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[PHOTOS] 110122 JYJ - Their Rooms

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[INFO] 110121 JYJ Schedule Update

26 January : JYJ MBN Interview
28 January : JYJ Essay Release Commemorative Fansigning

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[TRANS] 110122 Homin - Spur Magazine March Issue Interview Part 2

Entirely unique and utterly different from one another, the chemistry between the two has also become part of their appeal.

Yunho: It's not just the voices. There are many more aspects in which we are complete opposites. For example, I'm the type who likes to go out and have fun with my friends whilst Changmin likes to sit back and relax at home. We're very different deep down. My room is incredibly simplistic while the floor in Changmin's room is packed with games and stereo sets… (he's) very practical so he doesn't go out much. Even though we live together, we don't see each other much at home. To me, it feels somewhat lonely.

Changmin: Even though we have separate rooms now, we did use to share a room. We've lived together for 7 years now, it feels good to not have to see one another every now and then (laughs). If we were to live in the same room again? I don't want to (how straightforward). Whenever Yunho is nearby, everything gets messy (laughs).

Yunho: It's true. Back then, I'd toss things everywhere and Changmin would trail behind me tidying it up. We are complete polar opposites in this area.

The two are different even in the way they love.

Changmin: Yunho is very straightforward about his feelings, he's very manly… but slow and a little careless (laughs).

Yunho: That's true! I always forget things and sometimes, even when I'm not doing anything, the things around me topple over. The books on my desk fall off like an iceberg and things get broken quite quickly.

Changmin: He looks like the perfect man on the outside but he's actually very careless. it's probably that difference that attracts women and stimulates them to show their motherly side. Women are all under the impression that they have to do whatever they can to help this man. He's sly (laughs).

Yunho: Changmin pays a lot of attention in everything he does, he's really considerate of others. I like to follow my instincts and let them guide me. Changmin is more attentive of the atmosphere in his surroundings, he's very capable of creating a romantic atmosphere and is always determined to be gentle towards girls that he likes.

Changmin: Even if I forget other people's birthdays, I would always remember the birthday of the person I like, without fail. Even if I forget my own phone number, I would be able to perfectly recite her number. In my heart, the person I like is number one, she holds a special place in my heart.

Yunho: That's amazing! (You) Will be very popuarl!!

In terms of blood type, Yunho is a serious type A whilst Changmin is an insensitive, careless type B. Where expressing their emotions are concerned, Yunho said 'I think I'm a type B and Changmin is a type A'.

Yunho: Basically, I like to hang out with a big group of friends. We go bowling and we go traveling a lot. At times like that, I'd think to myself 'If Changmin were here, he'd be really happy'… but even if I had invited him, he wouldn't have gone.

Changmin: Whenever Yunho is around, everything becomes full of life. I personally don't like crowded places.

Yunho: A while ago, I'd call to tell him I was at the coffee shop and he'd say 'I'll drop by some time' and I'd really look forward to it but then he would call and be like 'Nevermind, not today' and I would get really disappointed. So what I'm really trying to say is come and hang out with me!

Changmin: Aish… I'll think about it (laughs).

When their contrasting personalities clash, they make progress.
Calm, composed Changmin versus the endearing Yunho. The two are clearly charming in different ways!

Changmin: Even though we're different in so many ways, there is a bond between the two of us that keeps our hearts closely linked with one another. In terms of our trust in one another and the things that we cherish… the two of us hold the same values and beliefs.

Yunho: Maybe because of that, Changmin and I don't need much communication between the two of us to understand one another. We don't have to talk to know what the other is thinking.

Since it's become just the two of you, has the other's existence become more important? When they were asked this question, the two simultaneously responded 'well isn't that a given.'

Changmin: From now on, it'll just be the two of us. We want Tohoshinki to evolve so that our music will live on even when we perish. We want more people to remember the quality entertainment that we provide them with.

With a relationship that could only be adequately described as 'fire' and 'water', the two have made great progress as a result of their differences. We look forward to seeing the interaction between this smiling duo in the future.

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[TRANS] 110122 Homin - Spur Magazine March Issue Interview Part 1

Working towards a new stage.

Tohoshinki finally breaks their silence and makes a comeback.
For months, fans have yearned to see their smiling faces and witness their joy of carrying out their activities. Yunho and Changmin talks to us about the present and their hopes for the future.

'Overcoming pain and grief to protect a place they cherish'
'The appeal of the new Tohoshinki lies in the chemistry between the two members'

Our time spent away from being on stage helped us grow
Having been plagued by sorry and misery for nearly an entire year, the two decided to restart their activities under the name of 'Tohoshinki', making a comeback with their new title track 'Why? (Keep Your Head Down).

Yunho: Even though it's been a painful year, at the same time it helped us grow. I've looked back to the past and paid more attention to the present and I'm constantly assessing how to go on… Also, the time spent away from the stage enabled us to really feel the thrill of being able to perform on stage in new ways. When our own activities were suspended, we'd go and watch live performances by our seniors and think to ourselves 'I want to stand on stage again as soon as possible'

In unison, the two expressed that their greatest wish now is 'to see the fans soon'.

Yunho: Last year, the two of us stood on the stage we'd left behind us for so long through SM Town. We saw the audience cry and their tears deeply pierced our hearts. Because of that, we hope to stand on stage again as soon as possible to put smiles on everybody's faces.

Yunho took part in the drama 'Heading to the Ground' and the musical 'Goong' whilst Changmin took on the lead role in 'Paradise Ranch'. Over the year, both were relatively active as actors and these new experiences have also helped them mature.

Changmin: Through solo activities, we're able to observe the other from an objective point of view. For example, when Yunho went to acting classes, to training and to dance choreography sessions, his passion and attitude towards his work made me feel like I really needed to learn from him. To this day, even though I've witnessed such qualities as his fellow member, seeing him work so diligently outside of the group's activities made me respect him even more.

Yunho: I also went to visit Changmin's set while he was filming his drama. Even though he is the youngest member, his consistency and eliability is really shocking! That Changmin is completely different from the Changmin I normally see. Recently, when confide in him and talk about my troubles, he's given some really good advice. I really feel that Changmin has matured a lot.

We're like 'fire' and 'water'. We are completely different in the way we feel and the way we express ourselves.

Making their return after gaining more experience through solo activities, the appeal of the two members has no doubt increased and 'Why (Keep Your Head Down)' truly showcases these newly gained qualities in an explosive manner with a large dynamic range in the vocals and its powerful choreography. The lyrics also convey feelings of wanting to move on despite the pain in one's heart, which of course, making it an extremely appropriate song for Tohoshinki's comeback.

Changmin: I'm the tenor and Yunho is the bass, we're missing the middle range vocals.To be honest, we were quite unsettled about it initially and we felt somewhat helpless, but it's turned out to be a fantastic song.

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[VIDEO] 110122 TVXQ Keep Your Head Down on Music Core

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[FANART] 110122 Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu

Jaejoong taking photos LOL.

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[TRANS] 110122 Who Wore it Better, Yoochun or Nichkhun?

Yoochun of JYJ and Nichkhun of 2PM made appearances on public broadcast wearing the same clothes, sparking interest amongst netizens as soon as photos were compared.

Nichkhun wore a sweater with the face of a Beatles (British rock band) member on one particular episode of MBC's 'We Got Married'.

Yoochun later appeared on SBS 'Good Morning' wearing the same sweater but styled it differently from Nichkhun by adding a scarf over the top. Netizens have had many different opinions as to whether Nichkhun or Yoochun looked better.

Yoochun and Nichkhun are both considered beautiful men possessing the finest genes and it is difficult to choose one over the other.

Netizens have expressed views such as 'Both of them really shine' and 'Yoochun seems to look better with the grey scarf and everything' etc.

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[TRANS] 110121 Yahoo Music Japan - TVXQ Fax Interview

With the release of the Japanese version of 'Why (Keep Your Head Down)' on January 26, it will allow everyone to appreciate Tohoshinki's dynamic dance choreography. Just what type of song is this? Please introduce some noteworthy places to look out for...

Yunho: "Personally, I like the style of a strong sense of rhythm. That way, rap also becomes a main point. With the repetition of melodies in the lyrics 'Why, why, why', it contains elements of rock, which I think is unique."

Changmin: "It is a song that fits Tohoshinki's style, especially with the powerful beats. Anyone who's heard it will understand that the tone and performance blend together to give an intoxicating impression on people."

'Why' was chosen as the main theme song for upcoming Fuji TV drama ‘Beautiful Neighbour’. If the two members were given the choice to appear in a Japanese television drama, what type of content and character would you try out?

Yunho: "Up until now, everyone has always seen my relatively strong masculinity, so I want try being a romantic character in a drama with a theme of love."

Changmin: "There are so many types of characters I want to try. If it's a Japanese drama, because there will be difficulties in terms of language communication, it might restrict the full expressive portrayal of the character. If I had to pick one, I would bring myself into a world completely different others and be a novelist."

On January 25 and 26 'SMTOWN LIVE in TOKYO" will be held at the Tokyo Yoyogi National Gymnasium. Can you please tell us how you feel about it?

Yunho: "It's been so long since we've held activities in Japan, so we want to bring Tohoshinki's charisma to the audience, creating a boundlessly handsome stage no one will forget."

Changmin: Standing on the Japan stage after so long; I feel really nervous. It makes me proud that I'm able to perform on such a grand stage with my fellow SMTOWN family - able to stand on the stage individually. I hope all the SM artists can successfully complete the magnificent 'SMTOWN LIVE'!

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[TRANS] 110121 TVXQ 2 Consecutive Wins On Music Bank!

On January 21, TVXQ performed live on KBS Music Bank with their hit song 'Why (Keep Your Head Down)', competing with Hyun Bin's 'That Man' and earning first place for the second consecutive week, confirming their place at the top of the music industry.

On that day, their award acceptance speech included that "Because of our hard working family in the company and Cassiopeia, who has never changed their continuing support for us all this time, this honor is yours."

Before, TVXQ have earned first in KBS Music Bank on the 14th, SBS Inkigayo on the 16th, and Mnet Countdown on the 20th. The special part about it is that in the mere 15 days of their official comeback, kicked off on the 7th on the Music Bank stage, they've already taken the #1 awards from all the shows, which shows the immense power and strength of TVXQ.

Due to their company dispute difficulties, they still managed to stand back on the stage and present a magnificently handsome stage for fans. In addition, their title song 'Why (Keep You Head Down)' is a song full of masculine charisma, amplifying TVXQ's vocal abilities as well as charismatic performances of the difficult choreography.

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Memories in 2010
2 DVD Set

Release date: 2 March 2011
Retail price : ¥5,800 (Tax Inclusive)
Item Code: RZBD-46821A

In 2010, from the formation of the JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN unit to the a-nation performances, all collected in this DVD!

Catch a glimpse of the trio’s real faces during the activities, and also a footage that is now very precious, the a-nation performance video (with multi-angle recordings for part of the songs), and XIAH junsu’s solo single “XIAH” special purchase event footage, is also scheduled to be included!

Also featuring unreleased footage from June 2010’s “THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME,” JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN’s 2010 activities are recorded in this Collector’s DVD!

Mu-mo Shop Original Premium :
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Product Contents
DISC 1~2
A video collection, from the formation of the unit to the performance at a-nation ’10 . (Some songs are recorded in multi-angles)
Total recording time : approx 150 mins

4 CD Album

Release date: 2 March 2011
Retail Price : ¥3,500 (Tax Inclusive)
Product Code : ANCD-46817A

「JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME」 Precious live recordings have been put into a CD! It will be released together with the DVD 「Memories in 2010」!

With requests pouring in from all over the world, over a million ballots were placed and tickets sold out immediately, the precious recording from this visionary live has been put into a CD! Recorded in this CD are all songs + MC Cuts, for a total of 18 songs (27 versions) are scheduled.

Released on 8 September 2010, songs from their MINI ALBUM “The…” (“Itsudatte Kimi Ni, Get Ready, Long Way, W) – Japanese and Western cover versions - will be included as well.

Mu-mo Shop Original Premium :
Original Sticker B (1 pc)

Product Contents
● Itsudatte Kimi Ni
● Shelter
● Kimi ga Ireba ~Beautiful Love~
● Kanashimi no Yukue
● Kimi no Tame ni
● been so long
● Rainy Blue
● Kimi ga Iru Dakede
● I have nothing
● My Girlfriend (Special ver.)
● Maze
● COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~
● Get Ready
● Long Way
● Intoxication
● W
Total of 18 Songs, 27 Versions.

Special Set Purchase : Memories in 2010 + THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME LIVE CD
2 DVD + 4 CD Album

Release date: 2 March 2011
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JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN Unreleased Solo Cut Postcard set of 3

Product Contents
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Note: All pre-orders must be completed by 8 February 2011
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[PHOTOS] Yunho filming Guerilla Date - Part 3

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[PHOTOS] HoMin - Guerilla Date Part 2

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[CAPS] 110121 JYJ - Sales of Nii Clothing Line Begins on January 21st

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[NEWS] 110121 SMTOWN LIVE Concert in Tokyo, Tickets Participants Exceed 400,000 People

The artists of SM Entertainment proved their popularity in Japan from the huge number of participants for the concert tickets.

SM Entertainment revealed on the 21st that participants to get “SMTOWN LIVE IN TOKYO” concert tickets which was held from December 8th, 2010 to January 7th, 2011 at their mobile site had exceeded 400,000 entries, showing the event’s hot response.

The ticket sales procedure for this concert will be in balloting process where interested participants have to apply through the mobile site.

“SM TOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR” had previously held successful concerts in Seoul, Los Angeles, and Shanghai, thus this overwhelming amount of participants for Tokyo’s concert is a guarantee to lead for another great performance.

The artists participating in the concert include BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, Girl’s Generation, SHINee, etc and they will be performing their respective hits as per previous concerts. The artists will also include Japanese versions of some of their songs especially for the Japanese audiences.

“SM TOWN LIVE IN TOKYO” will be held at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium on January 25th and 26th 2011 (6pm JST).

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[VIDEO] 110121 TVXQ HoMin 'KYHD' Making Of on Arirang

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