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[SCANS] HoMin - Esquire Magazine Part 2

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[VIDEO] 110323 Jaejoong - Tonight Show

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[VIDEO] 110323 Jaejoong - Siiriraj Hospital

He went there to sign the book wishing good health for Thailand’s king.

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[NEWS] 110323 TVXQ Turns into Rich Princes for "Esquire"

TVXQ has stepped into their royal personas for the April edition of ‘Esquire‘ magazine.

The photoshoot was conducted in one of Seoul’s hotel suites, and the boys became the two sons of a ‘royal family’. They tried capturing the conflicts and feelings that are experienced in rich, upper-class families. Famed photographer Jo Sun Hee led the shoot, and made it seem like a scene from a movie.

Yunho turned into the model son, who lives his life in an exemplary fashion. He showcased his dandy look by wearing a subdued, yet perfectly-fitting suit. Meanwhile, Changmin transformed into the younger son, who’s also flirty and witty; he wore colorful suits and posed accordingly to his outfits.

For the photoshoot, products from top fashion brands such as Chanel, Gucci, and Tom Ford were employed. TVXQ modeled many different suits with perfect poses, and thus exemplified the luxurious lifestyle of a royal family.

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[NEWS] 110323 JYJ's Junsu Reveals a Sel-ca From his Car

JYJ’s Kim Junsu has revealed his passion for driving.

On March 22nd, Junsu uploaded a sel-ca picture onto his Twitter along with the tweet, “It’s been a long time since I uploaded. I really like to drive.”

In the picture, he’s seen sporting a pair of black shades in a comfortable outfit while holding onto the steering wheel. Fans also noted his boyish grin, which betrays his excitement for driving.

Netizens commented, “I want to ride with you”, “You look cool, but you wouldn’t happen to be a beginner driver, would you?”, and “You look like the main character of a car racing movie.”

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[NEWS + TRANS] JYJ World Tour will comprise of 23 songs including 4 new songs, Director Kim JaeJoong "It will be an electrifying experience" 110323

The directing concept for JYJ's World Tour which begins in Bangkok on 2nd April will be "Creative Challenge" and they have charged into the preparations for a full-scale concert.

The President of C-JeS Entertainment Baek Chang Ju who is in charge of JYJ's management said, "The World Tour will be starting in 10 days and JYJ are in the midst of finishing up the new songs, practicing dance moves and working on the finishing touches to increase the perfection of the concert. It will be a mega concert which will be made up of a stage of 23 songs."

As what we have been informed about the "JYJ World Tour Concert in 2011", Kim JaeJoong is taking charge of the overall supervision and this has become a big topic for discussion.

Since last month, from the meeting with the staff about lighting, sound, stage and imaging, JaeJoong has also directly supervised the meeting himself with the stylists and people in charge of dance choreography and props, and discussed about the elements which make up a detailed concert.

JaeJoong is absorbed in working to make this a concert where they will be able to get closer to the fans with the "Creative Challenge" concept and be able to communicate with them.

JaeJoong said, "To the fans who love JYJ's music, I want to present a 120 minute electrifying experience. In order to express that our World Tour's run will keep changing and advancing, such a concept was chosen. We will be making the full use of a cross-shaped circular stage which will enable us to get closer to the fans, and make the directorial elements for every song come to life, making this a concert where one will not be able to remove their eyes from at one try."

JYJ will be presenting 4 new songs during this World Tour. As such, including the previous songs from their Music Essay album, the majority of the concert will be comprised of JYJ's self-composed and self-written songs, and with this expectation, they plan to show that they are Asia's representatives for performance artists who are singer songwriters.

"JYJ World Tour in 2011" will begin in Bangkok on April 2nd, doing an Asia Tour, then going to America and Canada, and finally adorning a magnificent finale in Korea.

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[PHOTOS] HoMin - Esquire magazine

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[NEWS] 110323 TVXQ "Royal Family" transformation for Esquire magazine

TVXQ have transformed into the "Royal Family" for their recent Esquire photoshoot. The duo U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin had a photoshoot for Esquire in March for the April issue in a hotel suite in Seoul. The concept was the "Royal Family."

The famous photographer Jo Sunhee was in charge of the shoot and photographed TVXQ in a very upscale room. Both of the members took photos that represented some sort of conflict and expressed a subtle emotions. It can even be said that the viewer was looking at a scene of a movie.

Yunho wore a dark grey suit and is looking at woman who seems upset. Changmin is wearing blue pants with a light grey jacket and seems to be in a deep conversation with the old man sitting at the desk before him. His role in this photoshoot seems to be similar to Changmin's role in his first drama "Paradise Ranch." Changmin played a conglomerate's son in the drama.

TVXQ are currently promoting their title track "Before U Go" from their repackaged album.

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[PHOTOS] 110322 Stalking Jaejoong

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[TRANS] ToH’s Actor Jeon Dong Seok Mentioned About Junsu

[many parts omitted]

There are alot of talks about Xiah Junsu taking part in musicial ‘Tears of Heaven’, is there any pressure for you to act in the same character as him?

“There wasn’t any pressure. Because the viewers have different view points of me and Junsu Hyung-Nim is what I think.

What kind of person is Xiah Junsu like since you have seen him up-closed?

“He’s really like a easy-to-get-along elder brother from the same neighbour. Although he’s 2 years older than me, he takes good care of me.”

You have a character that likes to win, so do you find that Xiah Junsu is your rival in terms of ticketing power and awareness?

“Nothing of that sort. In comparision to me, Junsu Hyung-Nim has started out his activities from when he was young and he has a lot of experience. I don’t have much experience as compared to him and I don’t have much on stage experience. I still have a long way to go in future.”

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[TRANS] 110322 Examining “celebrity’s attitude at work”…”BAD or GOOD”

Everyone is always debating about celebrities’ attitudes during filming or interviews. Some celebrities show attitudes of lacking sincerity because of their busy schedule and stress, however, there are other celebrities that are professional, responsible, and modest. What are the differences in celebrities attitude in work?

◆ “Sensitive, late, missing appointments, lack sincerity…” celebrities with “BAD” attitudes

◆ “hard working, modest, polite…” celebrities with “GOOD” attitudes

JYJ’s Park Yoochun (25) with his humble and honest attitude also became a hot topic during filming for last year’s KBS drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Even though he is one of the most popular idols, but during filming he has an appropriate mindset of a newcomer, receiving favorable praises from workers. Out of all the lead actors, Park Yoochun was the only one that declined having a exclusive chair prepared for him at the filming site. When this information spread, netizens responded with favorable comments and showed enthusiasm for his acting.

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[Trans] 110321 Park Yoochun, Lee Da Hae and Kim Seung Woo Begin “Love Triangle”

JYJ’s Park Yoochun, together with actors Lee Da Hae and Kim Seung Woo have started a “Love Triangle” in “Goodbye Miss Ripley.”

Park Yoochun, Lee Da Hae and Kim Seung Woo are the three main characters for MBC’s new drama “Goodbye Miss Ripley.” “Goodbye Miss Ripley” is about a woman who faces a crisis from telling too many lies, and the two men who love her deeply, creating a story of the struggle and resolution among love and destruction.

Lee Da Hae plays the role of the woman who faces a crisis due to her own lies, Jang Miri, and exudes an unaffected charm. Jang Miri is a woman who is willing to put herself in a dangerous relationship to gain success.

Kim Seung Woo plays a character who was born into a poor family, but is focused on being No. 1, the unyielding Jang Myeong Hun. He is calm and sensible, and became a hotel manager. After Jang Myeong Hun falls in love with Jang Miri, he faces the danger of losing everything that he has worked so hard to gain so far.

Park Yoochun is part of the love triangle together with Kim Seung Woo and Lee Da Hae, and plays the role of Yutaka, the son of a famous Japanese resorts company CEO. Because of Jang Miri, Yutaka learns the meaning of true love, but also faces the tragic fate of ending up in a critical situation.

Also, Kang Hye Jeong plays the role of Jang Miri’s sister at the orphanage, Na Hye Ju. Na Hye Ju finds out about her sister Jang Miri’s plot and tries to expose her, and puts herself in a dangerous position.

“Goodbye Miss Ripley” will be aired in May after “The Duo.”

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[TRANS] 110321 Crowds of fans flooded Suvarnabhumi airport to greet “Jaejoong”

Chang Drinking Water presents 2011 JYJ World Tour Concert in Thailand along with its organizer, 411 Entertainment Co., Ltd. With his popularity as one of the most well-known Korean celebrity, how can Jaejoong, one of three members of JYJ, arrive unnoticed by the eyes and ears of these fans? Suvarnabhumi airport was undoubtedly bursting at every corner!!!!

On March 20, 2011 (2 pm.) at Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok, the hottest artist from South Korea, Kim Jaejoong, one of the three members of JYJ, arrived in Thailand on board flight TG659. The sole purpose of his surprising visit to Thailand is to participate in a preparatory meeting for 2011 JYJ World Tour Concert in Thailand which is organized by 411 Entertainment Co., Ltd. and its main sponsor, Chang Drinking Water. It is also co-sponsored by Fanta drink, 12-plus sexy cologne, Siam Center shopping mall and Siam Paragon, Hot 91.5 FM radio station, Renaissance Hotel Bangkok and C-Jes. Aside from the magnificent visual effects, lighting and sound of this upcoming concert, another important behind-the-scene is that Jaejoong has fully taken on the role of a concert director. He will be doing all the hands-on production tasks by himself, especially in Thailand which is the first country to start off this world tour concert. Our boy Jaejoong is exceptionally determined and flew straight to Thailand before the other two members, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu. The staff of 411 Entertainment Co., Ltd., led by its CEO Mr. Kung-Chalermchai Mahagitsiri, and Thai fans were greatly impressed by the honor Jaejoong have shown towards Thailand.

From his experience in music industry for more than 7 years, Jaejoong, who has been working with uncountable skillful staff and personally interested in preparing stage show, has continuously learned and got many experiences. This is the inspiration that let this young man step on the role behind the stage. It began with co-stage directing and partaking in visual effect with staff from US showcases , concert in Japan, and the latest large-scale concert in Seoul, South Korea. This world tour is the expand version of JYJ latest concert which were co-planned by Jeri Slaughter, the director of JYJ concert in Seoul. This time, all stages and shows will be directed by such good-looking director, Kim Jaejoong. It seems like a challenging task for him. Jaejoong said that “Stage director must be responsible for the continuity between each show, from the beginning to the end. All the staff also share that effort but I plan to do this with new concept: to do the work of 100 with only 1. This could be done by sound-controlling, composing, including arranging the music between each performance. The propose of my early arrival at Thailand, ahead of my 2 friends, Yuchun and Junsu, is to get everything ready and make it become the best for fans. I hope that all fans will attend and cheer us, JYJ, for this opening concert of the world tour in Thailand, on 2nd and 3rd of April.”

Kung Chalermchai, young-blood CEO of 411 Entertainment revealed his feeling about this concert preparation trip of Jaejoong that 411 feels honored and very impressed. He’s never heard of any Korean artist taking part in concert preparation by himself before. Surely, fans who already bought the ticket for this concert would not be disappointed since Jaejoong really pay lots of attention for this concert by taking care of the production and all details himself. Even the promotion pictures for this concert were also chosen by Jaejoong. Moreover, Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun left the message to fans that they are preparing lots of surprised for Thai fans. One of them is 2 new self-composed songs, composed especially for this world tour which will be performed for the first time in Thailand. Therefore, fans that attend this concert on 2nd and 3rd of April will be able to listen to them before the others.

Since both artist and orgainzer are working really hard for this concert, anyone who still doesn’t have a ticket can purchase it at Thaiticket Major Tel. 02-262-3456 or Ticket prices are 900 / 1,500 / 2,500 / 4,000 / 4,500 / 5,000 and 6,000 Baht with chance to be one of the lucky fan to attend the fan meeting. Not so many times left until the the great full-scale concert of the hot group, JYJ – Kim Jaejoong, Park Yuchun, and Kim Junsu in ’Chang Drinking Water Presents 2011 JYJ WORLD TOUR CONCERT IN THAILAND’ on this comimg April 2 and 3 at Impact Arena, MuangThongThani. Gate opens at 4 pm, concert starts at 6 pm. More detail

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[TRANS] 110321 Lee Da Hae - Weibo Update

‘Goodbye Miss Ripley’ finally started filming today~! Right now I’m nervous but also looking forward to it~ Hehe~ ^^ Also hope everyone show lots of support and follow us! I love you~ ^^!

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[TRANS] 110320 “SungKyunKwan Scandal” Viewer Comments Exceed 400,000

Park Yoochun’s power cannot be underestimated.

Aired last year, the KBS Drama “SungKyunKwan Scandal,” message board had reached 401,000 comments on 20 March. On 18 March viewer Ms.Sohn Sook Ja posted “The scholar has given up his position,” becoming the main character in the 400,000th post. To this, loyal fans of “SungKyunKwan Scandal” wrote “Congratulations, Scholar Sook Ja”, “Senior Sohn, congratulations on the 400,000th post” and other comments.

The hit series, SBS’s “Secret Garden,” whose viewership ratings had exceeded 30% this year, had approximately 44,000 comments on its message board. But the popularity of Park Yoochun and the others, as well as the passionate response is something worth considering as well. Although “SungKyunKwan Scandal’s” ratings had stopped at an average of 12.8% (AGB Nielsen), but the audience loyalty is higher among its followers as compared to other dramas.

The audience, following the terms used in SungKyunKwan, address each other according to hierarchy using “Scholar” and “Senior,” to create an interesting atmosphere of “life at SungKyunKwan.” Although “SungKyunKwan Scandal” had ended a long while ago, but in the “Love Room” of the “SungKyunKwan Scandal” Message Board, you can still see the passion for “SungKyunKwan Scandal.”

KBS Drama Executive Producer Lee Kang Hyun said, “ Of all the shows produced by KBS last year, “SungKyunKwan Scandal” received the most passionate response from the audience. “Baker King Tak Goo” and “The Slave Hunters” received high viewership ratings, and were all successful dramas.

Park Yoochun is scheduled to participate in the MBC Monday-Tuesday Mini Series “Goodbye Miss Ripley.”

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