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[NEWS] TVXQ releases two Chaku-Uta Full tracks ahead of album release

Korean duo TVXQ are getting set to treat fans with the re-release of their Korean album, “Why (Keep Your Head Down)“, in less than a week, but have already released two songs in Full Chaku-Uta form earlier today.

“Kore Dake wa, Wakatteite Hoshii -Dokuhaku- Before U Go (Monologue) and Kore Dake wa, Wakatteite Hoshii (Before U Go)“, which appear as the first two tracks on the original Korean version, but whose titles have been translated, were recently released in Full Chaku-Uta form available for download on Japanese cellphones. The two are now available on popular Chaku-Uta site, mu-mo.

The album drops in Japan on May 4th, and due to its Japanese licensing, will contain two instrumental versions as bonus tracks, including one for “Kore Dake wa, Wakatteite Hoshii (Before U Go)”.

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[PHOTOS] 110429 JYJ - Nii Twitter

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[TRANS] 110428 JYJ Fans Publish Advertisement Satirising JYJ’s Inability To Appear On Programs

The fans of group JYJ have once again released an advertisement, satirising JYJ’s current situation.

Headed by fansite DNBN, they gathered 20 Million won in funds, and put up an advertisement in Moogaji, headed “Singing on Television? You?”

The said advertisment talks about a fictitious book titled “101 Ways To Remove JYJ From Programs” and describes their current inability to appear on television programs, while mocking JYJ, who is current locked in a battle with SME, as “Artist who have forgotten about place B,” attracting a lot of attention.

At the moment, although JYJ, who are engaged in a legal battle with SM Entertainment, are active in the fields of musicals and dramas, they have not been able to appear on music programs. The only time the trio has performed on a program under the name JYJ was during the KBS Drama Awards at the end of last year.

Fans plan to publish the same advertisement two more times, in hopes of allowing JYJ to appear on programs freely.

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[PHOTOS] 110428 HoMin - Suvarnabhumi Airport - Part 2

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[PHOTOS]110428 HoMin rehearsal

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[TRANS] 110428 Message From C-JeS’s Baek Chang Ju

This is C-JeS entertainment’s representative Baek Chang Ju.

Firstly, I sincerely thank you for your unending love and cheers for JYJ.

Despite a situation where JYJ was unable to do activities in Japan due to their Avex contract suspension, JYJ’s worldwide album as well as activities have received great support, and I am constantly grateful.

Due to the Tohoku Earthquake that occurred last month, while the whole Japan was struck by grief, JYJ grieved as well, with the emotions of a family.

So, for the sake of repaying everybody for their love, we planned a charity concert in hopes that we would recover from the Tohoku Earthquake as soon as possible. However, even though we pushed forward with the thoughts of wanting to do whatever we can, regardless of our intention, the cancellation of the concert, as well as other troubles occurred. The tickets had already been sold, and to everybody who had been looking forward to the concert, we apologise for the inconvenience caused.

When I thought about the Japanese fans who had been waiting for JYJ’s performance for a long time, I decided that we cannot showcase a slipshod performance. We considered cancelling the performance, but to keep the promise that we made to the fans who have been silently waiting and believing in JYJ, we decided that the performance will go on.

I will do my utmost to ensure that the performance be held as planned.
For the Japanese fans, this concert is not just a one-time event, please take this to be a sign that JYJ will be starting activities in Japan from now on.
Therefore, the location for this concert may be rather poor, and may be lacking. Please believe in our sincerity, and we hope that everyone will be able to support us.

From now on, JYJ will not give in to such pressures, as long as it is a place where the Japanese fans can listen to JYJ’s music, we will be there.
For the sake of repaying the trust of the Japanese fans, I will fight with all I have so that they can once again listen to JYJ’s music and stories.

Dear Japanese fans.
As always, please continue to be a pillar of support that JYJ can believe in, and give them your strength.

As long as we believe, we can do it.

Baek Chang Ju

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[TRANS] 110428 Junho – JYJ Junsu’s Twin Brother To Debut In Japan In August

It was revealed that Junho, the older twin brother of JYJ’s Junsu will be making his Japan debut in August 2011. Also, a photobook will be released in July, before his debut, and it was announced that he will be performing at “Girl’s Award” on 29 April.

Although you can feel the image of his younger brother Junsu from his looks, standing at a height of 188cm, with body proportions that were honed from his days as a baseball player, Junho shows a distinctly different charm as compared to his younger brother. In 2008, Junho appeared in a Korean variety show, and attracted attention for his activities as a CF model.

After being forced to retire from baseball due to an injury, he made his official debut in China in 2010. With the announcement, he held debut showcases all over Asia, including Japan. In the Chinese music industry, he won the Best Newcomer Award for the “2009 Music King – World Chinese Music Awards Ceremony” In March 2010, he released his first album “Nothing to lose” in China, and sold approximately 50,000 copies, going Platinum. In the same year, he also held fan-meetings all over China, and recorded a total audience of 20,000 people, with his fanclub in China boasting over 100,000 people. Also, in a popular Chinese mini-blog service, his follower numbers are currently at around 200,000 people.

In the meanwhile, with the intent to expand the locations of his activities, he signed a contract with Avex, which led to his Japan debut.

His Japanese debut single, which is scheduled to be released on 3 August, will be an original song, and the first time he has ever sung in Japanese. It will be a dance number that shows his well trained figure. The recording of this single will be done in Tokyo. Junho said, “I want to make a great piece of work together with the many staff,” and, although he had a lot of difficulty singing his first Japanese song, he had the right attitude and worked hard throughout the night for his recording.

“I’m really thankful for the continued support that everyone has been giving me. This time, through avex, I am really happy to have more chances to meet with everyone in Japan. I can feel the warmth of everyone’s heart, from the plentiful music that they have kindly provided me with. I want to use my own determination, and work towards the first step of making it into the Oricon top 10.” – Junho

Also, before the single is released, a photobook in the form of a road movie, detailing Junho’s time in Tokyo is scheduled for release in the later part of July. Also, he will be performing in the “Girls Award by CROOZ blog 2011 SPRING/SUMMER” which will be held on 29 April in the Yoyogi National Gymnasium together with ICONIQ、SDN48、JAMOSA、ZE:A、AAA、NERDHEAD feat Mai.K、Be-ppin and others.

“Because this is the first photobook in Japan, I have put my heart into it. Although I’m still not used to photoshoots, I worked hard, and put a lot of feeling into it, because I want to make a good product. The “Girl’s Award” is my first major performance in Japan, so I’m a little worried but, because I want to show a good performance, I am practicing very hard every day. I’m also enjoying myself as I do this, but please enjoy yourselves as well. i want to showcase an enthusastic performance and make it as enjoyable as possible. Because I am trying my best, please lend me your support.” – Junho

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[TRANS] 110428 Daily Post Of JYJ Tweets

Dood… where have you BEEN? *facepalm*
(Young Bum, 8:11am KST) @mjjeje lolol Are you back in Seoul??
(Jaejoong, 9:17am KST) @bums1313 I came back to Seoul ages ago~

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[TRANS] 110428 avex's Statement Concerning JYJ's Charity Event

April 28, 2011

To Whom It May Concern

Avex Group Holdings Inc.

Concerning the Charity Event by JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN

There was an announcement on April 5 this year, that JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN (exclusive artists of our company, hereinafter named “JJY”) will hold a charity support event (hereinafter called “this event”) for the Tohoku Kanto Earthquake Disaster.

This event was planned without receiving any permission from our company, which holds the exclusive management rights for JJY in Japan.

Our company has protested multiple times to the organizer ZAK Corporation (hereinafter named “ZAK Corp”) and JJY’s Korean management company, C-JeS ENTERTAINMENT, (hereinafter named “C-Jes Corp” ). However, they have not listened to our protests, and forced through with the ticket sales unilaterally.

Concerning our company’s above handlings, we have received many comments and requests from JJY fans that this event should push through. Or, that since the sole purpose is for charity, we should especially dissolve the exclusive contract. On the other hand, we have received protests from multiple antisocial forces. Furthermore, we were under duress that our president should be harmed, etc.

However, our company holds the exclusive rights for JJY’s activities in Japan, and we have just taken actions for the infringement rightfullly and properly.

Additionally, as we have announced in our press release of September 16 last year, there remains to be compliance problems such as the criminal record of the President of C-JeS in assaulting/blackmailing an artist (of whom he was in charge of). Moreover, the exclusive contract declaratory judgment is still going on in Korea. Therefore, we have no other choice than to suspend the activities of JJY until these are settled.

In spite of the above circumstances, ZAK Corp and C-JeS have in their joint names, and, as ZAK Corp by itself, have filed two provisional dispositions against our company to the Tokyo District Court, claiming that our company’s handlings have no legitimate basis.

Hereafter, our company will contend our legitimacy at the judicature.

Our company does not think that the JJY members themselves are aware of everything that is happening.
Our company wishes that the JYJ members will understand the situation correctly and the real intention of our company.
Additionally, as we have been consistently commenting, our company long for the day where the compliance and legal problems in Korea will be resolved, and that our company can once again manage JJY. Furthermore, to resume the artists’ activities as Tohoshinki . We will do our best in the future.

For the fans who support JJY, we understand that we are making all of you worry.
We appreciate your kind understanding on the above.

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