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“Changmin has become able to say what he want to say properly. He looks more biddable than ever”
- Yunho

“The amazing part of Yunho is the strong sense of responsibility I cannot imitate. He never fails to accomplish even very tough goals.“
- Changmin

TVXQ came back with a single CD “Why? Keep your head down!” released last January. This CD sold 231,000 copies only in one week and won No.1 at every Oricon chart. 1,500,000 fans applied for their release memorial event which has a capacity of only 15000. This proved the high popularity of TVXQ. Also, tickets for SMTown Paris were sold out within a day and a protest for an additional date took place. In response to the demand, a concert date was added. Thus their popularity has spread beyond Asia to Europe.

The superstar TVXQ came to Japan for the recording of their new single, which will be released on July 20, 2011. I got a chance to have an interview wit them while they are in Japan. My mission was to analyze a question “Why is TVXQ that popular?” as a sociologist. This is more complicated than it sounds, because each fan has their own reason why they love TVXQ. However, I found out that there are some common perceptions among their fans. Firstly, they are fascinated by Yunho’s amazing dance and fall in love with Changmin’s outstanding high note. Secondly, they are impressed by their “close relationship”. I will search for the answer to the question by focusing on these points.

The TVXQ members, dressed in active-looking costumes, were giving off an undeniable superstar aura, but somehow looked like pure young boys. When I introduced myself as a professor teaching at a university, Changmin said with a wicked look “I envy you” and Yunho said with a big smile “I was a university student until recently”. At the beginning of the interview, I was knocked out by the miraculous coexistence of superstar aura and friendliness, which actually every and all interviewers praise them for.

High professionalism to provide only the highest quality products

First topic was music. Various composers and songwriters have offered them songs, but they compose and write songs by themselves too. “Checkmate” Yunho composed is very popular dance tune. “Confession” Changmin recently wrote attracted public attention with the rich poetry.

Q: Yunho, you compose and write songs, right? Do you have a stock of songs?
Yunho: Yes, I have some songs in stock. They include various genres such as rock and dance tune. Some songs contain a chorus of 2 or more voices. But I’m not satisfied with any of them yet, and want to work on them more before introducing to fans. I’m looking for the right time, for example, soon or at the next tour.

Q: You have a high goal, don’t you?
Yunho: Yes, because I think it is important to create a song that will be remembered forever.

Q: Changmin, you write songs. Where do the ideas come from?
Changmin: Sometimes I write in my diary. I want to keep it on a daily basis, but I can’t because I’m too busy. I read it to write a lyric poem based on my past experiences.

Q: Which diary entry did you read recently?
Changmin: An entry from about 2 years ago. I won’t tell you what kind of the day it was (laugh).

They always keep a stock of new songs and try to refine them before bringing them out. Now we know the persistent efforts they are making behind the great works.

Strong tie of mutual trust and respect

Let’s explore their “close relationship”.

What do they think about each other?

Q: Changmin, have you thought Yunho is great recently? If yes, what is it about?
Changmin: A very strong sense of responsibility I cannot imitate. He has always been very responsible, but recently he became even more responsible.

Yunho: I’m listening while eating (catering sweets) (laugh)

Changmin: When I see him try a new job and accomplish it to the end, I’m so proud of him. Of course, I always believe he can make it, but worry at the same time because I know how much difficulty he is having. The difficulty and pressure he faces must be far greater than others can imagine. It must be very tough. But he never fails to accomplish them. That is an amazing part of Yunho.

How serious look Changmin shows when he talks about Yunho! You can feel that Changmin respects Yunho with all his heart. On the other hand, Yunho kept a gentle big-brotherly eye on Changmin, nibbling potato chips. Again, you can feel Yunho has an inordinate level of affection for Changmin.

I asked Yunho some questions while Changmin is shooting solo pictures.

Q: Changmin has been showing significant growth recently. Are there moments when you think he is still a child?
Yunho: When he makes a mistake, he really wants to apologize. But sometimes he can’t because he cares about what others think (laugh). When I see such a moment, I think he is still a cute child. But he has been grown up. He tended to hold back, just saying “I’m OK, I’m fine” before. But now he says what he wants to say properly. Personally I think this change is good for him because he must feel less stressed. Now Changmin looks more biddable than ever.

As the leader, Yunho keeps a close eye on Changmin’s growth. I believe Changmin could concentrate on his job with peace of mind because someone who really understands and cares about him is always there.

What Yunho think makes an ideal man?

Yunho is the dance king. His powerful but lithe movement touches the souls of all who see it. In fact, many people are attracted by Yunho and start dance. I asked Yunho, one of the greatest dancers in history, about how to dance well.

Yunho: I think the most important thing for dancers as well as singers is to know themselves. There are angles that make dancers look beautiful, and they vary person to person. There is a “line” that suits your figure. You need to find the line by checking yourself in front of a mirror. Check which line makes you look best. The ability to find the line a “feel”. If you have a real feel for dance, you can improve yourself quickly even if you can do only easy dance at the beginning.

Yunho’s splendid dance skill is based on his dance philosophy developed through the experiences. “To know yourself” well said. He analyzes not only Changmin but also himself. I asked one more question related to a mirror.

Q: When you look in a mirror, do you sometime think yourself good-looking?
Yunho: hahaha (laugh). Good appearance doesn’t make a real man. The important thing is to do your best to keep your promises. A real man should show his faith in action than words.

Changmin’ secret dream

It is the accepted view in the publishing industry that magazines featuring Changmin sell well. His outlook tends to draw attention, but he is good at smart talk too. He gives a clear and clever conclusion to each question with the rich vocabulary and sense of humor. He wants to try a radio DJ some day.

Q: What kind of program do you want to have?
Changmin: I’d like to have a late-night radio program. The listeners are people who have completed what they have to do for the day and are having a time of rest and relaxation . I will talk in a relaxed atmosphere. If it is a long program, I want to talk without restraint.

Q: Will you play your favorite guitarist Raul Midón’s songs on the program?
Changmin: Yes, I will. Like Stevie Wonder, Raul Midón’s is a blind artist. His guitar performance is extraordinary in a positive way. Of course, his vocal is also great. He is an artist loved by anyone who is interested in music.

Q: Are you practicing guitar now?
Changmin: I want to, but I don’t have time. I want to improve my skill, so will restart the practice some day.

What strikes me is the phase “people who have completed what they have to do”. People who properly accomplish what they have to do are Changmin himself and Yunho. From his concept of an ideal radio program, I can read his desire to support people who continue to make efforts like them.

Activities in Japan

Everyone wants to know about their plan of Japanese activities. What kind of TVXQ will they show us? First of all, I asked about their new single they have just recorded.

Yunho: The title is Superstar. It has a positive message “I want to be your superstar”.

Q: Will you sing the song at the a-nation concerts?
Yunho & Changmin (synchronized): I think we will.

Changmin: This song is just perfect for summer. Fans can chant to the song and we can have a blast together. I’m looking forward to it.

Q: You will be participating in a-nation in Ehime, Fukuoka, Aichi, Osaka and Tokyo. You can meet a lot of fans who have waited so long.
Changmin: The a-nation is a meaningful stage for us because it a kind of history of TVXQ’s Japanese activities and a testament to our past efforts. We will work on extra hard because we participate after a two-year absence.

Yunho: The advantage of an open-air concert is easy to communicate with fans. I hope we can enjoy the summer festival together with them. For that, we are preparing our performance.

Q: What are you planning to do in Japan from now on?
Changmin: The details are still being worked out in discussion with staff members. In any case, we hope to release an album as soon as possible because a considerable time has passed since we released the previous album. We are now proceeding with the plan little by little, for example, recording songs.

Yunho: We’re going to try out new genres and show you different aspects of TVXQ. I hope we can offer you a high quality product. We will do our best to deliver a nice new album as soon as possible!

Changmin emphasized “In any case,” and Yunho showed his enthusiasm saying “We’ll do our best!” Once an album is released, they will have a solo tour……. TVXQ fans have a lot to look forward to.

Let’s get back to the mission. Why is TVXQ that popular? I reached a conclusion through the interview. It’s because they continue to work hard behind the scenes, respect and love their partner, know themselves very well and try to support people who work hard. It may be an ordinary answer. Yes, these are ordinal things when you see on a paper. However, if you try to do these, you will immediately know how difficult it is. TVXQ is a superstar because they can do “ordinary things” that look easy, but are actually very hard to do at an above-average level.

Far exceeding our expectations, TVXQ came back gorgeously and gracefully. They will continue to fascinate us forever.

Source: ELLE JAPON August 2011 Issue
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In MBC’s Monday Tuesday drama ‘Miss Ripley,’ Park YooChun and Lee Da hae’s lovable kiss scene has attracted the viewers’ attention.

During the 10th episode on the 28th ,MBC Monday Tuesday drama ‘Miss Ripley’ Yoo Hyun (Park Yoo Chun) received acknowledgement from his father President Song (Jung Yong) for his and Miri’s(Lee Dae Hae) relationship.

From falling in love at first sight with Miri’s outer appearance and to sincerely proposing, Yoo Hyun could not hide his happiness because of President Song’s unexpected gift.

Because of the talkative and lively Miri becoming his daughter in law, President Song has accepted the set of an engagement date.

First President Song grabbed an engagement date while Yoo Hyun took Miri to her doorstep and told her “I think it would be nice if our engagement date was our wedding date” for being apart would be unfortunate.

Afterwards, not being able to hold back Yoo Hyun plants a kiss on Miri’s forehead showing his deep affection.

Source: News Nate
Translated by: heisvile@DBSKnights
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In the 9th episode of MBC’s ‘Miss Ripley’ that aired on the 27th, Song Yoo Hyun played the piano and sang to propose to Jang Miri.

On this day, Song Yoo Hyun calls Jang Miri, who had just finished a special college lecture, to a church and turns on a slide show on a large screen that is filled with pictures of her while he sings and plays the piano.

Jang Miri sheds tears at Song Yoo Hyun’s romantic side and accepts his proposal. But the director’s decision to make Park Yoochun lip sync instead of singing live for the beautiful scene has made many viewers express their disappointment.

On the 22nd, staff of the drama who were present at a filming that occurred at a church in Gangnam, Seoul commented that they created the perfect scene with Park Yoochun’s adept piano skills and emotional voice. As his packed schedule meant that filming would have to occur in the early morning, the staff worried that Park Yoochun’s voice would be too hoarse to sing at such a time but Park Yoochun pulled through by fully utilizing the fact that he’s a singer and sang the OST piece ‘This Empty Place is For You’.

But in the actual drama, Park Yoochun was seen sitting in front of the piano but was never seen actually playing the instrument while the song was played through a BGM. Park Yoochun, who is a singer before he is an actor, had to lip sync for his drama.

Viewers who saw the episode said, “Why did they use the prerecorded OST? I’d like to know the director’s thought process”, “I don’t know why they went old-school and sat Park Yoochun in front of a piano when he’s able to both sing and play the piano”, “The scene could have been more moving but then he lip synced… that completely turned me off,” and “Because he lip synced, it actually got in the way of getting into the scene. It felt like the components of a beautiful scene didn’t work at all. I was disappointed.”

Credits: newsan
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Ahn Naesang, Continues from Teaching Park Yoochun to Also Guide Jaejoong’s Acting. “Curious Coincidence”

Actor Ahn Naesang (47) is in a curious relationship with JYJ.

According to an (insider) affiliate of the drama scene, recently Ahn Naesang provided guidance to JYJ Kim Jaejoong’s acting. Kim Jaejoong is stepping out on the SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama that is planned to air in August—Protect the Boss. One affiliate said: “Kim Jaejoong does have the experience of having appeared in a single-act peace (Telecinema—Postman from Heaven) and a Japanese drama (Fuji TV’s Sunao Ni Narenakute). However, because it is his first time appearing in a multi-episode drama in Korea, there were some feelings of pressure with regards to acting. But recently he received guidance on acting three to four times from Ahn Naesang and so came to have more confidence.”

Last year in the KBS2 drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Ahn Naesang played the Sungkyunkwan Scholar Jung Yakyong and appeared in a teacher-student relationship with the Sungkyunkwan student Lee Sunjun, played by Park Yoochun. Therefore, he has come to be in a teacher-student relationship with JYJ in and outside of drama.

Perhaps Park Yoochun was the person who connected the two? A close associate of Ahn Naesang said: “It was not Park Yoochun. [The guidance of Jaejoong] was initiated through the relationship Ahn Naesang had with Sohn Junghyun PD, who was the director for (the drama) Good Wives Club. Sohn PD took charge of Protect the Boss this time around and suggested that Ahn Naesang appear, but Ahn declined because it was difficult to find a time in his schedule because he came to appear in MBC’s High Kick 3. Then the PD relayed that ‘then, I put in your hands (to guide) Kim Jaejoong’s acting.’ That is how it came about.” The drama Good Wives Club is the representative work by Ahn Naesang through which he made his name and face popularly recognized. Out of a thankful heart, Ahn Naesang gladly accepted Sohn PD’s request and came to form this relationship with Kim Jaejoong.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin gave words of encouragement to Girls’ Generation.

MBC’s ‘Come to Play’ held a ‘We Came from Paris’ special with TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation and f(x).

While saying their final comments to each other, Changmin gave words of encouragement to Girls’ Generation, who are currently busy with their Japanese activities, as he said, “It’s lonely and hard to be in a country that isn’t your homeland,” and “I’m sure you will miss your friends and family.”

To this, Girls’ Generation teared up as their senior showed that he understood what they were going through. As Choikang Changmin debuted in Japan before Girls’ Generation, he was able to understand how the girls felt outside of their home country more than anyone else, and the moment in which he treated the girl group like a caring older brother showed the friendship between SM Town singers.

In the final moments, Sulli cried as she thanked Tiffany and Taeyeon, who she liked before her debut, for being so nice to her and Kristal apologized to Sulli for not taking care of her more due to their age gap.

Source: [tv daily]
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Hello everyone! We are TVXQ. Happy 7th Anniversary for SportsKorea!
It has been 8 years since our debut; we will continue to show everyone a better side of us.
Being the newspaper which brings us the daily news of entertainment and other areas, we hope you can get more and more love in the future, grows and develops well.
- From TVXQ -

To SportsKorea:

” It’s the 7th Anniversary, I’m reeaaally congratulate you! “
- Max Changmin -

” Big congratulation for your 7th Anniversary!
Please bring to us more great news in the future~ “
- UKnow Yunho -

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TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin showed off his charms by singing a charismatic rendition of a children’s song with his eyes wide open.

In the MBC ‘Come To Play’ episode that aired on the 26th, Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, f(x) and TVXQ, who are the forerunners of the K-Pop craze in Europe, talked about the behind-the-scenes stories of their trainee days.

They each had ‘secret orders’ at the time and they wrote down what they were not allowed to do. There were a variety of orders such as ‘Don’t overreact’, but Changmin was the only person who didn’t have a secret order.

He said that he wasn’t told not to do something because he usually didn’t do anything. But there was something that Changmin is good at, and that was having a charismatic gaze.

When Lee Teuk said that Changmin sings ballads with a gaze that could shoot laser beams and even children’s songs with a strong gaze, Choikang Changmin sang ‘Splish Splash’ on the spot with his strong and charming gaze.

Source: [bnt news]
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On the June 27th SM Town special episode of MBC’s ‘Come To Play‘, the artists revealed which members of the company were the top trainees back in the day.

The three members chosen were DBSK’s Changmin and Super Junior members Choi Siwon and Shindong.

Leeteuk explained, “When top quality trainees first join the company, all the other trainees hear rumors about them and start to feel a sense of rivalry. Back in the day, the top three trainees were Changmin, Siwon, and Shindong.”

“Changmin garnered a lot of attention because he was a straight A student and looked a lot like our senior, Kangta. Siwon was also famous because of his good looks.”

“As for Shindong, we all assumed he’d have explosive vocals to sort of make up for the way he looks,” stirring laughter amongst the audience.

Shindong later added that the company has prohibited him from standing in the middle, on the off chance that his rotund figure could create the illusion that the other members were round as well.

Source: TV Report
Translated by : Allkpop
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Changmin Showed His Charm through His Charismatic Nursery Rhymes

TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin showed his charm by singing a charismatic nursery rhyme with his irresistible intense eyes.

During the “Secret Order” section in Come To Play, all the guests were to write down the things that they were ordered to do. There were various orders throughout the phases but Changmin is the only one who never gets any secret order.

“Maybe it’s because I usually don’t do anything, so they let me do nothing.” Changmin said the only thing he could do very well is to show his charismatic eyes instantly.

Lee Teuk said that Changmin’s eyes looks like they are shooting laser when he sings love songs. Even when he sings a nursery rhyme his eyes are so extraordinary. In response Changmin at once showed his eyes charm.

‘Come to Play’ Cut Off Scene ( talked about his hyung ! )

Changmin revealed that when they were on their way to SMT Paris, Yunho shouted when he saw his hubaes in airport regardless it was a public place. “YAH! Flaming Charisma Choi Minho!” ”Sulli ya! Victoria!” It really made him headache and felt like to pretend that he didn’t know his hyung. — It is imaginable that the SMT Paris trip had become enjoyable and peaceful because of our loud Yunho, and also the speechless Changmin-kun aside!

Source: Tvdaily, Su@NeverEnd, haonu@weibo
Translated by: haruharu @
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TVXQ’s performances brought their audience together as one.

The charity concert that was organized by SBS at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka on the 7th this month, was broadcasted on 27th. TVXQ wowed their audience with their high popularity and their usual meticulous performance, even causing some fans to shed tears.

On the dazzling stage, TVXQ made their grand entrance with the performance of their song “Maximum”; a song merging the unique Gaya music from the north and the Korean entertainment’s powerful dance. Following which, they also performed “Before you go” and ended with their main song “Why”.

TVXQ took over the stage with their great dance and vocal ability. With their excellent Japanese and modest attitudes, it is not surprising why TVXQ could become the main strength of the Hallyu Wave. Their greetings in Japanese, "Let’s do it again in future!" caused a frenzy among the Japanese fans, igniting the warmth of Osaka.

Source: [baidutvxq]
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7 Stars Who Build Expectations of How They Will Be in 7 Years

Park Yoochun. Practices Reading the Script 8 Hours Per Day… “Qualifications for a Good Actor.”

Park Yoochun who was born in 1986 debuted in splendid form in 2004 as a member of TVXQ. He was a member of an idol group that ruled Asia but united in strength with Kim Junsu and Kim Jaejoong and became independent as JYJ after conflicts with the then-agency. He was reborn as a promising actor through the 2010 drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal which was his first acting piece and secured a new fan base unique to JYJ. A stage by JYJ which was difficult to obtain was also procured for the Drama Awards Ceremony. Currently he is appearing in Miss Ripley and is walking fast on the road of an actor.

“He had various conditions to be a good actor but I did not know that he’d do that well for a first challenge at a period piece. There are many strong points- The diligence of practicing the script for more than 8 hours per day. That he has no fear of the camera since he has risen on big stages often. That he is able to concentrate (T/N: alternatively, induce concentration). Above all the determination and passion towards a difficult challenge was strong. He has the qualifications to become an even better actor if he does not rush but rather selects good projects and make (his way).”

(Parts unrelated to Yoochun omitted)

Source: Sports Hankook
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Group JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong did a solid fan service for the last (stage). Hero Jaejoong appeared in “black hair” on the final stage of the “JYJ World Tour Concert” that was held on the 26th in Gwangju and made the hearts of women flutter. “Black-Haired Jaejoong” rose to the stage as a man whose charisma could be felt.

Kim Jaejoong until now has had hair that was colored blond and lips tinged with red, and had the image of a beautiful boy who popped straight out from the pages of a manga. Kim Jaejoong’s changed image seemed like a new transformation for the benefit of the fans who had given him strength to finish the world tour in success.

On this scene of the Gwangju concert, about 7,000 fans gathered. It was a splendid finale to the world tour that lasted about 2 months. Along with Kim Jaejong, members Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu showed off their expert humor by parodying the Gag Concert of KBS 2TV.

Kim Jaejoong left his feelings on Twitter on the 27th: “Everyone of the JYJ World Tour, thank you for your hard work. The fans also, thank you for what you have done. Indeed it was the best!”

JYJ had a world tour concert in 10 cities of 7 countries, beginning with Bangkok, Thailand and going to Taiwan, China, Japan, the USA, and Korea. Kim Jaejoong also took charge of directing the concert with the concept of “Creative Challenge” in the Asian region tour of Thailand, Taiwan, China, Japan and such.

Source: Hankook Ilbo
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Actress Park Haemi complimented the musical acting of Kim Junsu.

On the cable channel QTV’s “SuMiOk” that was aired on the 24th, Park Haemi appeared and shared a variety of stories of her family and her life of acting and such.

Park Haemi who has made clear of her unique niche even on the stage of the musicals answered “Kim Junsu” when the MC Kim Jongmin asked her: “There are many musical actors from the idol scene. Who is the actor that you think is good and has abilities?”

Continuing, she did not spare her advice, saying: “I think one needs to be an all-around entertainers nowadays and so I like it that those (idols) rise on the (musical) stage. However, they need to practice a lot. If they practice diligently and do their best they will be able to show 100% of their true worth.”

Kim Junsu of the group JYJ has shown a great potential as a musical actor through the musical “Mozart” and “Tears of Heaven.”

On the other hand, on this broadcast Park Haemi’s husband and son appeared together to show a warm family.

Source: MyDaily
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TVXQ’s charismatic and extravagant performance in ‘Seoul-Osaka Music of Heart’ had the audience fired up in Japan.

The ‘Seoul-Osaka Music Over Heart 2011 Fighting Japan’ concert was aired on SBS on the 27th and TVXQ were seen singing a total of four songs, which included ‘Keep Your Head Down’ and ‘Before U Go’.

On stage, U-Know Yunho shouted, “Hello Osaka!” and greeted the fans of Osaka for the first time in two years with enthusiasm.

On this day, TVXQ fired up the Japanese crowd with their white suits, strong dancing and undeniable stage presence.

U-Know Yunho added on to the buzzing energy as he showcased fluent Japanese by saying, “We’re so happy to be here in Osaka for the first time in two years. I think we’ll do well till the very last song.”

Many singers performed at the concert including 2NE1, 4Minute, Rainbow, T-ara, B2ST, f(x) and FT Island.

Source: [kgb news]
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Maritime drama ‘Poseidon’, that had production halted indefinitely, has found its savior.

According to KBS, ‘Poseidon’ has been confirmed to air after KBS 2TV’s new Monday-Tuesday miniseries ‘Spy Myeong Wol’.

An emotional melodrama by PD Yoon Seok Ho was supposed to air after ‘Spy Myeong Wol’ but as the preparation process continues to be extended in order to create a drama with a higher level of completion, KBS has decided to air ‘Poseidon’ first.

‘Poseidon’ was expected to air in May on SBS with a star-studded cast of TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho, Eric, Kim Ok Bin and Kim Kang Woo. But with SBS deciding not to air the show and production being halted, Eric, Kim Ok Bin and Kim Kang Woo pulled out from the drama after consulting with the production company.

This has left people wondering if U-Know Yunho will still appear in the drama.

Regarding this, a representative of SM Entertainment stated, “Because U-Know Yunho already has activities planned, we are not in the position to say anything about his future appearance in ‘Poseidon’,” and “We have not completely organized our stance on his appearance in the drama yet.”

Source: [star news]
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A video of Park Yoochun and Lee Da Hae filming in the subway station for MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Miss Ripley’ was released on the drama’s homepage on the 25th.

In the video, the two were in the subway station to film for the scene in which conglomerate successor Song Yoo Hyun(Park Yoochun) and Jang Miri(Lee Da Hae) ride the subway to get to the location of their simple date.

During a quick break, Lee Da Hae asked Park Yoochun if he could buy her a drink from a vending machine. Park Yoochun didn’t have any money on him because he was filming and gave her the excuse, “It doesn’t work. The 10,000 Won bill won’t go in and we can’t use a credit card. I really wanted to buy you a drink though.”

When Park Yoochun joked, “I’m not thirsty. We can just swallow our spit,” Lee Da Hae replied by saying, “I think we really are so poor.”

Netizens who saw the video stated, “He’s a conglomerate successor but he can’t even buy his date a drink because he doesn’t have a 1,000 Won bill,” and “It’s nice because the atmosphere on set looks great between the two.”

Source: tv daily
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On the 26th, the video of JYJ’s Kim Junsu and Kim Jaejoong with Park Ji Sung in Vietnam’s charity football match was broadcasted in “Documentary 3 days”, proving their great popularity in Vietnam.

On the day of the match, there were many fans gathered at the hotel where Yoo Sang Chul stayed at, and he jokingly said, “ two thirds of the amount of fans here are JYJ fans, one third are Park Ji Sung’s fans, and perhaps only one of them is my fan!”

When Park Ji Sung came out to board the bus, loud screams by fans could be heard, and the screams became louder when JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong and Kim Junsu boarded the bus. A great commotion by fans were made when Kim Jaejoong sat beside Jung Dae Sae and started chatting with him.

On the day of the charity match, Kim Junsu substituted one of the football players, and ran on the field along side with his team players.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Park Yoochun of Miss Ripley Plays the Piano. Will He Capture Lee Dahae’s Heart?

Park Yoochun is forecasted to transform into a man who plays the piano to make the heart of women flutter. On the 9th episode of the Monday-Tuesday drama Miss Ripley of MBC that will air on June 27, Park Yoochun will himself sing while playing a white piano.

Park Yoochun who filmed on the 22nd in Yuksamdong pulled off the best of scenes through expert piano skills and sweet voice. Filming had taken place from 1am due to heavy schedule and so it was a situation that could only result in a clogged voice. However he did not show off his fatigue and sang the Miss Ripley OST The Empty Space for You with the piano with a happy face.

The production company relayed: “Women are significantly attracted to men who play the piano, to the degree that it is traditionally said that when a male actor plays the piano the drama becomes successful. The opportunity to play the piano for a woman he loves in the drama was a good opportunity for Park Yoochun who is originally a singer to show off his strong points as a singer. The extraordinary appeal of Park Yoochun will be melded completely into the drama.”

Source: Newsen
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This exhibition is not just illustrated magazine articles of exclusive stars but will also include a pictorial gallery. The gallery will be in Cheongdam-dong from June 29th to July 17th. In order to celebrate their 100th issue, fashion magazine “Instyle” will be holding an exhibition in which 100 stars will be participating. There will be a gallery with these 100 stars, and all proceeds will be going to charity.


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