Thursday, April 21, 2011

[TRANS] 110421 TVXQ To Perform ‘Rising Sun’ On Music Bank

[600th Episode Special Stage] We have received good news that TVXQ will be showing off their captivating stage presence through ‘Rising Sun’, the title piece of their second album that brought them to where they are now. ^.^

source: [KBS Music Bank Twitter]
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[TRANS] 110421 Zak Corporation Updates – Regarding The JYJ Charity Event On 7 June

With regards to the 7 June “JYJ Tohoku Earthquake Support Charity Event,” we apologise for the confusion caused.

Although there has been news on the internet about the “JYJ Tohoku Earthquake Support Charity Event” being cancelled, we have not cancelled the event.

The 3 members of JYJ hope hold this event and want to meet with the fans of Japan, a country that currently is facing difficulty. They are working together with the staff to make arrangements so as to realise this event.

There will be another announcement when the arrangements are made. In the meanwhile, we ask for your patience and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Also, please refrain from contacting the venue for any enquiries.

source : [Zak Corporation]
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[TRANS] 110421 Why(Keep Your Head Down) Japan Version – 27 April Release On Recochoku Decided!!

(T/N: This announcement for “Why(Keep Your Head Down)” talks about the Korean album, not the Japanese single that was released early this year. Recochoku is a mobile music site for Japanese mobile users.)

The Japan release of “Why(Keep Your Head Down)” will be released on 27 April via Recochoku (ChakuUta® , ChakuUta Full®) as well as other mobile music distribution sites!!
※Note: Does not include the bonus track

The bonus track “Before U Go (monologue)” and “Before U Go” will be exclusively released on mu-mo for ChakuUta Full® on 27 April!

※The scheduled release date for other sites will be on 4 May.
※Release time varies from site to site, so please check with the respective sites.

source : [Tohoshinki Official Site]
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[PHOTOS] 110421 YooSu - Taipei Airport

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[PHOTOS] 110421 Junsu - Incheon Airport Part 3

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[PHOTO] 110421 Yoochun - Tio CF Ad

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[PHOTOS] 110421 Yoochun - Incheon Airport Part 2

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[PHOTOS] 110421 YooSu - Incheon Airport

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[NEWS] 110421 TVXQ’s Yunho handed scholarships to his alma mater for 7 years

It’s been revealed that TVXQ’s Yunho has been sending scholarships to his alma mater for the past seven years.

On the debut broadcast of SBS’s “Dalgona (Sweet Hometown Days)”, Yunho appeared as the first guest of the show. The program interviewed his former 3rd year high school teacher, who revealed that Yunho visits his alma mater during his vacation period, and gives scholarships of 3,000,000 won ($2772.64) to five students at Kwangil High School, and to five students from Imgok Middle School. The teacher also revealed that Yunho has been steadily sponsoring his juniors for the past seven years.

During the broadcast, the teacher thanked Yunho on behalf of the school, consequently creating a warm atmosphere on the show.

Aside from sharing Yunho’s personal stories, this episode will also host an appearance from Yunho’s ulzzang younger sister and his first love.

Source: Newsen via Nate
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[PHOTO] 110420 Yunho – Cultwoshow

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[NEWS] 110421 TVXQ Looks Bright in Cultwo’s Recording Studio‏

SATU Indonesia

TVXQ, the bright charm of TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho (24) and Choikang Changmin (23) was unveiled through their surprise appearance in recording studio of Jung Chan-woo’s SBS radio program Cultwo.

U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin who just before participated in recording of Cultwo programme, took a picture during the recording break. The ‘sungindol’ (T/N: Adult idol) U-Know Yunho pulled out pose in his arrogant charisma and flattering eyes.

While Choikang Changmin who is known for this cute smile trademark had his V-pose.

Netizens commented, “They’re a full-packed entertainers” “It should be a good chance to compare the head size of TVXQ oppas and Jung Chan-woo,”

credit: + jungchanwoo’s twitter
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[PHOTOS] 110421 Junsu - Twitter Update

Junsu also tilted his DP ahahah

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[TRANS] 110419 Hayato’s Blog Update

The feelings of the fans have not become one..isn’t this sad?

Do you remember?
The episodes from the time when I met with the three of them on February 20th.
I wrote that the three were playing around like a couple of puppies…
This episode was in the office of C-JeS, which also had CEO Paek as the director.
The impressions I got from that time were these.
That because it is this CEO Paek who is protecting them, the three can sing freely without worry,
And that the three have put all their trust in them…
All that I write is only things that I see with my own eyes, the things I hear with my own ears, the things that I myself feel.

If you like the three of JYJ, you must trust the three.
If you trust the three of JYJ, you must trust everything that they trust.
If you want to love the three of JYJ, you must love everything that they love.

I often receive this question from fans of whether they can trust me, Hayato-san.
And I always answer with this reply: There is no need to trust me, please trust JYJ.
At the incident of last September (T/N: suspension of JYJ activities and forcing JYJ to leave after using Paek as the reason) CEO Paek is said to have said this:
“If the three of you can become happy, don’t hesitate to leave me.”

And who did JYJ choose?
The answer is one which everyone is sure to know by now.
When you watch this DVD, you will come to think “Oh, it was indeed like this,” and be able to accept it.
When you see their smiles that are free of worry that are contained in this DVD,
You will be able to see just how happy they are living their lives as they are receiving these wounds.

This, of all times, is the time for fans to become one.
Supporting JYJ is the unwavering love that the fans give to JYJ
There is no need for you to trust me. Please trust JYJ.

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