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JYJ World Tour has reached the stages of North America.

JYJ representative said, “It will marked its beginning on the 20th 8pm at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada and then proceed with performances in other parts of America.”

The JYJ North America World Tour collaborated with World’s second best promotion agency AEG Live, who has handled top artists’ concerts like Justin Timberlake, Bon Jovi, Usher etc. The concert director is Jeri Slaughter who has choreographed the concerts of Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez etc. JYJ would be performing on a huge stage to 7000 audiences with songs from their worldwide album, “The Beginning” and their own compositions, a total of 24 songs.

On the eve of Vancouver’s concert, Kim Jaejoong and Kim Junsu attended the press conference in Los Angeles and expressed, “Standing on stage and receiving comfort from the fans, (we) want to express our thanks to them.” Also, JYJ said, “We want to fill up the area with touching emotions.”

JYJ North America Tour will begin from Vancouver, Canada, followed by 22nd May in New Jersey, 27th May in Los Angeles and 2nd June in San Jose, at the three cities of US. Afterwhich, they would participate in the charity concert in Japan on the 7th June and then return to Korea for a two-day concert in Busan on the 11th and 12th of June.

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Actor Park Yoochun (26), who has been playing “wealthy man” roles ever since he started acting is actually the opposite, and actually enjoys a simple life.

In the drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” Park Yoochun played the role of Lee Seon Joon, a high-ranking official’s son, and in his upcoming project “Miss Ripley,” he will act as the role of heir to local top-class resorts, the character Yutaka, with his decisive abilities and drive, lighting up the screens once again as the perfect man with leadership qualities.

Park Yoochun, who started out as a singer had already caught the attention of many with his “luxurious” image. In addition to this, the roles that he has played in dramas after becoming an actor have both been characters from a wealthy background, born with a silver spoon in their mouths, reinforcing his image as a “wealthy man.”

With regards to this, Park Yoochun said, “Unlike the characters that I play in the dramas, I am actually a very simple man. I don’t really like going to expensive restaurants, and I wouldn’t go there unless there was a special reason. I go once every two years, when my mother wants to go.”


For this project, Park Yoochun does not need to worry about criticism about his acting skills, and as long as the viewership ratings are satisfactory, he will be able to establish a firm position on the small screens.

In his previous work, “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” not only did his role as Lee Seon Joon, together with Park Min Young, Yu Ah In and Song Joong Ki create a “Jjalgeum Quartet” fever, but during the “2010 KBS Drama Awards,” he also managed to win three awards including the Best Newcomer Award, gaining recognition for his acting.

To this, Park Yoochun said, “However, I still feel a lot of pressure, so it was not easy to pick my next project. This is because there were too many people giving me high appraisals for my previous project.” Also, “From a learning viewpoint, every time I do something, there are many concerns such as ‘How much can I learn.’ After deciding on this project, I have been constantly worried about whether I can do a good job.”

Following that, he said, “But once I started shooting, the seniors took good care of me, so the acting turned out smoother than expected. When I think about the fact that other actors would have concerns about picking their next role, I feel a little better inside,” speaking candidly about his feelings.

Also, with regards to this role, “Everyone may feel like the character I play feels like the role of a “hidden prince.” Personally, I too, feel that this character has a lot of charm, but is not one-dimensional. I’m constantly communicating with the director about how to express the role, and always thinking. Actually, they are just little details, but I wish to use facial expressions and looks, together with the communication of the lines to eliminate the impression being one-dimensional,” he said, showing his deep consideration.

Moreover, “In the drama, the way Song Yoo Hyun expresses his pain is different from Lee Seon Joon in “Sungkyunkwan Scandal.” He is a character who faces people with a smile on his face first. Although both roles are that of a “wealthy” son, but his cheerful image is the main difference,” he added, creating more anticipation for this different sort of charm.

When acting in his previous drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” the later part of the filming process overlapped with the dates for JYJ’s Worldwide Showcase, and because of this, Park Yoochun had to endure an intense filming schedule. This time, the shooting schedule runs simultaneously with JYJ’s America Concert Tour, and (he) is unable to escape from this busy lifestyle.

Truthfully, the first episode airs on 30 May, and filming is already underway, and the group JYJ will be kicking off their America Tour Concert Tour on 20 May.

Park Yoochun said, “The schedule was is really tight, and there is no time to manage my personal health issues. I’m busy studying the script and can’t be thinking of other matters. But because I’m concentrating on things that I want to do, so I don’t find it tough. Even though shooting has led to a lack of sleep, but it’s still very interesting,” showing his passion for acting.

Park Yoochun plays the role of a Japanese in the drama, and needs to speak more Japanese than others. Due to the long period of time spent doing activities in Japan, his Japanese speaking skills have reached that of a native speaker’s standard, and the production crew has complete faith in him.

Park Yoochun said, “Speaking Japanese itself is not difficult. However, when speaking Japanese, my actual tone of voice shows, so I was worried. I haven’t used Japanese in my acting, and the most difficult part of it is the difference in tone.”

Also, “Miss Ripley” is a drama based on the case of the forged resume that rocked the country, the “Shin Jeon Ah incident”, and the title “Ripley” signifies a woman who decides on her own fate. In the drama, Park Yoochun will be showing the side of a romantic man, who is willing to risk everything to stand by the side of the woman he loves, Jang Miri (played by Lee Da Hae)


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Awwww They have a cute friendship :)
(Joo Yeon, 8:37am KST) @0101xiahtic Junsu~ Do well in your US performances, take care of your health and be safe till you get back~ Hwaiting, my friend haha
(Junsu, 11:47am KST) @babyj616 Thanks~~!! Hwaiting to you too, Joo Yeon^^

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Shortly after the release an official stance by KBS on the exclusion of JYJ from music show broadcasts and variety show programs on May 18th, JYJ’s agency, CJES Entertainment fired back with a heated response, claiming that their statements did not match up with the current situation. KBS had since deleted their post from their official site, which brought upon further speculations amongst fans.
The next day, KBS’s promotional team explained that their official statement was actually an outdated statement that was written back in February as a response to a question that was posted on their bulletin board that asked about JYJ’s lack of broadcast appearances.

KBS’s promotional team explained, “The statement was a reply to a question that our help desk received back in February, but because of a certain service error, the response was posted late, which is why we took it down shortly after.”

KBS also came forth to explain that the only reason why JYJ have not yet appeared on “K-Chart” or performed on “Music Bank” was simply because JYJ hadn’t released a new single or album since February.

They stated, “The group has only been releasing OSTs, not official albums. When they do release official albums, a decision on whether they will appear on broadcast will be made by the show’s producer.”


In contrast to KBS’s statements though, JYJ did indeed release an official album back in 2010, titled “The Beginning“, and also unveiled a ‘music essay’ back in January 2011.

So why weren’t JYJ able to perform their songs on “Music Bank”?

In the case of their music essay, it was categorized and sold as an ‘essay’ rather than a single or album. As it was considered more of a book rather than music, “Music Bank” had not taken their sale aggregations into consideration.

But in the case of “The Beginning”, the album has it clearly written on its cover, “First Worldwide Full Album“, and was even properly distributed by Warner Music.

JYJ’s agency stated, “The album ‘The Beginning’, was sold properly via a legit distribution company. However, we have never been notified by the broadcasting company regarding what measures or actions to take in order to be included in aggregation calculations for their charts. Moreover, there has never been a time when we asked why JYJ haven’t been able to appear on broadcasts. Protests that are written up on KBS’s viewers’ discussion board are not our official statements, but the opinions of the netizens.”

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JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) have moved their “JYJ World Tour Concert 2011” to the North American continent.

CEO Baek Chang Joo of JYJ’s management company C-JeS said that, “The North American continent leg of the World Tour will kick off in Vancouver, Canada’s Rogers Arena on the 20th at 8pm,” and expressed that “While performing in the US, JYJ will write a new chapter in history as Korean artistes.”
JYJ’s North American Tour was a collaboration with the world’s second largest artist management company AEG Live, which manages globally famous artistes such as Justin Timberlake, Beyonce and Usher.

The overall director for this concert is choreographer Jeri Slaughter, who has worked with stars like Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez.

The locations for this tour are large-scale concert halls which boast a capacity of over 7,000 and the tour is expected to become a stepping stone for JYJ, who will be performing 24 songs, of which many come from their ‘The Beginning’ album, towards making their mark as global artistes.

Kim Jaejoong and Kim Junsu participated in the press conference held at the Clive Davis Theater in the LA Live Entertainment Complex ahead of their Vancouver concert and thanked their fans as they said, “When we stand on stage, we feel a sense of comfort from our fans.”

JYJ also stated, “A different kind of challenge, that will give us an opportunity to prove our potential, will soon take place. We will give a performance that will be respected and recognized by the US, a country where a variety of cultures coexist.”

Vice President Susan Rosenbluth of ‘AEG Live’ did not hide her anticipation for the upcoming concerts as she said, “JYJ are one of Asia’s top groups and we see a lot of potential in them. Seeing them being loved by fans of different cultures, we can confidently believe that their music will have a positive influence around the world. We’re anticipating a great performance from JYJ.”

Also, with Vancouver as the starting point, JYJ will be in New Jersey on May 22nd, Los Angeles on May 27th, and San Jose on June 2nd to perform in these three cities. They will then perform in a charity concert in Japan on 7 June, with two more days of concerts on June 11th and 12th in Busan.

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YH&CM: Hello! This is Tohoshinki!
CM: Yes, today, we will film the “Sogo/Seibu” CM. Let’s to our best today!
YH: We’ll do our best today!
YH&CM: Thank you in advance for taking care of us.
PD: Tohoshinki’s two members will be performing today. Let’s work well together!
YH&CM: Thank you.
PD: So we’ll proceed with the graphic filming now. Let’s start!

YH: Since the CM is the silver card of the silver bear, we are also wearing silver suits!
CM: Everyone, do we look cool?

PD: After lunch, we will standby for the MV.
YH: Later!
YH: See you later!
YH: Bye bye~

PD: The Tohoshinki members are dancing very sharp and cool. So at your feet, the bear will be dancing its best, in the bear’s own way.
YH: Is the bear going to be all CG?
PD: Yes.
YH: Ahh that’s unforunate…I wanted to meet the bear.
PD: Haha you wanted to meet the bear~

PD: Taking! Action, start!
PD: Cut!

PD: You clenched your fist now
Staff: Why did you do that?
CM: Wait, let me see. (T/N: can’t make out the Korean words)
Staff: Is this okay??
CM: Once more, once more!! Really, this will be the last take.

PD: Action! Cut!

PD: Okay now please(T/N: can’t make out words) We are done for today. Thank you very much.
YH: Thank you very much.
CM: Thank you very much.

CM: This card is not just cool it’s really convenient too.
YH: Everyone, please have the same card as us!

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It seems that JYJ’s Yoochun has purchased quite the expensive piano bench.

On May 19th, a photo of the JYJ members playing around with each other was released on an internet community message board. In the photo, Yoochun is focusing on playing the piano while sitting on an interesting piano bench. This interesting piano bench happens to be fellow JYJ member Jaejoong!

Fans said, “The world’s most expensive piano bench” and “Seeing you play around, it’s like kid idols“.

Meanwhile, Yoochun arrived in Los Angeles on May 18th to join the rest of JYJ in preparing for the North American leg of their ‘2011 World Tour‘. They will kick off the tour in Vancouver on May 20th!

I wonder how much fans might pay for that specific piano bench cushion?

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Lee Da Hae and Kim Seung Woo spoke like they were afraid of Yoochun’s fans, bringing about great laughter.

MBC’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Miss Ripley” (Screenplay: Kim Sun Young, Director: Choi Yee Seob) held its press conference on 17 May, at 11am at the Seoul Banyan Tree Totel. Kim Seung Woo, Lee Da Hae, Park Yoochun and Kang Hye Jung were present for this event.

When introducing her role in the drama, Lee Da Hae said “Initially, I was very dismissive towards Yoochun, so I’m a little concerned. Everyone, please bear with me until the fourth episode and it will be okay.”

Following that, she clarified an earlier issue about the couple outfits, saying “Actually it wasn’t anything much, but when you play an on-screen couple it is easy to cause misunderstandings,” then she smiled and said, “There is a short hugging scene, but I kept worrying about the fans so I couldn’t commit to the scene.”

After hearing this, Kim Seung Woo quickly added “I beg the producers, even if we need to have a scene where our relationship is bad, please do not write in any scenes with me hitting Yoochun,” causing bouts of laughter from the audience present.

Following “The Duo,” and airing on 30 May, “Miss Ripley” is about a woman who happens to tell a lie which sparks off a string of lies, and is caught in a landslide which eventually leads to a crisis in which she could lose everything. It is typical melodrama about woman who is filled with greed and the two men who fall in love with her, the conflict and resolution of love and destruction.

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Kim Junsu has discovered the glory of Wifi *insert ‘Hallelujah chorus*
(Junsu, 2:00am KST) I’ve found that in the lobby.. I get Wifi haha Is everyone doing well??

Wow SOMEONE is a little hyper right now… X)
(Junsu, 2:03am KST) Hi!!!!!!! I think I’ve finally gotten over my jet lag haha Maerong (T/N: What Korean people say when they stick their tongue out at you to tease you)

Awww yes, Junsu, let’s stay strong!
(Junsu, 2:09am KST) I woke up this morning and saw that some articles have been released on this and that..! Let’s just be a little stronger^^ Okay!? Don’t be upset.. because they’ll eventually recognize us and believe in us^^ Until then, as long as we don’t let go of the thread that connects us to each other, we’ll be happy~ I’m always thankful!

Junsu wishes he had been at the last game, he would have pwned~
(Ji Hwan, 2:12am KST) @0101xiahtic Hyung~ The space you left behind, by my left side, is too great to fill,ㅠㅠ
(Junsu, 2:17am KST) @JiHwan_Sim keke Thanks for your kind words^^ Anyway, I felt like the match that went on the day before yesterday was a little lacking ㅠ

(Junsu, 2:23am KST) Above all, Yoochun will be arriving soon~^^ He must be so tired from filming in Korea.. I should at least take him out for a meal

Junsu is probably spazzing in his seat right now~
(Chan Woo, 2:13am KST) @0101xiahtic Be strong, Junsu. It’s Cultwo’s Chanwoo hyung. Hwaiting
(Junsu, 2:29am KST) @CULTWOcrazycow Are you really Chanwoo hyung??

Look buddy, you’re being the awkward third wheel right now.. and that’s supposed to be Jaejoong’s job ;)
(Gun Young, 2:30am KST) @0101xiahtic Take me out for a meal too
(Junsu, 2:45am KST) @zerotic0124 Come to the States, hyung!

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Jang Miri (Actress : Lee Da Hae)
Japanese Name : Mirai

“The one who bears a lonely soul, howling in a world of darkness.”

Straightforward, confident, fears nothing, and very realistic….
She was abandoned by her parents as a child, and doesn’t trust society and people. Therefore, she is emotionally violent, vain, selfish and very greedy. After being adopted in Japan, she was sold to a club to pay off her stepfather’s debts, and led a life of dread. She then escapes back to Korea, and begins working in a hotel, beginning her new life.

Jang Myeong Hoon (Actor : Kim Seung Woo)
Hotel’s Managing Director

“Always aiming for No. 1, and often becoming No. 1, the perfect man.”

A man of few words, cautious, accurate, calm, with a strong sense of responsibility. Once he decides on something, he will never look back….
In short, he is a man who has never messed up, a trustworthy elite, but not someone you can lean on. He meets Miri, who will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. Initially, he plans to fire Miri but soon discovers her good points, and helps her to succeed. In the end, he is unable to control himself and falls in love with her.

Yutaka (Actor : Park Yoochun)
Heir to Mondo Resorts, Korean Name : Song Yoo Hyun

“Cautious, only seeking the truth… This generation’s Prince Charming”

Buried in his heart is his longing for his birth mother.
At the same time, he often feels apologetic to his step-mother, who is unable to have children of her own, and because of this, hopes that she can be involved in the running of the company as well. He has a strong relationship with his step-mother, and returns to the country for the resort. He meets Miri at the study hostel where he is temporarily residing in, and realises that Miri also shares a similar loneliness….

Moon Hui Joo (Actress : Kang Hye Jung)
Miri’s Younger Sister from the Orphanage

“Obedient, innocent, weak, pure, yet smart and quick witted.”

Losing her parents to a traffic accident, she became an orphan at a young age.
Her body is weak, and she is very introverted, always quiet at the orphanage. She liked Miri from the first time they met, because Miri was her exact opposite, with strong opinions. She likes following Miri around, and when Miri was adopted to Japan, she whole-heartedly wished that Miri would find happiness, a warm-hearted child.

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