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[PHOTOS] 110128 Jaejoong - Their Rooms Fanmeet Part 2

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[VIDEO] 110128 HoMin - Making of Elle Girl

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[VIDEO] 110128 HoMin - KBS Music Bank

Yunho & Changmin are still in Japan so they didn't actually attend Music Bank.
They still won though! Triple crown ^^

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[VIDEO] 110128 HoMin - Music Station

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[PHOTOS] HoMin -Music Japan Backstage

*what Nochi is doing too close to Changmin's chest? ¬¬'

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[NEWS] 110128 Third Round of "Tears of Heaven" Ticket Sales Open for Junsu Fans

Considering how there are a lot of JYJ fans who are in tears over not being able to purchase tickets for Junsu’s musical, “Tears of Heaven“, the producers of the show have decided to open up a third opportunity.

They stated, “For those 30,000 Junsu fans who were not able to obtain tickets, we have decided to hold a third and final performance.” This unexpected performance will hold 4,500 audience members and the tickets will go on sale January 31st. The producers also added, “This musical will definitely demonstrate its sales strength, as it will only have 4,500 tickets available for the 30,000 Junsu fans and musical maniacs to fight over. It’s recommended to move quickly in purchasing the tickets.”

Junsu also expressed his gratitude for the massive sales records. “To those who love musicals and to my fans, I give my wholehearted thanks.”

He also showed confidence in the success of his musical: “I personally like musicals (as I’ve seen many in both Korea and overseas), and I believe that ‘Tears of Heaven’ will be a musical that will not be lacking in anything that would be expected from Broadway theatres. to those shown in Broadway theatres.”

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[NEWS] 110128 Junsu's iPhone is Shown to be Damaged

After going to the salon and on his way to a restaurant, Junsu pulled out his iPhone. Shot in the back seat of a van, a picture of Junsu's stylist scrolling through funny pictures on her cell phone as a curious Junsu watched is shown. He then brought out his own phone, but the LCD screen was shattered though still functional. The Sports Chosun journalist asked Junsu if it should be fixed but Junsu said there is no need and that "there's no problem with the functionality."

Junsu lives with his manager as well as his multiple cats. On his shattered phone, Junsu started looking at the multiple pictures of his cats that he has stored. As he went through the pictures, Junsu seemed like a dad who was looking at his newborn child.

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[TRANS] 110127 @Paradise_Dongju - Global Concern Certification!

SBS Monday Tuesday drama 'Paradise Meadow' has gained attention around the world with the initial broadcast of episode 1 on January 24 at 8:50PM.

Despite it having just started, each scene has received much attention, with discussions of the drama flooding Twitter homepages. After the broadcast, Naver, Daum, Nate, and other major internet portals had 'Paradise Meadow' at #1 on their search engines, with the related actors making it into the top as well.

@Paradise_Dongju (Changmin's character) was an official Twitter account created before 'Paradise Meadow' aired, and built communicative links between Japan, China, Thailand, Malaysia, and other countries regarding the progress of the drama. After the broadcast, 'Paradise Meadow' became #3 on the worldwide popular trending list. Netizens have expressed that Dongju's Twitter could be handled by a staff member and doesn't have to be Changmin himself, because they wouldn't be able to talk to him after the drama anyway.

On another note, 'Paradise Meadow' illustrates the vigorous yet soft love story between a young couple who did not bother about the affairs of the world surrounding them. The story, as well as the acting of the actors, have attracted the attention of many and has successfully set out on a jubilant start.

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[VIDEO] 110128 Changmin & Yeonhee - Korea Mag CeCi★ shoot

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[PHOTOS] 110128 JYJ - Their Rooms Fanmeet

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[NEWS] Interview with Rina Nakasone, SME Choreographer

Fangirldiaries just published an exclusive interview with KPop choreographer Rino Nakasone. She has been SM Entertainment's go-to choreographer, having been behind a lot of SM dance hits such as: Replay, Lucifer, Love Like Oxygen from SHINee, Genie and Hoot of SNSD, Nu ABO of f(x), and most recently, TVXQ's Keep Your Head Down. And these are just to name a few!

Check out this excerpt of the interview:

You’re holding a series of workshops here in Tokyo during your visit, and one of the dances you’ll be teaching is for DBSK’s 왜 (Keep Your Head Down) – easily one of the most anticipated comebacks of the year. How would you describe your experience working on this particular choreography?
The choreography for 왜 was actually a collaboration with three other Korean choreographers (BeatBurger) and I enjoyed working with them. I think when collaborating there are a lot of unknown possibilities as to how the work will come out, and I love that.

For pictures, video and to read the whole interview, please visit Fangirldiaries HERE.

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[NEWS] 110128 Mnet to air guerrilla-style special program feat. TVXQ & Seungri

After making impressive comebacks this month, TVXQ and Seungri are going to appear in a surprise guerrilla-style special for the Lunar New Year holiday!

Mnet will document 48 hours from the lives of TVXQ and Seungri, the cuts from which will be aired at random over the course of two days. The broadcast station will begin their guerilla-style airing on February 2nd with TVXQ’s segment, “Tuk! TVXQ“, followed by Seungri’s cuts, “Tuk! Seungri,” for the 4th and 5th.

Teasers for their program were already revealed during January 20th’s and 27th’s “M. Countdown“, which gave fans a brief glimpse of the two preparing for their comeback stages.

PD Kim Young Bum further revealed, “The guerrilla style was something we’ve been wanting to do ever since we began 2NE1 TV and Big Bang TV. This concept was based off our desire to give viewers a careful glimpse of their favorite stars’ private lives, as opposed to just ‘watching them on TV.’ We hope viewers will look forward to it.”

Source: Daily News via Nate
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[VIDEO] 110127 Changmin - Paradise Ranch Episode 2 ENG SUB

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[NEWS] JYJ fans begin a bus ad campaign for their idols

JYJ received a warm gift from their fans, who began a bus advertising campaign on January 27th.

A total of 120 buses will carry a supportive message for JYJ members that reads, “We support your youth.” These buses will be seen in Seoul, Kwangju, Daejun, Daegu, and Busan for a month.

The campaign is a voluntary effort from JYJ fans to encourage and support their idols to be active in the K-pop scene.

“This is a campaign that publicizes pop culture and encourages not only the artists and fans, but also various individuals who consume pop content,” said a JYJ fanclub union associate. “We want to expand that goal.”

Fundraising for the bus advertising campaign lasted for 11 days (from the 14th to the 24th) and total of 9,817 participants collected 158,097,228 KRW (including international donations).

The bus advertising campaign will last for a month, from January 27th to February 26th. There are plans for a second advertisement campaign to take place after the first one wraps up.

Source: Osen
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[TRANS]110127 Jaejoong Answers 4 Personal Questions at Hero Festival

Question 1: What are the three most important elements in social networking?

Jaejoong: It is very important to build a social network. I have lost many friends recently (I assume he is referring to the aftermath of the SM lawsuit) therefore I spend most of my time at home. This is a very appropriate question for the current stage of my life. To build a strong social network is extremely important. I tried to get to know more people, but making new friends is not as easy as it seems. Recently, I have met many people with similar interest as me. When hanging out with a friend and you happen to be a good listener, or you are very open and understanding towards the other, and at the same time that person wants to find someone who he can trust and is willing to listen…these are the reasons why people want to hangout with me. It sounds like I’m complimenting myself…

I think this is a good way of building a strong social network though. If you really listen and give your honest opinions and feedback then people will have a great time when they are out with you.

Is it really amusing that I am self MCing right now? haha
Hold on a second, let me look at the next question. Oh! It looks like a good question.

Question 2: What will you become in ten years? Please make a video for the ten years later Jaejoong!

Jaejoong: I think I will probably look old ten years later. Aish…to be honest, I live a “backwards” life. Perhaps everyone will experience this at some point. When you are young, you will try to act like a grownup. As you grow older, you will realize your strengths but also realize your own weaknesses. At times like these you will become more of a child? This is how I am feeling right now. Perhaps it will be even more severe when I get older. But if I marry someone with a childish attitude then maybe I will not become more childish…hahaha~

To my ten year later self:
Um. “Jaejoong, Jaejoong, what are you doing? Singing…acting…or a normal worker with a family? I don’t know. Not matter what, I hope you are happy. I sincerely hope you are truly happy. Because then you can bring more happiness to the people around you. Hmm…and the fans who are in front of you…I hope they will still be by your side. So work hard!”

Question 3: it seems like you don’t really need to sleep at night. What do you usually do when everyone else is sleeping?

Jaejoong: nothing really. I surf the internet, look at the night scene, drink a little bit, I would also read sometimes…if my manager or friends are over, I would hang out with them. Um…yeah I don’t really do too much. Therefore I always twit on twitter at night. I am just like you guys. You guys would stare at the computer screen until late at night, hide away from other family members with the door closed and lights off, I would do the same. I look at many different things online, which includes bad things (omg I wonder if he’s referring to porn…) Or I would also look at pictures of celebrities I like, or my own pictures. And…to be honest, I would look at the comments you guys post about my pictures and my videos. Ah~so embarrassing. But other celebrities do it too. If a celebrity say they don’t do this, they are definitely lying. Oh, and also, when celebrities meet up in private, we discuss these kind of things too. So please give me positive feedbacks. Ah~how awkward…

Question 4: Which personal belonging of yours do you cherish the most? Is there something that you would even take with you when you travel abroad?

Jaejoong: Things that I would always bring with me…even if I’m going out for just three days, and even if I don’t get a chance to wear them, I would definitely bring three different outfits. Because, actually this is quite funny, I was traveling abroad with the members awhile ago and when we came back, another member and I were both wearing the same outfits we wore when we left the country. However, the fans only criticized me. Ah, perhaps criticize is too harsh of a word, but they would say things like, “Jaejoong, why do you always wear the same clothes?”

I actually mismatch clothes all the time. I don’t know…but in you guy’s hearts, Jaejoong is suppose to have a very good fashion sense, but I actually frequently mismatch my clothes. In the past two weeks, I only changed my shirts three times. Are you guys shocked? I am becoming more and more lazy these days so I don’t even change my clothes anymore. But I do change my undergarments frequently!

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[TRANS] 110127 Jaejoong’s Birthday Posters – “Get Yourself On TV!”

With JYJ member Kim Jaejoong’s birthday arriving, fan-made posters have been receiving a lot of attention.

With these posters hanging up around the streets of Seoul Gwanghwamun, it says, “Jaejoong ah, congratulations!” and “Kim Jaejoong, get yourself on TV!”

In the past, fans have also made posters for Park Yoochun after his big win at the 2010 KBS Acting Awards.

What’s special with these posters are the words, “Get yourself on TV”, which were particularly eye-catching as it is an expression of helplessness that JYJ aren’t able to appear on normal broadcasting television stations given their current situation.

However, recently they were able to guest on SBS ‘Beautiful Morning’ and MBN ‘Live Today 2′, and are preparing to participate in more cable television programs.

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[PHOTOS] 110125 Changmin - Paradise Ranch Ep 2 Caps Part 2

Source: Max Changmin Bar
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[PHOTOS] 110125 Changmin - Paradise Ranch Ep 2 Caps Part 1

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[VIDEO] 110127 HoMin - Mnet Countdown

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[TRANS] 110126 JYJ Appeared on MBN News Broadcast

JYJ were deeply moved when they made their appearance on the news and received a birthday cake!
At the news studio a surprise birthday party had unfolded!

While JYJ had been making their appearance on MBN news, the staff at the news studio had prepared a shocking surprise in order to congratulate Jaejoong’s birthday.
When the cake made this sudden appearance, the three members were quite surprised but immediately starting expressing their thanks and the three of them together laughed with bright smiles.

As Jaejoong was congratulated for his birthday, Jaejoong told us that this was his first time receiving a birthday cake during a broadcast and was not quite able to hide his bewilderment!

Some JYJ fans who had been watching over this broadcast had complained that the cake was too small, but there were others that showed a surprised and pleased reaction that a cake had been prepared during broadcast even though it had not been a entertainment program but a news program.

The PD of the studio said that he had wanted to present JYJ with a special memories so he had prepared a cake for them. He also explained that he had prepared a small cake so that JYJ would be properly filmed by the cameras.

While three members were featured in a television program after a long time, they introduced their new music essay “Their Room-Our Story” that had recently been released, and also talked about the the experiences with acting.

During the question and answer corner, Junsu was chosen as the member with the most charm, and that if Jaejoong was ever in a grumpy mood this mood would be prolonged for a long time. It was these kinds of inside stories of wit and humour that created a harmonious atmosphere.

The three spoke about their future activities, starting with a World Tour Concert for their English album, and also said that this year they wanted plan a lively year with activities.

Junsu also showed off his strong friendship with his members when talking about how he had decided that all three of them would all go together to see the musical “Tears of Heaven”.

Becoming an independent group from Dong Bang Shin Gi, they have of course been continuing their music, and have also been freely participating in areas such as musicals to which we all look forward to!

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[TRANS] 110127 SMTOWN Live In Japan Big Success; Encore Concert In April

「SMTOWN LIVE in TOKYO」, where popular groups like Tohoshinki, SNSD, SUPER JUNIOR, SHINee and other singers from SM Entertainment came together to perform, was held.

Held over two days on 25 and 26 January, the live concerts took place at the Tokyo National Yoyogi First Gymnasium and they were overflowing with wild enthusiasm from 24,000 guests, coming to a close as a big success.

The Tokyo performance this time included KANGTA, BoA, Tohoshinki, SUPER JUNIOR, SNSD, SHINee, f(x), Jungmo from Trax and J-Min. Over a course of 3.5 hours, SM Entertainment artists gave perfect performances of their hit medleys and collaboration stages, captivating all the fans.

The highlight of this live concert was, as expected, Tohoshinki. Tohoshinki, who stood on a public stage in Japan for the first time in more than a year, were bathed in cheers as they revealed for the first time their new sing 「Why?(Keep Your Head Down)」. Also, to the joy of the fans, they also performed their hit song in Japan 「Somebody to love」.

In response to the fans’ reaction, SM will be holding 2 concerts on 9 and 10 April, at the Tokyo Dome.

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[VIDEO] 110127 Jaejoong - Star's House

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[NEWS] TVXQ Effect? ‘Running Man’ Viewer Ratings Increase

On January 24, according to the AGB Nielsen viewer ratings survey, the SBS variety program ‘Running Man’ that was aired on the 23rd had a 13.5% viewer rating, which was a 2% increase from last week’s 11.5%.

In this week’s episode, TVXQ were the main guests that the Running Man members had to find during a challenge game in the Seoul Arts Center in order to complete their musical mission. TVXQ showed off their excellent artistic senses and created an interesting battle between them and the Running Man members.

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[PHOTOS] 110126 Stalking JYJ Part 3

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