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A very regrettable thing happened!!!!
There was this autograph which JYJ had signed to share with the fans in the shop
In the end……. it was lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hopefully the person who picked it up or took it away, if it’s convenient enough, please send it back to us, okay?!!
The other fans would also like to see this authentic signature, right!!!! please help~~~~
Tearfully from the management staff who like JYJ just as you all.

The long awaited JYJ came!!!!!!!
Thank you Yoochun who especially came over to tell the manager
“The food that you have sent to the Arena for the past two days was very authentic and nice!!!!!” Mashisoyo~~~ (T/N: ‘delicious’ in Korean)
Almost cried and knelt down~~~~ Hahaha
Great thanks to JYJ and all the staffs’ compliments!!!!! Welcome everyone to come and taste our food!!!!
(Note that Jaejoong showed his face a little bit~~~ Heehee)

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According to an official on the 27th, the past producer of Michael Jackson who visited South Korea on the 21st, Teddy Riley said that greatly admired TVXQ and Big Bang.

An official of group Rania said, “Teddy Riley PD came to visit the site of SBS ‘Inkigayo Special’ in Jeju island on last 24th to support girl group Rania. Ever since the very beginning Teddy Riley had been showing curiosity of all artists in the show, and he even enthusiastically applauded some of those singers after they wrapped up the stage. When TVXQ and Big Bang held their performance, he stood apart from the stage and watched cautiously, and after the stage ended, he applauded hard and continued shouting out praises. The guards and PMG team also showed their surprise when Teddy even gave TVXQ and Big Bang a whistle blow with his fingers during their performance on stage.

Teddy Riley said, “From all these times, I only knew K-Pop from all those hearsay, so when I listen to it directly, I’m so thrilled.” and “Now I’ve seen clearly why K-Pop has been so strong, I think K-Pop will be succeed even better in US and Europe including South America in the future. K-Pop performances I’ve seen so far?? Best of the best.”

He also took time to meet the K-Pop singers in their dressing rooms. He shook hands and had a chat with TVXQ members, he said “What the best is, the team receives spotlight both in music style and performance appearance, thus I can feel the energy directly out of their stages.”. Teddy Riley gladly embraced and shook hands with members of Big Bang as well, and praised “This is a formidable group that will jump over Asia and beyond and lead the pop market.”

When his students Rania was on stage, Teddy Riley revealed, “My judgments were wrong. After meeting this famous K-Pop stars, I’m definitely impressed.”

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A part of the notice by BBH.

“We hoped all problems regarding JYJ will end with the end of the concert, and we hoped all cassies would fully support JYJ. In order to show our support for JYJ, we would not handle SM artists, and we will learn from this experience and will work hard to present another round of JYJ Taiwan concert next year. Thank you.”

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Junsu will be performing on:
Friday 6/17 8pm
Sunday 6/19 3pm & 7pm
Tuesday 6/21 8pm
Wednesday 6/22 8pm
Friday 6/24 8pm
Tuesday 6/28 8pm
Wednesday 6/29 8pm

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Singer and actor Park Yuchun (JYJ) is resting after suffering from enteritis (intestinal inflammation).

During a phone conversation with OSEN on the 27th, JYJ’s rep stated “Because of enteritis, Park Yuchun visited the hospital on the 25th and is resting at home since then. Because his condition isn’t sever, he wasn’t admitted and came back after receiving a day’s worth of treatment. He seems to have gotten enteritis because of reasons such as fatigue accumulation.”

He further added, “because MBC “Ripley” currently hasn’t started full-scale shooting, there isn’t a problem with the drama schedule.”

On the other hand, there is news that Park Yuchun, who is spending busy days with his world tour concert and drama preparation, has recently quickly risen as a blue chip in commercials.

Recently, Park Yuchun has been picked as Dong-suh food’s Ice Tea Tio model, transformed into female high school student’s forever love flower-boy student teacher, and is acting in his first-solo commercial shoot.

In the ad, Park Yuchun provokes womens’ hearts by clearly showing off a pure handsome teacher image. A rep stated, “Park Yuchun’s effect is so great that the ad directly led to sales and is surprising us. From my knowledge, a lot of advertisers currently have an eye on [him]. JYJ is probably the only celebrity that distinguishes itself in commercials despite not having appearances on television.

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【Notice for the rescheduled date for SMTOWN LIVE in TOKYO SPECIAL EDITION】

We express our heartfelt sympathy to all the victims of the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake.
We sincerely pray for the reconstruction of the affected area as soon as possible.

For the “SMTOWN LIVE in TOKYO SPECIAL EDITION” which was postponed, we have arranged various schedules, and decided to hold the rescheduled concert on the following date.
Our sincere apologies for making you wait for so long.

September 3 (Sat), 2011
Doors open / Curtain time 15:00 / 17:00
, Venue: Tokyo Dome

September 4 (Sun), 2011
Doors open / Curtain time 14:00 / 16:00
, Venue: Tokyo Dome

Contact for inquires concerning the concert: : 0180-993-997 (24hours, automated phone system)

We have held consultations time and again, whether or not to hold the concert, considering the unprecedented disaster and the social anxiety which is increasing day by day.
Our results was simple, “We will do our best, what we can do.”

Now is the time to believe in the strong power of entertainment, so all of our members wish to provide the audience with our best performance.
We would be grateful for your understanding and support.

April 27, 2011

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I’m think many of you already know but, they are a group consisting of Junsu, Jejung and Yoochun, 3 members of Tohoshinki

Honestly, I have yet to meet them.

However, this time, for the JYJ 3hree Voices II ‘s soundtrack production, I watched their video countless times.

While they visited places in Japan that were memorable to them, they spoke plainly about their honest feelings.

And so, I came to like them.

Therefore, I played the piano with a heart full of emotions.

“Fallen Leaves,” created by Junsu.

“Nine,” created by Jaejoong.

Then, with the thought that if it were (JYJ), they would definitely want to meet the fans, and run to the fans, I created my own original song “Run to you.”

I’m thankful to have encountered them.

It will be on sale on 11 May.

You can reserve it here.

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The girl who bought Junsu's shirt for about 2 million won^^

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Jaejoong’s out but still thinking of Yoochun♥…. What about Junsu?
(Jaejoong, 7:09pm KST) The fish are really big!

(Jaejoong, 7:24pm KST) I can’t wait for the Busan concert. Yoochun, get well soon..

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

KBS 2TV’s ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ has landed in Japan.

On the 22nd, the ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ DVD series (Part 1 and 2) were released in Japan and ranked 4th and 5th on the Oricon DVD Daily Charts.

The Japanese version of ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ was released in a format of 2 DVDs with Park Yoochun’s name in the title and seems to be experiencing hot popularity in the country with it ranking high on the charts so early on.

‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ began airing in August last year and ended in November and became a hot topic for being Park Yoochun’s debut drama. Park Yoochun was joined by Song Joong Ki, Yu Ah In and Park Min Young to create the ‘SSK Quartet’, who were loved by many viewers.

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The beautiful younger sister of TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho (Jung Yunho) has appeared on TV for the first time.

On SBS’ ‘Sweet Hometown Visit, Dalgona’, U-Know Yunho’s younger sister Jung Ji Hae said, “I am a woman who was abandoned by U-Know Yunho.”

According to Jung Ji Hae, the two were at a school festival at their elementary school where she gave the introduction and U-Know Yunho sang the final solo. After completing her task, she asked U-Know Yunho, “Where should I wait for you?” to which he replied, “Go wait in your classroom.”

But U-Know Yunho didn’t show up, no matter how long Jung Ji Hae waited. Three hours had passed before he reached the classroom completely out of breath. It was that he had forgotten about his sister and gone home.

Jung Ji Hae said, “Oppa, do you know how hungry, cold and sleepy I was? Because of that incident, I started to have a fear of classrooms,” and shouted, “U-Know Yunho, who abandoned his sister. Reflect upon your actions!”

U-Know Yunho seemed embarrassed by his sister’s outburst but said, “Honestly, I’m a really forgetful person. There are times when I make plans to meet up with people, and forget about them later. I forgot about my sister when she’s the one person I should never forget about,” and showed remorse by saying, “I started coming up to Seoul when I was still attending elementary school, so I didn’t get to see Ji Hae often. She’s always been pretty and tall ever since she was little, so I should have been there to protect her from other guys but I wasn’t.”

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JYJ continued their successful Asia tour of the “JYJ World Tour Concert in 2011″ at the Taipei Arena on the 23rd.

The arena was filled with over 10,000 fans and they sang along to the new songs that JYJ had prepared for the concert – showing their passion for their idols.

Having JYJ self-composed songs as the main attraction, they sang “Empty”, “Be my girl”, “Be the one.” They also sang songs from their music essay “Their Rooms” – “Mission”, “Fallen Leaves” and “I.D.S.” New songs that were especially prepared for the world concert, such as “In Heaven” and “get out” were sung. In total, the concert track list contained about 20 songs.

The stage and all the special effects were once again directed and arranged by Kim Jaejoong, which meant that the cross-styled stage used in Thailand was also in the Taiwan concert. This allowed more interaction with the fans and Jaejoong added subtitles for Taiwanese fans to overcome the language barrier. Fans shouted, “JYJ A New Beginning!” during their encore of “In Heaven” to show their gratitude for the 120 minutes of wonderful entertainment.

Taiwanese media gave copious amount of coverage on JYJ’s concert in Taiwan. They heavily focused on Jaejoong’s role in stage direction and was intrigued by Jaejoong’s idea of a “creative challenge.” In response to this, famous Taiwanese star, Kris Shen, tweeted his views of JYJ’s concert after their performance and claimed that they were his idols.

After finishing the Taiwan stop of their tour, JYJ states, “It was the happiest two hours that we’ve spent with our dearly missed Taiwanese fans. We were touched that they were able to sing along with our new songs. We felt that we were able to reach a new level of completion through this concert. We’re happy and hope that everyone will look forward to our future performances.”

JYJ left Taiwan on the afternoon of the 24th – with hundreds of fans waiting for them in departure hall of the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

JYJ will start the North American leg of their world tour with Vancouver as their stop on May 20th, New Jersey on 22nd, LA on 27th and ending at San Jose on June 3rd.

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Recently, official news about the awaited 2011 Dream Concert was unveiled.

On April 25th, the Korea Entertainment Producer's Association (KEPA) officially announced through a press release that the concert will be held on May 28th at the Seoul World Cup Stadium with around 20 of Korea’s top performers.

It was also mentioned that TVXQ, 2PM, IU and 4minute are part of the line-up, with other idols being announced later. As of now, these four acts are the only ones confirmed to participate by KEPA, placing an end to the false list of performers being shared online.

This year, the “I Love You Korea 2011 Dream Concert” will be celebrating its 17th anniversary. With it, a copyrights protection campaign will also be launched.

More information about the event will be revealed on upcoming days through Dream Concert’s official website and @dreamconcertkr.

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Doesn’t he sound like a little kid crawling up in his parent’s bed because there’s a monster in his closet? Nawww♥
(Junsu, 2:45am KST) Eek… Our house… no, this entire area, is suffering from a blackout. And I’m alone.. The house is completely pitch black lol I haven’t felt a chill like this in a while haha
(Junsu, 2:46am KST) I’m walking around my house in the dark, relying solely on the light coming from my phone lol It’s kind of fun because it feels like I’m doing drill exercises to make myself braver… Yes, yes. This must be a sign from the Heavens telling me that I should just go to sleep^^
(Junsu, 2:47am KST) I’m just going to pull the covers over my head and sleep^^ Goodnight everyone!!

Hey buddy, thought you were going to bed? ;) Scared? *hugs you*
(Junsu, 2:48am KST) I think I can hear strange sounds coming from the other room keke Maybe it’s the sound of the wind…
(Kyung Jong, 2:49am KST) @0101xiahtic Oh my God, a blackout! Goodnight, hyung haha
(Junsu, 2:51am KST) @StarBell87 keke This entire apartment building is suffering from a blackout lol I don’t even know where the fuse box is and I’m just wandering around

Sure you like it, sure you’re not scared. Suuuuuuuuuure.
(Junsu, 2:53am KST) But I really like it here right now haha It’s so quiet and peaceful haha
(Junsu, 2:57am KST) You guys can tease me all you want, but to tell you the truth, I don’t get scared by situations like this ^^ Actually, I’ve never believed in ghosts, even when I was little..;; haha
(Junsu, 3:01am KST) Because I’m someone who doesn’t believe in ghosts.. I also believe that there are no such things as souls^^ Or aliens, for that matter haha I believe that only humans, animals and plants exist in this world.. Do I sound too inflexible about the matter…

“If someone was here” …. I’m pretty sure Junsu wouldn’t be tweeting so much if someone was there =__=
(Junsu, 3:10am KST) Though I don’t believe in ghosts.. I really like scary stories about them..^^ haha If someone was here, I could tell them a scary story… What a shame ㅠ

Kim Junsu, is this supposed to scare me? Cus uh…. No. BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME.
(Junsu, 3:15am KST) Oh right!! Sometimes, Tigger will lie down on my sofa, my bed or my desk and just stare intently at the ceiling for a long time.. Though nothing’s there, he always looks in the same direction….

HALLELUJAH THE LIGHTS ARE BACK ON (my fingers are cramping like no other trying to keep up with him D:)
(Junsu, 3:18am KST) Oh, oh, the electricity’s working again!!!!!!!

Nuuuuu I was imagining a kitty paradise in your home D:
(Junsu, 3:21am KST) By the way, all of my cats live at my parents’ house and I’m here alone^^ haha

oh no. Blackout. Again ………… *eye twitch*
(Junsu, 3:29am KST) When I was little and sleeping in my room alone, what scared me the most was the deng-deng-deng sound of my clock. It was the kind that had a pendulum moving left and right, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.
(Junsu, 3:30am KST) Ah.. With another strange sound coming from outside, a second blackout has hit us…… Eek..

Omg he’s going to bed!! oh wait… WHY ARE YOU STILL TALKING. GO. SLEEP.3:
(Junsu, 3:35am KST) I’m looking outside and I think everyone in our neighborhood is affected…. lol What in the world is going on…;; Eh, I’m just going to go to bed ㅠ Bye guys!!
(Junsu, 3:37am KST) Ever since I was little, I was an avid viewer of the Saturday Mysteries series, I even watched the Gumiho (T/N: Nine-tailed fox) show that aired every summer haha Huh?.. The lights came back on again lol What’s going on…;;

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On the 25th evening cable channel ENT 'Entertainment Station-The interview' was to find JYJ’s work field in their Cosmetic brand advertisement.
On this day during the interview the members picked JaeJoong as the member with beautiful skin. Upon this JaeJoong said “It’s embarrassing to say this with my own lips but if it wasn’t for my skin I would have been in trouble. I trust my skin and I feel like I can shout it out”

Upon this Junsu and YooChun said that “He really does have milky skin. He has no skin trouble and even if he doesn’t sleep well it doesn’t show at all.” For this, he is acknowledged as having natural beautiful skin.

To the questions about his skin secrets JaeJoong answered “Really I don’t do anything special and I don’t go to a dermatologist” while Junsu jokingly replied “Are you saying that even though you don’t do anything your skin is just natural?” causing laughter in the room.

Source: TV Daily
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The boys of TVXQ shared much of laughter with Cultwo.

Recently TVXQ guested in SBS E!TV ‘Cultwo Show TV’ at ‘Stars and Their Roundabout Talking’ corner.

At the segment, TVXQ was asked to recall what their childhood dreams were. Choikang Changmin confessed that ever since he saw reports of baseball game, he always wanted to be a sport journalist. While U-Know Yunho said that he pursued profession as prosecutor. However during this remembering the past moment, U-Know Yunho told Cultwo the bitter tearing story of his memories.

U-Know Yunho then said that he’d enjoyed Cultwo songs when he was younger, the singer told reasons of his liking to Cultwo, making Cultwo felt embarrassed.

In addition, there’s also talking about TVXQ’s fanclub ‘Cassiopeia’ which has the world’s largest amount of members that even placed in Guinness Book of Records and their experiences in widening plan as singers jump in acting area.

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After a hiatus of two years and three months, TVXQ returned to the Korean music industry with their fifth album “Keep Your Head Down.” The success of the album was phenomenal, reaching first place on many music programs continuously. They also released a repackaged album titled “Before U Go.” Their goodbye stages recently took place on Music Bank, Music Core and Inkigayo, ending their promotions in Korea.

TVXQ will now be moving on to promotional activities overseas. According to SM Entertainment, “TVXQ has received invitations from Japan and various Asia countries. Thus, they will be taking a short break before starting their overseas activities so that they can focus better on their overseas promotion.”

The two members will be performing in the “Seoul-Osaka Music of Heart 2011 Fighting Japan” June concert, along with 2PM, MBLAQ, U-Kiss, T-ara and more. Additionally, the OST for the SBS drama starring Changmin “Paradise Ranch” will be released on June 15th in Japan.

Are you excited to see them continue their activities overseas?

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Get your ticket HERE.

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