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[VIDEO] 110313 Junsu - Mozart DVD Cuts

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[VIDEO] 110313 TVXQ - Music Wave

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[PHOTOS] 110312 HoMin - Incheon Airport Part 2

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[PHOTO] HoMin - Backstage

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[NEWS] 110313 JYJ Kim Junsu Musical Live Concert Becomes Best Selling DVD

Online bookstore Interpark confirmed on March 11th that musical concert live DVD of singer and musical actor Kim Junsu (JYJ member) has topped general best-selling DVD rank for 3 days in a row.

The pre-order quantity of Kim Junsu’s ‘Musical Concert : Levay With Friends’ defeated the quantity of Seo Taiji’s ‘Mobius Concert DVD’ pre-orders that was released in November last year, and ever since the pre-sale started on February 28th, it keeps on climbing up until finally beating the previous 3 consecutive weeks winner of DVD sales rank for number 1 spot, Won Bin’s ‘Uncle’ movie DVD.

‘Kim Junsu’s Musical Concert – Levay With Friends’ is Kim Junsu’s debut musical concert series under arrangement from worldwide musical composer Sylvester Levay which also features Korea best musical actors Seo Bum-suk, Bae Hae-seon, and Jun Dong-suk, the musical concert introduces highlights from ‘Mozart!’ and ‘Elizabeth’, with grand-scale stage and video, audiences are able to experience watching the 38 live performances within the 2 DVD set.

The DVD contains 18 songs from musical ‘Mozart!’ such as ‘I am Music’ and ‘Why Don’t You Love Me’ including 6 songs of brilliant performances from the unseen and highly anticipated musical performance of ‘Elizabeth’ in Korean version.In addition, the DVD will also features live concert rehearsal backstage, the after performance, and all making video footages of concert preparation that lasts for approximately 1 hour. The 2 DVD set also comes with a 80 pages of Kim Junsu’s photobook that is filled with pictures of performances and concert preparation.

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[NEWS] 110313 Park Yoochun Pleads for ’Sasaeng’ Fans to Stop

JYJ’s Park Yoochun recently expressed his frustrated feelings about sasaeng fans.

On March 12th, the star left the following message on his personal Twitter: “Please don’t follow us. Don’t come to our house either. Sasaeng!” ‘Sasaeng’ is a term meant to describe a particular group of fans who stalk their favorite star’s private lives and every movement with an emotion that exceeds a normal fan’s.

Netizens responded, “I think Park Yoochun is suffering a lot because of sasaeng fans that follow him to his house”, and “Love expressions towards celebrities should have some restraint.”

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[PHOTOS]110312 HoMin - Incheon Airport

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[PHOTOS]110312 Yunho - Korean Music Wave Concert

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[VIDEO] 110309 HoMin - KBS World Arabic Interview w/ Eng Sub

[VIDEO] Acoustic cover of JYJ's "Empty"

Some of you may remember Anika from last year when
she did an acoustic cover of "Breakout". What a talented fan!

[FANACCOUNT] 110312 JYJ - ‘White Day’ Fan Meeting Event

1. Cameras were mounted, so perhaps footage of the fan meeting will be released.
2. The fan meeting began with Empty.
3. Yoochun said that when watching Tears of Heaven, Jaejoong cried.
4. Yoochun said that he saw Junsu playing soccer on the Internet, and even thought that Junsu was a professional soccer player.
5. Jaejoong explained his current scandals.
6. When discussing what happened yesterday, Junsu said “It’s all right.” He was in a very good mood and laughed constantly. Yoochun said that when he first heard about the earthquakes, he immediately called Junsu and the staff, but he couldn’t get through the line. Finally he got in touch with the manager, who said that Junsu was sleeping. Junsu said that the road was blocked, so he stayed in the car for 6 hours.
7. When Jaejoong talked about himself crying, he hugged Junsu while crying. His tears fell on Junsu’s face, and Junsu also cried.
8. Jaejoong hit Yoochun with a soft inflated hammer, but in the end the hammer broke.
9. Folding newspaper: goal was to fold the newspaper as many times as possible and see which of the two members on stage could persevere the longest. Yoochun won.
10. Boxing game, Jaejoong won. Scores: Yoochun 2848, Jaejoong 4000, Junsu 3255. (The harder the punches, the higher the score.)
11. When the two members were asked their opinion of “Angel Junsu,” Yoochun said not to bring it up again, and Jaejoong said it was too outdated.

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[VIDEO] 110312 JYJ - 'White Day' Fan Meeting Event Part 3

Junsu, don't cry :(

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[VIDEO] 110312 JYJ - 'White Day' Fan Meeting Event Part 2

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[VIDEO] 110312 JYJ - 'White Day' Fan Meeting Event

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[PHOTOS] 110311 HoMin - Incheon Airport (Gucci Store) Part 4

Yunho with his hoobaes, 4minute

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