early end.

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[PHOTOS] 110602 Yoochun - MBC Ripley Gallery

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[PHOTOS] 110602 JYJ - LAX Airport

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