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TVXQ’s Yunho has been earning praise left and right ever since SBS’s “Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry” premiered on May 22nd. His Michael Jackson performance impressed judges to the point where it was hard for anyone to believe that he had only been training for two months.

He revealed, “I’ve only ever ice-skated once in my life in high school. I remember always falling. Putting on these skates now, I feel like I returned to my rookie days. It was definitely harder than I thought and it’s easy to jump and turn in your head, but it’s hard to even take your foot off the ice once you actually try to apply it.”

PD Kim Jae Hyuk added, “Yunho had a hard time with it at first, but he’s a hard worker so he trained diligently. Despite his busy schedule, he’d get on the ice at 12 AM or 5 AM, whatever every chance he got. Even when his manager would tell him to rest for his schedule, he’d always shout out, ‘One more time.’ I was moved by this side of him.”

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Kim Yuna’s choreographer David Wilson had praised U-Know Yunho.

In the episode of SBS “Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry,” Kim Byung Man, U-Know Yunho, IU, Son Dambi, Lee Gyu Hyuk, Krystal, Seo Ji Seok, Lee Ah Hyung and other stars appeared in the show, starting an intense competition with their chosen partners.

On that day, U-Know Yunho presented a “Homage to Michael Jackson” performance. In his perfect replication, Yunho wore the late Michael Jackson’s signature black suit, hat and shiny gloves, and not only danced but showed his extraordinary potential on ice, receiving a standing ovation from the 100-man audience evaluation team.

David Wilson, who was the special judge, could not tear his eyes off Yunho, watching his every move. In his evaluation, he said, “How can this be! This is the best performance from the challengers so far, and it feels just like a music video, with all the elements executed well. This is surprising, and the dance was also performed very well.” At the same time, he gave a 8.7 score.

The other judges too gave Yunho the highest score, and emcee Kim Yuna, International judge Ko Sung Hee and singer Kim Jang Hoon all unreservedly praised, “This is beyond my expectations, I didn’t expect jumps and spins, it’s really amazing,” and “As expected, a stunning performance,” and “Although it was all great, the speed was the best” and others.

U-Know Yunho, who received great compliments from the judges for his first performance, when asked about his feelings, said “I was really nervous, and although there were some parts that I could have done better on, despite this, I worked hard, and pushed myself beyond my limits so I’m satisfied and very happy. The excitement is still coursing through me!” expressing his emotional feelings.

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