Monday, February 28, 2011

SamYook University has invited the celebrity soccer team FC MEN for a charity soccer match on the 28th at 4pm.

This event is a cultural event held for the start of the new school year and the university’s new students, and FC MEN will play a friendly match against the university’s current soccer team.

FC MEN was founded by JYJ’s Kim Junsu and SS501′s Kim HyunJoong. Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Bum, Song JoongKi, and Lim JuHwan are also active members. Junsu, the captain of the team, plans to directly participate in the match.

Junsu will also host the presentation ceremony for 10 million won raised for the friendly match, signature giveaway event, and presidential reception.

Junsu revealed his thoughts on the event, stating “Because we will be holding the match to help the less fortunate, I will participate with a happy heart. I hope, through this event, the solidarity of the students will help change the society.”

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Jaejoong was extremely high-tensioned today at his gathering with friends ^^

A lot of people came~ to the shop LOL. It was very amazing. He also laughed a lot.

He = the prince (T/N: Iwama-san always calls JJ ‘the prince’ XD)

Me: “Did you tell anyone that you came here?”
Prince: “Aha! I didn’t~”
The prince’s tension was very high~

The hug question comes out again! There were even more hugs than usual LOL

In order not to crush more hearts, I’ll stop here.

Since there are a lot of you who told me not to stop, I’ll continue.

Why does everyone have fetish for smell? He doesn’t smell anything.

It was the first time I’ve ever seen the prince’s tension got that high & looked that happy.

Right, this is the 2nd time I’ve seen the prince in working mode. The first time was at Tokyo Dome, the second time was yesterday. When he’s in working mode, he’s very professional, and also provides a lot of fanservices.

The prince’s normal face is very lenient LOL! When he’s at work, as in PVs and magazines, he looks very gallant, doesn’t he? I see, you guys the princesses only saw the gallant side of the prince before right? I see.

A lot of you are saying that I’m teasing you guys LOL!

He really enjoyed his time working in Japan~ Well then, princesses, please go to sleep LOL! Eh, you can’t sleep anymore? LOL

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The ‘crazy friends network’ of JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong outside Korea is definitely confirmed.

On 27th early in the morning Kim Jaejoong published a picture through his personal twitter with simple caption “It’s nice to meet you guys”, the picture taken showed Jaejoong posing with many well-known Japanese actors.

Due to the blurry quality of the picture, figures spotted with Jaejoong couldn’t clearly identified, however fans quickly caught many appearances that look like group NEWS leader and actor Yamashita Tomohisa, Koike Teppei, and Shirota Yu.

Tomohisa, Teppei, and Yu developed close friendship since high school has been a well-known fact, and Jaejoong has been said to have built a friendship with them as well during his prior long-term activities in Japan.

Jaejoong and Tomohisa standing side by side with their arms holding each other’s shoulder is especially one that is most eye catching among fans. Tomohisa Yamashita also mentioned that Kim Jaejoong was the South Korean artist he wanted to collaborate the most in the press conference during his last visit to South Korea, as the singer said, “One day I want to compose a song together with him,”

Fans who saw the picture commented, “Though the picture is blurred, even me can guess who is who right away,” “Those laser beams (T/N: referring to the red-eyes in the picture) are burning,” “They seemed to have a pretty cool night,” “Jackpot, what a beautiful boys heaven” and “It’s nice to see how popular artists from South Korea and Japan hanging around together.”

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[Jaejoong @mjjeje] (this) brings back memories

T/N: From the internet FM radio, “Inter FM, KOREA ENTERTAINMENT SPECIAL K GENERATION, Mar 25, 2007″.

Junsu: Hello everyone
ALL: We are Tohoshinki!
Jaejoong: We want to play outdoors in this season, don’t you think so?
Changmin: Yes, we really want to play outside.
Jaejoong: We will tell you about the places we recommend in Tokyo and Korea.
Junsu: Ohhhhh, YES!
Changmin: About Tokyo, maybe the listeners should know better than us, but, we want to recommend,
Junsu: Yes
Changmin: Where is the place?
Junsu: Meguro-gawa (T/N: Meguro River)
Yunho: There are many Sakura (cherry blossom) trees around Meguro-gawa, and it is a very beautiful place.
Jaejoong, Tohoshinki, Tohoshinki has gone there, too!
Changmin: We went there when we first came to Japan..
Jaejoong: Two years ago.
Changmin: We went there, the scenery was so beautiful,
Yunho: Yes, it was really beautiful.
Jaejoong: So, we would like to recommend a place in Korea…
Yunho: Yeah!
Yoochun: I want to go there again this year!
Yunho: Let’s go there if we have time.
Junsu: Yes, lets go!
Jaejoong: So, can we move on to the next place we recommend?

(other sentences omitted)

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The support project of Japanese fans towards male group JYJ has been a hot topic.

On last 26th the cheering video for JYJ was shown on big screen in all over Japan.

The video addressed the issue of JYJ having inteference in their Japan activities, the event was planned to send message “Respect the foreign fans’ rights to watch their favorite artists on stage,”

The video was shown several times on big screen in centre of Japan’s major cities including Tokyo, Sapporo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka.

Fans’ message captured in the video says, “We will never give up and our support on them remains unchanged even in the future.”

Korean fans who knew this issue left comments such as “Even we live in different places, but we support them from heart indifferently,” and “We really understand how Japanese fans feel.” cheering along with their fellow foreign friends.

Meanwhile in coming April JYJ will hold a world tour for two months in 10 cities and 7 countries to meet their fans from around the world.

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

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If I do say so myself, Changmin's high notes are really light but deep, his vocal is very nice. He should have earnestly practised this one year in order to vocalize that voice. I get stimulated by those whose performances have clearly become better. On the other hand, I do not feel anything for those who have been good performers from before, but have not changed ever since.
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oh, i Changmin abs!!! xD *smacked by Cassies*

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MC: Yunho-san and Changmin-san, what do you think is the color of each other?
Changmin: Ummmm, I think Yunho is red.
MC: Red? What is the reason?
CM: I think…ummm, his passionate character perfectly fits with the image of red. I personally think that red stands for a honest character… today it’s very, very…
MC: There are laughs…
CM: What I mean by “red is honest” is; he is very sincere, passionate, I think that his character perfectly fits the color red.
MC: I see. So Yunho-san, what do you think is the color of Changmin-san?
Yunho: Blue.
MC: Blue. Please tell us the reason.
YH: I think blue fits the best with him.
CM: We are asking of the reason! Please tell us of the reason.
MC: Changmin-san…
YH: He likes the color. The reason is, Changmin is calm from the past, and his heart is like the sea, a big heart.
MC: His heart is like the sea, a big heart.
YH: And with this blue, I think that the red matches the best. So when I went to the pool a little while ago, I splashed water to him “Pyon” (T/N: Pyon is a cute phrase meaning hop or jig)
MC: Here it comes!
YH: I’m not a cute character!
Audience: (Lol) Cute, cute!
MC: Yes
MC: So, when thinking of the color of each other, red and blue was their answer.

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TVXQ Changmin's different facial expressions as the character Dong Ju from the SBS drama "Paradise Meadow" have been compiled together by a fan. Entitled "Dong Ju's 50 Subtle Facial Expressions," the compilation of Changmin images has garnered a lot of attention from netizens.

The collection captures a broad range of Changmin's expressions under different situations. Each picture has an accompanying caption. One can see the intensity of the love and enthusiasm fans have for the singer and "Paradise Ranch."

"Paradise Ranch" is a drama set in Jeju Island, centering around the ups and downs of a young couple's love story.

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JYJ’s Kim Junsu is receiving favorable reviews for his enthusiastic performance in the musical “Tears of Heaven.”

At 8pm on February 22nd, 30 Vietnam War veterans and their wives came to see the musical “Tears of Heaven” in Haeorum Seoul National Theatre and was moved to tears. The current KEPCO KDN President Jun DoBong (the previous commander of the Marine Corps), who served during the Vietnam War, was also present on this day.

The war veterans lavishly applauded the performance, stating that “we were moved to tears by the characters’ ardent love for each other and the story which realistically portrayed the Vietnam War period.” The heart aching love story born during the war had successfully won the sympathy of the audience.

President Jun DoBong revealed, “because I am part of the generation that directly experienced the Vietnam War, the musical affects me in a unique way. I was surprised by how similar the story’s background and the main character “Jun’s” situation was to my own. The musical touched the emotions that were deeply buried in my heart and moved me endlessly.”

Furthermore, President Jun stated, “the story itself was also impressive. The dense storyline directly portrayed an accurate image of history. I was frightened throughout the musical because I was constantly reminded of the horrendous nature of the Vietnam War which occurred 40 years ago.”

“Tears of Heaven” is a masterpiece based on the Vietnam War, and is a global musical, produced by SulN Company and Creative Production, geared towards the world market. The musical will be held in the Haeorum National Theatre until March 19th.

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Today evening I went to the bowling alley to see Junsu! Seeing him closely, he was really cute and looked like a normal young man. (I also met 3 members of FT Island but were not familiar with all their names.) The lighting wasn’t that bright in the bowling place so this was the only photo i was able to take LOL.

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