Thursday, May 26, 2011

[PHOTOS] 110526 Yoochun - 49th Baeksang Arts Awards

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[VIDEO] 110526 Yoochun - 49th Baeksang Awards (Eng Sub)

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[TRANS] 110526 Park Yoochun's acceptance speech for the Best Male Newcomer Award-TV

"Thank you.

My mother is here to watch me right now, and I really want to thank her for coming.

It was hard for us to grab chances like this, and we didn't have that many chances to choose from in the first place.
So I'm so happy that I was able to take part in such a great production and receive so much love from people.

Because I've been met with so much love, I hope I'll be presented with many more great opportunities in the future. I'll take those opportunities and continue to work harder.

I want to stay friends with all the people I worked with on 'SungKyunKwan Scandal'.

Thank you so much. I'll work harder. Thank you."

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[VIDEO] 110526 Yoochun - 49th Baeksang Awards Part 2

Thank you.

I'm really thankful.

And I think lots of fans are here today, and I want to thank you all for coming.

I think the pain has made you all stronger like it has for JYJ.
With the love you've given us, I will continue to work harder.

I'm really thankful. Thank you.

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[PHOTOS]Changmin - Hawaii photoshot

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[PHOTO] Changmin - Hawaii photoshot preview

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[VIDEO] 110526 Yoochun - 49th Baeksang Arts Awards

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[TRANS] 110525 Daily Post Of JYJ Tweets

Wait… Junsu’s English is really good. And this is the kid who used to say ‘Oh My God Sun’..
(Junsu, 10:40am KST/English Tweet) What up friends! Can’t wait to see you guys on Friday night!! I miss you guys! I love LA. . . Hehe ^^
(Jae Eun, 10:44am KST/English Tweet) @0101xiahtic wow! Cool!!!!! So excited!!!
(Junsu, 10:46am KST/English Tweet) @beyondmonica Don’t be so suprised. I’ve got skillz yo! keke

Total favoritism for these two, I just know it!!
(Junsu, 1:50pm KST) Meow~

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[PHOTOS] 110525 Yoochun - Incheon Airport

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[TRANS] 110525 Kim Junsu And Park Eun Tae’s Fans Donate 1 Ton Of Rice Through Dreame Wreath Stands

On the opening night of the musical ‘Mozart!’ on the 24th, domestic and overseas fans of Park Eun Tae and JYJ’s Kim Junsu sent one ton of rice through Dreame rice wreath stands to the Seongnam Arts Center.

Park Eun Tae’s official fanclub ‘Silver Sound’ and JYJ Kim Junsu’s Japanese fansite ‘My Only Xiah’ each sent 500kg of rice to total in at 1 ton, donating rice to those in need under the names of Park Eun Tae and Kim Junsu.

The musical ‘Mozart!’ will be performed on stage till July 3rd.

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