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TVXQ’s Yunho showed off his ice dancing skills to a medley of Michael Jackson songs.

Yunho, who participated in the Michael Jackson tribute concert last year, showed off his shocking figure skating skills during a recent recording of ”Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry“, and received a standing ovation from the audience.

It’s been said that Yunho’s moonwalk and spins were so great that they made people forget he was dancing on ice. His sophisticated stage manner and his first attempt at a new visual medium received a great cheer, as his hot performance heated up the cold arena.

Yunho’s “Homage to Michael Jackson” in Kim Yuna’s “Homage to Korea” will be revealed through the first broadcast of “Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry” on May 22nd.

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On May 17th, MBC’s new drama “Ripley” held its production conference at the Banyan Tree with lead roles Kim Seung Woo, Lee Da Hae, Park Yoochun, and Kang Hye Jung in attendance.

As it’s his second drama, Yoochun was asked to explain the difference between his role in “Ripley” and his role in “Sungkyunkwan Scandal.” He answered, “Well, I’ve gone from wearing hanbok to suits now… I think the way the two characters express pain is different. Unlike ‘Lee Sun Joon’, my character in ‘Ripley’ starts everything with a laugh. He’s always smiling, but it only takes a moment for him to begin shedding tears.”

He continued, “There was definitely a lot of pressure, and even after I decided to take the role, I was still worried over whether I’d do well. One of my greatest concerns was how the viewers would perceive me, especially since they thought well of me with my previous work. Everyone treats me so well at the recording so I’m able to take part in it comfortably now.”

When asked about working with his seniors, he revealed, “I was so nervous, I made a lot of NGs. I’d blush and sweat. It’s my second drama so I’m definitely seeing a wider perspective in comparison to my debut.”

Kang Hye Jung praised, “Yoochun-ssi is so great at acting and works extremely hard. I think he fits his character well of being a smooth man of the city. A person of his level could probably take on dramas catering to the teenage audience, but he doesn’t rely on his popularity at all and is determined to live life as a true actor.”

On his reasons for choosing “Ripley”, Yoochun commented, “I’ve really wanted to do a melodrama. I loved the character as well, and after seeing the line-up, I wanted to be able work with them.”

“Ripley” begins airing on May 30th.

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"Ripley" main poster revealed

MBC TV drama "Ripley" has revealed its main poster.

In the poster, the 4 main casts of the drama are standing still amongst 20 other supporting actors in black suits, portraying the modern day people who are divided among themselves.

Other than the 4, the supporting actors have covered their faces with white masks making their expressions unreadable, and it symbolizes the twofold lives of people in the modern society.

(parts not regarding to Yuchun are omitted)

Micky Yuchun is Yoo Ta-ka who dreams of success with his very own values and makes his surroundings bright even when standing among a crowd of black suited people.


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Group JYJ's Micky Yuchun showed off his straight shoulders in a suit.

On an online community on the 11th came up a picture under the title "Micky Yuchun on the "Ripley" set".

In the picture was Micky Yuchun wearing a dark grey suit with a white shirt and a neck tie. The suit made his trademark even more obvious, the straight shoulders.

Netizen's say, "He looks so good in a suit", "This is his best visual yet", "He looks like a rookie in a major company", "His shoulders are unhide able" and more.

Meanwhile, MBC drama "Ripley" will be first broadcast on the 30th after "The Duo".

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Park Yoochun’s fans are showing their love for their star by giving back to the community.

It was recently revealed that Park Yoochun’s fancafe ‘Blessing Yoochun’ continuously donated a total of 40 million Won for the past six months to help children in need. Starting with a donation last December of 10 million Won through the Hallym Burn Fund for a 14-year-old child suffering from major burns, ‘Blessing Yoochun’ has been regularly helping children in need. They donated 5 million Won to a 13-year-old child fighting brain lesions and cerebral palsy and some of the fanclub members have been taking a more active and hands-on approach by visiting the children the fanclub has helped.

The reason this fanclub has been continuously providing aid to children is because Park Yoochun is known for his love and affection for children in general. A representative of ‘Blessing Yoochun’ stated, ‘We started this project because we wanted more people to share their love with others. We will continue to partake in various donation drives and community service projects under Yoochun’s name.’

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Park Yoochun is up to the challenge of transforming into the warm city guy ‘Yutaka’ for MBC’s new Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Ripley’.

Park Yoochun visited the Ilsan MBC Dream Center on the 29th of April to participate in the photoshoot for the drama’s poster and he was able to portray Yutaka’s charm of urban elegance and innocence through a white suit with a black collar for emphasis.

Regarding his character, Park Yoochun said, “If SungKyunKwan Scandal’s Lee Seon Joon’s slightly awkward expression of his emotions was like the definite answer to a multiple choice question, Ripley’s Yutaka is a man who is sensitive and will not hesitate to express his feelings, much like the answer to a free response question.

Park Yoochun continued to show enthusiasm for his role as he said, “Through my last piece, I learned that is extremely hard to immerse yourself completely into one character throughout an entire series. But the times I spent worrying and thinking intensely about my character were fun and brought me joy,” and “I get excited when I think about the fact that I’ll be able to show a different side of me.”

Though Park Yoochun had not fully healed from his emergency trip to the hospital for acute pancreatitis, he worked diligently till the end of the photoshoot and received a round of applause from the staff members there.

‘Ripley’, in which Park Yoochun will act alongside Lee Da Hae, Kang Hae Jung and Kim Seung Woo, is a traditional melodrama, located in a leading hotel in a 21st century city, that deals with the greed and love of mankind that hides beneath work, love, extravagant success and failure. The first airing will be on the 30th at 9:55pm.

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“Though Avex put an end to all of JYJ’s activities, they sold CDs and DVDs without consulting C-JeS (JYJ’s Korean management company). We fans, who have been watching over the situation, reached our limit when Avex decided to obstruct JYJ’s plans to hold a charity concert in Japan. We are outraged at Avex for using their contract as a shield and interfering with an event geared to help those affected by the tsunami and earthquake.” (Japanese JYJ fan, @keico04)

“Avex will not allow them to participate in activities yet they refuse to break the contract. Why?” (@byoru1)

Idol group JYJ (Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu, Kim Jaejoong), who have been finding it difficult to appear on TV domestically since their split from TVXQ, have even begun facing troubles in pursuing activities in Japan because of their Japanese agency Avex and this has provoked Japanese fans into speaking up about the issue.

It all began when people began to state that JYJ’s plans for a large-scale Japanese charity concert, set to aid the victims of the 3·11 earthquake, were on the verge of being cancelled due to Avex’s interference strategies. The rage of Japanese fans, who had already been teeming with anger since Avex suddenly halted all of JYJ’s activities last October, seemed to explode at the possibility that the concert might be cancelled.

On the 19th, a few Japanese fans wrote a ‘Request Document’ to Avex, calling for JYJ’s Japanese activities to resume, and it has already collected over 10,000 signatures though it hasn’t even been a month since it began.

When ‘Hankyoreh’ asked for the opinion of Japanese fans on Twitter, we received over 200 responses in a few hours. Like those we have stated above, the majority of fans wrote that they could not accept the actions of Avex.

It is quite unusual to see Japanese fans gathering to publicly voice their opinions to help their favorite Hallyu star.

What is fuelling the controversy behind the issue is that some believe the ‘Seoul-Osaka Music Of Heart 2011, Fighting Japan!’, in which the remaining members of TVXQ are performing, has something to do with the cancellation of JYJ’s Japanese charity concert.

In a recent press release, C-JeS stated that JYJ had decided to hold a charity concert in the 20,000-set Saitama Super Areana on June 7th, and had even signed the contract to rent the concert venue, but were suddenly notified of the nullification of the contract.

Soon after the earthquake, JYJ were some of the forerunners in providing aid to the grief-stricken region as they donated 600 million Won and stated, “We want to give back to our Japanese fans who have helped us so much.”

This may be why many fans are reacting to the controversy with statements such as, “Interfering with a charity concert is going way too far,” and “I’m embarrassed to be a Japanese person because of Avex.”

@eyua brought up a question that seems to be shared by many as she said, “So many foreigners are returning to their home countries because of the nuclear issue, but JYJ are volunteering to come and help those in need with their good will, so why are they being stopped?

C-JeS pointed the blame of the venue’s cancellation on Avex as they stated, “Avex’s continuous and concentrated interference strategies are what caused this issue (nullification of the contract).” Though C-JeS were able to sign a provisional contract with another concert venue, it has been found that it is still uncertain whether or not the concert will be held.

In a phone conversation with ‘Hankyoreh’, CEO Baek Chang Joo of C-JeS stated, “We are currently doing everything we can, such as talking to and convincing the representatives of the concert venue, to make this performance happen.” Tickets for the charity concert went on sale on April 5th and the performance is currently sold out.

CEO Baek also wrote a statement to Japanese fans on JYJ’s homepage that read, “As JYJ’s Japanese fans have been waiting to see JYJ perform on stage for a long time, we even considered cancelling the concert as we would not be able to hold a proper concert. But we have decided to plough through with our plans in order to keep JYJ’s promise with their fans who have been waiting patiently and faithfully for JYJ’s return.

CEO Baek stated that after the split of TVXQ, Avex signed a contract with C-JeS last March with regards to JYJ’s Japanese activities and helped them perform in Japan. But in October, Avex suddenly halted all of JYJ’s activities.

He added, “Avex states that they halted JYJ’s activities due to personal issue with myself and due to the TVXQ legal dispute, but it just seems like they want all management rights to JYJ’s global activities.

The Japanese weekly newspaper Shukan Bunshun recently released an article in which Avex stated, “This concert is a clear breach of contract as JYJ are artistes signed under Avex. In our opinion, we feel as though the event is profit-driven (though it claims to be a charity event).”

However, the request document submitted by the Japanese fans refuted Avex’s claims as it said, “If Avex wants to claim that they nullified their contract because they did not know of C-JeS’ CEO’s past before the contract was signed, doesn’t that mean that Avex neglected the basic duty of surveying and examining a company they intend to cooperate with?” Regarding Avex’s claim about the legal dispute, fans stated, “When JYJ resumed their Japanese activities last April, the Courts had already laid down a verdict in October, 2009 that there was something wrong with the exclusive contract between SM and the trio,” and “This means that Avex’s claim that, ‘There is a possibility that the exclusive contract may be nullified based on the Courts’ verdict’ wasn’t even an issue to begin with.” As the Japanese market is JYJ’s biggest market, the inability to perform in the nation will result in great losses for the group.

JYJ won the battle against SM’s exclusive contract validity confirmation and dual-contract suspension injunction in January and were granted the freedom to pursue independent activities in the entertainment agency. But broadcasting and cable companies have been hesitant in allowing the group to perform in their music programs because of SM and other big entertainment agencies. CEO Baek stated, “The results of the lawsuit have yet to have any affect on opening JYJ up to opportunities to appear on TV.

JYJ are currently focusing on their global tour that encompasses Japan.

Starting in April 2nd and 3rd in Thailand, JYJ have already attracted 43,000 fans to the four stops of their Asia tour.

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Yesterday, we reported on TVXQ’s CF deal with Shilla’s Duty-Free, and MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment Report” has revealed coverage from the set of the commercial at the Incheon International Airport.

On the May 15th broadcast, took viewers on the set of TVXQ’s CF as they portray a story to two guys and a girl in the middle.

On this day, Yunho had endless running scenes, and he explained, “It is a scene in which I am running after seeing my girlfriend in love with Changmin.”

He continued, “Changmin has a kiss scene too,” revealing his slight jealousy.

The following scene was filmed in the center of the airport, and Changmin gave off the impression that he was rather experienced, as he led the actress in filming their kiss scene.

However, due to Changmin’s continuous NGs, the filming was delayed. Eventually the actress said, “Haven’t you had much experience,” causing the set to turn into a sea of laughter.

Later this day, Changmin was asked regarding his ideal woman. He responded, “My ideal type changes all the time. Lately I like Han Ye Seul nuna. She has the power to move me.”

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In their recent CF project, the boys of TVXQ are locked in a triangle love scandal.

In July this year, Shilla Duty Free is planning to unfold a marketing breakthrough by holding a global advertising with young women in their 20 ~ 30th as its primary target in 3 countries including China and Japan where in TVXQ are highly popular.

Shilla Duty Free will have their advertising concept in second half of 2011 with main theme ‘My own dramatic journey: My Journey Begins’, the ad will be presented in a couple different stories in a drama form with various duty-free products being used as advertising materials.

There will be 3 parts of the ad stories, the first one captures the image of U-Know Yunho racing to departure hall to send his first love good bye. It’s going to be revealed, however, at the second part of the story that he’s speeding along the airport only to witness his old friend Choikang Changmin kissing his girlfriend.
At this second part of the ad, Choikang Changmin pulled out a sweet yet dangerous kissing scene to win the girl’s heart. Choikang Changmin who’s been showing an image of good boy to public from all these times, will transform into a bad boy image with fatal attraction without fail.

While the 3rd part of the ad shows the conflict between U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin, the image of a woman whose feeling is torn between the two men will appear.

Through these 3 parts of the ad, Shilla Duty Free’s most popular items: watch, lipstick, and bag will be used respectively to match the drama theme. The ad is set to broadcast in Korea in the middle of June this year.

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The conference was held at the Grammy Museum portion of Los Angeles' LA LIVE! Entertainment Complex. The 200-seat Clive Davis theater played host to the media and JYJ, and offered an intimate setting for JYJ's first official press conference on US soil.

POWERHOUSE co-founder C.S. Hah was the host of the event, and introduced the group to a warm reaction. As Yoochun is currently filming abroad, only Jaejoong and Junsu were present for it.

The 30-minute conference was done in Korean, with Hah translating for for both the audience and JYJ during the Q&A. Both members were happy to be there, and responded to questions with warm smiles and laughter over the course of the conference,

As this was a Q&A, Koreaboo was able to ask the members a question, which was regarding whether or not there would be a DVD release of the concerts to commemorate the World Tour. Jaejoong was pleased to announce that while there was no set-date for a release, a DVD was definitely in the works, and to stay tuned.

Q&A Questions:

How was it like to sing in English instead of Korean? How was the learning process?
Jaejoong: It was difficult for us, except for Yoochun. We are still learning the finer points of the language, but we are doing our best to improve our command of the English as we go a long.

Given your huge fanbase in China, have you considered returning to the country at a later point with more more tour stops?
Junsu: There is always a possibility for a Chinese tour, and if circumstances permit, we'd like tour the entire country.

(Jaejoong) How was the challenge of being the creative director for the Asian leg of the tour? Will you be reprising your role for the North American leg?
Jaejoong: It was exciting to be able to do so, as well as challenging, given the larger venues we performed at. Jeremy Slaughter, who worked with us prior, will be collaborating with us for the North American leg of the tour, and we will be presenting to you a very enjoyable show.

Will there be a photobook to accompany the tour, and to give fans who did not have the opportunity to come out to see it a chance to view the artistic direction the concert took?
Junsu: We wanted to focus on the concert itself, and due to our schedules, we were unable to do so for this particular concert, but we hope to be able to do so for later tours.

You've been to several countries over the course of your tour. Did you feel that there were any specific fan reactions associated with a certain country, including North American fans?
Jaejoong: The fans were all very encouraging of us during our performances, and enjoyed the freedom we are able to have during them. The Thailand fans valued manners highly, which was something we noticed during our stay there.

Will you be releasing a DVD of the concert?
Jaejoong: We are working on one, but we don't have a specific release date for it.

Is there any significant change you've made to the performance that was not originally in the Asian leg of the tour?
Jaejoong: We've increased the number of female back-up dancers for the tour to give it more of a sexy and sensual feel during the dance numbers.

What do you do to stay fresh during the lengthy flight from Asia to here? You both look great.
Junsu: (laughing) I don't feel very fresh. We had nothing scheduled yesterday when we arrived, so we used the rest of the day to relax and enjoy ourselves.

How do you feel about your middle-aged fans and their support for you guys?
Jaejoong: Being loved by someone is much better than being hated by someone. It is always a good feeling to be loved by different age groups, and we never call our middle-aged female fans "ahjumma"(older woman), we instead call them "noona"(older sister), and we appreciate the support they have for us.

Did your busy schedules affect your preparation for this tour?
Junsu: We didn't have any difficult as a group. Rather than focusing on individuals, we do our best to focus on our group schedules as a whole.

Will Rodney Jerkins(producer of "The Beginning") and/or Kanye West be apart of the tour?
Jaejoong: (laughing) That will not be happening.
Do you guys plan out your airport fashion? As Junsu is commonly criticized for not being as stylish as Jaejoong, when arriving at LAX, did Junsu attempt to be fashionable?

Junsu: I was attempting to be both fashionable and comfortable whenever I arrive at the airport. The problem I've been having though is when I'm trying to be fashionable, I get comments like "That's strange", or other funny comments direct toward it, so I'm always a little puzzled about how I should style myself.

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In the video, Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu greet their fans, give the North American locations of their performances, and talk about their feelings on touring the continent.

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