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Recently on community bulletin board, the photo of Kim Jaejoong who was in emperor outfit had garnered fans attention.

Kim Jaejoong who dressed in golden yellow Hanbok which enriched with fine embroidery, seemed to be proud of himself. Being set off by his black hair, his flawless skin looked even more attractive.
The photo is said to be taken from Cable TV QTV 'JYJ REAL' which suddenly had its broadcast cancelled earlier on.

Many netizens who saw the photo responded, 'Not everyone can match with this clothes, really suitable' and 'the screen and its colour are custom-made? The feeling is good.' giving some good responses.

In addition, some of them leaving comments expressed that, 'Feel regret can't see the recorded show' and 'Hopefully can see it as soon as possible'

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

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K.Will said, "Years ago, I remember that I received a signed CD from TVXQ right before their debut that said, 'Hyung, we have to meet again when we both reach the top'," and talked about how he felt to stand beside TVXQ, vying for that #1 position, "That's why today feels more meaningful."

K.Will fought with TVXQ for the #1 spot on KBS 2TV's 'Music Bank' and ending up taking second place with his song 'The Heart Beats'. K.Will, who applauded wholeheartedly as TVXQ were giving their acceptance speech, brought tears to his fans' eyes when he faced his fans in the audience and said, "Don't cry."

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The 'Kim Junsu Musical Concert - Levay with Friends' DVD that released on the 14th has already sold over 40,000 copies in two weeks and has ranked #1 on various DVD sites.

Ever since reservations began early-March, the DVD ranked first on various online sites such as Interpark and Kyobobooks and has proven the power of Kim Junsu yet again.

The DVD has even ranked 3rd on the overall album and DVD sales, beating many popular singers (according to Yes24's weekly sales chart from the 14th~21st). The DVD also ranked 1st on the Japanese site HMV and is being shown great interest from all over Asia.


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TVXQ ranked first on 'Music Bank' with their new song.

TVXQ, comprised of two members U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin, took the #1 spot on KBS 2TV's Kpop program 'Music Bank' on the 25th with their song 'Before U Go'.

This means that TVXQ have reached the top once more in ten days since the release of their new song. 'Before U Go' is the title song of the 'Why (Keep Your Head Down)' repackage album that was released on the 16th of this month.During his acceptance speech, U-Know Yunho thanked SM Entertainment representatives as well as TVXQ's fanclub Cassiopeia.

In January, TVXQ showed their power in the industry when they won 1st place in 'Music Bank' with 'Why (Keep Your Head Down)', even though it had been two years and three months since their last domestic album.

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Kim Hyun Jeong is the well-known "military official" of the Kpop industry. She has revealed multiple times that she has told off juniors who don't bow to others well. "It's just the basics. They should bow to their seniors just like I did when I was a rookie. These days, I've seen that it's gotten much better with mostly all juniors bowing to me. I was especially moved by TVXQ. They gave me a CD that they had signed and gave me a 90 degrees bow. Most juniors these days don't give you angles like that."

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Junsu to JaeJoong: @mjjeje Hyung! You are working very hard right! As we will be going real soon now, wait ^^
[7 hours ago]

Jaejoong to Junsu: @0101xiahtic Junsu ya, as expected, it seems that you should have become a soccer player~ The uniform suits you better than our costumes haha
[2 hours ago]

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The following is and excerpt from In Sooni's "Musician's Choice" on Naver Music:

The fourth album of In Sooni's choice : TVXQ's [5th album Why (Keep Your Head Down)]

As TVXQ's most recent album released in January, 2011, it is their first album in two years and three months since [MIROTIC] in September, 2008 as well as the group's first album since it became a two-member unit comprising of U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin. "TVXQ are artistes who no longer need any explanation. I love the lyrics to this song. I bump into them often at broadcasting stations these days because both of us are currently active, and I realized one day that I liked the song as I was listening to it. I really like the lyrics 'Shout! That you are the most beautiful being in this world/Shout! That I am the most beautiful being in this world'. Recently, I appeared on MBC Radio's [Starry Night] with TVXQ and we decided to create a team called 'DongBangSooniShinKi' because of Park Gyung Rim's on-the-spot request. All groups will inevitably break up no matter what. I, myself, came out of a girl group (Hui Sisters) too. I like both TVXQ and JYJ. I will support both teams."

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JaeJoong's tweets:

Because I did not receive any calls from Jun Chan and Mick Chun, I am gradually getting sulky haha.
[16 hours ago]

Euk...They say that I am "eun dda"...(indirectly being ostracized)ㅜㅜ
[16 hours ago]

Ah...Ah..AHa! It is Friday night..
[15 hours ago]

On Friday night, JJ is tweeting...Okay Lower-body bath GOgoGO good night! and, everyone be strong!
[15 hours]

@6002theMickey Film well and quickly fly to Thailand~Quickly Quickly~
[15 hours ago]

@0101xiahtic Stop going for drives and quickly come to Thailand!
[15 hours ago]

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Shane Yoon is back with round two of his question answering sessions!
Click here to read round one.

I’ve been getting great feedback with this whole Q&A thing. So without further ado, here is another round of questions about my experience as the JYJ MC for their US TOUR back in November 2010. Enjoy!

Q: @katsumeat asks: What was your first impression on jyj? whatis your favorite jyj songs from the showcase?
A: I was going over some things with the concert director when JYJ walked into the room. They were wearing black robe outfits and they didn’t walk, they glided into the room. My first thought was “Damn these guys are skinny…really skinny…and pretty…really pretty…and Junsu’s hair is red…really red” They were very polite, we said hello and they were off to do magazine interviews. I got to know them a little better as the tour went on. My favorite song from the showcase was the EMPTY remix. High energy, cool track, really got the crowd jumping up and down while confetti shot into the sky. Great ending song for the concert.

Q: @heartbeatheaven asks: Is it ever awkward to be around Jaejoong since he’s so attractive? (if I were a straight man I’d STILL be turned on…)
A: Very interesting question HAHA. No, there were never any awkward moments being around Jaejoong. Although there was this one time when I met Daniel Henney at an awards gala. For some reason his shirt tucked in but unbuttoned all the way down to his belt. We were talking about some stuff..and all I could think was “Damn, this guy is good looking…” Uh yeah…back to the questions.

Q: @randi_x asks: Were any of the members drunk/tip edge of tipsy? If so, what are they really like.
A: We went out in Vegas, and yes there was alcohol involved. Junsu didn’t drink much, so he didn’t get drunk. Jaejoong and Micky had a few drinks, or two, or three…and if they got drunk I couldn’t tell. So sorry, no drunken sloppy stories to share. Although I got drunk and started making out with a lamp JK

Q: Anonymous asks: Shane! 1st of all thanks for this Q&A session :) Oh yea my question… Did JYJ ever talk about their fans when you guys were hanging out and what was it about?
A: They love their fans, but they do admit that sometimes it goes a little too far. Like the whole situation with fans waiting outside their houses, kinda scary. To my understanding the netizens of Korea can be scary. I heard everything that happened to Tablo from Epik High. That kind of stuff is the ugly side of fame that comes with the territory.

Q: niickerzz asks: LOL but how did Jaejoong smell like..? new fresh t-shirt? aha~
A: What the? He smelled like a Korean pop star, duh!

Q: Anonymous asks: Were you blown away by jyj’s performances?
A: Actually I was very impressed. It’s one thing to be a good singer, but to dance AND sing well at the same time is pretty hard. I actually attempted this at the LA showcase, and I couldn’t even perform 4 lines…the whole time I was thinking “Don’t fall off the lift…or YOU WILL DIE! Oh yeah I’m supposed to be singing…Girl I swear~” My singing was horrible, but at least I didn’t fall off the lift.

Q: Anonymous asks: How long as your umma(mom) been a fan of JYJ?
A: She claims that she only became a fan when she heard that I was going to be the MC for their tour, but she seemed to know everything about them. Especially Yoochun. So I’m a little suspicious about her being a new fan.

Q: @aliyah_taylor asks: How does JYJ feel about their American fans?
A: Like I said before, they love all their fans. And since it was their first time in America on tour, I think they were even more grateful for everyone who came out to the US Tour. For me personally, I was amazed at the diversity in the fans who showed up to the shows. Honestly I was expecting all their fans to be screaming Asian girls, but when I showed up in NY and saw that the screaming girls were from all races, that was cool.

Q: @UmaChanxo asks: What does JYJ think of Fanboys? Have you ever asked or met one? A good friend of mine is a fanboy ahahaha xD
A: Not sure what JYJ thinks of Fanboys specifically, but I’m sure they don’t mind since a fan is a fan, no matter if they’re a girl or a guy. I actually met a few Fanboys in New York. There was one guy in line who was an aspiring rapper, I made him freestyle about the concert and JYJ and he was pretty good! I feel like the guys who went to these showcases were pretty damn smart. Think about it…you go to this concert with 1000s of other girls who are essentially in “heat” for JYJ. After the show, they’re pumped up, obviously they want more JYJ but can’t have it, they turn around and there you are - single guy, fan of JYJ, and looking for love. Brilliant!

Q: @remonbrossom asks: I know you want to join JYJ! don’t lie! could be like “JYJ’S” ..LOL xD..but really, would you join if they asked you to? =P
A: I’m not gonna lie, in my younger days I would have loved to have been a part of a K-pop group. I’m more of a rapper than a singer, so I would probably fit great with JYJ. But at the end of the day I don’t think I would be handle the extreme image consciousness that Korean entertainers need to possess. If I was a part of JYJS, I don’t think I would be able to make a video like “D*** So Big” And I don’t know if I want to be a part of something that doesn’t let me fulfill my crazy ideas as an entertainer.

Q: @minnamoi asks: Thanks for answering those interesting questions :) i know MANY fans wanna know this one. did they mention Yunho or Changmin??
A: Sorry, they didn’t mention them at all to me. To my understanding the whole situation was a little sensitive to them, so I didn’t bother bringing it up. It seems like an unfortunate thing and I hope there is some resolve, at least for the sake of their friendships.

Q: @mellejk asks: Th more I read JYJ’s tweets th more it sinks in tht they’r normal guys just doin ther job. Is tht bad? Stil wana meet thm tho lol
A: First of all, you must be a professional tweeter. Look at those abbreviations to save characters! I would have never thought to shorten the word “the” to “th” This is what the constraint of 140 characters has done to our society HAHA. But going back to your question - Yes JYJ are pretty normal guys placed in an extraordinary situation. Again, from my brief time with them, I saw that they were very grounded hard working guys. Nothing really stuck up or arrogant about them. You should definitely still try to meet them…but please don’t wait outside their homes.

Q: Anonymous asks: Hi Shane! You were great MC for the JYJ concert! I liked the furry vest in LA. ^_^ Does Junsu really hum and sing all the time, regardless of where he is? And…you didn’t teach him any bad words, did you? keke
A: Yes, I noticed Junsu does love to hum and sing a lot. It’s like have a live version of the radio wherever we went. It was nice HAHA. I did give him one brief English lesson in Vegas. He asked me about the proper way to use the word “Yet.”
Junsu - Hyung, what’s the proper way to use “yet”
Shane - Oh it’s really easy. You use “yet” when you say you didn’t do something but you plan on doing it.
Junsu - ???
Shane - Like, “I didn’t shower, yet” Essentially that means you didn’t shower, but you plan on doing it some point.
Junsu - Oh, I got it. What about when you start the sentence with “yet”
Shane - Like “Yet, he was only a child?”
Junsu - Yeah.
Shane - ??? My head hurts
Junsu - Oh…
Yeah, I’m a bad English teacher…and “yet” is a trick word to describe. But no, I didn’t teach them any bad words.

Q: mlyc asks: How was backstage before the first New York showcase? What did you guys do afterwards? Thanks Shane.
A: Being backstage before the NY show was nuts! We could hear the fans chanting, singing, and screaming. It was funny because every time the lights slightly changed or the music track changed, the crowd would go extra nuts thinking the show was about to start. Sorry, for the multiple fake outs, I think it’s a subliminal trick concert directors use to keep the energy alive. Honestly I was a little nervous, but once I got out on the stage and saw the madness, it actually made me feel more at ease. Afterwards, JYJ went to their rooms to rest and some of the crew went to grab a beer at a bar. Nothing crazy, since we had to leave for Vegas early the next day.

Q: @BuNiu asks: Have you DM’ed on twit with any of the members before? and will you check out their world con in la/sf/nyc when they come? :p
A: HAHA Yes, I have DM’d with Jaejoong a couple times. If they come to LA and I’m free that day I probably will check out the show to support them. They’re really good performers and it might be a little nostalgic to watch the show. Although I might get tempted to crash the stage and start MCing…I kid, I kid.

All right so that’s the end of ROUND 2. A lot of the questions I have been getting have been similar to each other, so unless I get a set of really interesting questions there probably won’t be a ROUND 3. But knowing you JYJ fans, I’m sure you’ll send enough questions to make a ROUND 3. So make it happen! Thank you guys for your continual support, I really appreciate it. Make sure you:

Follow me on Twitter @shaneyoon.
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Do you see familiar faces? This drama stars Kim Seung Woo, Lee Da Hae, JYJ’s Park Yoochun, and Kang Hye Jung. At the beauty salon, there would be a loud cheering whenever Yoochun appears… It’s not that I pay special attention to him, but no matter what, it seems like everyone on set are all only watching him ㅠㅠ

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Group JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) have chosen 'Creative challenge' as the concept for their 'JYJ World Tour Concert in 2011' that begins in Bangkok on April 2nd and are currently preparing for their first performance.

CEO Baek Chang Joo of C-JeS Entertainment stated, "With ten days left till the beginning of their world tour that spans across nine cities around the world, the members of JYJ are currently working on perfecting their performances by putting the finishing touches on new pieces and practicing choreography," and "It will be a large-scale project with a performance comprised of 23 songs."

The 'JYJ World Tour Concert in 2011' has become a hot topic as Kim Jaejoong has stepped up to act as the director.

Since last month, Kim Jaejoong has been holding meetings with lighting, sound, stage and video staff and conferences with choreographers, stylists and props staff in order to discuss the details of the concert.

Under the concept 'creative challenge', he has been engrossed in his work to create a concert where the members are able to approach the fans at a closer distance and communicate with them.

Kim Jaejoong looked determined as he said, "I want to provide fans who love JYJ's music with an electrifying experience that lasts 120 minutes. I chose such a concept to show that our grand voyage of a world tour will continue on regardless of any change around us," and "We will use the cross-shaped stage to its maximum potential to be closer with the audience, and we'll create an enthralling performance where each song has a special element of direction that all comes together at the end."

JYJ will add four new songs to their world tour. Most of the performance will be comprised of songs the members themselves have composed and written lyrics for, including all the songs in their 'JYJ Music Essay', and the concert plans to showcase JYJ as Asia's representative performance-based singer-song writers.

The 'JYJ World Tour Concert in 2011' will begin in Bangkok, Thailand on the 2nd of April and will go across Asia to the US and Canada, and will hold its finale in Korea.

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Twenty-three year old Lee Yeon Hee and Shim Changmin... Acted as an 'Immature Couple' in their drama
Acting contoversies... The TVXQ dispute... "I made it seem fun on purpose to lesson the pressure on his shoulders."

Lee Yeon Hee (23) with her white face and long arms and legs and Shim Changmin (23-stage name Choikang Changmin) with his dark face and tall height. These two, who remind us of characters from melodramatic comic books, recently played the roles of an immature couple in the drama 'Paradise Meadow' and received the support and jealousy of fans throughout the series. Married at 19 but divorced six months later, the two meet again after six years and fall in love again. Shim Changmin, who has already risen to fame as Choikang Changmin, a member of the popular idol group TVXQ, made his debut as an actor through this drama. Lee Yeon Hee, who was swept up in controversies surrounding her acting skills, or lack thereof, in the drama 'East of Eden', received positive feedback for her take on a completely new and different role. The two youthful stars' growing pains were deeper than expected.

-This was Changmin's debut as an actor.

Shim Changmin - I've always dreamed of being the main character in a romantic drama. But I wasn't prepared for it, so I took lessons on basic acting right before filming started. I learned how to enunciate by talking while biting a pen, and I learned how to block and stress my words. I kept thinking, 'The one thing I don't want to be criticized about is my acting.' But I was so scared that I went around telling people around me that, "I'm probably going to be criticized."

Lee Yeon Hee - I personally think Changmin's acting was good. Han Dong Ju, the role Changmin played in the drama, is quite similar to the real Changmin in terms of his character and looks. There were a lot of scenes where he had to yell, and his vocalization was so good that it seemed so natural.

-Did Yeon Hee help you as a senior in the acting field?

Lee Yeon Hee - His shoulders seemed burdened enough without having me bring the subject up, so I though it would actually put more pressure on Changmin if I approached him first. I tried to make it seem fun while we were filming.

Shim Changmin - It was hard because I kept thinking about how the staff members had all eyes focused on me, which is so different from when I sing in a team. I wasn't able to confess these thoughts to Yeon Hee. Yeon Hee had a lot of lines and had the responsibility of leading the flow of the drama, but she still lead and guided me.

-Is there anything you wish you could have fixed?

Shim Changmin - I have the kind of personality that does not easily let me feel content with myself and what I've done. I can't forgive even the smallest mistake that I make. I really wanted to do well in the more affectionate scenes, but I don't think I looked that natural.

Lee Yeon Hee - In 'East of Eden', I had to act very mature. After that, I was searching for a bright and sunny character and this drama caught my eye. It wasn't the timid and burdened roles I had played in past movies and dramas. I got to play the role of a determined and clumsy veterinarian who had done anything and everything. I wanted this to be a turning point and an image change in my acting career. I'm content with what I've done.

-Your fans must be curious of how TVXQ has been after the three members left.

Shim Changmin - It's not easy for two (with U-Know Yunho) people to fill in the space of five people. I feel so much more responsibility now compared to when all I had to do was follow what my hyungs were doing. So I give my all for everything, dancing, singing and the visual aspect. There are times when I feel frustrated and disappointed. Sometimes, I ask myself, 'After years of performing, I'm still the same, I've been doing fine without anything happening, but how did our team become this way?' Idol singers who debut at a young age own many things people their age usually don't own, and are faced with many temptations. I think people need to possess the power of discernment and good judgment.

-Many female actresses say that they wish to take on a role with many action scenes.

Lee Yeon Hee - I watched Soo Ae and Lee Jia act in 'Athena', and I thought it was so cool. I exercise every day and build up my stamina, because I might get a chance to play such a role someday.

Shim Changmin - They look so frail (he makes an exclamation) but they're really fit.

-What kind of actor, singer do you want to be in the future?

Lee Yeon Hee - When I was younger, I watched Natalie Portman in 'Leon' and thought, 'I want to be like her.' She is my idol and benchmark. She's an actress I want to take after in all aspects of acting.

Shim Changmin - Recently, I met Senior In Sooni. I enjoyed watching her create a passionate performance with difficult and powerful dance moves that are hard, even for younger singers. As this is only my first step in acting, I will do my best.

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They look really nice!Even without make up! ^^~and Yunho so cute , smiling even for stalkers

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Before U Go:


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