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JYJ has filed a lawsuit in Japan against their management company AVEX Entertainment for interfering with their attempt to hold a charity concert.

JYJ, a boyband formed by former TVXQ members Kim Jae-joong, Kim Jun-su, and Park Yoo-chun after they filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment for unjust contract, had planned a charity concert to aid earthquake-affected areas in Japan. However, the concert’s venues have canceled their contracts with JYJ after AVEX allegedly pressured them.

(From left to right) JYJ’s Kim Jun-su, Kim Jae-joong, Park Yoo-chun talk to Thai fans during their Bangkok Concert on April 3. (Yonhap News)

JYJ’s agency C-JeS Entertainment and the concert organizer ZAK Corporation have filed two provisional dispositions against AVEX with the Tokyo District Court.

AVEX released an official statement, in which they do not deny the action. “Our company holds the exclusive rights for JYJ’s activities in Japan, and we have just taken actions against the infringement rightfully and properly,” AVEX said. They also claimed that they have received blackmails and threats due to the matter.

AVEX signed a contract with three members of JYJ in early 2010 after JYJ filed the lawsuit with SM Entertainment. A few months later, AVEX announced the “suspension of activities” of three members, arguing JYJ should refrain from promoting in Japan while legal proceedings against SM Entertainment were under way in Korea.

This “suspension of activities” has kept JYJ from conducting any promotional activities in Japan. Even after the suspension, however, AVEX has continued to make profits with products such as DVDs and JYJ footage.

Due to their ongoing lawsuit with their management company, JYJ has had difficulties in their activities in Korea as well. They have released an album, held concerts globally, and acted in dramas and musicals, but have had trouble getting airtime on television entertainment shows.

Another pop group, KARA, who also had three members embroiled in a dispute with their management company DSP for nearly 3 months, recently announced they have resolved the disagreement and will continue their career with DSP.

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JYJ’s Kim Junsu talked of how he felt when he was chosen as the most vocally talented idol star.

On the 25th, cable channel ENT’s ‘Entertainment Station-The Interview’ aired the interview they held at JYJ’s cosmetic brand photoshoot.

During the interview, Yoochun complimented Junsu as he said, “I read an article that Junsu was chosen as the most vocally talented idol singer,” and “Though he is a fellow member and friend, I always thought results like this were expected and obvious because I’ve been hearing Junsu’s voice for so long. He’s truly amazing.“

Junsu chose his words carefully as though he was shy about the results and said, “I think a lot of polls like this have been going on, but it just happened to be that there were more magnified articles written about this particular poll.”

To the other members’ mischievous side comment, “So you’re asking why it took so long for you to be placed in the number one spot?” Junsu seemed flustered and unable to make a witty comeback. He finally said, “No. I’m so thankful. It made me more happy when I learned that the people taking the survey were vocal trainers. I’ll work harder to be better.“

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Singer cum actor Park Yoochun has become a blue chip of the CF industry.

A member of JYJ, Park Yoochun was able to make a successful transformation into an actor through the KBS 2TV drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ and is now stepping up to the plate to film his first indivudal CF for DongSeo Food&Beverages’ ice tea product Tio.

In the commercial, Park Yoochun plays an innocent and good looking high school teacher who pulls at the heartstrings of women. A representative said, “We are amazed at the ‘Park Yoochun effect’ as the release of the commercial had a great positive impact on sales almost immediately. We believe that many corporations are showing a keen interest in him.“

He continued to say, “JYJ are probably the only celebrities who are making such a large impact in the CF industry regardless of the fact that they are not partaking in promotional activities. They’re being viewed highly for their ability to impact sales almost immediately due to their large fandom of all ages.”

Park Yoochun, as well as the other members of JYJ, Kim Jaejoong and Kim Junsu, have been partaking in commercials for clothing and cosmetics brands. In Park Yoochun’s case, he was able to appear on TV as an actor but still has restrictions placed on his TV appearances as JYJ and a singer due to the group’s dispute with their former agency SM Entertainment.

Though celebrities usually face heavier restrictions on CFs than on TV program appearances, JYJ and Park Yoochun are seen as a unique and uncommon case by representatives of the industry.

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Uh… I would inch away slowly if I were you, Kim Jaejoong
(Kim Jaejoong, 10:57pm KST) Meow~

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