Friday, March 11, 2011

[TRANS] Junsu will return to Korean tonight+Fan Meeting from C-JeS 110311

JYJ Fan Meeting Announcement 2

To the fans who are participating in the fan meeting:

The JYJ fan meeting will take place on 12 March at 3 pm without any disruptions.
When Kim Junsu has boarded the plane within tonight, he will return to Korea and take a rest and will participate in the fan meeting tomorrow.
We discussed with Junsu and decided that the fan meeting will take place as planned.

With regards to the onsite ticket sales we announced at around 6 initially, because the cancellation of the tickets did not take place today, we have decided not to sell JYJ Fan meeting tickets onsite tomorrow.

Thank you.

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[PHOTOS] 110311 HoMin at Incheon Airport

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[TRANS] Junsu's Situation & JYJ Fan Meeting Announcement from C-Jes 110311

This is C-Jes Entertainment.

We are receiving many enquiries from fans regarding JYJ member Junsu's Japan Schedule now. Kim Junsu is currently safely waiting at the airport for it to be opened. And he is trying his best to attend the fan meeting.
We are trying our very best to let the onsite staff in Japan and Junsu be able to enter Korea safely.

We plan to cancel the fan meeting if Junsu is unable to enter Korea.
With regards to whether it will be canceled, we will reveal it tomorrow based on the situation at 12 noon. The Fan Meeting Staff have completed the rehearsal and all the preparations for the performance, and will be following the situation closely.

If the plane has departed by 12 noon tomorrow, we will delay the performance by 1 hour and the fan meeting will proceed as previously planned.
If that is not possible, we will give a refund and reconsider the performance.

We are sorry to suddenly cause the fans to worry due to the occurence of a natural disaster.

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[PHOTO] New Look of the Official TVXQ Site

Visit it yourself HERE!

[VIDEO] 110311 HoMin - Before U Go MV Teaser

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[PHOTO] 110311 HoMin - Repackaged Album Teaser

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[PHOTOS] Jaejoong and his family - Calendar 2011

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[TRANS] 110309 Yoochun “Airport Fashion Terminator”

JYJ’s Park Yoochun has been pulling the attention of his fans by showing his fashion sense through pictures of his airport fashion.

Recently on bulletin boards of internet forums, picture of Park Yoochun have posted in his airport fashion giving fans a better look at his airport looks.

In his photos, Park Yoochun has been the source of comments such as his boots make him look manly but cute, and wearing slippers Yoochun has also shown his relaxed fashion. Not just but he also demonstrated his exceptional fashion sense with his difficult white shoes.

Internet users that saw his photos expressed their excited reactions, “Park Yoochun is the only one who would dare wearing Uggs”, and “he has a complete fashion look”.

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[NEWS] Go Ara to make a special appearance in TVXQ's new music video "Before U Go"

TVXQ will be promoting their third title song "Before U Go" from their upcoming repackaged "Why (Keep Your Head Down)" album. It has been reported that the teaser will be released on SM Entertainment's Youtube page ( and on TVXQ's official Korean website ( on March 11th at midnight, unveiling their new transformation.

The teaser trailer is said to have intense visuals with characters that will certainly attract attention. In addition to appearances by TVXQ's current active members Yunho and Changmin, SM Entertainment actors Go Ara and Choi Jongyoon will also be featured.

"Before U Go" will be released on March 14th on music sites such as Bugs, Melon, Dosirak, and Naver Music. The R&B song will present a new sound never heard before from TVXQ, which has brought in high expectations from the duo.

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[TRANS] 110309 TVXQ: Popular In Japan Even After Separation

Tohoshinki has maintained their popularity in Japan even after the JYJ left the team.

On the Japanee website “Rekochoku” conducted a poll from February 15th to March 1st on the 1,500 members of this website and Tohoshinki was ranked number 2 for the ranking of “Artist with the coolest dance”. The powerful dance from the title song “Why” received a lot of attention in Korea and was also accepted in Japan.

Number 1on the ranking was dance group Exile, and number 3 was AAA, and 4th place was Namie Amuro. Tohoshinki was ranked amongst leading Japanese singers.

After JYJ broke from the team, the first single Tohoshinki released was “Why”, which because number one on the weekly Oricon chart for the month of January. Especially, the single which was released on January 26th reached 231,000 sales six days after its release dispelling all concerns of whether their popularity would be lower than before.

On the 30th Tohoshinki will release their repackaged album “Why” and will start full scale activities in Japan. In this album, songs that were popular in Korea will be added such as, “Why”, “How Can I”, “Maximum”, and others. There will also be a new song included, “Before You Go”.

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[TRANS] 110310 Preview of TVXQ’s New Song “Before You Go” On The 14th

Tohoshinki’s repackaged album with the title song “Before You Go” which is to be released on the 16th will be transforming into something new. Continuing with their dance song “Why”, the new R&B song “Before You Go” will be releasing a sound preview on the 14th.

“Before You Go” is an amazing orthodox R&B song, which has been arranged in a way to highlight Changmin and Yunho’s vocals. The lyrics of this song illustrate the story of a man who decides to leave his girlfriend because of his love for her. It is a painful song that expresses the man’s desire to let his lover understand that he had loved her from deep within his heart.

This repackaged album to be released on the 16th will also include intro tracks such as “Before You Go – Monologue), and others will be added. This repackaged album is special as an acrylic frame will be used for the CD cover itself, so that the jacket photo that has been chosen for CD can be changed with the other 54 jacket photos to be included. This will further enhance the value of this collection.

Meanwhile, Tohoshinki will be releasing a teaser video of “Before You Go” at 11a.m., plunging into their activities with this new song.

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[TRANS] Yoochun’s Message to Japanese fans in SungKyunKwan Scandal Korean Drama Official Guide Book

Message to Japanese fans

Since the Tokyo Dome concert in 2010, we haven’t been able to come to Japan but whenever the three of us meet up we often say to each other, “I really want to go to Japan…” I’m sure that we will be able to see each other very soon. I know that our Japanese fans worry and support us more than we do so ourselves, and I know that they understand that we are putting all our efforts and working as hard as we can so I am truly grateful when we receive thoughts from all of you to do our best in all our work instead of being wary whether to wait for our return or not. The next time we met, it would be really great if we can meet each other with smiles from the heart. I’m looking forward to it!

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