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[VIDEO] 110409 HoMin - Music Core

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[VIDEO] 110409 JYJ - In Heaven (English Sub)

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[VIDEO] 110409 JYJ World Tour Concert in Thailand Highlight by Channel [V] Thailand

110401 Press Conference at Paragon
110402~110403 JYJ Concert High Light

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[VIDEO] 110409 JYJ Worldwide Concert Tour in Bangkok '11 Part 12

HD Version of Get Out

You Are

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[NEWS] More info on JYJ's World Tour '11

With the announcement of their US tour in May, and having a great start in Thailand, JYJ is looking to achieve similar success on their US leg of the tour.

Despite being unable to receive profit from their last US tour due to visa issues, the group will be returning, this time being promoted by POWERHOUSE. With over 20,000 fans attending the Thailand series of concerts, the US audience will likely be high in number as well.

As opposed to the somewhat short showcases of last year, the concerts on this tour are 120-minute long full-blown concerts with elaborate effects and stages designed and directed by member Kim Jaejoong, covering all of JYJ's work. A set list circulating around boasts 19 tracks, which includes songs from their English-language album "The Beginning," as well as their recent Korean-language release "Their Rooms 'Our Story'." The list also features solo songs from each member, capping off with the explosive "In Heaven" as one of the four new tracks composed exclusively for the tour.

While the North American stops have yet to be revealed, the tour has already generated a considerable amount of interest from US fans. As mentioned before, Koreaboo is partnered with POWERHOUSE, so they will be sure to bring you more updates as they become available!

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[PHOTOS]110408 HoMin - KBS Cool FM

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[VIDEO] 110408 HoMin - KBS Cool FM

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[TRANS] 110408 C-JeS News: 3hree Voices II Release Notice

This is C-JeS Entertainment,

On the 11th of May, 2011, “JYJ 3hree Voices Ⅱ” will be released.

The 2010 “3hree Voices” was only released in Japan, but the 2011 “JYJ 3hree Voices Ⅱ” will be for fans throughout Asia, and thus in addition to Japanese subtitles, there will be Korean and English subtitles. will be selling the DVD.

The website will be open on April 10th for preorders in Korea for two weeks, and then the Japanese and overseas website will be opened afterwards.

In commemoration of the release in Korea, a small premier event will be held for 30 people who are chosen through a draw. Various events will are in the pipeline for Japanese and overseas fans.

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[PHOTOS] HoMin with f(x) Sulli

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