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Actor Park Yoochun shows his heartfelt emotional scene, causing the filming location's atmosphere to be solemn.

In MBC's popular drama 'Miss Ripley,' Park Yoochun plays the role of second-generation chaebol Song Yoo Hyun. On the 13th of this month when episode 5 will be broadcasted, the earnestly acting Park Yoochun will pay a visit to his birth mother's grave, and his manner of holding in his tears will stimulate the viewers' tear glands. Actress Yang Mi-Kyeong plays the role of Park Yoochun's birth mother. Although Song Yoo Hyun currently lives with his stepmother in a harmonious family, he still retains that deeply sincere heart for 'his birth mother who left the world when he was a child.' Song Yoo Hyun holds a bouquet of flowers when he goes to his birth mother's grave, and recalls the happy times he spent with his mother when he was a child.

A staff member at the filming location stated, "Park Yoochun's crying scene was performed very sincerely, and caused the filming atmosphere to become solemn." He rated his acting skills in crying rather highly.

According to this staff member's statement, Park Yoochun first immersed himself in emotion before he officially started to film. His "NG-less" crying scene received the director's "okay" gesture.

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Jaejoong at rehearsal before the Busan Concert! :D

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Asia’s best duty-free shop Lotte Duty Free has released the music video of their CM song ‘So I’m Loving You Ver.2′ that features Song Seung Hun, Choi Jiwoo, Big Bang, 2PM, Hyun Bin, Jang Geun Seok, JYJ and Kim Hyun Joong.

In 2009, ‘So I’m Loving You Ver. 1′, sung by 7 teams including Rain, JYJ and Big Bang, was a bit hit in Korea, Japan and China.

The newly released music video had a theme of ‘Shopper’s Wonderland’ and had a star-studded cast list, bring viewers four dream-like minutes of each model’s unique characteristics blended into fairy tales.

The video was composed of Hyun Bin’s Alice in Wonderland, JYJ’s Singing in the Rain, Big Bang’s Arabian Nights, Choi Jiwoo and Song Seung Hun’s Beauty and the Beast, 2PM’s Treasure Island and Jang Geun Seok and Kim Hyung Joong’s Little Prince.

Each model showcased acting and singing for each concept, and 2PM and Kim Hyun Joong, new additions to the Lotte Duty Free team, said, “It feels like we’ve become the hero in a fairy tale,” and were seen having a great time as they filmed their parts.

Using a variety of natural facial expressions to show their enthusiasm, the celebrities were praised for their work by the staff who said, “That’s why their Korea’s best models.”

Nam Goong Hui of Lotte Duty Free’s marketing team stated, “On May 29th, we temporarily released the music video of the CM song and it hit 180,000 views in three days,” and “Through the new music video, we planned to revamp Lotte Duty Free’s image and solidify Lotte Duty Free’s unique enter-tour-ment marketing that mixes tourism and entertainment.”

Hallyu cable stations and fanclubs in Japan are already strongly requesting the release of content related to the music video, and Lotte Duty Free plans to take up these requests in mid-June, to coincide with the peak season of summer vacations.

The audio file of the Lotte Duty Free CM song, as well as the ‘making film’ footage and wallpapers of each star, will be released from mid-June on the homepage of Lotte Duty Free.

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Sunglasses are already a staple for completing airport fashion, but celebrities are now adding on another finishing touch in the form of a backpack. Let’s take a look at what stars are wearing to the airport nowadays.


JYJ’s Park Yoochun, who cannot be left out when talking of the fashionistas of airport fashion, can be seen completing his look with a backpack.


In the airport to head out for their concert in France, TVXQ were also seen with backpacks. Choikang Changmin especially drew the attention of many with the studded design of his backpack.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

omg lol Xiahmori by a cat… this is too precious♥
(Junsu, 10:35pm KST) Leo, shall we play soccer?

(Junsu, 10:36pm KST) If you want to play by yourself, you could do that..

Junsu… you’re cute too lol
(Kyung Jong, 11:02pm KST) @0101xiahtic He’s cute….ㅡㅡ
(Junsu, 11:21pm KST) @StarBell87 Kyung Jong, you’re cute too lol

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The generosity of Yoochun’s wallet was revealed recently, after it was discovered that he bought the staff of his new drama, “Miss Ripley“, an expensive dinner as a gesture of his gratitude.

The JYJ member reportedly made reservations at a sushi restaurant in Jeju Island during the staff’s stay there, and treated everyone to sawedged perch, which is considered to be the best dish on the menu. The staff had stayed up all night filming for the drama, so the meal was said to have been a much-needed energy boost.

Yoochun commented, “I always felt apologetic towards the staff with us. We’re a dream team aiming to create the best drama possible, so I hope we continue to support each other.”

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In the SBS “Kim Yuna’s Kiss&Cry” to be broadcasted on June 12th, compared to the charm he showed off through his previous dance performance, Uknow Yunho attempted something new, transforming into the charismatic man Danny from the musical “Grease”

When Uknow Yunho came out, everyone praised his acting of brushing his hair with a big comb, completely transforming into the role of a cute dandy boy. The judge raised her thumbs, saying “it is almost as if we saw John Travolta.”

Yunho was partnered with the figure skater Claudia Miller, the two together exhibits elegant figure skating skills. In Kiss and Cry, once the two of them entered, they received everyone’s attention like a rising new star would. The entire performance from the unique entrance grabbed everyone’s eyes, along with the music, and elegant turns again received a lot of popularity on the ice rink.

Please watch June 12th broadcast of Kim Yuna’s Kiss&Cry to see how Uknow Yunho transforms into John Travolta

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Park Yoochun made a surprise appearance in “The Greatest Love,” drawing the attention of the viewers.

On the episode of “The Greatest Love” that was aired on 8 June, while Goo Ae Jung and Yoon Pil Joo were having a meal, the television screen behind them showed a familiar image. It was Park Yoochun, who is currently playing Song Yoo Hyun in the MBC drama “Miss Ripley.”

It was later discovered that the shooting for “The Greatest Love” had happened to be during the airing of “Miss Ripley,” and therefore became an indirect form of promotion for the broadcaster’s drama.

Netizens said, “It’s a pleasant surpise,” “What a good way to promote your own drama,” etc, in response to Yoochun’ s surprise appearance.

(Irrelevant information omitted)

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

SM Entertainment’s singers, including Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, TVXQ, SHINee and f(x), will set ablaze the Hallyu craze in Europe.

The Visit Korea Year Committee has revealed that it will be promoting tourism in Korea to tie in with the ‘SM TOWN LIVE World Tour in Paris’ concerts that are to be held at Le Zenith de Paris this weekend.

The concert that will be performed by SM Entertainment’s singers has been renamed ‘SM TOWN LIVE World Tour in Paris to commemorate 2010-2012 Visit Korea Year (VISIT KOREA YEAR Presents SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR in PARIS)’ and will be held across two days as requested by the European Hallyu fans.

The Visit Korea Year Committee will have a promotional stand at the concert venue to meet and greet the 14,000 fans who will be attending the two shows.

Before the concert starts, the Visit Korea Year Committee will be showing videos that promote future events to be held in Korea such as the Daegu 2011 IAAF World Championships, Jeju’s nomination as one of the New7Wonders, 2011 F1 Korea Grand Prix and the 2012 Yeosu World Expo.

Secretary General Hong Joomin of the Visit Korea Year Committee stated, “We have decided to promote the Visit Korea Year project with the concert in France in order to increase the interest in the Hallyu Wave and increase the rate of tourism in Korea as K-POP is very popular in Europe,” and “We will not limit the Hallyu Wave to Asia and will help spread it to other areas such as Europe and North America.”

The Visit Korea Year Committee recently began a ‘K-pop Cover Dance Contest’ that is catered to Hallyu fans as one of its activities.

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JYJ’s Japanese charity concert ended in great success.

Having already donated 600 million Won for the victims of the earthquake that shook the nation of Japan in March, JYJ held a successful charity concert on the 7th at 2pm and 7pm with 20,000 fans at the Yoyogi National Stadium in Tokyo.

This was JYJ’s first Japanese concert since Avex put a halt on all JYJ activities last October so the two-hour performance was meaningful for both JYJ and their Japanese fans.

Hiroko Saito(25), a fan who attended the concert, stated, “I was nervous because I thought the concert was cancelled due to Avex’s obstructions. I was so happy to see JYJ performing in Japan.” Yuko Yoko(37) stated, “I received a great amount of courage from JYJ who were sincere in their worries throughout the concert of the victims of the earthquake. I will continue to support JYJ’s future activities.”

CEO Baek Chang Joo of C-JeS Entertainment stated, “The fans played a big role in holding this concert,” and “Though others tried to stop us from using certain concert venues, they were unable to break down the passion of the fans who support JYJ. Please think of this performance, not only as a charity concert, but the signal that signifies the start of JYJ’s Japanese activities.“

JYJ, who successfully ended their charity concert in Japan, will be greeting Korean fans at the Busan Sajik Indoor Gymnasium on the 11th and 12th of this month.

JYJ’s popularity continues to soar as their music essay ‘Their Rooms, Our Story’ was deemed the best seller of celebrity-written books of this year by Kyobo Books.

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