Tuesday, February 22, 2011

[NEWS] 110222 TVXQ & Insooni to have a Joint Performance on "Starry Night Radio"

On February 22nd, MBC’s “Starry Night Radio” will host two very special guests, as Insooni and TVXQ will make an appearance together to engage in a special joint performance.

Insooni, who began promotions for her new song “Uppercut“, will be performing it live through “Starry Night Radio”, and TVXQ will perform alongside her; it’ll be a special occasion for the duo as well, as they professed that Insooni is a senior they’ve always admired.

Known for enjoying collaborations with other artists, like in Jo PD’s “My Friend” and Mighty Mouth’s “Smile“, fans are looking forward to hearing her newest effort with Korea’s top idol duo.

The staff of ‘Starry Night Radio’ promised, “They will deliver a special time in which there will be no generation gap, as they will take turns singing a verse. Please look forward to it.”

Source: Joy News via Daum
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[TRANS] They Are the Same 5 People

I did not write this myself, it doesn't represent my view or the position of this site in anyway. They are just the sentiments of another Cassie that I found and decided to translate.

What I'm feeling right now, I wouldn't call it pain… it's helplessness and it's a pent up sense of frustration. None of it has much to do with me, back when the fandom first started to split, I had already made the decision to turn my back on it all.

TVXQ. This group, it was with me in the naive days of primary school, the wild days of junior high and the now maturing days of high school. Even though so many people now say 'you can't always believe what you see', these 5 individuals have walked with me throughout the journey of life; I don't know how to let go. Looking back on the tracks that we've left, I remember everything so clearly and I realize that so many have now left those memories in the past, choosing only to hold on to the experiences that give them joy.

Everything they've shown us has proved that they are made of flesh and blood, just like you and I. Each word uttered from their lips, each moment of eye contact, I don't understand how anybody could ever doubt them. If any of that were fake, then the 5 of them would be award-winning actors now.

All things considered, I'm not really a fan of TVXQ, I'm a fan of the 5. What is TVXQ? It's a name. It's a glorious title that has now left us lost and helpless. It doesn't matter who is using it and who isn't, regardless of the views you may hold or the prejudices you may have, they were and still are your idols; why should we constantly argue over this name? I don't deny wanting to see the 5 of them together on stage, but I have to admit that I've always wanted them to leave the black hole that they were getting lost in, to leave the entertainment industry and live their lives as ordinary people, happy and carefree. Isn't it a good thing now that JYJ have left? I've always known that it would be difficult and I'd always known that their careers would be interfered with. There was never a moment in time when I'd I thought it would be easy.

As for Homin, they have the right and the freedom to make whatever decision they wish. No one is betraying anyone - which one of you can look the 5 of them in the eye and say that you know the truth behind it all? If you really were an OT5 fan and you know where you stand, then hold on to that choice and live with it. Don't feel like you should let go or pick a side because of rumors, controversy and arguments. They give their very best for us and we shouldn't neglect their efforts.

Those of us who are waiting for them to return as 5 - there is nothing wrong with being hopeful and keeping faith. Whether they're releasing an album as 5, as 3 or as 2; whether they're holding concerts as 5, as 3 or as 2; they are still the same 5 people, and we should stay the same, just as we always have.

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[PHOTOS] 110222 Kim Junsu Musical Concert DVD

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[ADMIN] JYJ Petition - Closing Soon!

We are sure that many of our readers have already heard of and signed the Petition for the Recognition and Protection of JYJ’s Legal and Human Rights. But on the least chance that you have not, here again is the information. The petition will be closing in three short days, so sign while you still can!

Petition for the Recognition and Protection of
JYJ’s Legal and Human Rights

During this crucial time, before JYJ's March 2011 lawsuit hearing and right after QTV's constant evasiveness and uncertainty about airing JYJ on their network, we--as fans of Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu and as fans of TVXQ--have to let the courts and the public know that what's been happening to JYJ is WRONG. That JYJ shouldn't be blocked by television networks, that they shouldn't have to suffer setbacks in their careers wrought upon them by a vengeful ex-management company and its long list of cronies just because JYJ dared to stand up for their rights.

There are some who may question the validity and usefulness of the Petition. Others are skeptical that a Petition done by international fans would make any impact in Korea. The Petition DOES matter and international fans' opinions matter more than they ever realized. According to Koh Jaeyul , a prominent Korean journalist: The judgment on unfair contracts between SM and JYJ will be made at the court. However, the judge will not make a verdict solely based on the code of law. The judge will look at the public’s opinions and consider the implications of his ruling. JYJ’s new accomplishments and the global fandom will make an influence on the verdict.

[VIDEO] 110222 DVD Kim Junsu Musical Concert - Levay and Friends

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[INFO] 110222 Junsu Musical Concert DVD

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[VIDEO] Homin - Mr. Fancy Pants

Who has the fanciest pants? XD

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[NEWS] 110222 Yunho makes fans jealous

TVXQ appeared on the radio program SBS "Choi Hwajung Power Time" on February 21st. It is normal for radio shows to take photos of their guests. SBS Radio released images of Yunho and Changmin with various expressions. The photos were taken during the broadcast and showed the duo in a comfortable and relaxing environment. Fans were able to see them without all the makeup and fancy clothing they would usually wear on stage.

One photo in particular grabbed fans attention, in which Yunho and Changmin are posing with the radio host. In the photo, Yunho is resting his left hand on Choi Hwajung's shoulder, making fans jealous.

One netizen left a message saying, "I wish I was Hwajung-nim," and many others left comments similar to that, showing their jealousy of the shoulder touch.

The duo answered online questions from their fans during the broadcast and also presented a spectacular live performance.

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[PHOTOS] 110221 Stalking HoMin

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[PHOTO] 110220 Stalking Yoochun

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