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[VIDEO] 110318 TVXQ on Music Bank


Changmin says some kind words for those in Japan :)

Intro + Before U Go:

[PHOTOS] Keep Your Head Down Repackaged - Part 5

I can't wait mine to arrive *-*

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[SCANS] KYHD repackaged version - Yunho cards

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[PHOTOS] HoMin at Music Bank Backstage

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[PHOTOS] 110318 JYJ on Straits Times Newspaper About Donations to Japan

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[NEWS] TVXQ modified the lyrics of “Before U Go” to pass MBC’s standards

SM Entertainment has decided to modify the lyrics to TVXQ’s newest song, “Before U Go” in order to pass the rigid broadcast standards upheld by MBC. The song is the title track for TVXQ’s repackaged “Keep Your Head Down” album.

It’s only been a couple of days since TVXQ released their new song, but fans already noticed a change in the lyrics during its premiere broadcast through MBC Radio. The original lyrics, “I was a stupid fool who couldn’t even take care of you“, was modified to “I was stupid and couldn’t even take care of you.”

SM Entertainment made an official clarification on this matter on March 18th, as they stated, “MBC’s Radio and TV were considering rejecting the song for broadcast because of the lyrics. This is why we changed ’stupid fool’ to just ’stupid’.”

Though MBC held some concerns about the lyrics, it’s said that SBS and KBS had no problems with them at all, and thus allowed the song to pass their standards test.

This change will mean that TVXQ will have to sing the modified version of the song on MBC’s “Music Core“, while they sing the original version on KBS’s “Music Bank” and SBS’s “Inkigayo“.

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Hey, at least it's not as bad as "Under your sky"

[VIDEO] 110318 Keep Your Head Down Parody on Happy Together

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[VIDEO] 110316 Stalking Jaejoong

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[PHOTOS] 110317 Changmin - Cinema Opening Part 2

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[PHOTOS] 110317 Changmin - Cinema Opening

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[TRANS] 110316 JYJ’s Heartbeating White Day Date With Over 7,000 Fans

All three members are unique; they were special!

The group JYJ (Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu, Park Yoochun) were different. On the 12th, JYJ held a fanmeeting at Jamsil stadium where more than 7,000 fans gathered and spent three hours together. This fan meeting, which was created for the sake of exchanging laughter and emotions with the fans, JYJ also spent more than 100 million won from their own expenses.

JYJ began their fan meeting with words of the unfortunate earthquake that has occurred in north eastern Japan, and ended by singing with their encore with a song they released recently. As the fan meeting was coming to an end, Kim Junsu also showed his tears to the fans cheers.

We are one!

Their looks are different and so are their voices. But when these three sing together they are able to create heavenly harmonies. However, it wasn’t just the three of them. Matching the words of JYJ with hand motions, all the fans there (exceeding 7,000) became one.

During the fan meeting, JYJ also called their manager on stage and spent a harmonious time together. From their relentless schedule to their every meal, the manger bears these responsibilities of the celebrity, so being able to see this unreserved relationship caused the fans to clap ceaselessly.

Imitate us!

While Park Yoochun was singing, he raised two fingers to his head as if to ask for their applause, immediately all the fans began to cheer. Not wanting to lose to this, Kim Jaejoong raised his right hand up high to which the fans immediately stood up from their chairs and began to chant JYJ. To this Kim Junsu also retaliated with his nimble feet.

It really truly is so!

When they are singing or dancing, these three are more concentrated than anyone else. But when they are playing and having fun with games, they really are mischievous boys.

What’s the brothers’ secrets?

The suprising guest on this day was Park Yoochun’s brother Park Yoohwan. Park Yoohwan, who is acting in the MBC drama “Sparkling Sparkling”, exposed various secrets of his brother causing Park Yoochun to become flustered.

We love you!

All the fans that had gathered for 3 hours cried and laughed with JYJ. Waving placards that said things such as, “Jaejoong believe in us!”, “Park Yoochun thank you for coming to see us!” and “Our star of Asia- Kim Junsu!”, the fans were able to speak words from their hearts.

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[TRANS] 110317 Changmin and Lee Yeon Hee “Rock Couple” Gravure

The lovers in the drama “Paradise Ranch” Shim Changmin and Lee Yeon Hee have met once again.

They’ve transformed into a “rock couple”, rather than the sweet and cute image in the drama, they sprinkled their chic and fashionable appeal.

Lee Yeon Hee coordinated and combined clothes such as mini t-shirts showing off her navel with glittering pants, and mini dresses with a balloon skirt showing off her long slender legs, she has daringly challenged the exposure.

Changmin wore tough Riders jackets and classic tuxedo suits looking nicely dressed, and you can feel the fashion sense that he seems to be born with.

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[TRANS] 110316 Changmin: “Last Episode Airing Is A Relief and Regrettable”

Dong Bang Shin Gi’s Shim Changmin and Lee Yeon Hee spoke about their sentiments for the end of their SBS drama “Paradise Ranch”. In the afternoon of March 15th, commemorative events took place at the SBS building in Seoul for the end of “Paradise Ranch”.

Changmin said, “During both the filming and then the airing of the drama, this was my first time taking part in a drama so all of these things were new to me. I am grateful to all the people who gave me this chance to experience something new. This drama has been airing for a duration of two months and now it’s ending. I feel relieved but on the other hand reluctant. Thank you for giving us your love. These two months were really fun and I was very happy.” Lee Yeon Hee said, “Today is the airing of the last episode of “Paradise Ranch”, and I am very grateful that all the donations are being used for a good cause. I want to thank all the fans who loved us until the very end.

On the other hand as “Paradise Ranch” reaches its final episode, the production staff, Lee Yeon Hee, Shim Changmin, SM Entertainment, and Sanhwa Networks all gathered and collected donations in order to help children in third world countries, and these donations were given to deliver the meaning of the “reality of love” and other events were also held.

Presents were also prepared for the fans by Changmin and Yeon Hee. Through the lottery, fans would get the lucky chance to win and be able to watch the final “Paradise Ranch” episode together and other presents. As Changmin looked towards the final airing, he spent an enjoyable time at this event.

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[VIDEO] 110316 Infinite Greets TVXQ Sunbaes on "Welcome to the Show"


Infinite: Hello, we are INFINITE! Sunbae-nim, your song is so cool! Really!
Yunho: Work hard!
Infinite: Yes, we'll work hard! Take care!

[TRANS] 110317 JYJ Turns to Be Smart Model Students!

Male group JYJ show off their heartthrob charm as smart model students.

A clothing brand that chose JYJ as its home model back in January released undisclosed pictures of their spring line print advertisement featuring JYJ.

In those pictures JYJ members sported T-shirts, baseball jumpers, and more, the mix and match outfits showed off casual style yet exceptional fashion sense. The rolled up pants and Oxford embossed seems to be the highlighted part of its intellectual student charm.

Netizens who saw the pictures responded, “I want to get JYJ clothes.” and “They can wear any kind of clothes and still look stunning.”

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