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[VIDEO] 110216 Junsu on KBS Show

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[NEWS] Viewer ratings for ‘Strong Heart’ rise to #1

SBS’s variety program, “Strong Heart“, floated to 1st place in viewer ratings for its time slot, thanks to the guest appearance of TVXQ.

According to results from AGB Nielson Media Research, this week’s episode of “Strong Heart” garnered a viewer rating of 15.2%. Compared to last week’s rating (14.6%), there’s been an increase of 0.6%.

So how did the other shows on this time slot fare?

KBS 2TV’s “Win Win had a viewers’ rating of 8.4%, which meant that “Strong Heart” carried an almost doubled lead over their competitors.

The February 15th episode guested TVXQ’s Yunho and Changmin, who attracted viewers’ curiosity through their colorful stories and powerful dance skills.

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[NEWS] 110216 Is JYJ Preparing to Enter the Military?

On February 14th, Junsu and Yoochun of JYJ visited the Seoul Military Manpower Administration to receive health checks. Health checks are conducted to determine if Korean males are healthy enough to serve in the military. Member Jaejoong received a health check one week earlier.

JYJ's management company C-JeS confirmed this to be true and stated, "The members will absolutely enlist, but since JYJ is doing promotions right now, they want to adjust the time. Since some members may not be eligible [physical requirements not met], they may have to get checked again."

Source: Segye Daily and @JYJDOTSinternational
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[NEWS] TVXQ’s Yunho reveals the touching story behind his thumbs-up pose

On February 15th, TVXQ’s Yunho moved viewers on SBS’s “Strong Heart“ by revealing the story behind his characteristic ‘thumbs-up pose’.

He stated, “When I first came up from Gwangju, my father and grandfather disapproved of my trainee life severely. At one point, I lost all support from my home and was forced to sleep homeless at a subway station in Seoul.”

Yunho continued, “Right before I debuted, my grandfather passed away. I heard that his condition was bad while we were recording for our debut album, so I went back down to my hometown. My grandfather, who was always known to be quiet, gave me a thumbs up. That was the last image I have of him.”

“For three days, I cried night and day. And then I became determined – I will rise to the top one day and keep my promise to my grandfather. Only then would I let go all of the tears I held up inside of me. If you look closely, I have a lot of pictures of me with the thumbs up pose, and it’s because I never want to forget the promise I made with my grandfather.”

He concluded, “I hope to receive a lot of good awards at the year’s end, and cry to my heart’s content.”

Later on the show, Yunho also showed off his ‘four leaf clover trick’ with his tongue, which amused the studio greatly since other idols showed off talents like dancing or voice imitations.

Changmin hilariously added, “It’s kind of weird staring at another person’s tongue like this.”

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[VIDEOS] 110215 Homin cuts - Strong Heart

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[VIDEO] Girl’s Day’s Minah dances with TVXQ’s Yunho on "Strong Heart"

Girl’s Day’s Minah had confessed on an earlier show that she’s been a huge fan of TVXQ’s Yunho; in fact, her love has spanned over eight years! To her delight, the young star was able to not only stand on the same stage with him, but she also performed with Yunho as well.

On the latest episode of SBS’s “Strong Heart“, Minah performed a ‘kkab‘ version of HyunA’s “Change” choreography. With overly-exaggerated movements, Minah succeeded in cracking up her audience, as they called out, “Daebak, daebak!“”

MC Kang Ho Dong added that it was the most shocking female idol dance he had ever seen in the program’s existence.

Check out their performance below!

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[NEWS] Yunho got his stage name from an online game?

On today’s episode of SBS’ Strong Heart, TVXQ’s Yunho, was a guest along with fellow member Changmin. On the show, Yunho revealed the origin of his stage name.

He stated, “My singer / stage name is U-Know Yunho, and it stands for ‘you know me and I know you’. To tell you the truth, I thought of the name from an online game I used to play. My username for that game was ‘U-Know Yunho’. In the game, I reached the high level of ’supreme’, which was right before the highest level of ‘God’. Right before I became God, I debuted in TVXQ (Rising Gods Of The East).”

It’s quite hilarious that we all expect their names to come from some place more meaningful… well, I guess that game was pretty important to Yunho.

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[NEWS] Moon Hee Jun compares TVXQ now to TVXQ as trainees

On this week’s episode of SBS’s “Strong Heart”, former H.O.T member Moon Hee Jun expressed his amazement over the growth of TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin.

“Eight years ago, when Yunho and Changmin came up to me as trainees and greeted me, I just said “Okay” and didn’t give it a second thought. Back then, the two got kicked out of the practice room and went into the basement because of me,” said Moon Hee Jun.

He continued, “But now, they’re sitting in the rows in front of me. If I knew they were going to be this successful, I should’ve just gone down to the basement instead,” causing the set to roar with laughter.

Turning to the witty and hilarious Changmin, Moon Hee Jun praised, “My cute junior Changmin has finally burst with comedy after eight years. I’m envious of Changmin today.”

Moon Hee Jun even commented on a previous confession by Girl’s Day’s Min Ah about her being a long time fangirl of Yunho’s. “To my dear Junists (Moon Hee jun’s fanclub), please become singers and come onto “Strong Heart”. And I beg you, please talk about me.”

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[NEWS] TVXQ’s Yunho finally talks about being poisoned by anti

On February 15th, TVXQ’s Yunho guested on SBS’s “Strong Heart” and shared his personal story about being terrorized by an anti-fan.

After TVXQ released their third album in October of 2006, an anti-fan had given Yunho a drink with an adhesive mixed in. After drinking it, he began to vomit and was immediately rushed to the ER; the idol was hospitalized for a few days of treatment. Although the ant-fan turned herself in, the shock of the incident did not wear off for some time.

Yunho revealed, “A long time ago, I was terrorized by a drink. Someone gave me a drink with a poisonous substance in it, and I thought, ‘why did it have to be me? I don’t even know that person, why did I have to be terrorized?’”

He continued, “At that age, the incident was something bigger than what I could handle. Even though I can laugh and talk about it now, I was truly afraid of people then.”

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[INFO] Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun Finalists for the Shorty Awards

From the Official Shorty Awards Blog:
Announcing the 3rd Annual Shorty Awards Finalists!

We are delighted to announce the Shorty Awards finalists in the main categories after receiving over 750,000 tweeted nominations.

The Real-Time Academy of Short Form Arts & Sciences will determine the winners from among these finalists. The announcement will be made at the Shorty Awards Ceremony on Monday, March 28, 2011 at The TimesCenter in New York City. Tickets are on sale now.

There are five finalists in each category. Interestingly, the JYJ boys are each nominated in different categories. Take a look:

Jaejoong is a finalist in the Celebrity and Fashion Categories.
Junsu is a finalist in the Music Category.
Yoochun is a finalist in the Entertainment Category.

 Read the complete list HERE.

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[TRANS] 110215 U-Know Yunho “I’ve been enduring tears which I want to shed away at the end of all”

TVXQ Yunho confessed, “The tears I’ve been holding back now, I want to shed them in the end.”

On the February 15th SBS show ‘Strong Heart’ afternoon broadcast, U-Know Yunho conveyed his inner feeling.

In the recent recording, U-Know Yunho said, “During TVXQ’s activities from all these times, there had been many cheerful and difficult moments, but not once I’m able to cry out my heart.” thus attracted others’ attention.

U-Know Yunho continued, “As a human, of course I also want to cry whenever I want to. But I just don’t think the time was right for me to show my tears, therefore I try to be patient, and endured my feelings for a long time.” Furthermore the singer said, “Now I’m still working hard to show the good side of me, yet if I can wish, I want to cry out all the tears I’ve been holding back so when this year ends, I will have no regrets.” shaking the hearts of people who listened to him.

TVXQ Choikang Changmin who also guested along with him said, “I have never seen hyung crying out loud even once as well.” He then shared moments from his point of view as a dongsaeng who’s been staying with U-Know Yunho for a long time.

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[TRANS] 110215 Yunho and Changmin with Yukie Nakama

Changmin: The theme song for “Utsukushii Rinjin (T/N: Beautiful neighbor), “Why? (Keep Your Head Down)”, do you like the song? We did our best in singing the song.
Yunho: Yes, it is a good song.
CM: It is embarrassing to say it yourself, but please hear the song many times in the future, too.

(Three questions from Tohoshinki to Yukie Nakama)

(Question 1)
CM: Your character is completely different from the previous characters which you have performed,
YH: It’s scary.
CM: Did you have any difficulties?

(Question 2)
YH: Everyone is wearing short sleeves. When did you film the drama?

(Question 3)
CM: Which type do you prefer?

Nakama: It is difficult to select….
MC: The questions, once more. What points were difficult when acting?
N: Yes, the feeling to the neighbor Eriko-san ….you had to be friendly with her, but you had to make lies, too… that part was difficult…I wanted the realistic scenes, so the balance was difficult.
MC: Were you filming the drama in summer?
N: Yes, summer, last summer. We started filming when it was very warm, it was hot.
MC: Yunho and Changmin, which is your type?
N: Oh, which should be my type…both are very handsome…but, should Changmin-san be the elder brother? Yes, he should be… So this time, I’ll select Changmin-san, because he seems to be his own man.

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