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Since there were so many pictures I tryed to collect then and I made a zip for you guys to download. I hope you enjoy that. The total of this zip is 66 pics. I run out of time now but I'll make a Changmin collection soon.

Yunho - KBS Global zip

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Sohu's entertainment reports state that JYJ, engaged in their lawsuit with SM Entertainment, has had difficulty pursuing activities in Korea. These difficulties include QTV's recent cancellation of their reality show "JYJ's Real TV".

In late February, Jaejoong and Yoochun made their return to Japan after a 6-month absence to film the Japanese edition of their "3HREE VOICES" DVD. For their previous "3HREE VOICES" DVD, released in 2010, the members each visited a different place and introduced it to viewers. Junsu visited Australia, Jaejoong, with SS501's Kim Hyunjoong visited Canada and Yoochun decided to stay in Seoul.

During their 5-day, 4-night stay, Yoochun and Jaejoong visited Odaiba Marine Park, Tokyo Tower, and Bossa Nova, among other places. As the two constantly posted their locations on their Twitters, fans began to crazily chase after them.

Prior to their return to Korea, Jaejoong met up with a few others like actor Yu Shirota, NEWS member Yamashita Tomohisa, actor and WaT member Teppei Koike at a Tokyo nightclub. They drank through the night of February 26. Jaejoong befriended these Japanese celebrities while starring in Fuji TV's 2010 Japanese drama, "Sunao ni Narenakute (It's Hard to Say I Love You)". Since he had not seen them for so long, Jaejoong was extremely happy and kept intimately calling Shirota "Yu Yu." The two also conversed for quite a while on Twitter, and Jaejoong posted their group picture from the meet-up.

From the report, sounds like JYJ will be releasing a Japanese edition of "3HREE VOICES".

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Due to the comments xD~I realised the difference kid x baby ~hihihih

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3HREE VOICE Staff Blog Theme: Why am I here?!?

This time, the plan is to withdraw their characters from the specific areas in Tokyo that they are assigned.
It seems that the three of them have separate characters, but when they are together their bond is very strong. This unit we are talking about is JYJ! These three are currently trying to climb onto a higher stage. Therefore with their completed characters they are working hard to, once again, appear in front of their fans. Here I will show some of these hard working attitudes.

These three members are looking forwards into the future. They are no longer thinking about the past. Let us go there along with the fans! Sort of like a message to the fans.

I met with the three of them on the 20th of February, and they were discussing the plan of this project. It made me believe that this was what they really wanted to be doing at the moment.
Jaejoong was concerned about Junsu who was having conflicts with his schedule, he asked, “The three of us can’t go to Tokyo together so what are we going to ?” He was concerned about the scenes that involved all three of them.
The staff replied, “It can’t be helped so we’ll just take the scenes separately.”
To this Jaejoong said, “There is no point then….if it’s not all three of us together!!”
I was touched by his true concern. He was earnest. Wanted to create something perfect. He wanted to show them without any lies, true and raw. He was very much a leader, pulling everyone together. Yoochun and Junsu also trust him completely, and because of this I can feel that they leave things up to him. And then it occurred to me that for these three, a lie is the most abominable thing.

So then the three of them shot their scenes together in a studio that was available in Seoul. I just received a emotional phone call from a staff member:
During their rehearsal Junsu was concentrating very hard…the three of them were sweating a lot, dancing and singing…
And then Yoochun cried out:


I think this is the bitter cry that the three of them have.
After hearing this story I couldn’t stop my tears.
Even now as I write this, I can’t stop the tears.

Why am I here!!!
Why aren’t I in Seoul!!!
Even after resigning from the company, I was still supposed to be able to stand on stage and meet fans!!!
I want to see them fast!!!

The staff was telling me, they were incredibly cool and that the three of them had a very good friendship. When Junsu starts humming, Jaejoong and Yoochun would walk over and start singing to match with Junsu. To be able to experience such precious moments made a chill run down my spine.
I want this to be delivered to the fans quickly!!!

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The warm heart owned by musical ‘Tears of Heaven’ cast and member group JYJ Kim Junsu was recently proven.

A musical official revealed on March 3rd, “After Kim Junsu got a letter from his young below 15 years fangirl, he decided to do two more performances of the musical.”

The letter from this fan apparently had moved Kim Junsu’s heart as it said, “I’ve been a fan of you for a long time, and I’d like to watch the musical but failed to get the ticket.”

Moreover he also read line of inquiries from both local and international fans who also complained that they couldn’t get their tickets to the musical. Due to this matter, the actor consulted to the production company whether a special performance could be arranged.

According to the official, after reading the touching fan letter, Kim Junsu personally purchased two ticket sheets from the company and sent them to this 15 years old fan.

Kim Junsu said, “I feel my gratitude to see these kind of fans who show great interest in the musical I’m starring in. However even though they really want to watch, they can’t since they missed to get the tickets. So this time, please hurry get your tickets to watch,”

The special extended stage will be held on coming March 13th for 14:00 and 19:00 performance. The 3000 seats performance tickets is up on sale tomorrow on March 4th.

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Writer Kim Tah Wan tweeted angrily “How can such thing happen?”, regarding JYJ’s program cancelled

Regarding JYJ’s program cancelled, Writer Kim Tah Wan expressed his opinions.

Kim Tah Wan is the writer of many original works that are brought up to Television Dramas and Movies such as “Immortal Admiral Yi Sun-shin”, “Hwangjin-I”. He is also the original writer for ‘Old Miss Diary’ (brought into screen as the name of recent movie – Detective K).

On March 1, Kim Tah Wan tweeted, “My wife is frustrated for the whole day. The pre-planned JYJ’s program in QTV is cancelled.”

He continued, “I heard the effort spent in filming (the program) is quite a lot. But compared to this, JYJ will be really upset! How can such thing happen?” leaving pity in his tweet.

JYJ planned to negotiate with QTV to broadcast ‘JYJ’s Real 24′ in public. The program was intended to broadcast in February, however it was postponed. At the end, C-Jes received the information of ‘unable to be broadcasted,’ attracting lots of protests.

Regarding to this, C-Jes posted an information “QTV Program dashed” as subject.

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Park Yoohwan (21), who debuted as an actor through the MBC drama ‘Shiny Shiny Shining’, is known more as ‘JYJ Park Yoochun’s little brother’ than a ‘newbie actor’. But a label is nothing but a label. Park Yoohwan is getting ready to escape the fence of his older brother and fly as he said ambitiously, “I will become an actor who acts well.”

Park Yoohwan-Park Yoochun brothers, ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’and a fateful encounter
What had Park Yoohwan falling for the charm of acting was his older brother Park Yoochun. Park Yoohwan followed his brother to one of his acting lessons, as Park Yoochun was preparing for his role in KBS 2TV’s ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’, and the thought crossed his mind, ‘Ah! This is it.’ But the character who charmed Park Yoohwan the most wasn’t Park Yoochun’s Lee Seon Joon. It was Song Joong Ki’s greasy, alcoholic, pompous, playboy and king of carnal pleasure, Goo Yong Ha. “I thought I could play the role of Goo Yong Ha better than the role of Lee Seon Joon. But all I did was sit in awe because Senior Song Joong Ki is such an amazing actor.” When asked if he wants to play the role of a playboy, Park Yoohwan laughed and said, “Don’t take it the wrong way, I’m not one in real life.”

I’ll give JYJ a song for free! But my brother? No!
Park Yoohwan’s greed for lyrical and musical composition shone through. One could see it as he said, “When I get the chance later, I want to work on writing music too. When I have the time, I want to help my brother.” But when asked ‘Would you give JYJ songs for free?’, Yoohwan evoked laughter from those around him as he said, “I would give JYJ songs for free but I can’t do that for my brother.” He has already proved his skills as he participated in the composition of the rap for the song ‘Kiss the baby sky’. “It was a great honor to have my lyrics sung in a song. It made me feel great knowing that my lyrics had gone into the song without a single word being changed. I was more thankful because people around me complimented me.”

“I have prettier eyebrows than my brother”
We asked Park Yoohwan what his best feature is. As soon as the question was asked, he opened and closed his mouth like a goldfish and said, “My lips. Don’t you just want to kiss them?” Following this, we asked him what feature of his he thought was better than his brother’s and he pointed at his eyebrows. “From when he was little, my brother had really sparse hair on his eyebrows. He used to annoy me by plucking mine out, probably out of envy. Um, that’s why I think that my eyebrows are prettier than his. Haha.” On the other hand, he admitted that he would never be able to catch up to his brother when it comes to manners and etiquette. “My brother has spent a long time in the entertainment industry, and that’s why I think I, who debuted much, much later than he did, have a lot to learn from him. Like how his manners are reflected in every action and word of his. Whenever I see my brother, I think, ‘Wow, he’s so cool’.“

What was your mother’s precognitive dream about your birth?
We are curious as to what Park Yoochun and Park Yoohwan’s mother’s precognitive dreams were to have given birth to such handsome sons. Park Yoohwan said, “That dream? Wait. Let me ask my mom,” and took out his phone. After their conversation, Park Yoohwan gave a clear explanation, “She said she dreamed of holding an oyster, shining as bright as jewels, in her embrace near a pond in a cave. But she said oysters usually mean it’s going to be a girl.” Following this, he also said, “The precognitive dream my mom had of my brother was that she dreamt of holding a banana the size of her arm in her embrace as it hung for a tree. So she thought she was having twins, but it ended up that it meant that she was going to have another son, not twins. If it wasn’t for that banana, I might have been born a girl.”

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TVXQ’s Yunho recently revealed his relationship with Big Bang’s Seungri.

On March 2nd, TVXQ appeared on MBC’s “Knee-Drop Guru” and revealed the story behind their 8-year group promotion, global debut, and their break with JYJ.

Yunho also revealed his relationship with Seungri, saying, “When I was attending middle school in Kwang-Ju, we made a dance team which got really popular when we won a YMCA dance competition. Everyone knew who I was. I already had a fan club before I even debuted“.

He added, “Big Bang’s Seungri went to my elementary school. He, too, was famous, but his group was really famous. He was talented even when he was young. However, frankly, I didn’t know that Seungri would do this well“.

The idol apologized to Seungri and laughed shyly after revealing his true feelings about him. He also revealed an incident when he comforted Seungri by buying him banana milk at a cafe, and when he met Seungri in Kwang-Ju after they both debuted as singers.

source: Star News via Nate
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Thursday, March 3, 2011

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The fanmade internet broadcasting station for JYJ will finally launch on March 3rd.

Preparations for the project first began on January through an internet fancafe. Support was provided through various donations, and recruitment notices were posted for web designers, DJs, and writers to help get the project up and running. The official homepage was completed two months later, and it was announced that the program would hold its first broadcast at 8:00 PM KST with a two-hour long session to kick off its opening.

The first day of broadcast is expected to include comments and videos congratulating the station opening from gagmen, actors, broadcast stars, singers, and musical actors. It’ll also include a ‘top 20′ ranking, as well as fan-made JYJ-related poetry, pictures and music videos.

For the first week, each day will consist of mini specials on each of the three members. After the opening, standard broadcasts will run for an hour per session.

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On the March 2nd episode of MBC’s “Knee-Drop Guru“, TVXQ’s Yunho revealed all the hardships he had to endure before joining SM Entertainment as a trainee.

He started, “The first time I went to Seoul was for a vacation, and at the time I was very young, and had only 3,500 won ($3.10 USD). I really wanted to buy an item that costed 15,000 won ($13.35 USD), but couldn’t afford it.”

Yunho continued, “Soon after, I found a part-time job to make some money for myself. It was good practice for the future.”

Changmin confessed that his situation was the complete opposite, as he only had to clean a pair of his father’s shoes for his allowance.

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It turns out that the powerful ‘TVXQ effect’ didn’t boost ratings for the March 2nd episode of MBC’s “Knee-Drop Guru” as originally thought.

On March 3rd, AGB Nielson Media Research revealed that the boys raked in a 14.8% rating, a 4.5% drop from last week’s episode, which recorded 19.3%.

Although the ratings were a bit disappointing, TVXQ had nonetheless delighted both fans and viewers, as they shared a wealth of stories, including their experience with ‘Sasaeng’ fans, the reason Changmin decided to join SM Entertainment, and more!

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The TVXQ duo revealed some shocking incidents they experienced from their ’sasaeng fans’ on “Knee-Drop Guru“.

When MC Kang Ho Dong asked the two members the question, “Did you ever have a hard time because of the excessive love you received from fans?‘. Changmin responded, “I changed my phone number because I got a lot of prank calls. 5 minutes after I changed my number, I got a text on the number saying ‘You changed your number’, which shocked me“.

Yunho added, “It’s very mysterious. I changed my phone number again and I got a text saying ‘Changing your number frequently isn’t good’. I also got pictures of items that could only be found in our dorm. I was very surprised at that time“.

Changmin made the audience laugh by saying in jest, “If you know my phone number, it means that you have looked through my personal information, which is a violation of the law. Taking pictures of our dorm is also a violation of the law as it’s housebreaking“.

Source: TV Daily via Nate
The method of support Japanese fans chose for JYJ is becoming a hot topic.

On the 26th, a video project supporting JYJ was shown all across Japan on large screens. The video project was an event set up to say, 'Project the rights of the international fans so that they can see their favorite singer on stage,' with regards to the restrictions placed on JYJ's Japanese activities.

The video was shown on large screens in bustling cities such as Tokyo, Sapporo, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka. Fans left the message, "We will not give up on JYJ and we will continue to support them unchangingly," in the video.

Domestic fans who heard of this news sent their support to their Japanese counterparts as they said, "Though we live in different places, our hearts are the same," and "I really understand what they're feeling right now."

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You can see the video showing in Japanese here:

“As a fellow member, I was a little hurt”.

TVXQ poured their hearts out on March 2nd’s episode of “Knee-Drop Guru“.

Explaining their feelings about JYJ breaking off from TVXQ, Yunho stated,”It was a shock to me at that time. I didn’t know [they] filed an injunction. My heart was broken by thinking that our big success at such a young age caused all of this“.

He added, “I was also disappointed as a member that they even took the situation as far as filing a lawsuit. I can personally handle being called a ‘traitor’ but I regretted the situation influencing my beloved and respected parents“.

Changmin revealed his feelings, saying “The situation has been written in the papers and some talked badly about my parents. My father is still a teacher so I felt bad about him getting hurt. I also felt bad at the thought that my siblings or friends would become adults holding this pain in their hearts“.

Changmin reminisced about the then 5-member TVXQ’s final performance in 2009 at NHK’s ‘Red and White Collaboration‘ saying, ”I looked at my schedule and I didn’t see anything. We were performing at a prestigious and memorable event, and I felt sad at the thought that this could possibly be our last stage. We advanced into Japan as raw newbies and it was a great time to profit from it, I didn’t know why I was performing a sad song at such a happy and fun stage”.

Yunho said, “I felt uncomfortable singing on that stage. We had a lot of memories and we came all the way here with one shared dream and I felt afraid that our last stage could take place at one of the most prestigious awards shows. So I felt as if I sang with a sad face, I’d be acknowledging (the situation) so I sang even harder.”

In addition, he revealed the hardships he went through in preparation for the new album, “For the new album, we needed to give off the TVXQ feeling / vibe with only 2 members, so it was hard filling the empty space. We practiced until the early morning, even after all the trainees left“.

At the question “Are the lyrics to ‘Keep Your Head Down’ targeting the JYJ members?“, Yunho replied, “It literally means ‘keep your head down’. Many people are thinking that we’re dissing the members but that was not our intent at all“.

He continued, “In our 1st album, there is a song called ‘Triangle‘, which has the lyrics ‘with a falling heart (I) cry bloody tears’. If we sang that at this time, people would mistake that we’re dissing (them). If we wanted to diss them, we would’ve never came out with this song“.

On the other hand, Changmin said, “I didn’t think we’d be able to dodge many questions for long. I felt we needed a time to jump over them”, giving a reason behind their decision to appear on the show.

TVXQ also revealed the story behind their stage name.

When MC Kang Ho Dong asked, “Were you all satisfied with the team name?“, Yunho said, “I didn’t like it. Our CEO thought about it for a long time and came up with ‘Dong Bang Bul Pae’. When I first heard it, I was really shocked. After that, our names were ‘Jun Muk Go‘ (A Whale Who Lives By Eating Legends), SM5, and Dream Team“.

Additionally, the two members came on the show with the concern, “We want to have more male fans“. Changmin explained, “In Cassiopeia, only 3.25% of the fans are male”.

Kang Ho Dong thought of a quick solution and made the whole cast laugh by saying, “Go to the army. If you go to the army, you can gain the hearts of 6,000,000 soldiers“.

Source: Sports Today #1 and #2 - Star News #1 and #2
Credit: allkpop
TVXQ's Choikang Changmin revealed the reason behind his SM Entertainment audition on the variety show MBC "Golden Fishery" on March 2nd. Changmin revealed that he did not have a dream of becoming a singer like most people in the industry did.

He said, "I was playing badminton with my friends during class and a strange woman came up to me after class. She gave me a card and told me she was from SM Entertainment and wanted me to audition."

Changmin also said that his mother was partially responsible for his SM Entertainment audition as well. "My mother happily asked me 'Can I see BoA?' and I auditioned by dancing the 'soldier clap dance'. They told me they'd call me in 3 weeks but I received a call in 3 days."

The MC of the show, Kang Hodong then asked, "Did your mother invest in SM Entertainment?" to which Changmin replied, "She just really wanted to see BoA."

Source: Newsen
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

On this week’s episode of MBC Every1’s “Super Junior’s Foresight“, the cast members and guests Kim Bo Sung and Kim Sung Su discussed the topic of friendship and loyalty.

The men were given a mission that instructed them to call their closest friends, and test them secretly to see how strong their friendship really was. The men had to trick their friends into responding with something similar to ‘Where are you? I’ll go to you right now!‘

Kim Bo Sung called Kim Min Jong, who realized the call was a prank right away because the two were so close. Kim Sung Su called Seo Du Won and managed to get the star to “race over to him” within 30 seconds.

As for Super Junior’s representative, Kyuhyun, he called TVXQ’s Changmin. Because he was in the midst of recording the final episode for his drama, “Paradise Ranch“, Changmin had told Kyuhyun to call someone else. But upon hearing the desperation in Kyuhyun’s voice, Changmin replied, “All right, I’ll head over right now.”

What touched the studio even further was that when Kyuhyun called back to tell him that it was just a prank, Changmin was out of breath, as he had been running as fast as he could to locate Kyuhyun.

Check out the full episode at 11 PM KST on March 2nd.

Source: BNT News via Nate
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