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Wooo Xiahzart has begun his power trip~ :)
(Junsu, 10:13pm KST) I had two performances today.. Though I wasn’t in that great of a condition, I was able to gain strength from your support and end each performance safely and well! Thank you^^ Most of all, I really enjoyed the buffet that Xiah Yeonhap (T/N: Fansite for Junsu fans) provided for us in Busan, and I want to thank you so much for the snacks and tea that we received from you today~~

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Hello everyone! This is C-Jes.

C-Jes will target fans with membership and provide an exclusive, free activity.
Free purchases can be ordered at the online “C-JeS Store”. Not only will members now have the privilege, but also non-members who are pending to receive their membership will also be eligible once their requests have been verified.

JYJ Fanmeeting – “Sweet White Valentine Date DVD” – March 12 held at Jamsil Stadium

Contents: 1 DVD, approx. 2 hours
Shipping: Mail Courier – 2500 Won (standard rate)
First pre-orders: June 22-28 (7 days)
Delivery Period: Upon receiving the orders, mass delivery will commence late-June, early-July. But if the number of orders exceed the number of stocked copies, they will be sent out on a first come first served basis. Please understand!
Others: Limited to 1 copy per member. If more than 1 copy is ordered, they will be automatically cancelled.

Thank you!

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JYJ Kim Junsu appeared on the stage of musical ‘Mozart’.

Receiving new actor awards and popularity awards from last year’s prestigious award shows, “The Musical Awards” and “Korean Musical Award”, Kim Junsu who successfully debuted as a musical actor returned once again as music genius Mozart.

Nicknamed ‘Xiahzart’ and grabbing a place as musical actor, Kim Junsu received a nomination for the Best Actor award with seasoned actors such as Jung Sung Hwa and Jo Seung Woo etc, in the “5th The Musical Award” held on the 7th of June.

During the open rehearsal for Mozart, Kim Junsu had expressed, “To me, ‘Mozart’ is not just a simple musical work, it gave me a feel that I have once again descended to this world.”

Reappearing on Mozart’s stage, Kim Junsu said, “Have been thinking about wanting to reappear, presenting the looks of the best stage. I have been having many thoughts for the past 1 year about Mozart, about music and would want to present a different production of Mozart from last year’s.”

Additionally, Im Taekyung, Park Euntae, Kim Junsu, Chun Dong Shik will be performing in musical “Mozart” till the 3rd of July at Sungnam Arts Centre with Kim Junsu having 13 performances.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

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It is indeed :)
(Jaejoong, 6:49pm KST) This bus is cool^^

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-Groups keep debuting but colors are limited
-Fan fights lead to alternatives like glow-sticks

Idol groups keeps debuting but it isn’t easy choosing a color for each of them. The photo is of Taiwanese H.O.T. fans who visited Korea in 2001 as they cheer H.O.T. on with their white balloons.

“B2ST doesn’t have a balloon color.” CEO Hong Seung Sung of Cube Entertainment is in a quandary over B2ST’s balloon color. Each idol group usually has a balloon color that symbolizes who they are, but with the increasing number of idol groups against a limited number of colors, it’s become very difficult to choose a color.

Balloons are the representative item that fans use to cheer for idol groups. At concert venues, fans flock together with balloons the color of ‘Our Oppa’ in their hands, ready to cheer. On stage, just looking at the color of balloons helps singers determine how many fans of each singer comes to the performances.

Using balloons to cheer began with first generation idol group H.O.T.’s white balloons. More and more idol groups began to set an official color for their fanclubs with GOD using sky-blue and Shinhwa choosing orange. While first generation idols used primary colors, second generation idols are mixing a variety of colors so that they do not overlap with each other.

According to SM Entertainment, TVXQ’s color is ‘pearl read’(a red that sparkles), SHINee’s color is ‘pearl aqua green’(a slightly bright green that sparkles) and Super Junior’s color is ‘pearl sapphire blue’(a blue that sparkles). Though fanclubs are usually who decide their balloon colors, entertainment agencies will sometimes step forward to make the decision.

Balloons also spark a competition of pride amongst fans. Pop culture critic Kim Jak Ga stated, “These days, idol fans say that they go to concerts to show their support and power,” and “As each group has a different color for their balloons, they show their power by having the most number of balloons at the venue.“

Fans think of balloons as a medium that connects them to their singers. That is why ‘fights’ break out between fanclubs over balloon colors. When fans of F.T. Island were ready to designate their balloon color as ‘pearl rainbow blue’, Super Junior fans began writing online posts of protest, stating that the color was too similar to their own color of ‘pearl sapphire blue’.

One fan stated, “When viewed from afar, you can’t even tell the difference between the two colors.” A TVXQ fan expressed of her reluctance to share balloon colors with other groups as she said, “Because fans and singers have lots of memories embedded in and feel a sense of connection through balloons, it wouldn’t be easy for us to give up our balloon color (to fans of other singers), even if our favorite group disbands.“

As it has become hard for fanclubs to choose balloon colors, some have turned to alternatives such as glow-sticks. YG Entertainment idols have created special glow-sticks instead of balloons for their fans to use. Big Bang’s are crown shaped while Se7en’s are in the shape of a ’7′. CEO Hong Seung Sung of Cube Entertainment stated, “If it’s too difficult to choose a balloon color for B2ST, we will use glow-sticks instead.”

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Congresswoman Park Seon Suk of the National Party has called for the Fair Trade Commission’s active role in investigating unjust trade acts in the entertainment industry.

At a National Assembly conference held on the 13th, Congresswoman Park brought up the topic of the Korean Federation of Pop Culture and Arts Industry(KFPCAI)’s official notice that asked entertainment agencies and broadcasting companies to refrain from providing JYJ with activities. She called for an investigation to determine whether or not this official notice violates the Fair Trade Laws.

JYJ is a three-member group of Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu, all from TVXQ.

Congresswoman Park Seon Suk stated, “There have only been two instances in which the FTC called for an order of rectification in the entertainment industry in the last five years,” and “Both instances involved the domestic entertainment agency SM Entertainment.“

She continued to state, “It is not that I doubt the competitive edge that the Hallyu Wave has as it has even spread past Asia into Europe, but I believe that if the industry continues to be made of certain entertainment agencies using their superior position to take dominance over others, then the it will not last long.“

Congresswoman Park also stressed, “I ask that (the strengthening of the binding power of) the FTC’s model exclusive contract for the entertainment industry be examined as a legislation.” To this, Chairman Kim Dong Su stated, “It will be done.”

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Friday, June 17, 2011

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JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong and North Korean National Soccer representative Jong Tae Se took a picture together, displaying a surprising connection.

On June 16, Kim Jaejoong wrote on his Twitter: “Tae Se-ah. We need to meet up in the future!” whilst uploading a picture.

After the picture was revealed, netizens expressed, “His network of friends is expanding”, “So handsome”, and “South and North in peace”.

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Jaejoong’s got himself a new friend
(Jaejoong, 9:32am KST) Tese, we have to meet again..!

(Tese, 10:29am KST) @mjjeje You must have arrived at the airport. I’m grateful to have met you, I hope to see you again in Japan

(Jaejoong, 7:07pm KST) @TeseBochum9 Have a safe trip to Germany~ I hope you recover from your surgery soon! Eat lots of good food! I’ll e-mail you~

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Who will emerge as the final victor in SBS’s “Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry?”

On 13 June, Kiss & Cry started a survey on their homepage to “Predict Which Team Will Emerge As Champions.”

This survey will go on till 8 July. As of 16 June, the “visual group” out of the 10 – U-Know Yunho and Claudia is placed at No. 1 with 40.6% of the votes, with the previously tearful and emotional Kim Byung Man and Lee Soo Kyung couple taking second spot with 33.2% of the votes. As this is a long-term voting process, the tides may turn at any time.

U-Know Yunho, who only started skating 2 months ago, has attracted a lot of attention with his extravagant performances and sly acting abilities. Kim Byung Man came back from an injury to resume training, and overcame his difficulties to complete his performance, causing Kim Yuna to be touched to tears and was awarded high marks

You can participate in the “Kiss & Cry” winners’ voting on the “Kiss & Cry” website. This show will be aired every Sunday at 6.40pm.

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

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TVXQ Max Changmin had a good time enjoying his trip.

Fashion magazine IN STYLE revealed Max Changmin’s photos in the Hawaii trip. Max Changmin who has been active as the group TVXQ, did not go with U-Know Yunho this time, instead he went on a lone trip to recharge. One of the photos showed Max Changmin in a singlet with his model look and the free-spirited smile firmly captured girls’ hearts. Especially with the beautiful scenary, it made the photo even more alike to a painting.

This image of Max Changmin will be meeting everyone in the 7th issue of IN STYLE.

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On June 16th, C-JeS Entertainment revealed that JYJ would be holding an encore concert for their world tour!

The message read:

“Hello, this is C-JeS Entertainment.

We would like to thank the Korean fans for the support they’ve shown JYJ on their world tour. Because JYJ’s concerts have been focused mainly on Seoul, we have prepared a ‘JYJ WORLD TOUR CONCERT IN GWANGJU‘ so that they may meet more of their fans.

We ask for your interest and support. The ticket information will be written below. Thank you.”

Check out the concert info below!

Date: June 26th, 2011 at 7 PM KST
Location: Gwangju Yumju Gymnasium
Tickets Open on June 17th, 2011 at 8 PM KST
Costs: VIP 120,000 WON / R 110,000 WON / S 90,000 WON / A 70,000 WON / B 60,000 WON

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On June 15th, JYJ’s Junsu showed off his impressive football skills at Park Ji Sung’s charity match, “Doosan Asian Dream Cup 2011“, which was held in Vietnam.

JYJ opened up the event with a performance that electrified everyone in the stadium. Kim Junsu then joined the second half of the match to replace Lee Jae Kwan (Korea University); he played alongside football stars like Ki Sung Yueng (Celtic FC), Park Chu Young (AS Monaco), and Park Ji Sung (Manchester United) for a total of 20 minutes.

Since he’s the leader of celebrity football team ‘FC MEN‘, his skills were of no surprise to fans. Junsu even managed to keep up with pros for the full 20 minutes!

In the end, the ‘JS Friends‘ team lost to the ‘Navibank FC‘ with a final score of 3-4.

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TVXQ rose to the highest ranking amongst foreign artists on the Oricon chart for the mid-year 2011 rankings.

In the recently published Oricon singles chart for the first half of 2011, AKB48 held the top two spots (1st and 2nd), followed by the 5 member male group Arashi at 3rd. Coming in at 4th place was none other than TVXQ.

Last January, TVXQ released “Why?” (Keep Your Head Down), in which the approximate sales were around 130,000 units on the first day, winning the Oricon daily singles chart. With 230,000 copies sold during the first week, it also topped the Oricon weekly chart.

With such a substantial sales figure in it’s first week of release, unimaginable by most foreign artists, TVXQ held 1st on both the Oricon daily and weekly singles chart. It marked the 9th time in which they ranked 1st, which is a record (by a sizable margin) for the highest amount of number 1 hits by a foreign artist.

After TVXQ in the singles chart, other Korean artists also performed admirably. KARA ranked 12th, while Jang Geun Suk came in at 15th. With almost 320,000 copies sold, SNSD ranked 10th on the full album chart, while KARA ranked 14th with almost 230,000 copies sold, attracting much attention for it’s high rankings.

Meanwhile, TVXQ is scheduled to release their next Japanese single, “Superstar” on July 20th. “Superstar” is expected to place 1st on the weekly charts and it is already believed that TVXQ will break another record.

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“Hallyu Group” JYJ’s member Park Yoochun, showed a stern expression on his face when the drama he is participating in mentioned the word “Hallyu Star,” creating a lot of laughter.

[Contains Spoilers]

In the episode of “Miss Ripley” aired on 13 June, a scene shows heir to Mondo Resorts Song Yoo Hyun, as well as Ha Chul Jin, Jang Myung Hoon, Jang Shi Yeon and others in a discussion about the marketing plans for hotel a.

Ha Chul Jin said, “If we used Hallyu stars for the promotions, wouldn’t the effect be better?” and Jang Shi Yeon objects, saying “Recently, hallyu stars have been getting too much exposure, so…” and throughout this conversation, Song Yoo Hyun remains quiet with a stern expression, looking at the two people.

Netizens who saw the episode said, “ The Hallyu star is right beside you!” and “I think there must have been a lot of NGs due to laughter for this scene” and other comments.

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Park Yoochun expressed his feelings as a narrator.

Park Yoochun recorded the narration for MBC TV’s special documentary ‘The Hometown I Lived In’ on the 16th early afternoon at Seoul MBC’s dubbing room.

The production crew said that his narration timbre is similar to Hyun Bin, who narrated for ‘Africa Tears’, and was very satisfied with it. Jung Sung Ho CP highly praised Park Yoochun, “Not only the breathing, the enunciation, or the engagement, it was as favourable as any other celebrities who have done narrations before.”

‘The Hometown I Lived In’ filmed the precious soul-belonging place that has disappeared due to development, a work on how hometown’s current situation.

Park Yoochun, “Although my hometown is Seoul, I ever stayed in my grandmother’s house which is in the western mountain of Chungnam.” “My grandmother lived there, suddenly I recalled a lot of things about my grandmother,” expressing his thoughts. When mistakenly reciting the interesting difficult local names uniquely used in villages, Park Yoochun whined and made the atmosphere enjoyable.

Lee Jeong Sik PD said, “Hopefully through Park Yoochun’s deep feeling voice, we’ll be able to bring the story of the pain our hometown is going through, delivering to more audiences.”

It will be broadcasted at 11.05pm on the 17th.

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On the MBC TV Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Miss Ripley’ episode 6 broadcasted on the 14th, Park Yoochun and Lee Da Hae transformed into bike couple, both dating while wearing handsome black bike outfits and helmets.

In ‘Miss Ripley’, Park Yoochun who acted as Mondo Resort Group’s successor, has been portraying his gentle image, but through this bike scene, it was the first time his wild and handsome manly charisma was exhibited. Lee Da Hae who acted as Jang Miri, changed her usual feminine style and came out in handsome bike outfit, play role as a bike couple with Park Yoochun.

This filming was done late last month in Itaewon and Banpo bridge and the bike they rode on is worth about 40 million won. According to staff, the two of them anticipated this bike scene a lot and smiled like a child during the filming. Especially for Park Yoochun who has a penchant for driving, he was delighted just by the ability to ride a bike.

The production company has expressed that Park Yoochun will be showing his manly charisma gradually in the drama and this riding scene hinted the progression of the storyline to a new level, thus hoping the audience to wait for it.

‘Miss Ripley’ is a melodrama that tells the story of a woman who unwillingly said a lie and this led to more lies, resulting in a danger that she would lose all the she had.

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