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[NEWS] 110316 Lee Da Hae Confirmed to Star Opposite JYJ's Yoochun in "Goodbye Miss Ripley"

Yesterday, we reported that JYJ’s Yoochun confirmed his role in the upcoming MBC drama, “Goodbye Miss Ripley“. Today, further casting details have been released.

It’s been confirmed that Yoochun will be playing opposite actress Lee Da Hae. After completing two films, ‘Hyun’s Song‘ and ‘Gabee‘, Lee Dae Hae has decided to return to dramas.

Meanwhile, actress Kang Hye Jung will also be making her return to dramas as the main character of “Goodbye Miss Ripley”. This will be her first time appearing in a drama since 2007’s “Flowers For My Life“.

This drama is based on the infamous ‘Shin Jeong Ah’, who was a former professor who faked her academic records. Yoochun, Lee Da Hae, Kang Hye Jung and the rest of the main cast recently went through a script-reading in Fukuoka, Japan and have officially begun filming.

“Goodbye Miss Ripley” will air its pilot episode sometime in May.

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[TRANS] 110316 U-Know Yunho, the Actor that Left a Deep Impression on Kim Jae Seung


Upon asking Kim Jae Seung on which actor left the deepest impression on him, he said out the names of TVXQ’s U-Know and Bae Soo Bin without hesitation.

Kim Jae Seung has acted amicably with U-Know Yunho in the 2008 drama, “Heading To The Ground”.

“Among the artistes I’ve seen, he is really one who I would want to hold on to his hands. He is really a very kind younger brother. The way he is during broadcast and off-screen, is exactly the same. No matter when, he would take care of the staffs and everyone around him.”

He honestly said that he was prejudiced against Yunho in the beginning due to Yunho’s top idol status. “I initially thought that top status’ artistes would be more arrogant and not willing to work hard. But Yunho would call me everyday and asked me how to improve on his own acting skills and talked about his troubles. ‘How do I perform better in this scene?’ I was unknowingly attracted by his sincere look during his inquiries.”

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[NEWS] Changmin feels "mixed emtions" over 1st drama role

TVXQ member Shim Changmin speaks at the wrap-up event for SBS TV series "Paradise Farm" held in Seoul, South Korea on March 15, 2011.

Read complete article HERE.

[PHOTOS] 110316 JYJ iPhone 4 Case

I'm going to get an iphone just because of this!!

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[NEWS] 110316 International Fans Gather to Support Japan Via the JYJ Charity Foundation Japan Relief Fund

On March 11, a 9.0 magnitude mega-earthquake rocked the North-eastern coast of Japan. The earthquake triggered massive tsunamis as tall as 10 meters high which destroyed entire towns and flooded the Sendai International Airport. Officials have confirmed over 3,000 deaths, and the total death toll is expected to pass 10,000. Survivors are facing another challenge, as nuclear reactors including four at the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear power plant have exploded due to cooling systems failures, causing radiation leaks.

Dozens of Korean celebrities went to their Twitter accounts to leave comments of condolences and prayers in Korean, English and Japanese. Some went even further and donated hundreds of thousands of USD to the earthquake victims. Most recently, CJeS revealed that JYJ has donated 600 million won to Japan.

After some planning, a close friend of JYJ, "John the Egg," launched the "JYJ Charity Foundation Japan Relief Fund," stating:

We have an opportunity to show compassion and kindness to the people of Japan. The images and videos I’ve seen on the news have been horrific to say the least. I can’t imagine what the people of Japan are going through. Seeing the destruction, I don’t even know how we can help, if we can even make a difference, but we will try. We MUST try. We can’t stand idly by. Thousands have lost their family, children, mothers, homes, and even hope. Many children are crying out of hunger and fear, and men and women have lost their homes and jobs. We can’t turn back time or put things the way they were, but what we can do is take action and show our kindness and a helping hand to these people that lost hope, peace, family, and their way of life. With your generosity they might be able to eat, find shelter, have a warm blanket, and perhaps reunite with their families again. We just hope for a sense of normalcy and possibly put a smile on their face once again.

We will be collecting donations from all of you to give to the people of Japan. The least we can do is offer up our prayers for them and send our gifts. This is why the JYJ Charity Foundation was created. Our mission statement, “We are a fan base of JYJ promoting the welfare of mankind through good deeds” will be our motto and steer this vehicle for future good deeds. Please join in giving to this cause. Please send your best for the people of Japan. You will regret many things in life, but you will NEVER regret being kind. Thank you.

Within one day, the foundation has already received over $5,000 USD in donations, which is 5% of their $100,000 USD target goal. Please send out your condolences for Japan.

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[PHOTOS] 110316 JYJ Singapore Concert Ad on Straits Times Life Newspaper


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[PHOTOS] 110311 JYJ - 'White Day' Fan Meeting Event Part 3

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[PHOTOS] 110315 Changmin - SBS Donation Event

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[NEWS] 110316 JYJ donates $600,000 USD to Japanese relief aid

On March 16th, CJES Entertainment revealed that JYJ would be donating $600,000 USD in emergency relief aid to Sendai and Fukushima through World Vision.

JYJ stated, “We were actually quite embarrassed and hesitant about alerting the public of our donation, but we hope that others will take notice of our action and follow suit. We hope that the donation will be used to aid in the recovery of the cities with the biggest damage, and I hope that the Japanese people find strength to overcome and find safety as fast as possible.”

Not only will they be donating, but the boys will be setting out to raise awareness about the disaster through their world tour, which will kick off on April 2nd. The trio will also be sending out support messages through their official homepage, their SNS site, and through their donation program with World Vision.

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[TRANS] 110315 4th Trial Of SM Vs JYJ.. SM Treasurer Appears As A Witness

The fourth trial of the lawsuit between JYJ and SM Entertainment took place on the 15th.

Last April, SM filed an exclusive contract validity verification and compensation for losses lawsuit against the trio to which the trio filed an exclusive contract invalidity verfication and unjust profit restitution counter-lawsuit against SM. On the 15th, the two sides held a hearing.

The trial that was held this day included an examination of a witness, Mr Yoon, who was in charge of handling TVXQ’s income and accounts in SM Entertainment.At the trial, Mr Yoon stated, “SM artistes settle their accounts twice a year for the income from overseas and domestic activities and album sales. Before the accounts are settled and the artistes are paid, the celebrity, his or her manager, the treasurer and his or her parents get together, make sure that the income division is done exactly according to the contract and sign a paper stating that the correct income division was carried out. This information is also looked over by an accounting firm.”

He continued to state that TVXQ’s income division was done through a legal and just process as he said, “The trio have never voiced a complaint about the income division till now. The income division has always been done according to the contract with consent from the trio, and we have never omitted any profits or expenses.”

Also, Mr. Yoon explained the process behind TVXQ’s income division as well as the members’ expenses, income and salary received in advance. He also gave thorough answers to the questions given by the lawyers of SM and the trio regarding album sales and royalties.

The trio did not attend the trial. The next trial will be held on April 19th at the same location and the Courts are planning to hold an examination on another witness, Nam So Young, the CEO of SM Japan who was in charge of TVXQ’s Japanese activities.

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[PHOTO] 110315 Changmin - Paradise Dongju Twitter Update

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[TRANS] 110315 Court Hearing

Today SM’s finance person appeared in court.

Said at court that 2008 SM’s net profit was 14.7 billion KRW, and out of that 1 billion was earned by TVXQ.

JYJ lawyer asked: then who earned rest of the money?

Finance person said: “It’s earned by BoA, CSJH, Ara, TRAX!”

Then JYJ’s lawyer asked: “So you are saying, they earn more money?”

Finance person couldn’t say anything in response.

2004 HUG album, SM only calculated March and April sales for the 5 of them, after that none of the sales were calculated for them.

In other worlds, all the details of album sales after April, there’s nothing.

The SM side said that MIROTIC sold 480,000 copies, while SM claimed the boys would be paid 5 million only after the sales reached 500,000, so the members didn’t get their pay. Yet the trio side proved evidences that MIROTIC was actually sold 540,000 copies, still SM argued, they didn’t give the pay because TVXQ didn’t come out with a next album…

When SM said this, the court cut them off saying this could not be accepted.

Then the court says, if SM does not provide relevant documents, then the court will order it.

In other worlds, SM continues to not give the relevant documents, so the court wants to use force to gather the documents.

Said 2008 digital album sales would give them 10% of the income distribution, but in 2009, they didn’t even include it in the income distribution.

Also, MV, Dancer’s expenses were all paid by TVXQ.

Their world tour earned 3,400,000,000 (3.4 billion), out of that money, they only gave TVXQ 900,000,000, and then said this was SM’s expenses organizing the event, so it was then deducted (the entire 900,000,000).

Next court date is set for April 19th, at 2PM.

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[NEWS] 110316 JYJ’s Yoochun confirmed for MBC’s “Goodbye Miss Ripley”

Star News is reporting that JYJ’s Yoochun had confirmed his role in MBC’s upcoming drama, “Goodbye Miss Ripley“.

A representative from the drama revealed that Yoochun and his representative recently visited Fukuoka (the location of the drama’s film set), and confirmed his casting for his role. He participated in the script-reading on the same day, and made arrangements to meet up with the rest of the cast later on.

Yoochun had impressed many industry representatives with his performance on KBS’s “Sungkyunkwan Scandal“, and it’s said that he’s been receiving countless love calls for a while. After hearing the news on Yoochun’s second confirmed drama, many had expressed their pleasure in seeing the members of JYJ slowly overcome their obstacles.

“Goodbye Miss Ripley” is currently scheduled to begin airing this May.

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