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[VIDEO] 110205 Junsu - Tears of Heaven Part 2

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[NEWS] Junsu Heartbroken by Ticket Scalpers

JYJ's Kim Junsu premiered his second musical, "Tears of Heaven," just 3 days ago but fans and scalpers are already inflating the prices of the tickets.

After the premier, fans began selling "Tears of Heaven" tickets to each other for around 3,000,000 won each, which is about $2,694 USD. After Junsu heard about this, he expressed his disappointment by saying, "It's painful and it hurts my heart."

A "Tears of Heaven" representative said, "Right now there are many fans who are scalping 'Tears of Heaven' tickets on 'Tears of Heaven' related websites and some other websites. I know that many transactions have occurred via scalpers because of the limited tickets and number of performances. We want to add more performances, but because of Junsu's schedules and other conflicts, adding more performances is difficult."

"Tears of Heaven" is a 50 billion won production about a love-triangle between a Korean Soldier, a Vietnamese singer and an American officer during the Vietnam War. The performances are held at the National Theatre of Korea and will end on March 19th.

Source: Edaily
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[VIDEO] 110205 'Keep Your Head Down' on Music Core

Changmin's hair... O.o

[VIDEO] Best of Xiah Junsu Compilation

Nice selections here! Especially the song "Promise U" - that song doesn't get nearly as much love as it deserves!
Are there any performances or Junsu moments you would have included?

Says Derek, the video maker:

Xiah Junsu is easily one of the most well-rounded members of DBSK and artists in K-Pop. This dude can belt it out flawlessly, dance like a seasoned pro, and be hilarious unintentionally. I seriously could have made 3 videos of this guy. He has had so many outstanding moments that it was so hard to cut for this video, so instead, I kept it pretty long. I give to you my favorite member of TVXQ and some of his greatest moments since his debut 7 years ago. He's one of the best live ballad singers ever!

So, if I got to choose any K-Pop artist (other than BoA) to have an English conversation with, I'd definitely choose him. His accent is seriously the most comical thing ever. This my 3rd member from DBSK. I still have 2 more, and then plenty of other things to do with these guys! Keep in again, I'm leaving current TVXQ and JYJ material for future videos. :D So please stick around. Subscribe, "like", comment. Positive feedback is always appreciated!

Songs and Moments Include:
1. Beautiful Thing
2. Old and New Dance (With Yunho)
3. My Destiny
4. Timeless (With Zhang Li Yin)
5. Tri-Angle (I just wanted to show you his funny look, haha - I actually love Tri-Angle's concept)
6. Love in the Ice (Korean)
7. Star Dance Battle 2005
8. Let's Haptic CF with SNSD
9. Xiah's Kenyan
10. Xiah's Engrish
11. Xiah and DBSK learn traditional kyogen comedy by a sensei
12. "Pop" (*NSYNC Cover) (Xiah's Version)
13. Bolero
14. A Whole New World (With BoA)
15. Promise U (AnyBand Song)
16. "O"-Jung.Ban.Hap (Korean)
17. My Everything (98 Degrees Cover) (Piano Battle with Taeyang of Big Bang)

So, about that "My Everything" performance... When I first watched it, he started off kind of rough and I thought, "Oh god, this is going to be a disaster". Then about a minute in, he got into his comfort zone and totally blew me away. I'm still left with goosebumps. It was that good!

[INFO] JYJ named No.2 Favourite Korean Artists in Vietnam for 2010

Top 10 Korean Artists who Vietnam Kpop fans love the most in 2010, based on the result through text message by 360kpop, the biggest Kpop website in Vietnam. Watch the complete video below:

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[NEWS] TVXQ #1 on Billboard Charts Japan!

Although TVXQ has returned as a duo, they’re proving that they’ve still got the skills and charisma that originally made them so popular in Japan. Now seasoned industry veterans, they’re leading the wave of Korean idol groups that are debuting in Japan this year, and the two sure have made a solid start!

They’ve just topped Billboard Japan’s Hot 100 chart, a huge accomplishment by any standards! In addition, it’s been also recently revealed that TVXQ has had the highest sales for any artist in Japan thus far in 2011. Congratulations to the duo.

Source: Billboard Japan
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