Thursday, March 31, 2011

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This was on the 28th of March

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Singer IU and TVXQ’s Yunho have begun preparations for their appearance in “Kiss & Cry“!

According to industry representatives, IU and Yunho have both confirmed their appearances for unique figure-skating program, which is similar in concept to Mnet’s “Ice Princess“. Both shows cast stars for an intensive figure-skating training program, which is overseen by a professional figure skater.

In preparation for their upcoming film schedule, the two have been training intensively. One representative revealed, “You don’t just wake up one day and become a figure skater, so they’re starting their training early while they still can.”

“Kiss & Cry” producers, however, are sparing their words, and recently stated, “There is nothing confirmed yet.”

The program itself will be led with the help of Olympic gold medalist, Kim Yuna. Other celebrities expected to appear include Kim Byung Man. His representatives commented, “We did receive an appearance request, but because the broadcast date is unconfirmed, we have yet to make a final decision.”

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Who is the Korean World Cup soccer player that looks like Park Yoochun?

The findings of similarities between Korean celebrities and World Cup soccer player attracted a lot of attention from netizens.

In the morning of the 29th, an online picture hosting site released pictures of singers and soccer players that simply look similar but have no relations with each other, regardless of gender and age.

The pictures of JYJ’s Park Yoochun (25) and Korean World Cup soccer player Ki Hoon Yeom (28) were very similar, thus attracted the attention of netizens.

Netizens commented with responses such as “They are really alike”, “Very similar, this is very interesting!”

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Recently, an online forum displayed a picture of JYJ member Park Yoochun and TVXQ member U-Know Yunho standing side by side, attracting a lot of attention.

The photo shows the respective singers’ clothing endorsement advertisements fitted according to the elevator doors. The two blown up ads standing in line with only a wall as a barrier created a very interesting atmosphere for people walking by.

Netizens who saw the picture reacted passionately with comments like, “It’s so mysterious,” ”I hope it will become a reality,” ”I really wish we can see them standing together on the same stage soon.”

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I went to fansign event after that. Despite of the cold weather, I insisted in waiting outside the venue to get the number. I waited for a while before went in. While we were waiting, we watched the clip which they (Homin) won the first place in Inkigayo. So everyone started to scream again.

I became nervous when I got inside. I checked whether everything was in place, and whether I looked haggard.

They appeared on time. We were very excited. After they sat down and talked for a while, the fansign event began.


I got number 30th, it was quite in front. It reached my turn shortly after that. I shuddered as I walked on stage...

I approached Changmin, he used his deer-like eyes to look at me and greeted: Hello

Me: (with a shaky voice...) Hello

CM: Name is 原冰玉 (My friend’s name, she didn’t get chosen for attending this fansign, so I asked Changmin to write her name)

Me: Yes, I am a Chinese cassie, I have been liking you for many years.

CM: Chinese cassie... it is difficult to get here.

Me: I come here because of oppas, because of Dong Bang Shin Ki.

CM: Thank you (looked at me with his innocent deer-like eyes)

Me: (my voice was still trembling) oppa please be happy

CM: I will. Thank you, Chinese cassie

Me: (Bowed to him, and felt like screaming while leaving...)

Needed to queue up at leader’s side. So, I was waiting there. Step by step, I was moving closer to Jung Yunho. My heart was going to leap out of my chest any time soon and I was out of breath. When the girl in front of me left, I approached him.

At first, I showed him my chinese name.

YH: Do you have korean name? They don’t let me sign this.

Me: Yes, I have. Oppa, this.

YH: (lifted his head to look at me, and laughed: 진가 then lowered his head, and sniggered.)

I had already forseen this, since my Korean name is very strange. Even the teachers in my school think that my name is strange... I laughed too.

Me: Yes, this is my name.

YH: Alright. (and started to sign)

Me: The album that we, Chinese cassies gave you, have you listened to it?

YH: ‘Song for TVXQ’?

Me: (surprised and in awe) Yes

YH: ah (laughed and lifted his head to look at me) I listened to it when I got back home. Chinese cassies are really amazing. But chinese is too difficult, if not I want to sing along too

Me: Really oppa?

YH: Yes, I was listening to it with Changmin...

Me: (tears started to stream down, my head was getting lower and lower)

YH: (lifted his head after finished signing) Don’t cry. Lift your head up and look at me.

I lifted my head. Looking at his warm smiling face, and the slight stubble growing on his face, I couldn’t hold back my tears.

Me: I have been liking you for many years. Because of you, because of Dong Bang Shin Ki, I come to Korea. I’m now studying in your hometown Gwangju.

Then, he told me something that I will never forget for the rest of my life.

YH: I feel regret that I can’t sign your chinese name. But I can call your name in chinese. Then he called, ‘陈佳 陈佳and repeated it once more in Korean.

Me: (choked with tears) Really, really thank you Oppa

YH: Thanks for making me part of your dream. Thank you Chinese cassie. We should meet again when I get back to Gwangju.

Me: Okay, thank you Oppa.

At this time, the security guard has started making me to leave. I was ready to go too, but felt reluctant to do so.

At this moment, Yunho says,

YH: Please wait for a while. Don’t you see she is still crying?

Then, he lifted his head and said to me, ‘Thank you for loving me...’

I went down the stage with my mouth covered by my hand. I was the only one who couldn’t stop crying in that venue. I hugged my sister and cried a river when I returned to my seat. She kept comforting me, but I just felt spaced-out. My eyes fixed on Homin on stage, and the tears rolling down my cheeks uncontrollably. The fansign event came to an end after half an hour. When Changmin was talking, Yunho kept looking down stage, as if he wanted to remember everyone’s face. Since my seat was more towards the front, he saw me crying. He smiled, and making hand gestures by pointing to his eyes while looking at me. I know he wanted to tell me to stop crying, but I just couldn’t suppress my tears... I felt so useless.

We left when the event had finished. Still lost for words, I met a friend outside the venue. She said she managed to stalk them, saw them reached and left by car. Jung Yunho even waved to her. I was overwhelmed with emotions when I heard this. So on the way back home, I kept telling her that, ‘He called me by my name... He called me by my name.... He called me by my name...’ over and over again.


I only reached Gwangju at dawn. However, the pain all over my body as if has now gone. I can’t fall asleep thinking of the touching words said by them. The signature with a cute little heart that I got from Yunho, I put it at my bedside. I don’t feel tired even if I staring at it repeatedly.

I have been loving you guys for many years. At this moment, I feel that to be able to fall in love with you, is the most fortunate thing that ever happened to me.

It is really worth for us to spend our lifetime loving you guys.

I am now still overwhelmed with excitement. I don’t know what to say.

I can only look at their signatures over and over again, and shed tears, again and again.

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Even till now, I still feel like it was a dream.

In the dream, he smiled to me, called my name gently, and told me not to shed tears.

I remember he thanked Chinese cassiopeias while looking at me with his deer-like eyes.

I remember he lifted his head after finished signing and told me, ‘Don’t cry, lift your head up and look at me.’

I remember the way you guys danced ‘Before you go’ on stage.

I remember the smiles on your faces when teased by backup dancers.

I remember you ran back to your position mischievously when the music started.

Too many things I’ve remembered. I feel like I have lived a lifetime in a day.

Two days. A night without sleep, without taking a single sip of water, and yet, I feel neither hunger nor fatigue.

I shouted Changmin oppa, Yunho Oppa

Every single detail has now imprinted forever in my memory...


Actually we reached Seoul on Saturday. We went to buy album. We asked the person who sold the album about the fansign, and left after leaving him our contact numbers.

(some parts omitted)

The result of who can attend the fansign event revealed at 12 midnight. So we were chatting and waiting in a friend’s hostel. I didn’t put my hopes high since I really don’t have any luck with these things. I only tensed up after 12. I was very nervous as if I was waiting for my exam result. I refreshed the page, and scrolled down the list of names. There were a few names starting with '진' on the list, but I couldn't find my name. So I gave up and told my friend that I didn’t win. Just after my voice faded, I suddenly saw my name ’진가at the bottom of the list. The only thing I know next is I fall down on my butt. I have won...... Incredibly I have won...... Omitted a million ‘AHH!’ here...... and this directly causing a sleepless night for five person including me......

We need to line up for Inkigayo the next morning. So we went to SBS at five something in the morning. The weather was so cold...

(some parts omitted)

The number was written on my arm, and I had a hard time removing it after that.

There were many fans outside the building, including Chinese, Japanese and fans from other countries.

I already waited there for few hours. I couldn’t even stand straight due to the period pain I was having. But I still insisted to wait in line and went into SBS.

SBS was really small, even the last row was nearer to the stage if compared to the inner field of a concert hall.

I have been shivering since I get into the venue. The staff were busy preparing the stage. All of us screamed when we saw 'Dong Bang Shin Ki' 4 words were brought up on stage. Everyone was high.

The photo was taken when the staff were preparing the stage. No photos allowed during the recording.

They appeared on stage too sudden. I suddenly saw two people came out, and the next thing I did was started screaming. They had to repeat their song several times for recording. So for the first take they only sang and danced briefly. When the first take ended, Yunho remained on stage talking to us. Then he danced and playing around. He was smiling and laughing all the time. He was really adorable. After that Minnie went back on stage again after tidying himself at backstage.

They were dancing seriously during the second take. They were too handsome. The ‘self-touching’ part in their choreo... Omo... my eyes were bleeding... Yunho was fooling around on stage whenever he no need to dance. Once he didn’t realise the music had already started since he was introducing the backup dancers. So he returned to his position while making a naughty face. When the music started, his facial expression changed as fast as lightning. He immediately changed in a seious manner and immersed himself into the music. The stage effect with fire in the background was a bit crappy. The second one couldn’t stay lit. Hehe...

When it ended, Yunho said to us,’Thanks for the hard work. ‘ How would it be possible for us to feel tired? In fact, we felt blessed with happiness.

After Inkigayo, we went to Myeongdong while waiting for the fansign event to begin. I couldn't stand straight when I reached Myeongdong and I couldn’t walk any further. I felt terrible so I went into a shop and sat there. Eventually I fall into asleep. I already didn’t drink and sleep for the whole day. And yet I couldn’t eat since I felt nausea.

To be continued...

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Marrying young and divorcing young! That’s the kind of ex husband and wife that is portrayed in this romantic comedy “Paradise Ranch”. Changmin from Dong Bang Shin Gi and Lee Yeon Hee from who is from the same entertainment company are the two that brought this fiery drama to life.
Changmin: Being an actor for the first time, there was a lot of pressure and I was quite nervous and a little bit worried. But thanks to Lee Yeon Hee and to the staff, I was able to enjoy the six months that we spent filming.

Lee Yeon Hee: I had been friends with him previously, and I was able to put my feelings into this drama comfortably. The kiss scene was shot smoothly too, although it seems that Changmin was very nervous about this. Seeing Changmin nervous like that was also fun *laugh*

Filming for this drama also occurred in Korea’s famous island, Jeju Island.

Lee Yeon Hee: The amount of lines that Changmin and I had in this drama were actually quite high, so it was a bit hectic. But thanks to the filming taking place in Jeju Island where the air was so fresh, I think I was able to naturally express my feelings while acting.

Changmin: The Songak mountain I saw while it was snowing was very beautiful too, and even now it has left its impression on me.

Who would you say is nearer to your ideal girl when comparing Lee Da Ji (Lee Yeon Hee’s character) and Jin Young (Yoo Hana’s character)?

Changmin: Ah..Do I have to answer this? It’s quite hard *laugh*

Lee Yeon Hee: Hana isn’t here right now *laugh*

Changmin: *laugh* Well, I like girls who I can talk about anything to comfortably, like a best friend. In regard to Dong oJo, the character I was playing, Lee Da Ji was the existence that was closest to him so maybe I should choose the character Lee Yeon Hee acted Lee Da Ji to answer this question *laugh*.

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