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With JYJ’s Junsu confirmed for the line-up of 2011’s “Mozart!“, a new poster featuring all four actors playing the role of Mozart has been unveiled!

Posing alongside Junsu are actors Im Tae Kyung, Park Eun Tae, and Jun Dong Suk, each expressing a different emotion. Since their individual personalities are quite unique, fans are already anticipating the subtle differences they’ll bring to their portrayal of Mozart’s character.

The musical first kicked off its Korean performances in 2010 at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts. The 3,000 seat theater managed to bring in a 100,000 member audience within a month. “Mozart!” also came away with 11 trophies at various musical awards for the year.

“Mozart!” will begin once more at the Sungnam Art center from May 24th through July 3rd.

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On April 14th, TVXQ guested on the first episode of tvN’s revamped talk show,”Taxi“, and revealed their honest thoughts on their group and on living together.

The boys were first asked about the split between JYJ and TVXQ. Reflecting sombrely, Yunho stated, “I can’t say that it doesn’t hurt when the two of us have to stand on our own now. I know that the three of them are very nice friends and are talented, but there were a lot of people who regarded our comeback with worried gazes, and even criticized as to whether the two of us could make it work.”

He continued, “That was the most upsetting because to me, protecting TVXQ above all was my priority. I still want to protect it, and I will protect it into the future.”

Changmin continued, “There wasn’t a change of mind, nor were we standing at crossroads, and all of a sudden, we were separated. That’s what I regretted the most. Just like old times, we’re in the same exact position, working in the same exact career, and as ready as ever, but it is true that we were both upset and worried.”

He continued, “But you can’t turn back time, so I accepted it and the only thing I’m thinking about is to work even harder with just the two of us to show a better image of ourselves.”

When asked about their dorm life together, Yunho revealed, “His personality and lifestyle is 180 degrees different to mine, so it was hard to adjust at first. I’m a bit rough personality-wise, while Changmin is extremely clean.”

Yunho revealed that he’d leave his toothpaste on the wet bathroom floor, or sometimes shower for longer than necessary, all of which annoyed Changmin to an extent. Yunho laughed, “Changmin nags a lot, and it sometimes makes me wonder whether I’ve gotten married. It feels like I’m living with a wife.”

He added, “When I’m in a rush, I have a habit of walking back in the house with my shoes on to retrieve an item, and Changmin hates that a lot. One time, he approached me seriously and said, ‘Hyung, you really can’t do that.’ I realized that it couldn’t go on for much longer and fixed the habit immediately.”

When asked by the MC about whether they felt it was time to move out on their own, Changmin replied, “I think it’s about time that we begin planning to live on our own.”

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He pops out of nowhere in 6 days to tell us about soccer… so Junsu!
(Junsu, 9:33pm KST) We’ve kicked off the season on a happy note with our first match of FC men vs superstar ending in 1:0 ^^ Thank you to everyone who came to the stadium today to cheer us on~!! haha

AHAHAHAHAHA THE CAT LADY IS BACK!! Introducing a new member of the family~ :)
(Jaejoong, 11:32pm KST) Brand new “Yo Yo”

(Jaejoong, 11:33pm KST) But of course, nothing beats “JiJi”
(Jaejoong, 11:34pm KST)

source: [Junsu+Jaejoong's Twitter]
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(1) Four cell phones (usually, 6)
(2) Passport case
(3) Blue Hwatu, for killing time. (T/N: Hwatu is a card game popular in Korea)
(4) World Tour Q-Seat
(5) Ipad 2, and case.

Source: Joongang Sports Daily
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Scandals with Japanese Entertainers? Yamada Yu and Jaejoong are Just Friends

Q: I know that you in Japan, too, you stand out as having many friends…

“I don’t know. I’m close with people such as the Singer / Actor Yamasita Tomohisa, who has begun activities in Korea too, the vocal of the well-known male group Winds Tachibana Keita; And the Model / Actress Yamada Yu. It’s a case of them coming to see our performances and we get to know each other.

Q: There is a scandal rumor with a Japanese model—does she happen to be Yamada Yu?

“Yamada Yu is a top model in Japan, like a ‘Little Lee Sora’. (T/N: Lee Sora is a legendary top model in Korea.) We met for the first time in our after party of the U.S. LA Showcase. But I know that she is in a relationship with a well-known actor in Japan. Therefore there are no scandals about us in Japan no matter how much we hang out, but it seems that in Korea there has been a bit of a misunderstanding. (laugh)”

Q: Now I understand. However, there were also rumors of being in a relationship with Ayumi Hamasaki.

“That is very strange as well. Ayumi cheered for us during the A-Nation performances, which Japan’s Avex holds every year, and last October she came especially to the JYJ Korean Showcase—it seems that rumors arose because of that. But that’s not the case. You must all know that Ayumi announced a surprise wedding with an actor of Austrian descent. (laugh)”

Ideal Woman is Jeon Inhwa, Kang Sooyun. Until now, Number of Dates = 4

Q: And, your ideal woman?

“Before, it was a person who would give a positive feeling upon first meeting, but now I wish that it is a person who would understand well my talk and I would understand well her talk.

Q: Didn’t you say that your ideal women were Jun Inhwa and Kang Sooyun?

“That’s right. Jun Inhwa sunbae nim has an elegant beauty, and Kang Sooyun sunbae nim has a unique attractiveness. In particular, Kang Sooyun sunbae nim’s dimple is attractive. I fell for her after watching the drama “Woman (Ruling the) World.” I thought she was a new face but I found out that she was a top star. (laugh)”

Q: How many dates have you gone on after your debut?

“After 2004, 4 times. They were all entertainers.”

As soon as those words fell, all around us there was chaos, saying that he shouldn’t say such things. It was that it will become published and it will be troublesome. But Kim Jaejoong said: “It doesn’t matter.”

“I did one Blind Date after debut. But what good comes of it if I hide things like this? These are all things that fans who may know already know. Also, it’s funny to say that I don’t have such things. (laugh)”

Strong Points in Appearance is Pale Feet; Complex is Thin Thighs

Q: What do you think is the reason you connect in Japan?

“First of all, I can be friends with Japanese entertainers. I’m on the side of telling them a straight advice, such as “I think your singing ability is a bit lacking,” and it seems that they take that without any misunderstandings themselves.

Q: If you were to pick out your attractive points?

“Pale feet? (laugh) They are unusually white compared to other parts of inside of my body and so they stick out and they are bit awkward too.”

Q: Complexes?

“Thin thighs. My thighs are on the thin side compared to other men who are of similar build as me.”

Q: And plastic surgery?

“That’s a secret. All my fans know already but if you don’t know, I’ll pass. (laugh)”

Instead, he grinned, saying that he used to be concerned that his nose was a bit flat.

Dream, Entertainer Kim Jaejoong

Q: Your plans for the future.

“Activities as JYJ is the first priority. I think the world tour performances should be wrapped up well.”

Q: Other fields that you as an individual want to challenge yourself with.

“Now that I’ve done musical directing I’m getting more desires. Acting and musicals, too, if there are opportunities, I want to do more of them.”

On this day, I talked with Kim Jaejoong with beer. He said that he turns red, but even after drinking 5 to 6 glasses there was no change to the color of his complexion. He is strong in his singing, dancing, and directing abilities and also in drinking. He was just so honest, more than he seemed (from his appearance upon first meeting). The reporter had to actually differentiate between those things to write and those things to not. But Kim Jaejoong said “I can’t say that the facts that the fans all know aren’t true. To your questions, I answered honestly, everything,” and lessened the needless worries of this reporter.

Source: Joongang Sports Daily
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For TVXQ, Korea’s top idol group, July of 2009 was an unforgettable moment of fate. The 3 members Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun, and Hero Jaejoong had suddenly filed for injunctive relief to suspend the contract against their agency SM Entertainment, arguing that the “13 years of exclusive contract is over the line.” The fans, who had been very absorbed into the “boys (who come) before flowers” (T/N: alternatively, “pretty men”), were extremely agitated. They had thought that [TVXQ] had been trotting along without a problem but in truth it was as if they were festering inside. These 3 in the end chose the road of separation ·independence in the name of JYJ. However, the environment that surrounded them was not very amicable. Sometimes they had to taste disappointment under a cold gaze.

About 2 years after the breakup, I invited JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong (Hero Jaejoong) to “Truth in Drink” as a representative of the rest of the members of JYJ. He had stepped out for a world tour with Thailand at the beginning of this year as its start. He shined in his roles, taking on 2 roles despite having only one body by doing executive directing of the stage. In his face was a relief of having finished grand stage without a problem. His expression was also cheerful. Further, most of all, his skin was so very (beautifully) pale and smooth.

JYJ’s Thailand Concert, Debut as the Executive Director of the Stages

Q: I hear that the Thailand Concert was quite the affair.

“It’s all because of the fans. There were points where we wish we had done better, but most of all, we were really happy with the fact that with our songs, we created a complete stage. It’s so moving.

Q: I hear that during the performances, the screams for Jaejoong were the loudest…

“Ah, there’s no way (laugh) If that were the case, that seems to be due to the red see-through outfit that I wore.”

Q: Then the outfits of the other members?

“Park Yoochun is in charge of the manly image in JYJ, so (he wore) blue, and Kim Junsu adds a humorous image so he wore green, I matched them. I expressed an image that was a bit androgynous.”

Q: There must have been a “right to [pick] first” as the executive director of the stage.

“(laugh) That’s right. That’s in the discretion of the director. From now on too, I want to keep trying stage directing.”

Q: Today is “Truth in Drink.” What’s your capacity for alcohol?

I’m on the moderate side when it comes to drink. Instead, if I drink a lot, my face becomes red. When I’m home alone and I can’t sleep, I sometimes drink a glass of sake or beer.

Wallpaper of Cell Phone, Still TVXQ

Q: We’ll address the difficult issues first. To Jaejoong, TVXQ is?

“There are bitter feelings still. However, at the very least, it is not a problem between members. I think there are misunderstandings and lies from around us. Speaking for myself, I can clear up the misunderstandings, even now. I can also send to the members text messages in my seat. In fact, the wallpaper of my cell phone is still TVXQ, also.”

Q: So it must have been disappointing during the Concert.

“I thought: How nice it would have been if the other two had also been, wouldn’t we had made better music.”

Q: Other disappointments?

“It is 7 years after TVXQ debuted with the single ‘Hug’ in 2004. Even if we don’t talk about the Korean songs, there are about 100 songs in just the songs we were active with in Japan. But we cannot sing them. That is so disappointing.”

During our conversation he showed me his cell phone wallpaper. He chose as albums of TVXQ as songs he listens to frequently despite admonitions from others. What was funny was that he has—6 cell phones. He said: Because there are so many prank calls… It seems that it’s better to use five or 6 all at once, more so than switching the number frequently.”

The Single Photograph: Luxury Interior Design? “I Ordered Them Myself Online”

Q: Nowadays many various pictures on the internet are talks of the town. What is this “date picture” from when you were in high school?

“Ah, I also saw that. I think it was probably around Myungdong, Seoul. It’s before debut so it seems that it’s probably when I was high school. It’s true that I was on a date with a girlfriend. But it’s been so long now that I don’t even know how she is.”

Q: The “I was there” shot in a gathering for drink with the entertainer Kang Yebin?

“Ah, that was my birthday party, on January 26th. I met with some of my friends in a bar in the vicinity of Apkujeongdong, Seoul, and I saw her for the first time then. I don’t know Ms. Kang Yebin very well but I came to say hello to her because she came with a drama script writer that I know very well. In truth we sat quite far apart, one front one back, but the picture had such an amazing angle that, on the picture, we seemed like we were leaning on each other. (laugh)”

Q: At that itme, what other people also came?

Most of them were my non-entertainer friends. Among the entertainers it was Hong SeokCheon Hyung and Narsha Nuna and such.

Q: The luxury interior of your new home to which you moved was also the talk of the town.

“I did them myself. However, they are not “luxury.” Among them, about 80%, I decorated with inexpensive internet orders. I’ve always liked doing interior design. Even when me and Mr. Kim Hyunjoong , the two of us, were living together, I did the interior design of the house.

Lived Together with Kim Hyunjoong, Living Alone Now.

Q: So you’ve lived together with “Boys Before Flowers” Kim Hyunjoong.”

Until the end of last year, for about 1 year, we lived together. And at the beginning of this year we moved, Hyunjoong to Chungdamdong and I to Jamshil.”

Q: How did [you come to know] Hyunjoong?

“I got to know him before debut out of coincidence. After that, we have been close friends throughout.”

Q: There must be points on which “men of warmth” (T/N: attractive men) connect.

“It’s not that… (laugh). I met Hyunjoong for the first time, and I felt a bit sorry for him. He looked fine, the way he’s shaped, but he looked a bit like a loner. (laugh) So my heart went out to him even more.”

Q: With the late Mr. Park Yongha, too, your relationship with him was special.

“When I think of that, even now my chest feels like it’s choking. It was when I had traveled to the US after the performance at Tokyo Dome in Japan. As soon as I arrived in the airport, there came a phone call by Yongha Hyung. He asked me where I was, and when I said America, he said “Ah, okay have a good performance, we should have a drink later’… to think that such was the last… And two days later I heard the news of his suicide.”

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I’m sure everyone has found out by now, but it seems that Super Arena has revoked their permission for the charity event.

But we have received explanations from Zak that they are now still carrying out negotiations…..Does that mean that there is still a chance?

The goal of this was to raise money for the victims, so why can’t they sing?

Not allowing raising of donations, isn’t this an act of being anti society?

Why is it that the problems between adults become priority over saving the victims?

Or does that mean that it would be okay to just stand in front of everyone without singing?

But no, if they don’t sing there’s no meaning

Because there singing is not just to raise money, but it is their precious power to give courage and hope to everyone

Somehow, I want them to keep trying!!

Deliver this! JYJ’s feelings!!!

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☆ Regarding the permit application from Zac Corporation for the event on 7 June 2011

With regards to the 7 June event stated on the homepage of Zac Corporation, although our arena is stated as the location for the event, we have not given any approval for the use of our area.

Although we have received the application for the use of our arena, due to the fact that the artist that was scheduled to perform is currently facing contractual issues, please be notified that it was decided that it would not be appropriate to approve this application.

source : [Saitama Super Arena Homepage]
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As previously reported, TVXQ’s Yunho will be featured as the first guest for SBS’s new variety show, “Dalgona“. The show travels with stars back to their hometown, and documents them as they give thanks and presents to the residents and figures who’ve impacted their lives.

According to information revealed by SBS, Yunho and Lee Young Ah completed their recording on the 4th. For the first time on broadcast, Yunho will be revealing his ‘Kwangju ulzzang’ sister, as well as his entire family and former teachers back home in his hometown of Jeolla-do.

Lee Young Ah, who’ll begin appearing as a fixed MC starting with the show’s second episode, will also be traveling back to her hometown of Daegu.

Check out the first broadcast on April 22nd at 10 PM KST.

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LOL @ Chunface! kekekek^^

the child didn't smile when he's with Chun. LOL. *bricked*


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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The show that the Chinese fans have been waiting for, the “JYJ World Tour Concert in 2011″ has finally come to Beijing. Hailed as a “Creative Challenge”, the World Tour Concert was executed perfectly in Thailand on 2 & 3 April, and this exciting feast of sight and sound will be brought to Beijing on 7 May.

As there will be no extension of the stage, but wanting to ensure that all fans will be able to enjoy the exciting performance, Director Kim Jaejoong has been in discussions with the technical staff that had visited the location beforehand, to make the appropriate changes based on the specifications of Capital Indoor Stadium. Also, to ensure that fans sitting at the balcony seats will be able to get a clear view of the three members, additional high-definition projectors will be added to both sides of the stage, as well as a LED screen measuring over 200 square meters to be placed at the centerstage. There will be a total of 9 lifts on the stage, and no expense has been spared for lighting, movable screens and other special effects equipment, for the sake of creating the best visual effects and presenting an unbeatable audio-visual experience.

As the overall director for the World Tour, Kim Jaejoong will be headed to Beijing earlier to participate in the entire stage production. They will also be trying their best to include Chinese elements, making this remarkable stage one to look out for.

The organizer expressed that there had been no plans made for a concert in China during the initial announcement of this first JYJ World Tour, but they quickly contacted the Korean management and after much effort managed to secure this one an only concert (in China.) The members of JYJ are also looking forward to this trip to China, and have expressed that they will present a most exciting stage for their Chinese fans, so that every attending fan will be able to bring home an unforgettable memory.

For more information on the JYJ World Tour Concert in 2011 – Beijing, please visit the website :

JYJ World Tour Concert in 2011 – Beijing

Date: 2011.05.07
Location : Capital Indoor Stadium
Price (in Yuan) : 480, 880, 1280, 1880
Reservation Hotline : 400-810-1887
Beijing Customer Service Center : 010-84085551

Source : [NetEase]
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omg Total dorkfest going on right now X)
(Jaejoong, 1:14pm KST) How happy I am!

(Jaejoong, 1:28pm KST) They get along so well that it’s becoming a problem!

Lol John Egg’s got Jaejoong in the palm of his hand!!
(John, 1:44pm KST) @mjjeje When I get to the US, I’m going to upload 10,000 photos of you! All those secret photos kekeke Heaven help the egg!!! hahaha
(Jaejoong, 1:49pm KST) @elbowyeish I should be nice to you then! ^^

…. *hugs Kim Jaejoong*
(Jaejoong, 8:40pm KST) I used to think that the sky and earth were near each other. So I used to think that, no matter where I was, the people within my heart were never that far from me because we were living under the same sky and walking on the same earth. I wasn’t even lonely. For the first time, for some odd reason, I find myself feeling lonesome, as if I am watching my shadow getting uncontrollably farther away from me with the setting sun.

(Jaejoong, 8:40pm KST) World, tell me that it isn’t true.

(Jaejoong, 8:48pm KST) But because there is the light of the singing sun, I tell myself over and over again, “I’m okay. I’m okay.” Though I can’t see it, I can hear it. And I can feel it. We understand and love each other.

Fukutaro sends his love from Japan :)
(Fukutaro, 8.53pm KST) @mjjeje Don’t catch a cold!!
(Jaejoong, 9.03pm KST) @fuku0501 Thank you for everything, for worrying about me. I want to meet you.
(Fukutaro, 9.07pm KST) @mjjeje Wait for me! Because I’ll catch up with you soon (Laughs) Promise.

Jaejoong agrees with some social commentary ^^
(Hong Seok Cheon, 12:32am KST) Oh my god, Shilla Hotel. I find myself speechless. Hm, have you always been an inflexible gang? Are you not the hotel that we take pride in as Korea’s best hotel? But I must say that Mr. Lee Bujin’s personal apology was an appropriate act. As a person who always worries that the staff, who are out in the restaurant and serving the customers, might make a mistake, I tend to think constantly about apologies and measures to take after an incident.
(Jaejoong, 10:29pm KST) @Tonyhong1004 I totally agree~~^

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TVXQ’s Yunho confessed that he would like to get married at the age of 32.

While guesting on tvN’s “Taxi“, Yunho stated, “If I were to date, I’d like to keep it private. I also want to get married at 32.”

Fellow member Changmin added, “I’d like for my partner to not be over the age of 30.” When MC Lee Young Ja asked why, Changmin laughed as he replied, “Because I think it’ll be difficult to have children.”

Be sure to check out their episode on April 14th!

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Earlier today, POWERHOUSE revealed two of JYJ's concert stops to the delight of fans. The concert stops that were announced were Los Angeles, California, and Newark, New Jersey.

POWERHOUSE has now announced the remaining North American tour dates for JYJ. The stops have been revealed to be Vancouver, Canada; Newark, New Jersey; Los Angeles, California; San Jose, California. This is in addition to the Los Angeles and Newark stops.

Their press release is as follows:

AEG LIVE and POWERHOUSE are proud to present the 2011 JYJ WORLD TOUR in 4 major cities in the U.S and Canada.

This concert is a part of JYJ’s world tour project produced by C-Jes Entertainment and will be their first concert tour in the U.S. and Canada. Their tour is drawing huge attention around the globe, bringing in more than 20,000 fans to the recent concert in Bangkok, Thailand.

It is the first time that AEG LIVE, one of the largest concert promoters in the world, is hosting a major concert tour for an Asian artist in partnership with Powerhouse.

JYJ was formed in 2010 as a three-member band featuring JAEJOONG, YOOCHUN and JUNSU. JYJ released their global debut album ‘The Beginning’ in October 2010 and reached number 1 on the Japanese Oricon Chart in a sweeping pace.

JYJ’s concert tour will create an unimaginable experience and compelling atmosphere that fans from all over the world and of all ages can enjoy. Their fans will finally get a chance to witness JYJ’s grandeur debut in the U.S and Canada.

Official ticket sales will begin at NOON (PST) on Saturday, April 16, 2011 at the designated online and offline outlets. Vancouver will have a separate on-sale date and time, which will be announced shortly.

Ticket prices are $180, $150, $120, $90, $70, and $40. Seating charts will be available for viewing soon. All details related to ticket purchasing will be announced following this release.

Tickets will go on sale for the concerts on April 16th at 10:00AM PST.

Tour Dates:

Vancouver, Canada
Friday, May 20th @ 8PM

Newark, New Jersey
Presedential Center
Sunday, May 22nd @ 8PM

Los Angeles, California
Nokia Theatre Live
Friday, May 27th @ 8PM

San Jose, California
The Event Centre Arena
Friday, June 3rd @ 8PM

Source: Powerhouselive@twitter
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The VIP premiere of movie ‘The Most Beautiful Farewell in The World’ which casts actor Kim Kap-soo is attended with many star idols.

Movie ‘The Most Beautiful Farewell in The World’ is scheduled to hold VIP premiere on April 13th at 20:20 at Megabox COEX, Seoul.

According of the movie’s official, on the VIP premiere day, there will be more idols attending than usual. The list already consists names such as JYJ Park Yoochun and 2PM Taecyeon, 2AM Jokwon and Beast’s Yoon Dojoon, Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain, and Kara’s Goo Hara who have confirmed their attendance in advance. In addition, it’s revealed that singer IU is expected to attend as well.

Most of the idols attending the premiere had already had working relationship with actor Kim Kap-soo in the past. Park Yoochun was bonding relationship with Kim Kap-soo during their filming of drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ which aired last year, Taecyeon knew Kim Kap-soo when he made his acting debut through KBS 2TV ‘Cinderella’s Sister’. While Jokwon, Gain, Dojoon are all appearing along Kim Kap-soo at MBC comedy series ‘All My Love’.

Kim Kap-soo is known with his wide acquaintances of young idols, and this issue had ever been mentioned when Kim Kap-soo guested MBC ‘Golden Fishery – Knee Drop Guru’ last year. Now the fact will come to valid evidence at his new movie premiere.

The representative of Kim Kap-soo told Star News, “We have prepared 100 tickets for this premiere in advanced, but then many guests said they’d attend the event, we might lack of them (the tickets).”

‘The Most Beautiful Farewell in The World’ is the story about the life of a mother who cares and still gives love to her family even after she’s diagnosed by terminal cancer. The movie will be released on coming April 21st.

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TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin was publicly humiliated when he was was on the receiving end of a spray of Shim Bong Sun’s spit.

On the episode of SBS’ ‘Heroes’ that aired on the 10th, the participants were given the mission of holding weddings for two married couples who had not been able to have a formal marriage ceremony due to unfortunate circumstances.

To win the brides’ approval, each member of the ‘Heroes’ team had to don a wedding dress of their choice and take part in a wedding photoshoot. They partook in these photoshoots with Shim Changmin, Jung Yunho and No Heung Cheol as their grooms.The ‘Heroes’ members were each given an opportunity to catch the eye of the grooms before the grooms made their choices. Shim Bong Sun chose to woo Shim Changmin and asked to gaze into each other’s eyes for 5 seconds, an important skill that is needed in wedding photoshoots.

But when their eyes locked, Shim Bong Sun was unable to hold back her laughter and sprayed spit on Changmin’s face has she sputtered, turning the entire set upside down.

In the end, Shim Bong Sun wasn’t chosen by Shim Changmin and had to partake in an all-girls wedding photoshoot with No Sayeon, Gahee and Jung Ga Eun.

source: [tv report]
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Junsu's mom is talking about the Ki Twins!

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JYJ fans have been on the edge of their seats ever since the announcement of the group's second world tour. In addition, it has been recently revealed that Powerhouse will be in charge of JYJ's US tour.

A few minutes ago, Powerhouse updated their Twitter and said, "JYJ UPDATE!! There will be a major announcement regarding The 2011 JYJ WORLD TOUR on Wednesday, April 13, 2011 @ 6:00pm PST."

Koreaboo has partnered up with Powerhouse and will be covering all of the JYJ US stops, along with the legendary singer Lee Moon Sae.

What do you think Powerhouse's "major announcement" is? Stay tuned to Koreaboo!

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Male group JYJ member, Park Yoochun, took part in a solo CF (commercial film).

Not long ago, a famous Korean food brand revealed that Park Yoochun was the star of their new ice tea CF on their official website. In this official CF release, Park Yoochun appears as a school teacher and he calls his mother. He complains, "The kids nowadays are so scary. I want to change schools. Mom, you graduated from an all-girls high school, right?" The complaining Yoochun was discovered by another teacher, who questioned, "You want to quit?" Yoochun, however, changes his story completely and quickly answers, "No, I really like it here!" This abrupt change is astoundingly funny.

Netizens that have watched the CF left comments such as "I'm so happy that I get to see Yoochun on TV!" and "It'd be great to have a teacher like this ~"

On the other hand, the name "Tio" is an amalgamation of the word, tea, and the exclamation, Oh! - describing the feeling that you get when drinking tasty tea.

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