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The show that the Chinese fans have been waiting for, the “JYJ World Tour Concert in 2011″ has finally come to Beijing. Hailed as a “Creative Challenge”, the World Tour Concert was executed perfectly in Thailand on 2 & 3 April, and this exciting feast of sight and sound will be brought to Beijing on 7 May.

As there will be no extension of the stage, but wanting to ensure that all fans will be able to enjoy the exciting performance, Director Kim Jaejoong has been in discussions with the technical staff that had visited the location beforehand, to make the appropriate changes based on the specifications of Capital Indoor Stadium. Also, to ensure that fans sitting at the balcony seats will be able to get a clear view of the three members, additional high-definition projectors will be added to both sides of the stage, as well as a LED screen measuring over 200 square meters to be placed at the centerstage. There will be a total of 9 lifts on the stage, and no expense has been spared for lighting, movable screens and other special effects equipment, for the sake of creating the best visual effects and presenting an unbeatable audio-visual experience.

As the overall director for the World Tour, Kim Jaejoong will be headed to Beijing earlier to participate in the entire stage production. They will also be trying their best to include Chinese elements, making this remarkable stage one to look out for.

The organizer expressed that there had been no plans made for a concert in China during the initial announcement of this first JYJ World Tour, but they quickly contacted the Korean management and after much effort managed to secure this one an only concert (in China.) The members of JYJ are also looking forward to this trip to China, and have expressed that they will present a most exciting stage for their Chinese fans, so that every attending fan will be able to bring home an unforgettable memory.

For more information on the JYJ World Tour Concert in 2011 – Beijing, please visit the website :

JYJ World Tour Concert in 2011 – Beijing

Date: 2011.05.07
Location : Capital Indoor Stadium
Price (in Yuan) : 480, 880, 1280, 1880
Reservation Hotline : 400-810-1887
Beijing Customer Service Center : 010-84085551

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omg Total dorkfest going on right now X)
(Jaejoong, 1:14pm KST) How happy I am!

(Jaejoong, 1:28pm KST) They get along so well that it’s becoming a problem!

Lol John Egg’s got Jaejoong in the palm of his hand!!
(John, 1:44pm KST) @mjjeje When I get to the US, I’m going to upload 10,000 photos of you! All those secret photos kekeke Heaven help the egg!!! hahaha
(Jaejoong, 1:49pm KST) @elbowyeish I should be nice to you then! ^^

…. *hugs Kim Jaejoong*
(Jaejoong, 8:40pm KST) I used to think that the sky and earth were near each other. So I used to think that, no matter where I was, the people within my heart were never that far from me because we were living under the same sky and walking on the same earth. I wasn’t even lonely. For the first time, for some odd reason, I find myself feeling lonesome, as if I am watching my shadow getting uncontrollably farther away from me with the setting sun.

(Jaejoong, 8:40pm KST) World, tell me that it isn’t true.

(Jaejoong, 8:48pm KST) But because there is the light of the singing sun, I tell myself over and over again, “I’m okay. I’m okay.” Though I can’t see it, I can hear it. And I can feel it. We understand and love each other.

Fukutaro sends his love from Japan :)
(Fukutaro, 8.53pm KST) @mjjeje Don’t catch a cold!!
(Jaejoong, 9.03pm KST) @fuku0501 Thank you for everything, for worrying about me. I want to meet you.
(Fukutaro, 9.07pm KST) @mjjeje Wait for me! Because I’ll catch up with you soon (Laughs) Promise.

Jaejoong agrees with some social commentary ^^
(Hong Seok Cheon, 12:32am KST) Oh my god, Shilla Hotel. I find myself speechless. Hm, have you always been an inflexible gang? Are you not the hotel that we take pride in as Korea’s best hotel? But I must say that Mr. Lee Bujin’s personal apology was an appropriate act. As a person who always worries that the staff, who are out in the restaurant and serving the customers, might make a mistake, I tend to think constantly about apologies and measures to take after an incident.
(Jaejoong, 10:29pm KST) @Tonyhong1004 I totally agree~~^

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TVXQ’s Yunho confessed that he would like to get married at the age of 32.

While guesting on tvN’s “Taxi“, Yunho stated, “If I were to date, I’d like to keep it private. I also want to get married at 32.”

Fellow member Changmin added, “I’d like for my partner to not be over the age of 30.” When MC Lee Young Ja asked why, Changmin laughed as he replied, “Because I think it’ll be difficult to have children.”

Be sure to check out their episode on April 14th!

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Earlier today, POWERHOUSE revealed two of JYJ's concert stops to the delight of fans. The concert stops that were announced were Los Angeles, California, and Newark, New Jersey.

POWERHOUSE has now announced the remaining North American tour dates for JYJ. The stops have been revealed to be Vancouver, Canada; Newark, New Jersey; Los Angeles, California; San Jose, California. This is in addition to the Los Angeles and Newark stops.

Their press release is as follows:

AEG LIVE and POWERHOUSE are proud to present the 2011 JYJ WORLD TOUR in 4 major cities in the U.S and Canada.

This concert is a part of JYJ’s world tour project produced by C-Jes Entertainment and will be their first concert tour in the U.S. and Canada. Their tour is drawing huge attention around the globe, bringing in more than 20,000 fans to the recent concert in Bangkok, Thailand.

It is the first time that AEG LIVE, one of the largest concert promoters in the world, is hosting a major concert tour for an Asian artist in partnership with Powerhouse.

JYJ was formed in 2010 as a three-member band featuring JAEJOONG, YOOCHUN and JUNSU. JYJ released their global debut album ‘The Beginning’ in October 2010 and reached number 1 on the Japanese Oricon Chart in a sweeping pace.

JYJ’s concert tour will create an unimaginable experience and compelling atmosphere that fans from all over the world and of all ages can enjoy. Their fans will finally get a chance to witness JYJ’s grandeur debut in the U.S and Canada.

Official ticket sales will begin at NOON (PST) on Saturday, April 16, 2011 at the designated online and offline outlets. Vancouver will have a separate on-sale date and time, which will be announced shortly.

Ticket prices are $180, $150, $120, $90, $70, and $40. Seating charts will be available for viewing soon. All details related to ticket purchasing will be announced following this release.

Tickets will go on sale for the concerts on April 16th at 10:00AM PST.

Tour Dates:

Vancouver, Canada
Friday, May 20th @ 8PM

Newark, New Jersey
Presedential Center
Sunday, May 22nd @ 8PM

Los Angeles, California
Nokia Theatre Live
Friday, May 27th @ 8PM

San Jose, California
The Event Centre Arena
Friday, June 3rd @ 8PM

Source: Powerhouselive@twitter
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The VIP premiere of movie ‘The Most Beautiful Farewell in The World’ which casts actor Kim Kap-soo is attended with many star idols.

Movie ‘The Most Beautiful Farewell in The World’ is scheduled to hold VIP premiere on April 13th at 20:20 at Megabox COEX, Seoul.

According of the movie’s official, on the VIP premiere day, there will be more idols attending than usual. The list already consists names such as JYJ Park Yoochun and 2PM Taecyeon, 2AM Jokwon and Beast’s Yoon Dojoon, Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain, and Kara’s Goo Hara who have confirmed their attendance in advance. In addition, it’s revealed that singer IU is expected to attend as well.

Most of the idols attending the premiere had already had working relationship with actor Kim Kap-soo in the past. Park Yoochun was bonding relationship with Kim Kap-soo during their filming of drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ which aired last year, Taecyeon knew Kim Kap-soo when he made his acting debut through KBS 2TV ‘Cinderella’s Sister’. While Jokwon, Gain, Dojoon are all appearing along Kim Kap-soo at MBC comedy series ‘All My Love’.

Kim Kap-soo is known with his wide acquaintances of young idols, and this issue had ever been mentioned when Kim Kap-soo guested MBC ‘Golden Fishery – Knee Drop Guru’ last year. Now the fact will come to valid evidence at his new movie premiere.

The representative of Kim Kap-soo told Star News, “We have prepared 100 tickets for this premiere in advanced, but then many guests said they’d attend the event, we might lack of them (the tickets).”

‘The Most Beautiful Farewell in The World’ is the story about the life of a mother who cares and still gives love to her family even after she’s diagnosed by terminal cancer. The movie will be released on coming April 21st.

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TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin was publicly humiliated when he was was on the receiving end of a spray of Shim Bong Sun’s spit.

On the episode of SBS’ ‘Heroes’ that aired on the 10th, the participants were given the mission of holding weddings for two married couples who had not been able to have a formal marriage ceremony due to unfortunate circumstances.

To win the brides’ approval, each member of the ‘Heroes’ team had to don a wedding dress of their choice and take part in a wedding photoshoot. They partook in these photoshoots with Shim Changmin, Jung Yunho and No Heung Cheol as their grooms.The ‘Heroes’ members were each given an opportunity to catch the eye of the grooms before the grooms made their choices. Shim Bong Sun chose to woo Shim Changmin and asked to gaze into each other’s eyes for 5 seconds, an important skill that is needed in wedding photoshoots.

But when their eyes locked, Shim Bong Sun was unable to hold back her laughter and sprayed spit on Changmin’s face has she sputtered, turning the entire set upside down.

In the end, Shim Bong Sun wasn’t chosen by Shim Changmin and had to partake in an all-girls wedding photoshoot with No Sayeon, Gahee and Jung Ga Eun.

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Junsu's mom is talking about the Ki Twins!

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JYJ fans have been on the edge of their seats ever since the announcement of the group's second world tour. In addition, it has been recently revealed that Powerhouse will be in charge of JYJ's US tour.

A few minutes ago, Powerhouse updated their Twitter and said, "JYJ UPDATE!! There will be a major announcement regarding The 2011 JYJ WORLD TOUR on Wednesday, April 13, 2011 @ 6:00pm PST."

Koreaboo has partnered up with Powerhouse and will be covering all of the JYJ US stops, along with the legendary singer Lee Moon Sae.

What do you think Powerhouse's "major announcement" is? Stay tuned to Koreaboo!

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Male group JYJ member, Park Yoochun, took part in a solo CF (commercial film).

Not long ago, a famous Korean food brand revealed that Park Yoochun was the star of their new ice tea CF on their official website. In this official CF release, Park Yoochun appears as a school teacher and he calls his mother. He complains, "The kids nowadays are so scary. I want to change schools. Mom, you graduated from an all-girls high school, right?" The complaining Yoochun was discovered by another teacher, who questioned, "You want to quit?" Yoochun, however, changes his story completely and quickly answers, "No, I really like it here!" This abrupt change is astoundingly funny.

Netizens that have watched the CF left comments such as "I'm so happy that I get to see Yoochun on TV!" and "It'd be great to have a teacher like this ~"

On the other hand, the name "Tio" is an amalgamation of the word, tea, and the exclamation, Oh! - describing the feeling that you get when drinking tasty tea.

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Kim Jaejoong follows another friend~ :) Who is he? We don’t know either so don’t ask ^^
(Young Bum, 5:43am KST) @mjjeje lol Ah~ Jaejoong! I’m taking the day off and resting at home because my stomach hurts~ ㅜ.ㅠ
(Jaejoong, 11:01am KST) @bums1313 I’ve been thinking about whether I should follow you or not for a while now haha
(Young Bum, 11:08am KST) @mjjeje omg~ That means I need to put in more effort, right?! Right?! Ooh~ I had to get a shot and it hurts~ ㅜ.ㅠ
(Jaejoong, 11:26am KST) @bumx1313 You’re still afraid of getting shots! I’m still a bit afraid of the dentist ,,, haha

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Soccer team FC MEN led by JYJ Kim Junsu is officially joining with Suwon Samsung team (leader Oh Geun-yeong).

Through press release by Suwon team on the 11th morning, the members of FC MEN such as Kim Junsu, Kim Hyun-joong, Yoon Doojoon, Lee Gi-kwang, and others will be officially affiliated with Suwon team as dated April 15th at 19:30.

Reportedly this affiliated team will play together at Hyundai OilBank 2011 K-League round 5 at World Cup Stadium against Kangwon FC. Currently national keeper Jung Sung-ryong who belongs to Suwon team has been in charge as FC MEN’s honorary coach.

In accordance to the affiliation, for FC MEN official activities in the future, they will use the name ‘Suwon Bluewings FC MEN’. The team will act as 5th team in Suwon’s group chart following the professional team – Maetango (U-18) – Maetanjung (U-15) – Littlewing (U-12).

After debuting in a match against Kangnam FC, Suwon FC MEN will be up for an open-play match against Gyeongnam FC women soccer team on the 24th. Suwon FC MEN has commitment to give development for the growth of K-League and Suwon as well as giving social contribution to people.

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Boyband U-Kiss’s leader Soo Hyun has joined FC MEN, the soccer team captained by JYJ’s Kim Junsu.

In a recent interview with TV Daily, Soo Hyun described the story of how he had met Junsu’s twin brother Junho by chance, and how he eventually joined FC MEN.

Soo Hyun said, “While doing activities in China, I had met Junho hyung a few times, and got along well after getting to know each other. Recently, we bumped into each other at the cinema.”

“Junho hyung asked me, “Do you like soccer?” and I said that I used to be a soccer player in elementary school, and that I really liked it. Hyung said that they had a soccer team and asked if I was interested to join them, so I did.”

Currently, the members of FC MEN include JYJ members Park Yoochun and Kim Jaejoong, Kim Hyun Joong, BEAST’s Yoon Doo Joon, Lee Kikwang, 2AM’s Lee Changmin, Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo, Model Im Joo Hwan, Comedian Park Sung Kwang, Lee Wan, and others. Also, soccer player Jung Sung-Ryong takes on the role of coach and director, and Park Ji Sun is the manager of FC MEN.

To this, Soo Hyun said, “I realised that there are a lot of people participating (in the team.) Personally, I really like soccer, and I’m really happy to have such a good opportunity. However, due to the busy schedule for the 5th mini-album comeback, I have yet to participate at all but hope to do so as soon as possible.” expressing his undeniable regret.

Also, on 15 April at the Suwon World Cup Stadium, FC MEN will be playing in the “2011 Peace Star Cup” Celebrity Soccer Competition, and will be matched against the Superstars team led by Captain Jung Joon Ho.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

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All versions together - Keep your head down limited, regular and repackaged versions and cards + Why - limited, regular and Bigeast version and cards ^^~
This is how they ended with great sales in Hanteo chart! xD~

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Hello we are JYJ.

JaeJoong: On 7th of May we will be holding JYJ's solo concert in BeiJing. Beijing is the place that we have always visited ever since our debut. And we have also heard that many fans are waiting for us there.

Junsu: And during this concert we would have our very own Director Kim to direct the stage himself! So we are also very nervous. The fans can also look forward to our performance!

JaeJoong: Yoochun, you should say something too.

Yoochun: I'll add on that because this performance is directed by our experienced director, Jaejoong hyung so we can understand the fans and our reactions more. This stage is created for everyone, everyone would be even happier.

Jaejoong: Please anticipated our performance and we also hope that we could meet everyone soon.

All 3 together: And that is our JYJ interview! Thankyou!

Junsu: Thank you in Chinese.

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“I’ve come to learn that all problems stem from not making myself grow but rather being satisfied, saying “this much, should be okay.”

Group JYJ’s Kim Junsu, who is broadening his domain from idol star into a musical actor, opened up his heart in the interview with Focus Shinmum on the 11th, saying “I, too, am a human being before I am a singer.” He has conquered the wounds he endured through the separation process with TVXQ last year by immersing himself into the Musical “Mozart.” Following that, through the musical “Tears of Heaven,” he flowered once more as a musical actor “Kim Junsu.” He said: “I became a much stronger, mature man.” Many people know him as born on January 1 of 1987, but in truth he is born on the year of the Tiger, on December 15th of 1986, as a twin (his older brother is Zuno). He debuted as TVXQ when he was a 2nd year student in high school and now, he’s become a young man of 25.

“While singing the “I needed to learn” in the first scene of the 2nd act of Tears of Heaven, I felt moved at the thought that ‘such is life.’ A situation in which one needs to kill another person in order for myself to live, in order to live and to meet a person that I love, is not something that only happens in war.”

To Kim Junsu, musical is a teacher that teaches life. “Sadder than the fact that it is a society of competition in which one must fight with the other to win is the (fact that we have) circumstances in which one must learn how to push others down in order to survive with those methods.”

Junsu thought of the “good sportsmanship” (T/N: literally, “competition in good faith”) as a method to cure the social conditions like today that goads one to become angry and lose his temper.

“I wish that in our society will operate with the rule in which even if one loses, if the other person has such great qualities that I can accept it, that one humbly accepts the results.”

Kim Junsu’s principle (T/N: This is the same word that is used by Jaejoong when he describes his tattoo on his chest) is to try his best. (Junsu says that) it is because if he does so, even if it does not work out, he will be able to begin something new. When (the newspaper) asked whether he has had anything that he tried but would not work out, he said it was studying.

“In particular, math—as we finished the quadratic formula and moved on to trigonometry, I said: ‘Studying is something that even if one tries it just won’t work.’ (laugh)”

Kim Junsu is currently challenging himself at Popera. Time to time he is taking voice lessons (T/N: the article uses the word 성악 which is traditionally used to denote the kind of singing often done by opera actors). The transformation into a Popera singer from an idol dance singer is, to Junsu, as fervent as the task (T/N: literally, “homework”) that has been thrown on his twenties.

“The sensitivities that a song that is flavored by the (opera) voice is going to be different.”

(Junsu said that) in his thirties, he wishes to be a musician who writes songs. He said that he wants to be a composer who brings the thought of ‘I want to sing Kim Junsu’s song” when he is facing a certain situation.”

In Musical “Mozart” there is a song called “Golden Star.” It is—that you should break out of the tall walls of the castle and find the dream in the wide world and achieve it. In musicals, there are (naturally) parts which overlap with the lives of the audiences themselves and make them reflect upon themselves and bring them to tears. I will always protect you by your side, as an actor who, through musicals, comfort your lives and give you courage.”

Kim Junsu said that he wanted to become a singer who sings life, a musician who arouses memories and inspiration.

source: Focus Shinmun
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According to JYJ's official Japanese website, JYJ will be holding a special concert at Saitama Super Arena on June 7th. This concert is a charity concert and is being held for the victims of the March 11th earthquake in Japan. The earthquake has left thousands of people homeless and at least 21,000 people missing or dead.

JYJ has been one of the leading Korean artists giving a helping hand to the people of Japan. After leaving a heartfelt message to their fans in Japan, it was revealed that JYJ had donated 600 million won to World Vision for emergency relief to the people in Sendai and Fukushima. In addition, JYJ will be spreading the word about the Japan disaster during their second world tour. Not only are they lending support, they will be encouraging others to donate to the Japan relief fund.

"We don't know where to begin but there are many Japanese victims who are suffering from fear and grief due to the unexpected disaster. Among them are our precious fans which makes us even sadder. JYJ is with you in this. We would like to be of some help and hope to meet you all soon."

Currently, Japan has declared a level 7 nuclear disaster, the highest level. Previously, the country had been on level 5 nuclear disaster. Level 7 equals to "major release of radioactive material with widespread health and environmental effects requiring implementation of planned and extended countermeasures."

Tsunami survivors, villagers, rescue workers, and volunteers have also dug out any photos that they could find in the tsunami and earthquake stricken areas. A gallery has been set up for all photos and albums found for survivors to go through and claim them as they retain many memories from the past before the disaster.

Source: 10Asia and CNN (1)
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Wow.. this looks somewhat OCD-ish… lol
(Jaejoong, 1:20am KST) Neat and tidy

Jae suddenly remembers his Japanese…and thinks he’s bad at Korean?!
(Jaejoong, 3.48am KST) I haven’t been using my Japanese so I’ll end up forgetting (the language)…It’s just that, my Korean isn’t good too! Good night~

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JYJ Park Yoochun was captured filming for his drama.

On the 11th afternoon in a community bulletin board a picture was uploaded with description ‘Park Yoochun is filming for Ripley’.

Located in Shin chon neighborhood, the actor was spotted in white shirt under black suit, showing a perfect neat suit style. Moreover thanks to his amazing broad shoulder, his suit appearance got polished more that caught attention of many.

Netizens said, “The drama is still far from its broadcast schedule, but looking at this picture gets me excited already” “The suit truly loves Yoochun” “I wonder why the filming was done in neighborhood town?”

MBC drama ‘Miss Ripley’ (tentative title) starring Park Yoochun, Lee Da Hae, and Kang Hye Jung will hit the screen in coming May.

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Singer IU shows off a ‘3-level expression’ after her ‘3-level octave’, impressing TVXQ’s Max Changmin.

In the April 10 broadcast of SBS ‘Heroes’, the cast took wedding pictures with TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin.

During the broadcast, MC Noh Hong Chul asked Max Changmin before the actual wedding photoshoot, “Which Heroes member do you most want to complete this photoshoot with?” and upon hearing IU’s name, Changmin gave a surprised expression, sending a secret signal to Yunho at the same time. Although Changmin expressed that “I was only shocked (upon hearing her name)”, one could see his inner feelings when he exchanged glances with IU.

The cast and TVXQ had to look into each other’s eyes as part of the process of choosing their partners (for the photoshoot). Max Changmin was composed when he looked into the eyes of Seo In Young, Kahi and Shin Bong Sun, but shyly lowered his head in front of IU. IU sent a ‘3-level expression’ to Changmin using her bright eyes, causing Changmin to be unable to look her in the eye. He finally looked down shyly, arousing laughter from everyone.

Source: [TVXQ Baidu]
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The gentle charisma of the 2 men of TVXQ wins the hearts of fans.

On the April 10 broadcast of SBS Inkigayo, co-hosted by Jo Kwon (2AM), Lee Ki Kwang (BEAST), Sulli (f(x)) and IU, TVXQ performed Before You Go.

On that day’s broadcast, TVXQ wore white suits made of silk netting, strongly exuding a kind of sexy beauty. In addition, their powerful dance and stage-controlling charisma fully showcased their potential.

TVXQ uses the R&B atmosphere to showcase the different charms of ‘Before You Go’. Perfectly hitting the high notes, they attracted the attention of the audience with their strong vocals.

In this repackaged album, other than the songs originally recorded for the album, there is an addition of new songs like ‘Before You Go’, totaling 14 songs.

(irrelevant parts omitted)

Source: [TV Daily] + [TVXQ Baidu]
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