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Park Yoochun of Miss Ripley Plays the Piano. Will He Capture Lee Dahae’s Heart?

Park Yoochun is forecasted to transform into a man who plays the piano to make the heart of women flutter. On the 9th episode of the Monday-Tuesday drama Miss Ripley of MBC that will air on June 27, Park Yoochun will himself sing while playing a white piano.

Park Yoochun who filmed on the 22nd in Yuksamdong pulled off the best of scenes through expert piano skills and sweet voice. Filming had taken place from 1am due to heavy schedule and so it was a situation that could only result in a clogged voice. However he did not show off his fatigue and sang the Miss Ripley OST The Empty Space for You with the piano with a happy face.

The production company relayed: “Women are significantly attracted to men who play the piano, to the degree that it is traditionally said that when a male actor plays the piano the drama becomes successful. The opportunity to play the piano for a woman he loves in the drama was a good opportunity for Park Yoochun who is originally a singer to show off his strong points as a singer. The extraordinary appeal of Park Yoochun will be melded completely into the drama.”

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This exhibition is not just illustrated magazine articles of exclusive stars but will also include a pictorial gallery. The gallery will be in Cheongdam-dong from June 29th to July 17th. In order to celebrate their 100th issue, fashion magazine “Instyle” will be holding an exhibition in which 100 stars will be participating. There will be a gallery with these 100 stars, and all proceeds will be going to charity.


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JYJ held their two-months of “2011 JYJ World Tour Concert” and rounded off with an encore concert in Gwangju.

JYJ started with Bangkok on the 2nd of April and continued with Taiwan, China, Japan and four North American cities, then Korea’s Busan and Gwangju, with a total of 7 countries and 10 cities.

Kim Jaejoong was Asia tour’s director, who directed with the concept of “Creativity Challenge”. C-JeS Entertainment’s representative Baek Chang Ju said, “The 2011 World Tour Concert that displayed JYJ’s infinite possibilities gained strength from fans’ support and encouragements from all around the world and was marvelously concluded.”, “Please also look out for the upcoming solo activities of the three members,” entrusting the fans for support.

JYJ’s Gwangju encore performance had about 7000 audiences and because it was the last concert, the reluctant feeling was unable to be hidden. Also JYJ presented a big laughter to fans by sharing the imitation of their favorite KBS2 Gag Concert segment.

Kim Jaejoong expressed, “Because today is the last concert, rather than giving a neat choreograph of a concert, (We) would rather be closer and ‘breathing’ with the audiences. JYJ also would be preparing exciting activities,” and telling to fans, “Please support and trust us till the end.” The heartfelt audiences answered with their encouraging applause.

Park Yoochun, “There seems to be very little chances to show ourselves to you all, but through this World Tour Concert, it was the happiest time I had after debuting as a singer,” and “Members would be busy with our individual solo activities but would not lose the focus of JYJ. We’ll meet again with an even more handsome public performance,” relaying his thoughts towards the end of the world tour.

Kim Junsu said, “Rather than saying it’s World Tour Concert that injected energy, it was actually the acceptance by fans. I would like to sincerely thank every fans and hoped that this year ends well.”

Additionally, JYJ’s Gwangju encore performance will be shown through KBS2′s Entertainment Generation, broadcasting on the 28th at 7pm KST.

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