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The boys of JYJ have revealed their kind hearts once more, as seen through the making-of footage from their photoshoot with clothing brand ‘NII‘.

The members revealed, “This brand’s heart T-shirts will be donated to the Good Neighbors organization, so please give it a lot of love.”

Jaejoong further added, “Please give a lot of love to Junsu, and a lot of love to Yoochun as well.” Junsu then made everyone burst out with laughter by playfully adding, “Please skip Jaejoong-hyung!”

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Can't hold back my tears.

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Lately, as models for the clothing brand NII, JYJ's recent shooting film has been released, attracting the attention of many.

At the end of the released clip, the JYJ members said, "A portion of this brand's love t-shirt sales will be donated to Goodnight Bus, so please give more of your love."

Jaejoong then followed with, "Please give more love to Junsu and Yoochun!" In response, Junsu's joking side awoken and he added, "You can skip over Jaejoong," earning laughter from the surrounding people.

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To Herose
Always giving me tremendous strength, thank you all
Great fortunes for the new year~
Everyone must be healthy!

world class jj!
Always always grateful for you all.
Want to hurry up and meet you all…
Go to Japan!

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To celebrate Tohoshinki Max Changmin's birthday, a Japanese fan created a display on the Sibuya Electro-Optical electric banner.

On February 19, an online-based group uploaded a photo of a celebratory advertisement for Changmin's birthday on 109 Sibuya Forum Vision, attracting the attention of many.

This particular ad was played on February 18 from 9:30AM until 11:30PM intermittently each hour for 15 seconds - the product of 9 fans who prepared this for 20 days!

This ad showed Changmin's photo, as well as this message:

Dear Changmin
Happy Birthday!
Your smile has a special magic that always makes us happy.
WE ♥ Tohoshinki

Japanese netizens have reacted with messages like, "Fans are so amazing with their sincerity," "It's really surprising how just 9 fans could prepare something of that degree," "If Changmin knew about this he would definitely be touched."

On another note, Max Changmin held his 24th birthday party on the 18th at the Seoul SangMyung Art Center, spending the afternoon with his fans.

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Changmin: Thank you for attending my birthday part. Who am I to receive so much love from you all? Ha, thank you. I'll work hard in the future to repay you for your love.


As soon as Changmin walked on stage, fans started screaming. Changmin asked 'You scream over everything. What is there to scream about?' Minho started to praise Changmin along with the fans, dishing out random compliments, saying that the way Changmin was sitting looked really cool. Changmin replied 'I'm just doing what our colleage Choi Siwon does'

As Minho was giving him compliments, Changmin tilted his head and smiled. It was cute.


Changmin was given a board and asked to illustrate the ups and downs of his life in the form of a line. There was x and y-axes on the board:
Above the x-axis - high points of his life
Below - low points

CM: Are you really asking me to hand draw this? I thought this thing was automatic! The type where you just prod it and it draws the thing itself.


The life line began from the moment Changmin was born (obviously), and he said 'I think I was particularly attractive at that point in my life, I had such milky smooth skin!' In response, Minho changed 'Milky skin Shim Changmin! We love you Shim Changmin!' several times along with the fans.


(Still drawing the life line) At 5 years old, Changmin said he was a clueless child. Minho asked 'Could you belt high notes the same way you do now back then?' Changmin answered 'Of course not! Back then I didn't even know what an artist was or what an idol was. All I knew was that I was my mom's child!' (At this point, his life line was moving up)


Later on, Changmin talked about meeting his first girlfriend and his life line went up in a straight line to its highest point then descended to its lowest when he got dumped. Here the fans all screamed in unison and then sighed in unison. Changmin: 'Just now when I said I got dumped, you guys screamed so loud and were so high about it! Aish!'


Yunho held Changmin's hand and spoke for quite some time. As he was talking, Changmin asked 'Is there really a need to keep holding my hand?' Yunho ignored him and kept talking. He didn't let go until he was done.

Fans screamed at them to kiss and Changmin said 'I'm a normal man. Compared to men, I like women a lot better okay? You guys have to have some consideration for Yunho who is kissing me, and for me, the one who is being kissed!'

They didn't kiss in the end but they did hug.


When Changmin was picking the fans' questions to answer, he and Minho were chatting whilst Yunho kept quiet most of the time. Eventually Yunho got annoyed and yelled 'LOOK AT ME!'

As he was answering the questions, Yunho kept drinking water and said to the fans 'Pay attention you guys!' Changmin replied 'They'd focus on me if you stopped drinking water.'


When they performed 'Why', one of the dancers pushed Changmin to the front after undoing all the buttons on his clothes and his abs were visible (T/N: O_____O). However, as soon as Yunho started singing, Changmin ran behind him and buttoned his clothes back up.


When he was drawing his life line, Changmin started to talk about each year in detail after he reached 20. Minho butt in and said 'As the MC, I was going to request that, didn't think you'd take the initiative…' Changmin retorted 'No matter how you look at it, I did debut a lot earlier than you…'

Whenever Changmin mentioned something depressing, the fans would sigh, and Changmin would say 'Stop being all sympathetic!' And they'd scream instead. Then Changmin would complain again, mumbling 'Well there's no need to be that excited either…'


Alternative translation of the above.

When the lawsuit was brought up, Changmin said 'Right now I can smile while talking about it, but nevertheless, it's still… ' and trailed off. The fans let out sighs of sympathy and Changmin said 'I don't need you to make such noises' and then the fans started screaming again. Chngmin's face darkened as he muttered 'It's not anything to get excited about'

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

As soon as Minho (the MC) walked on stage, he started to continuously praise Changmin, saying things like 'Changmin hyung is invincible, he's so handsome. Ah how can he be so good looking?'

CM: Don't make me scream at you in front of my fans.


When they were talking, they were sitting quite some distance away from the audience, so the fans said 'Oppa move forward!' Changmin agreed while shuffling forward with Yunho and Minho, then lifted his head and said 'Come forward come forward, how dare you talk to me without using honorifics!'

In order to calm everyone down and make them listen to Changmin, Yunho said 'Everyone clap your hands 3 times'. Changmin said 'This is like in university where the professor has an assistant sitting beside him. Yunho hyung is really good at this kind of thing.'


Minho: There was one time when Changmin was reversing his car and nearly crashed into something, he let out a sigh of relief afterwards and said to himself 'Changmin-ah, calm down, everything is okay'
Changmin explained that that was the sort of thing he would only do when he is alone but forgot that Minho was on his car that time.


Yunho was holding Changmin's hand when he wished him happy birthday. Changmin asked Yunho why he was holding his hand and the fans told them to kiss.
CM: I like women, how am I supposed to kiss a man?
YH: I'm a man too.

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JYJ will be holding their first official fan-meet after four months on 12th of March at Jamsil Arena.

“C-JeS Membership”, which has recently begun recruitment for the JYJ Fanclub, expressed that the theme of the fan-meet will be “Sweet White Valentine’s Day, and that the duration of the entire event will last for about three hours.

Based on the motifs of meeting and attraction, and intimacy and confession, this JYJ fan meeting will be the first time in a long time since the JYJ members got to meet the fans. Therefore, the special guests personally invited by the JYJ members will be performing, and at the same time, JYJ will be sharing some of their real-life stories with the fans.

In addition, the JYJ members will build a platform for interaction with the fans through their solo performances.

Back Changju, representative of C-JeS Entertainment said, “This JYJ fan meeting is the first gift to the fans in commemoration of the opening of C-JeS membership on Valentine’s Day, and we hope that through this fan meeting, it will be a beautiful white Valentine’s for all those who have been loving JYJ. We will also work hard to create more opportunities for everyone to meet with JYJ.”
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Shim Changmin’s birthday party, we went with 4 people~

At 8:50 it began with 《How Can I》, then at 11 it ended with 《Keep Your Head Down》

Talk session about Changmin’s memories:

1. A certain year, a certain month, a certain day, in kindergarden, a no good teacher brutally forced open his little mouth. This, was the first time innocent and pure little Changmin experienced harassment, it left a big impact. = =

2. Also a certain year, certain month, and certain day, little Changmin was still in Kindergarden (= =), he was having fun playing on his own, at this time a certain girl beside him started crying nonstop. So the female teacher that has previously harassed Changmin walked over and asked “little girl, why are you crying?” Never thought that at this time, that little girl waved her little hand, and her little index finger pointed towards little Changmin, saying: “he hit me!” So this is when our innocent and pure little Changmin first felt that wronged!! And this also created damage that can’t be erased on his young innocent soul. = =

3. When little Changmin finally grew up with courage and strength to about 10 years old. A certain year, certain month, certain day, his dad took him to ski. Little Changmin should be in the beginner track, but don’t know why, his dad made him join those in the intermediate track!!! And poor little Changmin on the track spun around 3 times and broke his right leg, and had a cast for 4-5 months. = =

4. Since Changmin’s leg was broken, he couldn’t play with friends and felt a little empty, so he told some lies to his friends, ended up in getting his parents involved (= =). Little Changmin was very unhappy about this, “I just told a little lie! It’s not to the point that my mom have to come to the school and talk to the teacher!”

5. Then a certain year, certain month, certain day (= =), 15 year old Changmin was playing in the badminton behind the school. Someone invited him to join an audition, and he then became a SM Ent. trainee. When he first walked into SM he meet a person called Jung Yunho, ’If you’re going to rehearse a couple of times and leave soon, then give up now!’ These words were hard on Changmin who had Just entered SM, little Changmin’s perfect little dream and expectations for being at this new place was distinguished (TOT).

6. After about a year of training, little Changmin debuted as TVXQ, and walked the path to success. At that time he had both love and career going for him. After he debuted, he meet his first love, so Changmin thought this moment was one of the highlights of his life (= =). But! …… it didn’t last long. His first relationship ended fast. The innocent and pure Changmin was abandoned (TOT); taking him to one of the lowest points of his life, and led him to believe there will never be a worse point in his life than that (= =)…… Fortunately, time heals everything, and he walked out of the sad ending to his first relationship.

7. Then later, little Changmin grew up to be a adult in his 20s. Their activities in Japan were going well, to the point that they could have concert in Tokyo Dome. But!! That happened…

Then everyone sang happy birthday for Changmin, and he blew out of the candles and cut the cake.

The most boring part of the event was the VCR of other celebrities wishing Changmin a happy birthday. = =

The entire event had a relaxed happy atmosphere~

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Cosmetics company Crebeau has been found not guilty for the breakup of TVXQ.

In July of 2009, the three members of JYJ had sued their now former company, SM Entertainment, stating that they were under “slave contracts”. After hearing such accusations, SME released a statement saying that the Crebeau company was to blame, as they were the ones who put such thoughts into their heads.

Upon such remarks, Crebeau fired back, stating that SM was the one that had been hiding the internal problems they had with their own artists, and that the company was purposely misleading the public. Crebeau also proceeded to take legal action against SME due to the defamation of their company.

After reviewing the case this past December, the courts decided that there was an insufficient amount of evidence to prove that Crebeau was guilty, and they therefore closed the case.

Meanwhile, Crebeau has been sponsoring Superstar K contestant Woo Eun Mi and JYJ on their various broadcasting activities.

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Regarding cancellation of JYJ's Jejung ELLE Japan April Magazine Issue:

We were originally scheduled to receive the materials and photoshoot from the Korean edition, then make the relevant adjustments from the Korean edition together with the Korean office.

However, due to various reasons, this article has been let go.

To all the fans who have anticipated this issue, we express our sincere apologies, but we want to thank the staff who have fought on to ensure the continuance of this issue.

In the future, we will work our hardest in the editing and production of the magazines to allow everyone to be satisfied. Please take care of us!

February 16, 2011
Lagardere Active - HACHETTE FUJINGAHO Co., Ltd.
ELLE Editing Department

NOTE : Article has been amended to clarify that only the JAPANESE version was cancelled. Apologies for the confusion! ^_^

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