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[NEWS] 110413 Kim Kap Soo's Movie Premier is Attended by Full Packaged Star Idols

The VIP premiere of movie ‘The Most Beautiful Farewell in The World’ which casts actor Kim Kap-soo is attended with many star idols.

Movie ‘The Most Beautiful Farewell in The World’ is scheduled to hold VIP premiere on April 13th at 20:20 at Megabox COEX, Seoul.

According of the movie’s official, on the VIP premiere day, there will be more idols attending than usual. The list already consists names such as JYJ Park Yoochun and 2PM Taecyeon, 2AM Jokwon and Beast’s Yoon Dojoon, Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain, and Kara’s Goo Hara who have confirmed their attendance in advance. In addition, it’s revealed that singer IU is expected to attend as well.

Most of the idols attending the premiere had already had working relationship with actor Kim Kap-soo in the past. Park Yoochun was bonding relationship with Kim Kap-soo during their filming of drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ which aired last year, Taecyeon knew Kim Kap-soo when he made his acting debut through KBS 2TV ‘Cinderella’s Sister’. While Jokwon, Gain, Dojoon are all appearing along Kim Kap-soo at MBC comedy series ‘All My Love’.

Kim Kap-soo is known with his wide acquaintances of young idols, and this issue had ever been mentioned when Kim Kap-soo guested MBC ‘Golden Fishery – Knee Drop Guru’ last year. Now the fact will come to valid evidence at his new movie premiere.

The representative of Kim Kap-soo told Star News, “We have prepared 100 tickets for this premiere in advanced, but then many guests said they’d attend the event, we might lack of them (the tickets).”

‘The Most Beautiful Farewell in The World’ is the story about the life of a mother who cares and still gives love to her family even after she’s diagnosed by terminal cancer. The movie will be released on coming April 21st.

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[NEWS] 110413 Choikang Changmin Gets Attacked by Shin Bong Sun's Spit on SBS's Heroes

TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin was publicly humiliated when he was was on the receiving end of a spray of Shim Bong Sun’s spit.

On the episode of SBS’ ‘Heroes’ that aired on the 10th, the participants were given the mission of holding weddings for two married couples who had not been able to have a formal marriage ceremony due to unfortunate circumstances.

To win the brides’ approval, each member of the ‘Heroes’ team had to don a wedding dress of their choice and take part in a wedding photoshoot. They partook in these photoshoots with Shim Changmin, Jung Yunho and No Heung Cheol as their grooms.The ‘Heroes’ members were each given an opportunity to catch the eye of the grooms before the grooms made their choices. Shim Bong Sun chose to woo Shim Changmin and asked to gaze into each other’s eyes for 5 seconds, an important skill that is needed in wedding photoshoots.

But when their eyes locked, Shim Bong Sun was unable to hold back her laughter and sprayed spit on Changmin’s face has she sputtered, turning the entire set upside down.

In the end, Shim Bong Sun wasn’t chosen by Shim Changmin and had to partake in an all-girls wedding photoshoot with No Sayeon, Gahee and Jung Ga Eun.

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[PHOTOS] 110413 Junsu's Mother's Twitter Update

Junsu's mom is talking about the Ki Twins!

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[NEWS] 110413 Powerhouse to Make An Announcement Regarding JYJ Tour Soon

JYJ fans have been on the edge of their seats ever since the announcement of the group's second world tour. In addition, it has been recently revealed that Powerhouse will be in charge of JYJ's US tour.

A few minutes ago, Powerhouse updated their Twitter and said, "JYJ UPDATE!! There will be a major announcement regarding The 2011 JYJ WORLD TOUR on Wednesday, April 13, 2011 @ 6:00pm PST."

Koreaboo has partnered up with Powerhouse and will be covering all of the JYJ US stops, along with the legendary singer Lee Moon Sae.

What do you think Powerhouse's "major announcement" is? Stay tuned to Koreaboo!

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[VIDEO] 110413 JYJ - All About JYJ Teaser

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[TRANS] 110412 Park Yoochun New Solo CF Released. Transformation As School Teacher Is Hilarious

Male group JYJ member, Park Yoochun, took part in a solo CF (commercial film).

Not long ago, a famous Korean food brand revealed that Park Yoochun was the star of their new ice tea CF on their official website. In this official CF release, Park Yoochun appears as a school teacher and he calls his mother. He complains, "The kids nowadays are so scary. I want to change schools. Mom, you graduated from an all-girls high school, right?" The complaining Yoochun was discovered by another teacher, who questioned, "You want to quit?" Yoochun, however, changes his story completely and quickly answers, "No, I really like it here!" This abrupt change is astoundingly funny.

Netizens that have watched the CF left comments such as "I'm so happy that I get to see Yoochun on TV!" and "It'd be great to have a teacher like this ~"

On the other hand, the name "Tio" is an amalgamation of the word, tea, and the exclamation, Oh! - describing the feeling that you get when drinking tasty tea.

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[PHOTOS] 110405 C-Jes Membership

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[TRANS] 110413 Daily Post Of JYJ Tweets

Kim Jaejoong follows another friend~ :) Who is he? We don’t know either so don’t ask ^^
(Young Bum, 5:43am KST) @mjjeje lol Ah~ Jaejoong! I’m taking the day off and resting at home because my stomach hurts~ ㅜ.ㅠ
(Jaejoong, 11:01am KST) @bums1313 I’ve been thinking about whether I should follow you or not for a while now haha
(Young Bum, 11:08am KST) @mjjeje omg~ That means I need to put in more effort, right?! Right?! Ooh~ I had to get a shot and it hurts~ ㅜ.ㅠ
(Jaejoong, 11:26am KST) @bumx1313 You’re still afraid of getting shots! I’m still a bit afraid of the dentist ,,, haha

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[VIDEO] 110412 HoMin - Elle Girl

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[VIDEO 110412 HoMin - VOGUE

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[NEWS] 110412 FC MEN led by Kim Junsu is Officially Affiliating with Samsung Suwon FC‏

Soccer team FC MEN led by JYJ Kim Junsu is officially joining with Suwon Samsung team (leader Oh Geun-yeong).

Through press release by Suwon team on the 11th morning, the members of FC MEN such as Kim Junsu, Kim Hyun-joong, Yoon Doojoon, Lee Gi-kwang, and others will be officially affiliated with Suwon team as dated April 15th at 19:30.

Reportedly this affiliated team will play together at Hyundai OilBank 2011 K-League round 5 at World Cup Stadium against Kangwon FC. Currently national keeper Jung Sung-ryong who belongs to Suwon team has been in charge as FC MEN’s honorary coach.

In accordance to the affiliation, for FC MEN official activities in the future, they will use the name ‘Suwon Bluewings FC MEN’. The team will act as 5th team in Suwon’s group chart following the professional team – Maetango (U-18) – Maetanjung (U-15) – Littlewing (U-12).

After debuting in a match against Kangnam FC, Suwon FC MEN will be up for an open-play match against Gyeongnam FC women soccer team on the 24th. Suwon FC MEN has commitment to give development for the growth of K-League and Suwon as well as giving social contribution to people.

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[TRANS] 110411 U-Kiss’s Soo Hyun Joins JYJ Kim Junsu’s Soccer Team FC MEN

Boyband U-Kiss’s leader Soo Hyun has joined FC MEN, the soccer team captained by JYJ’s Kim Junsu.

In a recent interview with TV Daily, Soo Hyun described the story of how he had met Junsu’s twin brother Junho by chance, and how he eventually joined FC MEN.

Soo Hyun said, “While doing activities in China, I had met Junho hyung a few times, and got along well after getting to know each other. Recently, we bumped into each other at the cinema.”

“Junho hyung asked me, “Do you like soccer?” and I said that I used to be a soccer player in elementary school, and that I really liked it. Hyung said that they had a soccer team and asked if I was interested to join them, so I did.”

Currently, the members of FC MEN include JYJ members Park Yoochun and Kim Jaejoong, Kim Hyun Joong, BEAST’s Yoon Doo Joon, Lee Kikwang, 2AM’s Lee Changmin, Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo, Model Im Joo Hwan, Comedian Park Sung Kwang, Lee Wan, and others. Also, soccer player Jung Sung-Ryong takes on the role of coach and director, and Park Ji Sun is the manager of FC MEN.

To this, Soo Hyun said, “I realised that there are a lot of people participating (in the team.) Personally, I really like soccer, and I’m really happy to have such a good opportunity. However, due to the busy schedule for the 5th mini-album comeback, I have yet to participate at all but hope to do so as soon as possible.” expressing his undeniable regret.

Also, on 15 April at the Suwon World Cup Stadium, FC MEN will be playing in the “2011 Peace Star Cup” Celebrity Soccer Competition, and will be matched against the Superstars team led by Captain Jung Joon Ho.

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