Thursday, February 24, 2011

[PHOTOS] 110224 JYJ New Passport Photos

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[VIDEO] HoMin on Young Street Radio w/Eng Sub

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[VIDEO] 110224 Tears of Heaven Musical Advertisement

I'll admit that I feel like whining for a DVD version of TOH. Who is with me??

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[PICS+FANART]022411 Oh No! This Cannot be Yoochun?!?

Too cute and hilarious~ I just had to share! :P

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[NEWS] 110224 "ELLE" to Release Additional Copies of JYJ's Jaejoong's Photo Spread

Fashion magazine ELLE has announced that they will be producing additional copies of their March issue, thanks to Jaejoong’s sexy photo spread.

Fans felt their hearts flutter at the unique concept Jaejoong donned for the new photo spread, for which he portrays a beautiful assassin. But that’s not all – ‘ELLE’ also included an in-depth interview with the star, who discussed his personal insecurity issues and his hopes for the future.

An excerpt from the interview reads: “During the beginning of our overseas advancement, I didn’t have much confidence in myself and couldn’t shake hands with people at the airport properly. Moreover, I even hid behind the other members.”

Jaejoong also expressed his gratitude for the unchanging love from the fans, “I think the Asian fans received good impressions of our image, singing and performances, which is why they think nicely of us.”

He continued, “When we were younger, we were always daring to show a stronger and more masculine side to us, but now, we think we need to show a more composed image.”

‘ELLE’ will be releasing additional copies of Jaejoong’s photo spread from February 24th onwards.

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[NEWS] Court order states SM Entertainment will pay 20 million won each time they interfere with JYJ activities

After the Seoul Central District Court dismissed both of SM Entertainment's injunctions against JYJ last week, the judge Kim Daewong has decided to incur a fee against SM Entertainment every time they interfere with JYJ's activities. Through a press release, JYJ's current acting agency said on February 21st, "SM Entertainment will not be allowed to interfere with JYJ activities and will pay 20 million won every time they violate this court order."

The court has decided that there is a possibility that SM Entertainment will interfere with JYJ's activities, and in the case that they do interfere, have made this ruling. To prevent any possibilities of interference, the court has ordered a restraining order against SM Entertainment.

Even though the court has ruled in favor of JYJ, C-JeS Entertainment's Baek Changjoo said, "There are still many obstacles to go over. There are many things still to be worked out even with the court ruling in our favor. I hope the public and fans support our cause and help create a more progressive celebrity system."

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[PHOTOS] 110224 Yoochun - Twitter Update

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