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[NEWS] 110317 C-JeS to Sue Investor Park and H Dream for Defamation and False Charges Against JYJ

JYJ-Side, On the Fraud-Claim of Last Year’s Concerts, Takes Strong Legal Action

C-JeS Entertainment, which is in charge of JYJ’s management, has decided to take strong legal action against the relaying of one-sided claims that argue that [Park] has suffered damages due to fraud relating to the last year’s American Showcases.

H Dream (T/N: Park’s company), which sued arguing that it was defrauded by Kim XX who claimed to be a subcontractor for the JYJ’s American tour, included/mentioned JYJ and C-JeS in its complaint that it distributed to the media outlets. Against this, C-JeS plans to take strong legal action.

The complaint that H Dream distributed to media outlets only provides that it invested in Kim XX. There are no specific information that relate to C-JeS Entertainment or Warner Music. There are only unilateral speculations. Therefore, it is beyond doubt and is obvious that the above fails to establish fraud (for C-JeS). This action is of course a False Claim against Innocent Parties, and also is a Defamation through publishing upon false facts. Therefore, C-JeS has decided to counter this strictly, through law.

Law Firm Sejong’s attorney Lim Zhang Hyuk, who is representing C-JeS, said: “There always has been actions like this one (by H Dream/Park) which used the fact that entertainers are reluctant to become a subject of articles in unpleasant contexts (T/N: to get money or other benefits from the entertainers). JYJ has so far already received unfair requests many times and have endured them. But this instant case is one that seriously overstep the limits of what can be endured, and so C-JeS decided to take strong legal action.” The attorney further said: “Cases such as this one is a chronic harm suffered by not just JYJ but other entertainers. [We] request that fans and the media cooperate (in their dealings) so that cases like this one do not happen again.”

Furthermore, C-JeS Entertainment Director Paek Chang Ju said: “The one who suffered financial and psychological harm due to the inexperience of the promotional agency of the American Tours was us. JYJ, because they made a promise with the fans, did not ask (the promotional agency) for blame but paid themselves all additional costs to complete the concerts. Despite this, [Park and H Dream] distributed to the media a complaint that had nothing to do with us. For this, we are taking strong legal action.”

Source: Sports Chosun
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[ADMIN] Fanboy & Fangirl Review TVXQ's "Before U Go" Music Video

Hey readers! Check out this review by FANBOY and FANGIRL:


When I saw the teaser for "Before U Go", I let loose a fangirl squeal like you would not believe. (I think this tumblr post describes it better than I could express in words here.)

However the music video didn't thrill me as much as I hoped it would. I was hoping for something on the scale of Zhangliyin's "Timeless" or the TRAX's "초우"- music videos so huge and epic, they come in parts. Instead, SM delivered a five minute long (or should I say short?) mini movie. In order to pack it all in, they made the cuts very quick, and a lot of emotional impact is lost. For instance at 2:50, Yunho - hobbled on crutches - realizes that it was his friend Choi Jong Yoon who shot him. Emotional impact? Zip. You hardly have time to even realize what has happened.

SM could have drawn this out, releasing part 1 and driving fans into a frenzy as they anticipated part 2. The question is, why didn't they? They clearly had the footage to pull it off. And what about Go Ara's character? The romance that was hinted at in the teaser (Ara setting a table for two) isn't even touched on in the MV.

On the plus side, Yunho and Changmin look absolutely fantastic. I'm loving the suits and leather jackets. Yunho looks like such a BAMF taking out those evil cronies, it's almost enough to send me into peals of fangirl squeals again. (Did you all catch the flow-mo shot at 4:07?). Here's hoping we get to see more of that when Poseidon finally airs.

I think I ought to mention the cinematography too. How about that gorgeous shot of Jong Yoon in his assassin gear reflected in the urban pane of windows? Or that damp rooftop with a foggy cityscape in the background? Pretty gorgeous stuff.

Alrighty, Fanboy, what was your take on the music video?


Like Fangirl, I had my own my sort of squeal when I saw the teaser, but for different reasons. I was mainly excited at the fact that SM was going to release a story-based music video. Do you know how rare that is for them?! I was like, "Oh my god, now they're going to start competing with YG on epic story MVs!" Hmm... well... sadly, that wasn't really the case.

For some reason, I feel like this video got a lot cut from it on the editing floor and was rushed to premiere just so Cassies could get their TVXQ fix. Actually, I personally believe that SM will release an extended version of this MV later on so we can get understand the full story. So much seemed to be cut that it was sort of difficult to grasp, and then boom, it was over. They should have had a longer intro to help set the background story, and then have a break in the song to further the story with another cut scene, etc.

Other than that, I did actually like the MV. But for me to love it, I need to also love the song. Unfortunately, the song just does not excite me. Sigh. This was all very "Hot Times" reminiscent, and I didn't like that song either (or the MV). Side note: it seems that Apple is doing product placement in K-Pop now too. Notice the in-your-face promotion of the iPhone? *rolls eyes*

I'm no fashion expert here, but I found Changmin's feather-collared outfit to be so out of place. This MV was all serious and has the boys working in crime. Why on earth would Max be running around in ethereal attire like that?! And, I'm just not feeling Yunho's bowl cut. Spike it or something. He looks so plain. But then again, it is sort of appropriate for the business.

Now on to my favorite parts! Oh man, the action! I about fell out of my chair when I saw HoMin showcase their action star skills. If you guys like to know, there are two things I'm a sucker for: Hardcore action and hardcore dancing. So yeah, this was a total win. In the end, I have decided that Yunho and Changmin need to be cast for Ninja Assassin 2: Rain, U-Know, and Max Kick Ass. I smell a summer blockbuster smash!

What did you think of the music video?


[VIDEO] 110317 JYJ Donation for Japan on News

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[PHOTOS] HoMin - Repackaged Album Part 3

This pic remains me Yunho back at the debut days! *-* s2~

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[SCANS] Changmin for High Cut

Changmin looks gorgeous *---*

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[TRANS] 110316 JYJ donates 600 Million Won

JYJ donated 600 million won through World Vision to assist in disaster relief activities in the areas of Japan which were most severely hit by the earthquake.

JYJ's donation of 600 million won will be used to provide emergency relief supplies to the areas of Sendai and Fukushima which were most greatly affected by the earthquake, to aid in the rebuilding and restoration of the cities, to aid in creating a place for children to rest and relax, as well as other programmes.

JYJ do not plan to stop at a short term donation, they also plan to proactively engage in long term disaster relief. From the 2nd, using their 9 cities World tour which will be starting in Bangkok, they will inform people about the severity of the damage by the huge earthquake, and plan to continuously send supportive messages using the World Vision Japan site.

During the World Tour Period, using the SNS World Tour Site which has been connected to their official site, they plan to unfold a supportive campaign called "Ganbare (try your best) Japan" together with fans from various countries, as well as a donation program together with World Vision. During their concert in Korea, which is the last stop in their World Tour, they plan to gather volunteers there and are making preparations for a meaningful event.

JYJ said, "Actually we felt a sense of burden and had hesitant thoughts about revealing the fact about our donation. But we think our actions will be able to become an impetus for even more people to take part."
Also "Currently, we hope that our donation will be substantially used to help the areas which have been most severely hit by the earthquake. We hope that the people of Japan will try their best to quickly regain their stability."

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