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If I do say so myself, Changmin's high notes are really light but deep, his vocal is very nice. He should have earnestly practised this one year in order to vocalize that voice. I get stimulated by those whose performances have clearly become better. On the other hand, I do not feel anything for those who have been good performers from before, but have not changed ever since.
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oh, i Changmin abs!!! xD *smacked by Cassies*

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MC: Yunho-san and Changmin-san, what do you think is the color of each other?
Changmin: Ummmm, I think Yunho is red.
MC: Red? What is the reason?
CM: I think…ummm, his passionate character perfectly fits with the image of red. I personally think that red stands for a honest character… today it’s very, very…
MC: There are laughs…
CM: What I mean by “red is honest” is; he is very sincere, passionate, I think that his character perfectly fits the color red.
MC: I see. So Yunho-san, what do you think is the color of Changmin-san?
Yunho: Blue.
MC: Blue. Please tell us the reason.
YH: I think blue fits the best with him.
CM: We are asking of the reason! Please tell us of the reason.
MC: Changmin-san…
YH: He likes the color. The reason is, Changmin is calm from the past, and his heart is like the sea, a big heart.
MC: His heart is like the sea, a big heart.
YH: And with this blue, I think that the red matches the best. So when I went to the pool a little while ago, I splashed water to him “Pyon” (T/N: Pyon is a cute phrase meaning hop or jig)
MC: Here it comes!
YH: I’m not a cute character!
Audience: (Lol) Cute, cute!
MC: Yes
MC: So, when thinking of the color of each other, red and blue was their answer.

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TVXQ Changmin's different facial expressions as the character Dong Ju from the SBS drama "Paradise Meadow" have been compiled together by a fan. Entitled "Dong Ju's 50 Subtle Facial Expressions," the compilation of Changmin images has garnered a lot of attention from netizens.

The collection captures a broad range of Changmin's expressions under different situations. Each picture has an accompanying caption. One can see the intensity of the love and enthusiasm fans have for the singer and "Paradise Ranch."

"Paradise Ranch" is a drama set in Jeju Island, centering around the ups and downs of a young couple's love story.

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JYJ’s Kim Junsu is receiving favorable reviews for his enthusiastic performance in the musical “Tears of Heaven.”

At 8pm on February 22nd, 30 Vietnam War veterans and their wives came to see the musical “Tears of Heaven” in Haeorum Seoul National Theatre and was moved to tears. The current KEPCO KDN President Jun DoBong (the previous commander of the Marine Corps), who served during the Vietnam War, was also present on this day.

The war veterans lavishly applauded the performance, stating that “we were moved to tears by the characters’ ardent love for each other and the story which realistically portrayed the Vietnam War period.” The heart aching love story born during the war had successfully won the sympathy of the audience.

President Jun DoBong revealed, “because I am part of the generation that directly experienced the Vietnam War, the musical affects me in a unique way. I was surprised by how similar the story’s background and the main character “Jun’s” situation was to my own. The musical touched the emotions that were deeply buried in my heart and moved me endlessly.”

Furthermore, President Jun stated, “the story itself was also impressive. The dense storyline directly portrayed an accurate image of history. I was frightened throughout the musical because I was constantly reminded of the horrendous nature of the Vietnam War which occurred 40 years ago.”

“Tears of Heaven” is a masterpiece based on the Vietnam War, and is a global musical, produced by SulN Company and Creative Production, geared towards the world market. The musical will be held in the Haeorum National Theatre until March 19th.

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Today evening I went to the bowling alley to see Junsu! Seeing him closely, he was really cute and looked like a normal young man. (I also met 3 members of FT Island but were not familiar with all their names.) The lighting wasn’t that bright in the bowling place so this was the only photo i was able to take LOL.

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TVXQ’s Changmin revealed that it has been 10 months since he last went on a date.

He appeared with fellow member Yunho on the February 26th episode of MBC’s “Quiz to Change the World“, and elaborated that he was at an age where he’d like to go on dates.

When asked the question, “How long has it been since you last went on a date?“, he replied “It’s been about 10 months“. MC Kim Gura inquired more about his ex-girlfriend and Changmin stated, “I’ve always said this before but I’m at an age where I’d like to date“. He is currently 24 in Korean age.

On the other hand, Yunho stated, “I haven’t dated in 2~3 years. I found myself reacting to (certain things) in movies and dramas. When I find a girl, I want to reenact the scene in ‘A Moment To Remember’ where Jung Woo Sung tells Son Ye Jin, ‘If you drink this, we’re dating’. It looked very romantic“.

On the episode, Yunho also revealed his disappointment at the female cast on “Quiz to Change the World”.

He said, “I’m very disappointed at the noonims (older noonas). When we came on 2 years ago, there weren’t many idol groups so they gave us lots of love and I was very happy at the thought that I was being loved. But after that, they showed love for every idol that came on this show. Their degree of love became higher so I was sad at finding out that they love all the idols in general“.

Lee Kyung Shil, Kim Ji Sun, and Park Mi Sun did their best to comfort Yunho and Changmin. After TVXQ’s dance performance they praised the two highly saying, “I felt the stage was too small for their excellent performance“.

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