Saturday, March 19, 2011

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JYJ Junsu has caught the attention of netizens with his pictures that resemble his own cat.

Previously an online community website uploaded comparison picture of Junsu’s cat Leo and Kim Junsu himself.

The uploader put the picture of young Junsu in similar expression to his cat named Leo which he’s compared to. There was also a picture of Junsu sleeping in the same position as the cat.

Netizens who saw the pictures responded, “The similarity with the cat gains 100 percent score,” and “Master and his pet cats, they become alike to each other”

According to member Jaejoong, Junsu started to raise cats because of him and currently he’s been living with 6 cats in his house.

Like master like cat!

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At this time I've colected many Changmin cards too! =]
I hope you enjoy that!

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JYJ’s Kim JaeJoong has transformed into “Lonely Killer J” in ELLE Korea. ELLE’S TV CHANNEL, ELLEATTV will be showing Kim JaeJoong’s sexy editorial ‘MOVIESTILL: Kim JaeJoong’.

Kim JaeJoong will show a more mature side of him via playing ‘Killer J ‘in ‘MOVIESTILL’. From someone with a pure spirit who is determined and has a protective instinct, through his character, however, Kim JaeJoong expresses a sense of loneliness and despair. In particular, Kim JaeJoong had to shoot in the bathroom topless and pose with cold stares. He gained praises from the staff members for being able to complete this challenging photo shoot.

In addition to Kim JaeJoong‘s editorial spread in the March issue of ELLE Korea magazine, are uncut videos and interviews which brought about much anticipation from the fans. In this interview, Kim JaeJoong will be revealing his honest opinions about the start of JYJ’s activities and future plans. He will also be sharing the reason and significance of the tattoo on his left chest. ‘MOVIESTILL: Kim JaeJoong’ will be aired on ELLEATTV on March 18th, 11 PM KST.

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JaeJoong's Hope Message:
We pray that the wounds of all the people who were hurt by the big earthquake will be healed and they will regain stability.

YuChun's Hope Message:
We hope that those who are in pain because of the sadness of having lost people dear to them will be strong.

Junsu's Hope Message:
We will gather our small hearts and pray for everyone's safety.
Please be strong!

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Friday, March 18, 2011


Changmin says some kind words for those in Japan :)

Intro + Before U Go:
I can't wait mine to arrive *-*

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