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Immediately after the hearing was over, articles like the below were plastered all over the Korean web:

Investor in JYJ Concert Sues Rights-Holders for Fraud

The Plaintiff Park XX sued Kim XX and C-JeS’s Director Paek XX, Warner Korea’s Director Whang XX, and others for fraud in Seoul Central District Court.

Park revealed in his complaint that “The Defendants conspired to deceive me and defrauded me of my wealth and so I sue.”

According to Park, the Concert Rights to the “JYJ Show-case Tour 2010″ of last year was transferred from C-JeS to Warner Music Korea. After that, it was transferred multiple times and (in the end) reached Kim XX.

Park said that “(he) was interested in the concert industry and from the introduction of a friend first met Kim XX. Kim said upon our meeting that he has the Concert Rights and that if [Park] invested, [Park] could make a very large profit, and recommended enthusiastically that [Park] invests.”

According to Park, he followed Kim’s advice and started to deposit money from October 7th of last year, and drafted an official contract on October 14th. The 5 locations of the concerts were Hong Kong and the USA’s Seattle, New York, San Francisco, and LA. The invested funds were to be used entirely for the concerts, and the budget for the cost of the concerts were to be notified (to Park) in advance. At this, Park invested 1,244,850,000 KRW (approximately $1,244,850).

Park said that “(he) requested proof of the details of the use of funds around October 20th of ast year. But Kim kept pushing it back with excuses of being busy.”
Park also argued that “contrary to what Kim said about his company’s state, Kim’s company had a lot of debt. It’s also been confirmed that he had intention to use the profits from the concerts to repay his debt.”

Park said: “Kim used a company that was already a dissolved company for tax purposes to contract, and he also concealed the fact that he has a debt load of billions KRW when we entered into the contract. Even the profits from the concert of 350,000,000 KRW(approximately 350,000 USD) were collected by the creditors and [Park] suffered harm doubly and triply.”

Park explained the reason for his suit in his complaint: “JYJ held a for-profit concert in Hong Kong on October 24th of last year. But the concerts in the 4 locations in the US, due to the fault of the C-Jes, were non-profit, not for-profit. The defendants did not provide a clear explanation [to Park] even though the schedules and the locations of the concerts were changed. Also no one informed [Park] of the above with official documents. [Park] did not recover one cent from the investment.”


To summarize, C-JeS transferred the concert right to Warner Korea, who transferred it to others, who eventually transferred to someone named Kim XX.

Kim XX, according to Park, told Park that the concert rights were a good investment and that Park should invest in them.

Park alleges that Kim defrauded him.

Please notice that C-JeS and Warner Korea are not involved in any way in this. By the time that Kim met Park, the concert rights did not even belong to C-JeS or Warner Korea. It belonged to Kim. This was a deal that was strictly between Park and Kim. It is unfortunate that Park decided to drag C-JeS and Warner Korea into this by naming the companies as co-defendant and extremely convenient for SM that the stories are being circulated moments after the JYJ-SM hearing is concluded.

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JYJ Kim Junsu finally took comments about Park Yoochun’s very own girlfriend.

During JYJ’s first fan meeting held in Jamsil Gymnasium, Seoul on March 12th at 15:00, Kim Junsu attracted audiences’ attention by talking about his fellow Park Yoochun’s girlfriend named Seolinja whom he’s been so boastful about.

Seolinja was a snowman Park Yoochun made by himself and promoted as his girlfriend through a post at his personal twitter, the snowman has been a famous fictional character among fans ever since, as Seolinja even made 1st most searched word in internet back then.

Towards this matter Kim Junsu said, “He (Park Yoochun) has come to the point where he even made his own girlfriend like that, I thought it’s really pathetic and I feel sorry for him.” and “Even the size of the snowman is nothing close to size of human, just the size of fist, it’s even more regrettable,” drawing audiences’ laughter.

Furthermore he blurted, “To have a thought of making own girlfriend… as lonely as he could be, I never know someone could really think to do such thing.” Park Yoochun’s cheeks got even redder to this tease on him.

Meanwhile, thousands of fans flocked JYJ first fan meeting on March 12th. The event consists many interesting corners such as ‘Ideal Fans World Cup’, ‘Chamchamcham’, and ‘Talk time with the guests’ which successfully entertained all attendees.

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(top to bottom: Acting, Singing, Marketability, Growth Potential–Junsu is placed 1st for whole categories)

Idol craze has grown stronger in musical industry. These idols usually have strong ticket power as shown by Kim Junsu who sold out all tickets of his musical starring ‘Tears of Heaven’. There are more than 20 names of idols that have ventured into musical industry.

However, as they’ve been under gazes of many musical critics, most performances of these idol turn musical actors were not highly praised. There’s been debate of the fact that despite the unproven acting skill, these idols still get many notable roles. Therefore since the 28th last month to March 13th, Kukinews held a survey to 11 musical critics and producers to assess the skills of ‘musical idol’. The positions will be decided through 4 categories: acting, singing, marketability, and growth potential where for each category there will be 2 chosen names, at which the first rank will be graded with 3 points and the second rank gets 2 points.

Idols who are chosen in skill category are Kim Junsu, ONew, Kyuhyun, Taeyeon, and J (sorted based on ranks). Yet some respondents said, “None of them has the skill that can be evaluated,” and returning a blank paper.

Kim Junsu who swapped 1st in all areas, received particularly good marks on marketability and singing ability. ChungKang Culture Industry University Professor Jin Jeong-hoon said, “Kim Junsu has proved himself as a musical star through his role in ‘Mozart!’ and ‘Tears of Heaven’” However, “His vocal range is limited so traditional classic works will be difficult for him.” The professor further pointed out, “His vocalization is also peculiar and he lacks in ability to communicate the lyrics.”

Regarding Kim Junsu’s acting skill, Dankook University Professor Yunho-jin commented, “While there are still few lacking in some parts, but his ability to instinctively grasp the stage is remarkable,”

Kim Junsu got the vote of 6 people as an idol who shows potential to become next musical idol star. Seoul College of Arts Professor Wangyongbeom said, “He seems to have potential to be loved by public in the future as shown by the sold out performances of ‘Mozart!’ and ‘Tears of Heaven’. But he has assignment now to choose another good musical work hereafter.”

A musical producer who asked to remain anonymous, “The growth of potential depends on practice. Eventhough he/she is an idol singing star, but if he/she’s failed to practice in musical basis, it would be the beginning of a cloudy performances of him/her. But the main problem of these idols are, they have their main work to focus on as well (that cause the lack of musical-base practice),”

‘Musical idol’ is undoubtedly contributing positively to the popularity of musical. This fact shown on the increase of foreign tourists from Japan, China, and more to attend musical performances.

Fans of these idols are claimed to be the source of this musical idol’s ‘ticket power’. Kim Junsu, for instance, sold out the whole of his 17 performances (26,000 seats), while ‘Legally Blonde’ starring SNSD Jessica and ‘Song of The Sun’ starring fellow member Taeyeon all at least become a break even. Therefore although their title is still a ‘rookie’, these musical idols receive at least 1.5 times higher fee than those musical veterans.

ChungKang Culture Industry University Professor Yuri said, “Sometimes musical performance appointed idols to star on their works merely to grab more and more audiences without any consideration to create a high level and good taste performances, this could dropped the quality of musical in the long term that leads to the loss of audiences at the end.”

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Group JYJ left words of consolation and encouragement to those Japanese fans who have been affected by the natural disaster.

On the afternoon of 14 March, they said on their homepage, “I don’t know from what should I start saying. We heard that many Japanese have been affected by the earthquake that was unforeseen. We felt hurt and am very sad.”

Adding on, “There are friends that we know from Japan and those fans who support us and love us are in Japan, we felt very upset. We will pray from where we are that the disaster will pass soon and those people in Japan will be safe and free from hurt. Please be strong, everyone!”

Through their management company, JYJ expressed, “For the sake of those who have been upset because of this unforeseen disaster, we have plans to participate actively. We are planning to make donations that can help in the restoration of Japan.”

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On March 12th, JYJ completed their first official fan meeting with 7,000 fans. It marked their first meeting in four months since their concert last November.

With gagman Kim Bum Yong as the MC, the 3-hour long fan meeting featured a total of seven performances, which included Empty,” “Be My Girl,” “Found You,” “Mission,” and “Nine.”

Junsu stated, “I worried a lot over whether I would be able to attend our fan meeting today, but I’m glad that we were able to hold it safely. The situation with the earthquake in Japan is severe. We will be praying for the safety of our fans in Japan.”

Since the fan meeting was divided into two parts, the second half saw guest appearances from Shin Young Sook, Cool’s Kim Sung Soo, and Yoochun’s younger brother, Park Yoohwan.

Kim Sung Soo turned to praise Jaejoong by commenting, “I haven’t known Jaejoong for that long, but his soul is very pure.” Park Yoohwan continued the string of compliments by choosing Jaejoong when he was asked to name a member he’d like to resemble the most.

A special event was also held during the fan-meeting, in which 16 fan replies were chosen for a world cup competition; the members would narrow down their choice for the best message until they ended up with one. The fan reply that was ultimately chosen was, “I’m a fan that just believes and trusts.”

JYJ commented, “We’d like for our fans to always believe in us and wait. We’ll be working hard in order to repay that trust.”

During their performance of “Found You,” balloons were strewn over the concert hall and later popped to sprinkle marshmallow candies over the fans in celebration of the ‘White Day’ holiday. As it was a touching moment, JYJ and their fans cried together.

CJES Entertainment concluded, “Because of everyone who worried and gave their support, Kim Junsu was able to return safely and keep his promise to his fans. We hope that this fan meeting will forever remain as an unforgettable ‘White Day.’”

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Monday, March 14, 2011

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Unauthorized distribution of male group JYJ’s fanmeeting pictures and videos has been under CJeS Entertainment’s concern.

Representative of JYJ’s agency CJeS Entertainment stated on its official website on March 13th, “We strongly prohibit the unauthorized distribution of JYJ’s March 12th fanmeeting pictures and videos.”

The agency claimed, “This fan meeting was an event for the members of C-JeS Membership, and we disallowed filming during the event.” and “Currently some websites are distributing pictures and videos of the fan meeting without our permission,”

“We had officially announced that any kind of picture taking of the event including video recording were prohibitted, and all copyrights of the event’s publicity is under C-JeS Entertainment.”

“We ask everyone to stop all unathorized distribution of the event’s pictures and videos. If they’re continuing, we will proceed to take legal action.”

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Online bookstore Interpark confirmed on March 11th that musical concert live DVD of singer and musical actor Kim Junsu (JYJ member) has topped general best-selling DVD rank for 3 days in a row.

The pre-order quantity of Kim Junsu’s ‘Musical Concert : Levay With Friends’ defeated the quantity of Seo Taiji’s ‘Mobius Concert DVD’ pre-orders that was released in November last year, and ever since the pre-sale started on February 28th, it keeps on climbing up until finally beating the previous 3 consecutive weeks winner of DVD sales rank for number 1 spot, Won Bin’s ‘Uncle’ movie DVD.

‘Kim Junsu’s Musical Concert – Levay With Friends’ is Kim Junsu’s debut musical concert series under arrangement from worldwide musical composer Sylvester Levay which also features Korea best musical actors Seo Bum-suk, Bae Hae-seon, and Jun Dong-suk, the musical concert introduces highlights from ‘Mozart!’ and ‘Elizabeth’, with grand-scale stage and video, audiences are able to experience watching the 38 live performances within the 2 DVD set.

The DVD contains 18 songs from musical ‘Mozart!’ such as ‘I am Music’ and ‘Why Don’t You Love Me’ including 6 songs of brilliant performances from the unseen and highly anticipated musical performance of ‘Elizabeth’ in Korean version.In addition, the DVD will also features live concert rehearsal backstage, the after performance, and all making video footages of concert preparation that lasts for approximately 1 hour. The 2 DVD set also comes with a 80 pages of Kim Junsu’s photobook that is filled with pictures of performances and concert preparation.

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JYJ’s Park Yoochun recently expressed his frustrated feelings about sasaeng fans.

On March 12th, the star left the following message on his personal Twitter: “Please don’t follow us. Don’t come to our house either. Sasaeng!” ‘Sasaeng’ is a term meant to describe a particular group of fans who stalk their favorite star’s private lives and every movement with an emotion that exceeds a normal fan’s.

Netizens responded, “I think Park Yoochun is suffering a lot because of sasaeng fans that follow him to his house”, and “Love expressions towards celebrities should have some restraint.”

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Some of you may remember Anika from last year when
she did an acoustic cover of "Breakout". What a talented fan!

1. Cameras were mounted, so perhaps footage of the fan meeting will be released.
2. The fan meeting began with Empty.
3. Yoochun said that when watching Tears of Heaven, Jaejoong cried.
4. Yoochun said that he saw Junsu playing soccer on the Internet, and even thought that Junsu was a professional soccer player.
5. Jaejoong explained his current scandals.
6. When discussing what happened yesterday, Junsu said “It’s all right.” He was in a very good mood and laughed constantly. Yoochun said that when he first heard about the earthquakes, he immediately called Junsu and the staff, but he couldn’t get through the line. Finally he got in touch with the manager, who said that Junsu was sleeping. Junsu said that the road was blocked, so he stayed in the car for 6 hours.
7. When Jaejoong talked about himself crying, he hugged Junsu while crying. His tears fell on Junsu’s face, and Junsu also cried.
8. Jaejoong hit Yoochun with a soft inflated hammer, but in the end the hammer broke.
9. Folding newspaper: goal was to fold the newspaper as many times as possible and see which of the two members on stage could persevere the longest. Yoochun won.
10. Boxing game, Jaejoong won. Scores: Yoochun 2848, Jaejoong 4000, Junsu 3255. (The harder the punches, the higher the score.)
11. When the two members were asked their opinion of “Angel Junsu,” Yoochun said not to bring it up again, and Jaejoong said it was too outdated.

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Junsu, don't cry :(

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Yunho with his hoobaes, 4minute

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