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Good afternoon to everyone at Bigeast.

We would like to express our sympathies for those who have been affected by the Tohoku Earthquake. We hope that the affected areas will be able to recover as soon as possible.

Tohoshinki’s performance in the “A-Nation 10th Anniversary for Life Chage & Go!” has been decided!

Starting with the Fukuoka performance on 6 August, followed by 13 August in Nagoya, 20-21August in Osaka, to the 27-28 August performance in Tokyo, they will be participating in a total of 6 concerts.

【Tohoshinki 「a-nation for Life」Performance Dates】

6 August 2011 (Sat) Fukuoka : Uminonakamichi Seaside Park
13 August 2011 (Sat) Aichi : Port Messe Nagoya (Special Outdoor Venue)
20-21 August 2011 (Sat-Sun) Osaka : Nagai Stadium
27-28 August 2011 (Sat-Sun) Tokyo : Ajinomoto Stadium

☆ Special TVCM Appearance Decided!
Starting from today, the Sogo-Seibu “Silver Bear Silver Card – Tohoshinki Edition TVCM” will be aired. Please enjoy it!

Also, distribution for the tie-up song “I Don’t Know” on ChakuUta® started on 11 May! Exclusive premiums for mu-mo and Recochoku, “Tohoshinki Original Standby Images” will be distributed as well. Please remember to download it.

☆ “Why(Keep Your Head Down)” (Japan Press) Original Goods On Sale Now!
Mu-mo shop exclusives – Clear files, Ring notebooks, Desktop calendars and more♪ Please make use of this chance to purchase them.

mu-mo shop:

(Ticketing Details Omitted)

(T/N: This translator is not responsible for the spelling fail of Bigeast / Avex. “Chage & Go” was what was written in the mail. )

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(Jaejoong, 7:24am KST) Hwaiting today, as any other day..!

omg… I can’t… I just…. THIS IS SO ADORABLE
(Young Bum, 2:19am KST, RT by Jaejoong) JiJi likes plastic bags~~ I called him over and he dived into the bag~~~ He’s shy~ lol Kyah~~~ He’s so cute!! ^♥^

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On May 12th, JYJ’s Junsu attended the press conference for the 5th “Musical Awards“, and revealed that he felt honored to be the ambassador for the event.

Junsu stated, “I’m very glad and honored to be selected as an honorary ambassador. To allow me to spread awareness of musicals is a great gift in itself, and I’m happy to be of help.”

He continued, “Moreover, I’ve only done two musicals so far, but was still given such an honorable duty. I will make sure to do my best in raising awareness of Korean musicals throughout the world.”

Junsu was nominated for the ‘male rookie award’ for “Mozart!” last year, and has been nominated once again this year thanks to “Tears of Heaven“. This time, however, he’s up for the ‘best actor award’. Unfortunately, he won’t be able to attend the event, as he revealed, “I have a charity concert in Japan on the day of the ceremony, so I will not be able to attend.”

The Musical Awards will open on June 7th at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts.

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Popular Korean dance and vocal group Tohoshinki attended a press conference for their appearance in the first TV CM after restarting their activities.

Tohoshinki will be working with the 7 & i Group on their summer campaign. In the promotional CM for Sogo-Seibu’s “Silver Bear’s Silver Card,” Tohoshinki dances together with the mascot character, the Silver bear, to their new song “I Don’t Know.”

As the Silver bear was digitally added using CG, Yunho said sadly, “I wanted to meet the bear but it was added using CG…” then looked at the Silver bear which was placed at a side, asking it “Have you been well?” and creating a lot of laughter. Also, with regards to the dance choreography for the new song, Changmin revealed, “Honestly speaking, we only did 15 seconds of the dance for the CM,” and “I’m looking forward to seeing what the whole thing will look like, so let’s anticipate it together,” he commented.

The shooting was done together with both Japanese and Korean staff. Yunho said, “It’s been a long time since we’ve worked with the Japanese staff so I was nervous, but we managed to settle in quickly, and did the shoot with a good feeling,” thinking back to the photoshoot. Changmin said, “I was interpreting (for the staff),” and talked about the episodes.

After both men had viewed the complete CM, Yunho praised the Silver bear, saying “He danced better than we did.” Changmin then retorted, “It’s a pity that his arms and legs are too short,” to which Yunho replied, “But that can’t be helped” with a laugh, showing the closeness between the two.

Also, their participation in “a-nation,” the outdoor music festival organised by Avex, was announced, and Yunho commented, “I’m happy to be able to participate (in a-nation) again after two years. I want to work hard, and will not be defeated by the heat,” and Changmin said, “a-nation is a big summer event, and we are able to participate in it again after two years, so I want to show a passionate stage,” with determination. With regards to the Tohoku Earthquake, Changmin said, “(The victims) must have suffered a lot. I want to tell them, let us work hard together to overcome this (disaster)”

The new CM will start airing on 13 May. The song that was used in the CM, “I Don’t Know,” is being released as a limited edition single. Also, during the campaign period, “Tohoshinki Reccommended Gifts” (Mid-year Presents) will also be introduced via 7-Eleven, Ito Yokado, 7net shopping and other stores.

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The 5th [The Music Awards], which will be held by the Korean Musical Association, Joongang Daily and jTBC on June 7th at the Sejong Arts Center, has chosen musical actors Kim Junsu and Jo Jung Eun as its honorary ambassadors.
Kim Junsu became a rising star in the musical industry, winning the Best Newcomer of the Year award last year at [The Musical Awards], and Jo Jung Eun has been in the center of the spotlight for showcasing a more mature and deeper style of acting after studying abroad in the UK.

Kim Junsu, who won the Best Male Newcomer Award for his first acting role in the musical [Mozart!], wowed audience members when he appeared on [Tears of Heaven], the hottest musical of the first half of 2011 with its Broadway staff and top-notch actors from Korea and abroad. Selling out all his performances and showing off his ticket power once again, Kim Junsu has shown a strong determination and desire to continue his career in the musical industry.


The Musical Awards began in 2007 and has grown along with the musical industry itself. Coming to its fifth year of existence, the awards ceremony is set to be a festival of celebration for representatives of the industry and audience members. An introduction from the honorary ambassadors, a list of nominees as well as further details for the awards ceremony will be revealed through an official press conference on May 12th.

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For those who were dying with last post ;)

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On May 11th, stars performed at the congratulatory music concert for KBS’s “INPUT 2011 Seoul“.

The conference is a four-day long event that brings together representatives from around the world for discussions ranging from public television and the 21st century, to 3D-TV and the future of broadcast television.

The concert was broadcasted live on the same day, and boasted a line-up of Insooni, TVXQ, SNSD, 4minute, CNBLUE, Kim Tae Woo, Lim Tae Kyung, Song Sohee and many others.

Check out some of the performances below!

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