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[VIDEO] 110212 Junsu - Tears of Heaven Part 3

3pm Show

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[PHOTO] 110212 Jaejoong

What Jaejoong wore on the MBN show was part of Kwak Hyun Joo's 2011 Spring/Summer collection.

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[PHOTOS] 110212 Junsu Tears of Heaven Part 3

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[TRANS] 110212 Kim Takhwan Twitter Update

Yesterday night, my wife with much difficulty bought refunded ticket for Xiah Junsu’s Tears of Heaven. Today she went to watch the show alone. JYJ…is the real thing!

T/N Kim Takhwan is a novelist/writer

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[WALLPAPERS] Jaejoong - Intermodulation

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[TRANS] 110212 Park Yoochun's Anti-SM Lyrics Controversy "All I Wanted to do was be Honest"

JYJ's Park Yoochun spoke up about his composition that has been swept up in a controversy due to its lyrics.

Park Yoochun appeared on MBN with the other JYJ members and talked truthfully about the controversy surrounding his composition 'A Song Without a Name Part.1'.

When told, "Your composition has become a hot issue," Park Yoochun gave a bashful smile and said, "I was really surprised." He continued to say, "There's a lot of talk going around about the song, but all I wanted to do was be honest about what has happened to us till now."

The song 'A Song Without a Name Part.1' is included in the music essay "THEIR ROOMS, our story' that was released by JYJ in January. The piece contains the story of TVXQ from their debut in 2004; it includes their entry into the Japanese market and all the happenings that lead up to the beginning of the trio's legal dispute with SM Entertainment.

The lyrics were swept up in controversy when netizens concluded that they sounded like they were attacking the trio's former label SM Entertainment. Examples included, "Hearing that we had finally struck gold overseas and brought in results so unimaginably astronomical, I walked into the office with a spring in my step to receive my pay. But the statement of accounts we received said we were at a deficit. Everything was listed under expenses," and "This is exactly like what our seniors said."

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[VIDEO + TRANS] 110212 Tohoshinki on NTV "Happy Music"

Yunho: Isn’t anybody here?
Becky: Here I am.
Changmin: We came all the way here.
Y: Yes. Becky-san?
B: Here I am!
Y: Becky-san!
C: Becky-can!
B: Hi!
C: Becky-san!
Y: Becky-san!
C: Annyeong haseyo!
Y: The “Hapimono” (T/N: Happy thing) for Tohoshinki is:
C & Y: Here
C: First of all,
Y: This!
B: Oh!
C: iPad
B: iPad
Y: iPad
B: What are they doing?
C: Please wait a minute.
Y: This iPad is..
C: We are hooked on a game..
B: Oh!
C: This game.
Y: Yes
C: Oh, the camera is placed in such a high place!
B: Sorry.
Y: When we have time during traveling, we play this game, and relieve our stress.
C: This is a time killer.
B: Oh~~
Y: Yes
C: It makes us very happy!
Y: Yes
C: And,
Y: Yes
C: The next “Hapimono” is,
Y: THIS! This is Tohoshinki’s new single, the title is Why? (Keep Your Head Down).
C: This song is about a man who lost his love, but wants to handles his grief.
Y: And our powerful dance is the highlight, too. Please support us!
C: Yes

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[VIDEO] 110212 Why? (Keep Your Head Down) on Music Core

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[TRANS] 110211 Kang Yebin Proves Friendship With Kim Jaejoong With A Photo At His Birthday Party

Actress Kang Yebin is drawing attention for revealing that she is friends with JYJ's Kim Jaejoong.

On the 'Women Choosing Ranks (Innocent Girl)' episode that aired on the 10th, the women showed off their idol star connections in a new corner. These women revealed pictures of themselves with the idol stars they are friends with.

The person who stood out most was Kang Yebin and her photo. She was chosen as the woman with the most unexpected connection as she showed everyone a picture of herself with Kim Jaejoong, holding bottles of soju and making comical expression at the camera. MC Lee Hwijae commented, "It's probably not Kim Jaejoong," but Kang Yebin replied, "It is him. It was Kim Jaejoong's birthday yesterday and we took this photo at his birthday party while watc
hing socce

She was flooded by jealous questions from the other women such as, "Kang Yebin isn't even that active so how does she know him?" and "Did Kim Jaejoong say it was okay to show this photo on a tv program?" In response to this, Kang Yebin elicited more jealousy from the other women as she said, "I consider Kim Jaejoong a friend. When I told him I would show this photo on this show, he said, 'It's okay with me but I worry about you, noona.'"

Kang Yebin also left Kim Jaejoong an impromptu video letter that said, "I heard you're filming something today. It's cold but do well. Thanks."

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[VIDEO] 110209 Jaejoong - Kang Yebin in Quiz to Change the World

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[RELEASES] HoMin-Music Station & JYJ-MBN News Inteview

DBSKnights released two new subtitled videos today!

110128 HoMin - Music Station

110126 JYJ - MBN Interview

Thank you all for your continued patience and support~~

[TRANS] 110209 Kim Junsu-Kim Hyun Joong Prove They Are ‘Soccer Manias’

A picture of JYJ’s Kim Junsu and singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong proving they are ‘soccer manias’ has been revealed.

Kim Junsu’s twin brother Kim Junho uploaded a photo of the entire MEN soccer team on his personal Twitter account on the 9th as well as the results of the match saying, “We won the match against stx today by 5:0. Junsu scored two goals, assisted one, Ji Hwan, Han Sol and Gyeong Jong each scored a goal too.”

Following this, he also recorded the team’s victory against HwaSeung FC and talked of brother Kim Junsu and Kim Hyun Joong’s active role in the win when he said, “We won the match against 5:3 against HwaSeung. Junsu scored two goals and assisted two, while Hyun Joong scored 3 goals. Though I couldn’t score a goal because I play on defense, I ran like a horse so I’m exhausted. I should go to bed now.”

The record of the team’s matches as well as the group photo is becoming a hot topic amongst netizens. They set out to find Kim Junsu and Kim Hyun Joong in the photo and said, “I think the second and third people from the left in the front row are Kim Hyun Joong and Xiah Junsu. Behind them is Junsu’s brother.”

The man the netizens pointed out in the photo as Kim Hyun Joong is wearing a hat which makes it hard to see his face. But the man’s nose reminds us of the actor. The twins’ similar facial features and comical expressions set them apart from the rest in the team.

The celebrity soccer team ‘MEN’ was created in April of 2010 with members including close friends such as Kim Bun, Song Joong Ki and Lim Joo Hwan. Kim Junsu was also made the invitational team captain of ‘MEN’.

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[TRANS] 110210 U-Know Yunho Admits “Every Performance, I Worry That I’ll Get Hit By Changmin”

TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho admitted that he would get nervous everytime he got on stage with Choikang Changmin because he worried he might get hit.

U-Know Yunho, who appeared on ‘Happy Together 3′ on the 10th, confessed that, “When we go on stage to perform our new song ‘Why (Keep Your Head Down)’, there’s a part in the performance where it looks like Choikang Changmin and I are fighting. Choikang Changmin would hit my chest with no mercy during the actual performance though he hadn’t done anything of the sort while we had been rehearsing. It hurt a lot.“

Choikang Changmin’s action hurt so much that U-Know Yunho had to go up to him and ask, “Changmin, please don’t hit me too hard.”

The younger member agreed to U-Know Yunho’s plea and began pushing the latter’s chest instead of hitting it. But U-Know Yunho admitted that he still feels nervous whenever he gets on stage to perform the song.

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[TRANS] 110209 TVXQ Appear On A Japanese Show And Spread The ‘Sea Mustard Soup Culture’

On the 6th, TVXQ appeared on the Japanese music and talk program MUSIC JAPAN on member U-Know Yunho’s birthday and talked about sea mustard soup.

On this day, when asked, “How do Korean people celebrate their birthday?” TVXQ answered, “We eat sea mustard soup.”

Choikang Changmin went into further explanation of the Korean sea mustard soup culture as he said, “My birthday is the day my mother endured the pain of childbirth to give birth to me. Because women lose a lot of blood when they give birth, they eat sea mustard soup because it’s good for their health. We eat sea mustard soup on our birthday to remember the pain that our mothers endured.”

Having heard of this, netizens left comments like, “TVXQ is so cool for teaching others about the Korean culture,” “They explained the deep meaning behind sea mustard soup…” “They’re so cool and handsome. What gods,” and “Two superior guys!”

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** "Sea mustard soup" (미역국) is more commonly known as "seaweed soup" in English.

[TRANS] 110211 JYJ Kim Junsu shows a family picture of them vacationing after 8years

Kim Junsu who is doing his activities under JYJ has uploaded a family picture of them vacationing. It has been 8 years since the last time. This picture has become a hot topic.

On 2/11 during the family trip he uploaded a picture on his twitter with a short comment “With my mother and brother”. In the picture there was Kim Junsu, his mother, and his twin older brother Kim Junho posing together.

His identical twin older brother Kim Junho is a singer in China and has done activities in Japan last year too.

People tweeted him commenting “You guys look very happy” and “You guys look alike” and caught the peoples attention.

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[TRANS] JYJ’s Park Yoochun wins the poll of love confession

On Valentine Day Eve, JYJ’s Park Yoochun being selected as the most wanted to give chocolate as love confession celebrity.

A music website posted a poll, “Which celebrity do you want to confess, using chocolate’ from February 1 to 9 where Park Yoochun earned 3569 of 7422 votes, becoming number 1 with 48% of the votes. Upon the choice of Park Yoochun, the participants stated, “Using chocolate confession, it seems like Park Yoochun will happily accepted it.’

Lee Seung Gi came second in place with 40% of the votes. His commerable hosting, excellent acting skill and his polite temperament (or aura) have also captured many females’ hearts. The third in place went to Secret Garden’s city boy, Hyun Bin whereas Beast’s Yo Seop and 2pm’s Nickhun were also in the list.

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[TRANS] 110211 'Poseidon' To Air As A SBS Monday-Tuesday Drama After 'Midas'

The drama 'Poseidon', which has been garnering attention for being Korea's first drama about the maritime police, will be aired in May through SBS.

A representative of 'Poseidon' stated on the 11th that, "'Poseidon' has been confirmed as a SBS Monday-Tuesday drama," and "It is set to air in May after the drama 'Midas'."

'Poseidon' draws its plot off the maritime police task force specializing in rescue missions and will feature top stars such as Shinhwa's Moon Jung Hyuk (Eric), TVXQ's Jung Yunho, Kim Kang Woo, Kim Ok Bin and Jeon Hae Bin.


'Poseidon' began filming in November last year and is still undergoing shooting for the drama. A representative aroused great interest by stating, "The production team is determined to create a movie like blockbuster drama with the actors involved like Moon Jung Hyuk, Kim Kang Woo and Jung Yunho."

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[PHOTOS] 110211 Junsu and Junho

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