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KBS drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ which aired in South Korea in November last year eventually is causing a frenzy in Japan as well.

A popular internet website bulletin board recently posted a picture under title ‘Recent snap from a Japan video rental shop’.

The picture shows some shelves of a video rental shop in Japan that are fully packed with ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ DVDs and music soundtracks, while promotional posters containing images of the drama’ protagonists Moon Jae-Sin (Yu Ah-In), Lee Seon-jun (Park Yoochun), Kim Yun-hee (Park Min Young), and Gu Yeong-ha (Song Jung-gi) are also attached in front of the shelves.

Japan rental shop that is seen in the picture is actually Japan’s largest rental shop TSUTAYA, since last April 20th TSUTAYA has begun to rent out Japanese edition of ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ DVD. Meanwhile the DVD sales is expected to start in store on April 22nd.

Ever since the Japanese version of ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ DVD started to rent out, it ever occupied the 5th, 6th, 7th, 11th, and 20th position in TSUTAYA DVD Rental Chart.

Netizens responded, “It’s really awesome.” “Really nice to see how Park Yoochun’s drama seems to get more attention there,” “‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ is becoming powerly well-known in Japan”

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It seems that the heat which this outstanding group JYJ had brought in their opening concert will be soon sent over to ‘Taipei Dome’ in Taipei, Taiwan following their coming ‘JYJ World Tour Concert in 2011′ in Taiwan.

The director from previous concert member Kim Jaejoong will be in charge once in again in this concert production, and is expected to bring back the ‘Creative Challenge’ concept during their Bangkok concert to Taiwan.

‘Creative Challenge’ concept has successfully united all audiences in harmony in last Bangkok concert, while the charm of Kim Jaejoong as the group’s stage director for world tour concert in Asia continent also receive great favor from public.

JYJ said, “Since it’s been so long for us to meet our Asian fans, thus we try our best to prepare for this performance. After we wrap up the concert in Beijing, China on May 7th, we will get ready thoroughly for our U.S tour.”

In addition, JYJ’s show in United States kicks off on May 20th starting from Vancouver, New Jersey, Los Angeles, and San Jose before they will be back to South Korea after an over 3 months world tour to have a final concert.

All information related to the world tour concert can be accessed through CJeS entertainment website ( and the official facebook (

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The full version of JYJ’s Park Yoochun’s solo CF has been revealed. On 20 April, the Dongseo Foods website revealed the Ice Tea Tio TV CF and Online CF featuring Park Yoochun.

In this CF, Park Yoochun plays a popular trainee teacher at an all-girls’ high school. A student holding glasses of iced water bumps into Park Yoochun, and the water spills.

The student, who has a crush on him, presses the glasses filled with ice onto his chest, using her own unique way of expressing her feelings. The girl’s sudden action takes Park Yoochun by surprise and his helpless expression brings about bouts of laughter.

After watching the CF, netizens left messages saying, “If only we had such a trainee teacher in our school,” “I can totally understand the girl’s feelings” and other interesting comments.

This Park Yoochun CF is JYJ’s first CF to be aired on national TV, attracting a lot of attention. Fans who have not been able to see JYJ on public television so far, can ease some of their unhappiness through this CF.

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The interview took place on the 21st of April around 3pm at Impact Arena Muang Thong Thani for April Fest : K- POP Charity Concert.


Interview with Infinite

Q: Jaejoong (JYJ) tweeted “Nothing’s over is very great” How do you feel?
Woohyun: I feel very honored because we think JYJ are the very awesome seniors. I also went to the same hair salon as JYJ but I never got a chance to meet them in person.

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Kim Jaejoong has many friends in Japan and the United States. One of the reasons this is true is because of his fluency in Japanese and English. Though most of his lessons consisted of talking to people while touring in these locations, he has an extraordinary linguistic sense. His knowledge of the information he was quizzed on was relatively strong too. Questions like #3 and #7 showed us just how well-versed he was in all genres. Though Jaejoong was able to get the answer for #4 in the end, he wrote down an incorrect answer because he received help while trying to figure it out. It seems that trying to guess how many subway stops there are on Line 2 is a bit extreme.

1. Who is the member of the bizarre, hit duo UV who is also a comedian?
Real Answer: Yoo Sae Yoon
Jaejoong’s Anwer:Yoo Sae Yoon

2. What is the Korean island that has been chosen as a candidate for the 7 Natural Wonders of the World?
Real Answer: Jeju island
Jaejoong’s Answer: Jeju island

3. What is the name of the theory that states that the fate of two people living in two different time periods will develop in the same pattern?
Real Answer: Parallel Universe
Jaejoong’s Answer: Parallel Universe

4. What is the capital city of the Philippines?
Real Answer: Manila
Jaejoong’s Answer: Manilsu

5. What is the name of the book written by Shin Gyeong Suk that has been met with a great reception after it was translated and published in the United States?
Real Answer: Take Care of My Mother
Jaejoong’s Answer: Take Care of My Mother

6. What is the hometown of the recently prospering 9th professional baseball team NC Soft?
Real Answer: Changwon(GyeongNam)
Jaejoong’s Answer: Changwon

7. What is the name for musicals that use previously existing hit songs as their songs such as ‘Mamma Mia’, which used ABBA’s music?
Real Answer: Jukebox musical
Jaejoong’s Answer: Jukebox musical

8. What is the France League team that Park Joo Young, the captain of Korea’s national soccer team, is a member of?
Real Answer: AS Monaco
Jaejoong’s Answer: -

9. What do we call PCs like the iPad or the Galaxy Tab that use a pen or a touch screen instead of a keyboard?
Real Answer: Tablet PC
Jaejoong’s Answer: -

10. How many stops are there in Line 2 of the subway?
Real Answer: 43 stops
Jaejoong’s Answer: 47

11. What is the phrase we use to say that it is the ethical duty of the upper class of society to use their power to give back to society?
Real Answer: Noblesse Oblige
Jaejoong’s Answer: -

12. Who was the first eliminated person in the top 12 of MBC’s ‘A Mighty Birth’ who was also the winner of Miss Korea Japan?
Real Answer: Kwon Lise
Jaejoong’s Answer: Kwon Lise

13. Who is the current Secretary of State of the United States of America who used to be a First Lady?
Real Answer: Hillary Clinton
Jaejoong’s Answer: Hillary Clinton

14. How many representatives are there in Korea’s National Assembly?
Real Answer: 299
Jaejoong’s Answer: -

15. Who is the Goryeo general who led the grand victory of Guiju?
Real Answer: Gang Gam Chan
Jaejoong’s Answer: Gang Gam Chan

16. How many people would you have if Miss A, Girls’ Generation and 2AM were put together?
Real Answer: 17
Jaejoong’s Answer: 17

17. What is the Chinese character that is missing from the four-letter proverb 螢( )之功 that means to study in difficult circumstances with just a glimmer of light and one’s eyesight?
Real Answer: 雪
Jaejoong’s Answer: -

18. What does RT mean on Twitter?
Real Answer: Retweet/Retwit
Jaejoong’s Answer: Re Twit

19. How many sheets of laver are in a bundle?
Real Answer: 100
Jaejoong’s Answer: 30

20. What do we call cultural items, such as acting, music, and dance, that have been chosen by the nation as having great historical and academic value?
Real Answer: Intangible Cultural Assets
Jaejoong’s Answer: Intagible Cultural Assets

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Boyband JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong is showing a slimmer “V-Line”

Kim Jaejoong, who went overseas for the “JYJ World Tour Concert in 2011″ Taiwan performance, uploaded the latest photo of himself on twitter, on the afternoon of 19 April.

In the photograph, Kim Jaejoong is wearing a white T-shirt and a pink jacket, with black sunglasses, showing his cool side. His milky white skin and his comparatively slimmer jaw line attracted the attention of viewers.

The photo was uploaded together with the message “Wearing the pink hoodie I got as a gift and pulling myself together!”

After seeing the photograph, netizens said “Have you been really busy? Your V-line is getting more obvious,” “Your skin is whiter than a girl’s” and voiced their concern.

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On 21 April, Kim Junsu posted on his twitter account, “This is a little embarrassing but……… Goodnight guys^^” together with a photograph.

A photo of Kim Junsu wearing a grey tank top is shown, and his blonde hair also attracts the attention of the viewers.

Netizens said, “I feel so excited after seeing this shot, how am I supposed to sleep,” “His shy selca is really cute, “ “How are we going to sleep well after seeing this photo,” and other responses.

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

[600th Episode Special Stage] We have received good news that TVXQ will be showing off their captivating stage presence through ‘Rising Sun’, the title piece of their second album that brought them to where they are now. ^.^

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With regards to the 7 June “JYJ Tohoku Earthquake Support Charity Event,” we apologise for the confusion caused.

Although there has been news on the internet about the “JYJ Tohoku Earthquake Support Charity Event” being cancelled, we have not cancelled the event.

The 3 members of JYJ hope hold this event and want to meet with the fans of Japan, a country that currently is facing difficulty. They are working together with the staff to make arrangements so as to realise this event.

There will be another announcement when the arrangements are made. In the meanwhile, we ask for your patience and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Also, please refrain from contacting the venue for any enquiries.

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(T/N: This announcement for “Why(Keep Your Head Down)” talks about the Korean album, not the Japanese single that was released early this year. Recochoku is a mobile music site for Japanese mobile users.)

The Japan release of “Why(Keep Your Head Down)” will be released on 27 April via Recochoku (ChakuUta® , ChakuUta Full®) as well as other mobile music distribution sites!!
※Note: Does not include the bonus track

The bonus track “Before U Go (monologue)” and “Before U Go” will be exclusively released on mu-mo for ChakuUta Full® on 27 April!

※The scheduled release date for other sites will be on 4 May.
※Release time varies from site to site, so please check with the respective sites.

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It’s been revealed that TVXQ’s Yunho has been sending scholarships to his alma mater for the past seven years.

On the debut broadcast of SBS’s “Dalgona (Sweet Hometown Days)”, Yunho appeared as the first guest of the show. The program interviewed his former 3rd year high school teacher, who revealed that Yunho visits his alma mater during his vacation period, and gives scholarships of 3,000,000 won ($2772.64) to five students at Kwangil High School, and to five students from Imgok Middle School. The teacher also revealed that Yunho has been steadily sponsoring his juniors for the past seven years.

During the broadcast, the teacher thanked Yunho on behalf of the school, consequently creating a warm atmosphere on the show.

Aside from sharing Yunho’s personal stories, this episode will also host an appearance from Yunho’s ulzzang younger sister and his first love.

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SATU Indonesia

TVXQ, the bright charm of TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho (24) and Choikang Changmin (23) was unveiled through their surprise appearance in recording studio of Jung Chan-woo’s SBS radio program Cultwo.

U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin who just before participated in recording of Cultwo programme, took a picture during the recording break. The ‘sungindol’ (T/N: Adult idol) U-Know Yunho pulled out pose in his arrogant charisma and flattering eyes.

While Choikang Changmin who is known for this cute smile trademark had his V-pose.

Netizens commented, “They’re a full-packed entertainers” “It should be a good chance to compare the head size of TVXQ oppas and Jung Chan-woo,”

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Junsu also tilted his DP ahahah

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The feelings of the fans have not become one..isn’t this sad?

Do you remember?
The episodes from the time when I met with the three of them on February 20th.
I wrote that the three were playing around like a couple of puppies…
This episode was in the office of C-JeS, which also had CEO Paek as the director.
The impressions I got from that time were these.
That because it is this CEO Paek who is protecting them, the three can sing freely without worry,
And that the three have put all their trust in them…
All that I write is only things that I see with my own eyes, the things I hear with my own ears, the things that I myself feel.

If you like the three of JYJ, you must trust the three.
If you trust the three of JYJ, you must trust everything that they trust.
If you want to love the three of JYJ, you must love everything that they love.

I often receive this question from fans of whether they can trust me, Hayato-san.
And I always answer with this reply: There is no need to trust me, please trust JYJ.
At the incident of last September (T/N: suspension of JYJ activities and forcing JYJ to leave after using Paek as the reason) CEO Paek is said to have said this:
“If the three of you can become happy, don’t hesitate to leave me.”

And who did JYJ choose?
The answer is one which everyone is sure to know by now.
When you watch this DVD, you will come to think “Oh, it was indeed like this,” and be able to accept it.
When you see their smiles that are free of worry that are contained in this DVD,
You will be able to see just how happy they are living their lives as they are receiving these wounds.

This, of all times, is the time for fans to become one.
Supporting JYJ is the unwavering love that the fans give to JYJ
There is no need for you to trust me. Please trust JYJ.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

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JYJ’s Junsu recently revealed a picture from inside his home.

On April 20th, Junsu posted a picture onto his Twitter along with the message, “Lazy afternoon.. I was laying down after getting ready to leave when Kyung Jong took a picture!! I’m hungry. I’m going to go eat.”

In the picture, Junsu is seen sprawled out on his big, black couch lazily staring at the camera. In particular, fans took much interest in the setting of the picture, complimenting the size of the room and its design.

Netizens commented, “Looks comfy. Nice house. ;D”, “Wow your house is so pretty :) Hehehe have a good rest! ♥ Oh and I really like your new hair color ^^ and your choice of attire :D”, and “Wow, you live well. keke I envy your tiled floor and lights. Still, I envy the sofa most of all… Oppa, you look so relaxed. keke.”

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Activity 1! Suwon Bluewings FC MEN Exhibition Match
Time : 24 April 2011, 17:00 at Suwon World Cup Stadium
Teams : Suwon Bluewings vs Incheon Design High School
Gates Open : 16:3o on event day

Activity 2! How to live SMART Time
Blue Lala Womens’ PK Match-up
Time : 24 April 2011, during half-time of the 19:30 game against Gyeongnam
Application Method : Impromptu selection on location, questions will be asked, and contestants will be selected among the women present. The 5 who give the right answers will win a Samsung SMART TV

Activity 3! Auction of Love! Player Kim Junsu’s Autographed Jersey
The 4th auction of the 2011 Season!
Suwon Bluewings FC MEN Captain Kim Junsu’s Autographed Jersey!
Click here for bidding

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