Tuesday, January 25, 2011

[PHOTOS] 110125 HoMin - SM Town in Tokyo

Outside the venue. We're still waiting for HQ pictures from the concert itself! ^^

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[PHOTOS] HoMin - SM Town in Tokyo Goods Part 2

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[PHOTOS] HoMin - SM Town in Tokyo Goods

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[PHOTOS] 110125 JYJ - Nii

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[TRANS] 110124 Paradise Ranch: How High Will The Ratings Go

The new SBS drama on Mondays and Tuesdays, “Paradise Ranch”, does it have the power to take over Jeju Island?

The drama that starts today on the 24th “Paradise Ranch”, is about two youths that decide to get married at a young age being oblivious to the world around them but then end up divorcing after six months. This drama illustrates a love scandal and characters in this drama are acted by Shim Changmin, Lee Yeonhee, and Yoo Hana.

A highlight of this drama is that a large portion of the shooting took place in Jeju island. A set was created in Songak (T/N: mountain in Jeju) to create the story of a family and this was where the shooting took place. Other places were also included such as Jeju Oedolgae Rock, Lule Road, Suigetsu Peak, among other beautiful locations that the audience will be able to enjoy.

Recently, another drama was filmed at Jeju island which received great response called “The Secret Garden”. The also had featured other beautiful scenaries in their drama, showing the power of Jeju island.

The story of “Paradise Ranch” which unfolds with the backdrop of Jeju island has been put in the focus to see whether this drama will also be able to continue and record a great response similar to “The Secret Garden”.

“Paradise Ranch” will start at 8:50pm on January 24th.

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[PHOTO] 110125 JYJ - QTV Site

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[PHOTOS] JYJ - Their Rooms Behind the Scenes

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